A room wallpapered in (presumably unread) New Yorkers. Credit: lars_o_matic.

This battle is epic and undecided. If we miss the two-degree target, we will fight to prevent a rise of three degrees, and then four. It’s a long escalator down to Hell.

Thirty years after his early climate change reporting, Bill McKibben assesses our extraordinary hubris in the face of extinction.

↩︎ The New Yorker

As the lines started to build up, his employees got stressed out, and the stress would cause them to not be as friendly, or to shout out crazy long wait times for burgers in an attempt to maybe convince people to leave, and things fell by the wayside. 

A food writer reckons with the knowledge that his glowing review killed a restaurant by overwhelming it with too much business.

↩︎ Thrillist
Rosecrans Baldwin spent a month on a "life cleanse" in L.A. Getting his personality reprogrammed was never part of the plan.

I had read the Didion essay, had imagined being her there, or being the friend the people owed at a party, or having been so impractical as to have my sheets blowing in the wind outside my window, and it was easy to imagine her past as my future.

Alexander Chee on learning to live in—and love—New York.

↩︎ Longreads
Socialists could be more vocal about their ability to incorporate innovation—and even the market—into a mixed economy.
Oregon's cannabis legalization has gone off script, plagued by overproduction, ecological threats, and inaccurate reporting.

Those who have lived their entire lives in functioning democracies may find it hard to grasp how easily minds can be won over to the totalitarian dark side. We assume such a passage would require slow, laborious persuasion. It does not. 

Democracy is a hard-won, easily rolled back state of affairs—“from which many secretly yearn to be released.”

↩︎ The New York Review of Books
Oct 18, 2018
Evidence shows that literature can reshape a reader's mind—even perhaps when thoughts aren't overtly expressed or described.

I was glad I wasn’t wearing a wire, but mostly I was thinking, “If this gets bad, just claw your way over that fence to the street! Don’t let yourself fall to the ground with a hundred guys trying to stomp you with steel-toed boots.”

Confessions of an ATF agent who infiltrated one of Los Angeles’s worst motorcycle gangs.

↩︎ Los Angeles Magazine
Oct 18, 2018
An investigation into "a new and incendiary business: militarized contract killing, carried out by skilled American fighters."

Walking around the Upper East Side, where I live, I find it striking how many of the establishments still standing among the many darkened windows are hair salons, nail salons, facial salons, eyebrow places, and restaurants. 

Manhattan is a wealthy ghost town, empty but for places selling things that Amazon can’t provide.

↩︎ The Atlantic
Oct 16, 2018

Because some guests still stumble in by chance while others make reservations months ahead, the clientele is notably eclectic: bow hunters and backpackers, Paul Simon and Scarlett Johansson and Jamaica Kincaid. 

Two chefs found success in one of the unlikeliest places in Utah. Now they’re doing “hand-to-hand combat” with the White House.

↩︎ The New Yorker
Oct 16, 2018
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