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Final questions: hey jad. what was up with that columbia professor who had the hardon about how you edited his interview. did that get resolved?

oh him! he and Krulwich go roller skating ever Sunday.

What websites do you read on a daily basis? and how do you think the internet has changed the way we relate to science?

My web habits are pretty pedestrian. I read the New York Times. I keep up with Jonah Lehrer’s blog ( and Carl Zimmer’s blog ( And I geek out on all kinds of tech stuff that I won’t bore you with.

Thanks everyone for chatting with me today! And for The Morning News for inviting me! This was a great way to launch Season 5!!

And thanks to Jad for joining us. Keep an eye on The Morning News for future TMN Talks. Everybody have a good weekend. —Rosecrans & Andrew

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