Ghost Town (Pt. 1)

Only recently was I clued in to Parts & Labor, a Brooklyn-based noise-pop outfit playing at this summer’s Siren Festival at Coney Island. Luckily I heard about the group just in time to find out about member Dan Friel’s solo work, which is mostly instrumental noise pop. Linked is one of the title tracks from his first full-length album, Ghost Town, which came out a little over a week ago. The track begins with accidental-sounding ambient tones and bleeps, the seeming result of leaving too many effects processors and circuit-bent keyboards hooked up and looping over themselves. It meanders, then suddenly gives way to a poundingly poppy melody soaked in distortion and echo. The incidental music and exuberant, electronic pomp should sound comforting to anyone raised, as I was, on video games.

TMN Editor Erik Bryan is living the dream. He grew up in Florida, but he’s from all over. He likes playing chess, making cocktails, smarting off, and not freezing to death in Brooklyn, where he currently resides. More by Erik Bryan

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