To use a computer analogy, gendered behavior comes from running different software on the same basic hardware.

Except for a simple difference in size, there are no meaningful differences between men’s and women’s brain structure or activity.

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The "15-minute city" enables residents to meet their needs within a quarter-hour walk. Now Sweden is pursuing the "1-minute city."
Pixar is using colors in its films that your screens aren't yet advanced enough to display.
Report from an attempt to bicycle a motorike itinerary through California's Death Valley. "It was the most alive I’ve ever felt."

On the morning of April 24, 1933, five thousand Chicago schoolteachers stormed the lobbies of the five largest financial institutions in the Loop.

Making the case for a new Reconstruction Finance Corporation—to become “a new bulwark for states and cities against the market.”

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Astrologer Susan Miller rotates between five different MacBook Pros to write her horoscope columns.
Phoebe Gavin: “A calling isn’t a job or an industry. It’s an activity or an impact.”
Photos of the "orchestrated beauty" of American funeral homes, by Rachel Cox.
Police are purchasing "vehicle forensics kits" to access data stored in cars—including information synced from smartphones.
A fascinating, in-depth look at the history of art in the Oval Office, an "ultra-high-profile rotating exhibition space."

“I remember someone telling me that the reason they were talking to me was because they were afraid people would die if they didn’t. That just really hit me in a way that it hadn’t before: People could literally die if we did our jobs wrong.”

The COVID reporters are not OK.

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A motorcycle airbag vest company's subscription payment option prevents the vest from inflating if payments don't go through.
Effectively shut down during the pandemic, some nightclubs have temporarily converted into exhibition spaces.
Health researchers suggest that getting a different Covid vaccine for your second shot might produce a better immune response.

It’s funky fonts. It’s the closing sequence for any romantic comedy filmed between 1988-1993. It’s basically all of Pretty Woman. It’s the parents from Rugrats. It’s a very Boomer “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow” circa 1992 vibe.

On Spago Rock.

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A postmortem on Bernie Sanders' brief primary lead reveals the forces of reaction—and the need for mass organization on the left.
A giant sequoia tree in Northern California is still smoldering from the 2020 Castle Fire, showing how dry the area is.
A Chinese rocket has overshot its orbit and will break apart—though not burn up—and fall somewhere on Earth.
A 78,000-year-old girl discovered near Kenya's coast is the oldest human burial found in Africa (but not the world).