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The most important news today: On its very first mission, Boaty McBoatface, the submarine named by the internet, uncovers a link between Antarctic winds and warming seas.

Boris Johnson widens his lead to become the UK’s next prime minister, but his most vocal Tory critic is still in the race.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, Danny Glover, and others to address a House panel on “the path to restorative justice” for descendants of slaves in America.

A new book shows how British politicians are systematically violating the human rights of its disabled citizens.

In another Hollywood #MeToo scandal, eight women accuse filmmaker Max Landis of terrifying emotional and sexual abuse.

Users respond to TikTok star Sebastian Kretmann's alleged sexual misconduct with duets using Kretzmann's apology video.

Watch: A time-lapse of a year in the life of Earth, as seen from the view of an orbiting satellite.

Evidence that humans may have domesticated wolves for their "sad eyes" look: Dogs have two facial muscles wolves mostly lack.

A new Twitter account brings much-needed context to junk science news by showing relative risk versus absolute risk.

San Francisco becomes the first city in the US to ban the sale of e-cigarettes.

Georgia is about to carry out the 1,500th execution in the US since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976.

When the chemicals in sunscreen may be more harmful than the UV rays they're supposed to protect against, nothing beats shade.

Sarah Manguso on the scarcity of books about menopause.

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"The vaccine is guilty unless proven innocent." How the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program operates and reaches its verdicts.

See also: One in three French people think vaccines are unsafe, the highest rate in the world.

Society is using genetic advances for defining race and law enforcement—a genetic study on sexual orientation should give pause.

It doesn't matter whether you trust cryptocurrency from Facebook—two billion other users might, which could make it a success.

Related: Facebook’s crypto economist answers another economist’s crypto questions.

A compact disc revival may be coming—or not. Until then, they’re collector’s items that are in no short supply.

Suspecting Google of stealing its lyrics, Genius hid a secret in its content—“red handed” in Morse code—and claims to have found Google replicating it.

A roundup of recent movie appearances by the archetypal evil rock band manager.