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New software enables stalkers to “unmask” pornography actors without their knowing.
A fashion retailer uses an old psychological study to summarize how your shoes influence other people’s perceptions of you.

If a new style were invented that had all the merits of the old styles (whatever you think they are), and that enjoyed their broad and deep popularity, surely any sensible traditionalist should be in favour of it?

An illustrated argument for “easy” (or easier) architecture.

↩︎ Works in Progress
A windowless telecommunications hub in New York City “embodies an architecture of surveillance and paranoia.”
Seoul has a 3,000 square meter void underneath one of its most iconic plazas.
Some portraits of US Army truckers arming the Soviets in 1943.
Baristas are invited to work and live in Rotterdam, at “the world’s first coffee hotel.”
High-school girls are worried that all their vaping in middle school gave them vocal fry.

Creating another option for wealthier individuals—utilizing otherwise idle cars—is perhaps the next step toward closing the mobility satisfaction gap.

In Los Angeles, you can now rent athletes’ and entertainers’ supercars when they’re not driving them.

↩︎ Robb Report
Some brief thoughts on a Spanish apartment redone for “checkerboard maximalism.”
A platform for discovering facts about representation in street names across Europe.

The work we do helps to bring this regime down, and it is defending itself. If you are suddenly ill, please do not discount the possibility that you may have been poisoned. Tell your doctors. Fight for yourself.

What it’s like, as a Russian journalist, to feel pretty sure you’ve been poisoned by the state.

↩︎ n+1
Aug 31, 2023
A remembrance for a forgotten street (Coenties Slip) that played a pivotal role in New York City’s mid-century art movement.
New research proposes that our brains may sort memories by evaluating how likely they are to be useful in the future.

A mountain biker tours the Italian countryside, looking for espresso.

A Norwegian movement known as Architectural Uprising is pushing back against modern Scandinavian design trends.
“​​Board last on the plane. Ignore your boarding group. It’s okay.” A hundred things said to make life better.

Reading is letting someone else model the world for you. This is an act of intimacy. When the author is morose, you become morose. When he is mirthful, eventually you may share in it. And after finishing a very good book one is driven a little mad, forced to return from a world that no one nearby has witnessed.

“The appetite grows by what it feeds on.” Some suggestions on how to read well.

↩︎ The Map Is Mostly Water
Aug 2, 2023
“If I want boring carrots, I’ll buy them.” Some thoughts on the delights of growing your own carrots.