A study finds there were more migratory birds hanging out in urban areas as a result of the pandemic
“You can just fluff it up, and it’s great as a fire tinder." Survivalists explain why you should always carry tampons in the wild.
How soon can lab-grown meat actually feed a meaningful number of people? A critical look at the challenging economies.
"It’s about the volume of meals you eat, not anything else." From February, confessions of a former Michelin restaurant inspector.
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You really have to ask yourself: What are you trying to accomplish with that transient three-to-six-month boost in antibodies? 

Epidemiologist Céline Gounder offers plainspoken advice on what Covid boosters can and can’t do.

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“I don’t have any sense of being that important,” says the country's oldest (and most famous) park ranger, Betty Reid Soskin.
Negatives altered into images not quite real and not quite unreal, by photographer Julie Hamel.
"They see it like one bucket." For today's students, file structures don't exist.
Rather than cooperating through the pandemic in North Africa, the legacy of colonialism caused many to capitalize on shortages.
Roxane Gay: "Politicians love to invoke the idea of borders in service of a scarcity doctrine."
Photographic collages of bedding, by Mira Burack.
"I had to close my laptop and stare at the wall for a few minutes." The surprising benefits of therapy voyeurism.

A short documentary on Aaron Ralph's 2,700-kilometer, meandering bikepacking trip up the United Kingdom.

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A new website, Find Center, contains 500,000 pages of self-care and burnout-avoidance content recommended by experts.
Recent photos of international border walls, by Rafał Milach.
How Spotify and Apple Music use pro-rata accounting to pay artists less.
Researchers are using Lidar aerial mapping at Teotihuacán to discover how the ancient city was built.
Brazil's "Levante do Metal Nativo" movement sings heavy metal in the Tupi-Guarani language in hopes of saving their native tongue.