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Headlines Edition

Friday Headline: A cocoon of sensation.

Satellite images and diagrams of the Kabul airport show the danger and complexity of the evacuations. / USA Today

The US Supreme Court has ended the moratorium on residential evictions. / Reuters

According to a study, light pollution disrupts moths' nocturnal behavior, resulting in a decline in caterpillars' numbers. / BBC

Moira Donegan: Reversing climate change may require climate engineering, whether we like it or not. / The Guardian

Across the US, hundreds of growers have been taking part in an experiment to grow heirloom varieties of okra. / Modern Farmer

On loving what many abhor: the "cocoon of sensation" of biting into a slice of raw onion. / The New York Times

No one seems able to tell whether a startup selling food—including chicken, sea bass, and asparagus—in ready-to-eat 50-gram squares is real or not. / The Verge

Ceramics of groceries by Stephanie H. Shih. / Hyperallergic

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"Jagger is said to have apologized to Liza Minnelli, Garland's daughter, at Studio 54." A history of bands being sued for album covers. / Pitchfork

Jean Breeze, who made an indelible mark in the male-dominated field of dub poetry, has died at 65. / The Guardian

Related: From 2010, Breeze performing "Third World Girl." / YouTube

"To believe in reparations is to believe, then, that the pursuit of racial justice in America is doomed." Thirteen thoughts on reparations, Afropessimism, and white supremacy. / The Audacity

California is considering a program that would pay people to stay sober, a method the federal government has employed for veterans. / Associated Press

See also: "The idea that abstinence works is more about our fear of drugs than it is about science." / The Nation

"Facebook still thinks my mom is alive, and as long as my dad continues animating her account, the company's algorithms will continue operating under this misconception." / WIRED

Data analysis shows one reason MacBeth is so unsettling is the way Shakespeare overuses one particular word: "the." / OneZero

We regret the error: It's come to our attention that the map of natural waterfalls in each state that we linked to earlier this week contains incorrect data. / TMN