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Despite the accoutrements she collected by the end of 2016—her shiny new mainstream NBC News gig, glamorous Vanity Fair cover, the veneer of respectability afforded by being attacked by Trump—it's good to remember that Megyn Kelly's record shows her to be a race-baiting demagogue who actively took part in Fox News's bigoted brand of information warfare for more than a decade. 

Related: Her move to NBC allows perennially 17-year-old Young Republican Tucker Carlson to be rewarded with her old timeslot.

I don’t want Tina Brown to top herself, but it would be nice if she was just a teensy weensy bit deflated by the sheer scale of her magazines’ losses.

A closing bon mot from a stunningly cold column on suicide, celebrity, and the differences in which New Yorkers and Londoners with money fail upwards.
↩︎ The Spectator
Jan 5, 2017

Top-level hiring decisions favor those who've been tested, even if their performance was crap

People associate failing upwards with public-facing jobs (athlete, CEO, movie star). This is less due to their actual job performance—though that obviously is an aspect—than the skittishness of those who hire them around taking any kind of risk on someone untested (even if they'd likely be better than someone who's mediocre but comes with experience).

This explanation, obviously, implicitly favors the white, the male, the straight, the wealthy.

Jan 5, 2017

A résumé filled with grievous errors in the period 1996–2006 is not only a non-problem for further advances in the world of consensus; it is something of a prerequisite.

If this was true when it was published in 2012, it's scripture now. How else do you explain the existence of Jeffrey Lord?
↩︎ The Baffler
Jan 5, 2017
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