An overview of the shopping season's bigger trends. "The sweater-vest was one item we didn’t think we’d see back."

The phrase ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ was invented by a police psychiatrist to discredit a female hostage in a 1973 bank heist who criticised the police.

Another year in the book: 52 things Tom Whitwell learned in 2021.

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"In My Head" paintings by Alvin Ong. "They progressively became a sort of visual diary, a constellation of my life."
A thoughtful interview—particularly about acupuncture informing his work—with Alvin Armstrong, one of Artsy's Vanguard 2021.
A breakdown of procedures used to estimate the size of a political rally properly, from aerial photography to "the Jones method."

The Manhattan of the Middle Ages?

One of those "who knew?" educations experienced during morning coffee:

From Wikipedia:

Between the 12th and the 13th century, Bologna was a city full of towers. Almost all the towers were tall (the highest being 97m), defensive stone towers. Besides the towers, there are still some fortified gateways (torresotti) that correspond to the gates of the 12th-century city wall (Mura dei torresotti or Cerchia dei Mille), which itself has been almost completely destroyed. The reasons for the construction of so many towers are not clear. One hypothesis is that the richest families used them for offensive/defensive purposes during the period of the Investiture Controversy.

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"Most people think of robots as made of metals and ceramics but it's not so much what a robot is made from but what it does, which is act on its own on behalf of people."

The scientists who created the first living robots (known as xenobots) say they figured out a way for them to self-replicate.

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After a “decentralized autonomous organization” failed to buy the Constitution with crypto, another has its sights on an NBA team.
Tel Aviv is ranked the world’s most expensive city, followed by Paris and Singapore. Syria's capital Damascus ranked last.
"Santa Claus eating pancakes while riding a giant sloth." Advent calendar misadventures with artificial intelligence.
“Diehard Office superfan” Will Chase tabulates every one of Michael Scott's verbal flubs in The Office.
Groups of photos depicting our changing climate, by David Ellingsen.
A new podcast by Sarah Hepola: America's Girls, chronicling the 50-year saga of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.
"Formulas and macros allow us to test our hypotheses with hard data." An ode to spreadsheets.
A browser extension shows which brands on Amazon are actually owned by Amazon.
Another way fraudsters get around SMS authentication: renting a phone number for less than a cent.

Walmart, the biggest importer in the report, had the most emissions of the four companies studied. But its pollution was more spread out across ports along the East and West Coasts and Gulf of Mexico. Ikea has started sending more stuff to the East Coast, the report found.

According to a new report, Amazon and Target play an “outsized” role in West Coast port congestion and pollution.

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