Greenpeace says recycling actually makes plastics more hazardous to human health.
An investigation finds unreported attacks that killed or wounded hundreds of Cambodian civilians during Kissinger's tenure.

It’s the hyper-feminine romanticization of your wardrobe, with extra lace, frills, pearls, and silk pieces that represent the idea of a European vacation more than they reflect actual European fashion trends.

American TikTok users experience “Europecore” by turning off their air conditioning.

↩︎ Nylon
A cosmetics company and an influencer get knocked for using a school shooting to sell a beauty product.
Somes notes on how the ProPublica reporters dug up and broke the Clarence Thomas story.
Some variations of incomplete cubes by Sol LeWitt (and others). That is to say, "all the ways of the cube not being complete."
“Ever breathe a frequency?” Report from a recent sound experience in France where alphorn players met Catholic protesters.
“Personally, I think ‘eat the rich’ is quite acceptable right now.” Recent signals from Rosecrans Baldwin’s travel diary.

Doxa means common belief or popular opinion and comes from verb δοκεῖν dokein, “to appear”, “to seem”, “to think” and “to accept.”

A dozen terms from Ancient Greek that are perhaps worthy of a comeback.

↩︎ Classical Wisdom
A man holding up a sign on the street saw “greatness” in the Los Angeles Lakers when no one else did.
The secrets of an obituary writer. "For a newspaper beat, there's nothing like it.”

A video inquiry as to why so many hair and nail salons feature “Nagel women.”

Maya Bernstein-Schalet recalls the pandemic through dishes cooked.
A selection of paintings and extremely detailed preparatory drawings by artist Nathan Walsh.
Photographs of “daredevils posed at Yosemite’s cliff edges in days of yore.”
How to make people appreciate you more during Zoom meetings. "Loudness, it turns out, isn't as good a metric as intensity."
How to preserve a medieval Italian ghost town. "Members also take on low-cost maintenance activities such as weeding."

Maybe the butterfly is the current “it” animal, taking on the title from owls and llamas and sloths and unicorns. In 2021, birds captured our attention as we all felt caged. Now, newly hatched from our cocoons, we have space to fly.

Some musings on why so many people, celebrities included, have a butterfly tattooed on their sternum.

↩︎ The Trend Report
The cutting edge of coffee drinks features "freeze-distilled" and "cryo-desiccated" milk.