U.S. Counties and Zip Codes, 2015. Credit: Paula Scher.

If they get thrown in jail, somebody pays to get them out. There has to be something to deter them from that.

Arizona's Republican-led Senate votes to approve a bill that will allow police to arrest anyone attending or involved in the planning of a protest that later ends up damaging property.
↩︎ Arizona Capitol Times
Feb 27, 2017

Iowa Republicans think you're making too much money if you earn $10.10 an hour

The Iowa governor and statehouse, controlled by Republicans for the first time in a decade, are fighting to prevent cities and counties from setting their own minimum wages, pushing legislation that would require adherence to the state minimum wage—$7.25—across the board.

Feb 27, 2017

North Dakota lawmakers want protesters to choke on tear gas and get run over.

In addition to their "taxpayer-funded horror" at Standing Rock, North Dakota lawmakers are looking to pass all kinds of nefarious anti-dissent bills, including ones that would make it a misdemeanor offense to wear a mask at a protest, and another that would somehow legalize running over someone who's blocking a road.

Feb 27, 2017
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