Maps have historically been used to political ends. The same is true now, when maps are updated on phones—without us knowing.
"These were America’s first teenagers and they were hanging out together as they do today." Decoding 20,000-year-old footprints.
"It’s difficult to describe Party in a Spreadsheet in a way that makes sense." A theatrical play in Google Sheets.
A Sketchfab user has made it possible to 3D print your own museum of classical art and sculpture.
More and more, Facebook wants to become its own nation—a hostile one, at that—and should be negotiated with accordingly.
What may be the only copy of late Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda's We Shall Fight HIV/AIDS album has been located.
Selections from the US Dept. of Agriculture's watercolors of fruits and nuts, created between 1886 and 1942.
Paul Ford: This is the dot-com era of climate, with vast sums of cash being pumped in—and no real plans in place.
Originally stolen from a Wisconsin shop, a single handgun has been linked to 27 shootings in Chicago, including two homicides.
Using a technique called "paper terrorism," a man staked claim to a woman's house in Newark, claiming to be unbound by US laws.
Covid, poor pay, and Amazon are among the reasons America has a shortage of school bus drivers.

We designed a technology that enables you and I to speak from different places. And this most intellectual creature to ever walk the planet, nevertheless is destroying its only home. 

Jane Goodall says humans may be intellectual, but they’re not intelligent (intelligent creatures don’t destroy their own planet).

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A study finds there were more migratory birds hanging out in urban areas as a result of the pandemic
“You can just fluff it up, and it’s great as a fire tinder." Survivalists explain why you should always carry tampons in the wild.
How soon can lab-grown meat actually feed a meaningful number of people? A critical look at the challenging economies.
"It’s about the volume of meals you eat, not anything else." From February, confessions of a former Michelin restaurant inspector.
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You really have to ask yourself: What are you trying to accomplish with that transient three-to-six-month boost in antibodies? 

Epidemiologist Céline Gounder offers plainspoken advice on what Covid boosters can and can’t do.

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“I don’t have any sense of being that important,” says the country's oldest (and most famous) park ranger, Betty Reid Soskin.