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Headlines Edition

Tuesday headlines: Tick. Tock.

China formally adopts a controversial security law, giving it new powers over Hong Kong. In anticipation, the US begins eliminating Hong Kong’s special status.

The CDC says the coronavirus is spreading too rapidly and broadly for the US to get it under control.

Looking back on January and February, seasoned disease experts wasted precious weeks with "magical thinking."

Photos from many burials of COVID-19 victims across Latin America over the past few weeks.

A Silicon Valley investor pays workers to repackage non-medical KN95 masks so he can sell them to Texas emergency workers.

It feels a little weird needing to note this, but any ID cards issued by the "Freedom to Breathe Agency" are fraudulent.

Why are some Americans so emotional about masks? "It creates incentives and inclinations for non-conformity."

Costco quietly stops selling half-sheet cakes to discourage graduation and birthday parties.

An interview with Chase Strangio, the ACLU’s deputy director for trans justice and a recent victor in the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court strikes down a Lousiana law restricting abortion access with a 5-4 decision.

Related: “Roberts didn’t save abortion rights, he told future litigants how to bury them.”

Unrelated/related: Sun Tzu's Art of War is a foundational war text. It's also so old the language and context are nearly untranslatable.

Russian bounties placed on US troops likely resulted in the deaths of several service members. 

Officials now say Trump was briefed about it back in February, or as early as last year.

In hundreds of classified calls, Trump has been “consistently unprepared for discussion of serious issues” and “outplayed” by foreign leaders such as Putin and Erdogan.

Reddit bans r/The_Donald for violating new content policies. Trump also gets banned by Twitch, and white supremacists get kicked off YouTube.

Meanwhile, Trump retweets that video of gun-swingers in St. Louis as panic sets in around the White House over his self-defeatism.

A poem for your week: Ashanti Anderson’s ”Self-Portrait as Kendrick Lamar, Laughing to the Bank.”

When your body is up of the reasons to strip “the Southern cause” of its statues.

"Love Is the Message, the Message Is Death," a video collage juxtaposing Black excellence and injustice, is now streamable.

See also: "Gymnasium," new paintings by Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi.

“It all becomes a game, and people are drawn in because it feels participatory.” PizzaGate finds new life on TikTok. Also, QAnon is running rampant, thanks to the virus.

Why newsrooms reward reporters who are in good with local police department: sexy stories.

Corruption, cronyism, "preferred pool assignments" and other controversies among New York City lifeguards.

"'Gentle!' ejaculated Bartlemy." A literary supercut of old novels that use the word "ejaculate" to mean "to utter suddenly."