Privacy Policy

The Morning News does not collect, harvest, gather, or in any way retrieve information about our readers unless we explicitly ask for the information—for marketing surveys, email newsletters, etc.—and any information that finds its way into our hands is used only for its stated purposes.

The Morning News may link to external sites that request personal information for access or participation. These sites are not affiliated with The Morning News, and any information provided to these sites may be used for whatever purpose—purely at the discretion of the owners of those sites. Readers who wish to find out more about how their privacy is protected when they visit these other sites should seek out those sites’ privacy policies.

If you ever receive spam from The Morning News: Trust us, you have not. We would rather baste and broil our own parents than be spam emailers, and you should know that whatever annoying email you have received that you think is from us is from somebody entirely different altogether. Somebody who has no problem eating parents.