Nailing It

While Tina Fey may have the most popular Sarah Palin impression, she also has some serious competition for the best.

I know that the whole world fell in love all over again with Tina Fey and her Sarah Palin sketches on Saturday Night Live the past two weeks. Of course she does a mean Sarah Barracuda, but in my opinion, Sara Benincasa's series of Sarah Palin vlogs is much better. With Dina Saez as Palin's "personal assistant, life coach, Jazzercise partner, and cousin Dina Heath-Barr," Benincasa made 16 vlogs, which you can watch on her YouTube channel. More recently, the ladies partnered with the Huffington Post's and InterActive Corp's lighter political site, 23/6, to make even more Sarah-skewering vlogs. Because they have more time and freedom to work on their vlogs, Benincasa and Saez layer joke upon joke, creating if not a more nuanced caricature of Sarah Palin, a series more appealing to the political junkies among us.
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