An Australian "suicide pod" inventor hopes to sell his devices in Switzerland, with aims "to de-medicalize the dying process."

An explanation of four different methods of making stainless steel spheres ("spinning, mold pressing, water pressure hydroforming, and explosive hydroforming), as performed by Shenzhen Maoping Sculpture Arts.


Young sex workers are reportedly being scammed by fake sugar daddies, known as "salt daddies" in the community.
In 2021, the side eye emoji saw a 40 percent increase in usage in Tinder bios globally.
Pity the chickadee: A database of almost 100,000 bird interactions finds the American crow to be the most obnoxious at a feeder.

A toaster from 1949, the Sunbeam Radiant Control Toaster, is better than most toasters sold today. "No button, no lever, no other input required. Drop bread, get toast."

Raising or lowering of the bread is obtained by making use of the energy of expansion and contraction of the Center Element wire. Of course, this movement is very small and is measured in thousandths of an inch, but more than adequate carriage movement is obtained by a simple linkage which multiplies this movement approximately 175 times.

Researchers create a new type of optical system—"a metasurface"—to make a powerful camera the size of a grain of salt.
A new map of Earth's moon summarizes "the current state of lunar geologic knowledge.”
Migration experts don't expect the flow of new Texans to slow anytime soon—and "it’s a wash as far as Republicans vs. Democrats."
One way to care less about work: find something to do that has no purpose or value other than you like it.
Receipt printers at businesses around the world are being blasted with an antiwork manifesto.
Interview with the courtroom sketch artist covering the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. "I get lucky when they cry."
A small community of volunteers keeps Zora Neale Hurston's legacy alive in Florida.

Another installment of "the same interview" with Billie Eilish, still talking plainly and charmingly about identity, fashion, and her unfathomable level of fame. 

Artist Ian Strange impaled a Sydney house with bars of light.
The eleven most expensive books, folios, etc., sold by AbeBooks' in 2021.
If net-zero goals are to be met, by 2050 the world needs no fewer than 200 million public charging points for electric vehicles.
The largest oil and gas companies made $174 billion in profits in the first nine months of the year as gas prices climbed.

I couldn’t consider abortion or adoption, but the weird thing is I also couldn’t consider having a baby. I never decided; I never chose.

One of the best essays we’ve read in a while: “The Abortion I Didn’t Have” by novelist Merritt Tierce.

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