"The stomachache lasts into the next day." Exploring the current crop of functional beverages that promote relaxation.
US states by Wikipedia article length.
With digital enclosure, counter-hegemony can only thrive in the "dark forest," beyond Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple.
In case you've also been documenting your lockdown Zooms with family and friends: an ode to the screenshot.

No one seemed quite sure how to proceed. “While we’re here, we might as well set up a government,” somebody suggested.

Luke Mogelson reports on his day with the insurrectionists inside and around the Capitol.

↩︎ The New Yorker

A recent study found that self-reported symptoms of “body-focused repetitive behaviors,” such as skin-picking, nail-biting, and hair-plucking, have increased during the pandemic. When people are suffering inside, those struggles often make their way to the surface.

For many people, the physical ramifications of a year-plus of isolation will be temporary. For some, the toll will be deadly.

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One of the pandemics inside the pandemic: cruiseline employees tumbling into depression during their extreme version of lockdown.
Since April, police in the US are three times more likely to use force against leftwing protesters than rightwing protesters.

Our founding aspirations were just that: aspirations. It’s been the work of generations—from Frederick Douglass and Fannie Lou Hamer to Harriet Tubman and Bayard Rustin—to realize these aspirations. 

Darren Walker: The ideal of democracy is the greatest threat to the ideology of white supremacy.

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"Our current state of affairs is a paradox." Balancing the need to talk about 1/6 with the worry of inspiring other wrongdoers.
Hedgehogs have become popular pets in Japan. A miniature mobile home doubles as a handbag.
Photographers flock to Japan's Lake Nukabira to capture the layers of "ice bubbles."
Los Angeles hospitals, already treating patients in gift shops, are on the verge of shifting to "crisis care" with triage teams.
Why Covid is so bad in LA: a huge population, a high rate of poverty, and the nation’s highest rate of severe overcrowding.

Fanone suffered a mild heart attack and drifted in and out of consciousness. All the while, the mob was chanting “U.S.A.” over and over and over again. “We got one! We got one!” Fanone said he heard rioters shout. “Kill him with his own gun!”

Stories of the 1/6 attack from police officers who defended the Capitol.

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To understand sea shanty TikTok, you must start at the beginning.
Maria Bustillos lost not only her mother, but a year of time with her because of Republicans' reckless politicizing of Covid.
A timeline of how Trump's actions and claims of fraud over the past few months led to the insurrection.
"The growth in the annual deficit under Trump ranks as the third-biggest increase...of any US presidential administration."