A study finds the drop in air travel by major sports teams during pandemic reduced their carbon footprints by 22 percent.
An interview with Randy Newman and TMN's Rosecrans Baldwin on why people are reluctant to say they love Los Angeles.
Sex parties in New York are said to be better than ever, "in part because of a refreshing influx of new faces."
Since 2010, there has been a sharp rise in the share of males and females (18 to 35) who report not having sex in the prior year.

Ninety percent of their discourse is about the discourse. Anecdotalism was also rampant at the conference—generalizing from three anecdotes about people who got canceled to conclude that all of American life is a woke hellscape. They need to get out more.

David Brooks makes friends with the intellectual conservative youth.

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“Cost Disease Socialism” attends to inflation "while leaving the cause of the underlying costs unaddressed."
A collection of vintage covers from more than 1,300 outdoor recreation catalogs and magazines.
Susanne Wedlich on slime: "Slime makes humans biological creatures, yet becomes the line of demarcation between us and the Other."
Rugs by Azerbaijani artist Faig Ahmed "billow into a pool of glitches and skewed motifs."
Standouts from the Natural Landscape Photography Awards.
The FTC intends to crack down publications that require people to call to cancel their subscriptions.
Precise, geometric paintings of buildings in various cities, by Bianca Wilson.
"The suburban school is an imagined space that invites an unhealthy amount of hyperbole, misinterpretation and fear."
An interactive timeline of asteroids that have passed between the Moon and the Earth.
Of Harvard's white students, 43% are recruited athletes, legacies, the children of donors, or the children of faculty and staff.
More than 200 musicians are protesting venues' use of Amazon palm scanners, citing concerns about biometric data collection.
"What they forgot about was people." To fix the continent, North American leaders need to stop focusing on goods and markets.
A brilliant reverse-lookup dictionary. (Not unlike the Word Menu, IYKYK.)
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