Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: Everything. Now.

President Biden and European Union leaders reach a deal to end a 17-year-old trade dispute. / The Washington Post

The uncrewed aerial vehicle business is booming thanks to regulators starting to relax laws that govern drones. / The Economist

Reality Winner, a former intelligence contractor jailed for leaking classified information, has been released from prison. / The Verge

Experts debate whether lawmakers fixed Texas’s electric grid. Meanwhile, California prepares for a severe heatwave. / Texas Monthly, Weather West

See also: A guide to being (sexually) hot this summer. / VICE

A survey finds that half of young Americans think one-night stands will become a thing of the past once the pandemic is over. / i-D

British researchers say their handheld device can smell Covid-19 with 100% sensitivity and specificity. / Roboscientific

A round-up of frequently asked questions for Americans flying overseas this summer. / NPR

In Japan, a company sells masks made of bread because that’s what students want to smell. / Kotaku

A man jumps into Lake Michigan every day to escape the pandemic. Local musicians gather to serenade him. / The New York Times

Fine art from the coronavirus: "Off Days," by Oregon photographer Tatum Shaw. / Tatum Shaw

It’s pub day for Everything Now, the new nonfiction book about Los Angeles from TMN’s Rosecrans Baldwin, and it arrives with a rave from New York City. / Bookshop, Rosecrans Baldwin, The New York Times

A journalist joins protesters for three days in one of British Columbia’s last remaining stands of unprotected old-growth forest. / Hakai

The history of a gay couple in Winnipeg gives a young Canadian in a troubled relationship something to dream about. / Maisonneuve

"Davis exemplified a kind of 50s masculinity, but his music was disarming and romantic." A beginner’s guide to Miles Davis. / Sam Enright