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Q-Anon is back, and the influencers who made their names off him are thrilled. Except when he keeps showing himself to be a fraud.
A "mystery rocket body" hit the Moon in March. NASA doesn't know where it came from.

Good for kids, also anybody, considering the coming recession: did you know that "book women" delivered library books by horse during the Depression? 

Data on the rise and spread of BA.5 Covid subvariant: what we know, where it's gaining, and how to defend against it.
Where are the world's millionaires moving this year? Mainly Singapore, Switzerland, Israel, the UAE, and Australia.
The auto industry is growing wary of CATL, the industry's biggest battery company, and Beijing seems to agree.

US leaders can’t or won’t understand that many US allies can’t and won’t stake their futures on whatever the American position happens to be at any particular moment

Washington made support of a Ukrainian victory a litmus test for American democracy. Germany and other allies have other views.

↩︎ Tablet

The fiction of Batuman’s fiction is that novels are dangerous because people like Selin read them as a guide to the future. But as Batuman (and her novel) know full well, fictions offer a way for both writers and readers to understand their pasts, not their futures.

Elif Batuman’s new campus novel feels like a guidebook to being “inside a body newly being touched, and touching.”

↩︎ The London Review of Books
Oliver Burkeman: You'll never be free from the present moment. But there are things you can do to feel free in it.
Some remarkable "maps of time" from the influential 19th-century feminist educator Emma Willard.
From last January 2020 (but new to us), a candid, lucid—and, well, fictional—FAQ page about brain surgery by Mary South.
A survey dedicated to the function and aesthetics of women's eyebrows in fine art. (And not just Frida Kahlo.)
Advice from Regina Specktor on how to infuse your cooking with more love. "In the end, every bite is filled with that wish."

Liberal internationalists believe that the United States can manage and predict foreign affairs. Restrainers do not. For those of us in the latter camp, the withering away of the American Century cannot be reversed; it can only be accommodated.

Daniel Bessner: We’ve exited an American century and entered a global one. Whether US foreign policy heard the news is unclear.

↩︎ Harper's

An acre of old chaparral is the fuel equivalent of 75 barrels of crude oil. A great Malibu firestorm, therefore, may generate the heat of three million barrels of burning oil at a temperature of 2,000 degrees.

The great writer and thinker (and person and activist) Mike Davis has entered palliative care. From 1996, “Let Malibu Burn.”

↩︎ L.A. Weekly, via Indymedia
"Why does my old boss who loved racist jokes suddenly sound like Malcolm X?" Yet another quitting-Twitter letter, but still funny.
One person’s “pretty likely” is another’s “doubtful to happen.” Some business advice on how to use probabilistic words better.
Agnes Giberne's The Story of the Sun, Moon, and Stars (1879) is "the foundation for a phenomenological star wisdom."
Abortion providers have been bracing for this. Here's a guide on how to access abortion services in post-Roe America.