An interactive guide to "all you need to know" regarding the Year of the Rabbit.
Lan Samantha Chang: Celebrating Lunar New Year has meant learning to share my rituals with people for whom the traditions are new.

“It is no use trying to explain why we say, on the one hand, that pair of shoes is getting old, but on the other hand, the pair were perfectly happy after their honeymoon.

Praise for an update to perhaps the best book on modern English usage. “For anyone interested in language, it’s catnip.”

↩︎ The Millions
A website designer creates a website to showcase all of the people who’ve copied his website designs.
To the extent that there’s been a national spike in shoplifting, it correlates to the growth of online retail.
The Orient Express claims to be building the world's largest sailing ship, intending to launch it in 2026.

“I have a suggestion for you that comes from your own world. It is that I am only a symptom. I am not the disease. By treating me as you would like to, you will not remove the root causes of your anger, which I suspect are insecurity and borrowed shame.”

A reading of John Le Carré’s (mostly business) correspondence finds him struggling against deceit.

↩︎ The New Yorker
The remains of more than 110,000 Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Alaska Natives are held by museums and universities.
How to restore water storage by making bricks in a factory powered by methane emissions.

Talking to my two better-paid colleagues through my experiment gave me valuable context. Before, the numbers were just numbers; now, they tell entire stories.

A millennial decides to tell everyone how much money she makes.

↩︎ Business Insider
Texas has three times more wind, solar and battery storage under construction than California—just don’t call it green.
Restaurant workers in the US unwittingly pay—via mandatory safety classes—for lobbying to keep their pay and benefits low.

I should have known, therefore, that it was a Wednesday unlike any other—that the world was about to change—when, at the end of the day, I poked into the studio to turn off the lights, and found the synthesizer still wired up.

A new short story from Robin Sloan, complete with music.

↩︎ Brand New Box
Craig Mod is launching another popup newsletter to document a new big walk around Tokyo.
A terrific round-up when critic Ana Gavrilovska lists her favorite jazz albums released last year.

If you can write beginnings and ends, you can make a nice living as a writer. If you write middles, you win Pulitzers and Nobel Prizes and stuff. But with beginnings and ends, you're going to do okay.

Author James Patterson, who has no interest in retiring, has 30 books going at any given time.

↩︎ GQ
Ted Gioia on the return of Barnes & Noble. "At first glance, this makes no sense."
From October, are we in the midst of a "social recession?" Fewer friendships, less sex, delayed adulthood, etc.

Now you might say: but we had real truffles on the plate! Or, we had real pieces of truffles in the cheese. Yes, that is the worst part of the scam. Decorative truffles are here to make a fool of you.

Almost everything with a “truffle” label available in stores or served in restaurants is said to be a fraud.

↩︎ Taste Atlas