The largest oil and gas companies made $174 billion in profits in the first nine months of the year as gas prices climbed.

I couldn’t consider abortion or adoption, but the weird thing is I also couldn’t consider having a baby. I never decided; I never chose.

One of the best essays we’ve read in a while: “The Abortion I Didn’t Have” by novelist Merritt Tierce.

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Why study the history of ideas? You might be able to put old ideas to use, and you may better understand people in the present.
Researchers find that a 10% rise in average Amazon wages is associated with an increase of 2.3% at non-Amazon firms.
The largest annual drug survey finds Australians getting much drunker than everybody else, with fewer expressed regrets.

A vinyl record costs ~$7 to manufacture, and a band typically sells it directly to fans for $25 — good for $18 in profit... A band would have to amass 450k streams on Spotify to match the profit of 100 vinyl sales.

Seventeen million vinyl albums were sold In the first half of 2021—an 86% jump from 2020.

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One theory on why the threat to Roe may not save Democrats in 2022: we now live in a post-outrage world.
Elizabeth Spiers: As an adoptee, I'm floored by the idea that adoption is a desirable option for unexpectedly pregnant women.
A visual history of the abortion battle in the United States.
The average sale price of 75 percent of NFTs is $15. Only one percent of NFTs reach prices higher than $1,500.
A woman moves to San Francisco to rescue her addict daughter, who admits to overdosing on fentanyl "at least 50 times."
Interview with a woman who has cleaned nearly 60,000 hotel rooms. “The job keeps me confident.”
An appreciation of TMN favorite artist Sophie Calle, with pictures from when she posed as a hotel maid to document rooms.
Photographs from the Yellowstone Archive of people feeding bears in the 1950s and '60s.
Think piece of the week: A common, bad question to ask in science is "does x affect y?" Because the answer is always yes.
There's mounting evidence that insects can experience a remarkable range of emotions.

Unless you’re a butcher or a sociopath it’s very intimidating to sink your knife into a piece of meat this big. It was actually more gruesome than I had imagined. 

Tammie Teclemariam acquired a salt-cured hind quarter of a pig from Costco and has been slicing it ever since.

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Dueling taco maps: One shows every business in Los Angeles that sells tacos, another shows places with "taco" in its name.
In 2021, a man used bogus suicide notes to escape the law. In 1318, a nun used a dummy crafted in her likeness.