A new gender-neutral voice for AI is based on two dozen people who identify as male, female, transgender, and non-binary.

For the Christchurch terrorist, dreams of being a cryptocurrency millionaire were probably just another cold joke.

Bitcoin ideology is not a neo-Nazi ideology. But sometimes it bears repeating.

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Within baseball, it's believed that Mike Trout is "vastly underpaid"—at $430 million—relative to his performance value.
A recent favorite website: Terrible Things Happening in Cold Places, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

A bill calling for the federal government to “study and consider” how to provide reparations to African Americans for slavery has been introduced into every session of the US Congress for the last thirty years.

The promise and the failure of reparation in the 1860s “should animate a return to reparations now.”

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Amazon removes some books publishing false information about vaccines. Civic responsibility or censorship?
Europe gets its first underwater restaurant, where guests eat alongside marine wildlife in the Norwegian Sea.
A group of new city apps are good "for making yourself either more aware of your surroundings or just extremely paranoid."

“As with all regular service providers,” says Post, “you should consider your regular delivery person during your holiday thank-yous.”

Emily Post’s great-great-granddaughter publishes a book of “higher etiquette” for cannabis-related concerns.

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A new Amnesty International report says US air strikes in Somalia—ramped up and ongoing—are killing civilians.
"Custom cancer vaccines." "Robot dexterity." Bill Gates chooses 10 breakthrough technologies to improve the world.
A poll on WeChat finds 56% of respondents feeling "extremely sympathetic" after reading the Christchurch killer's manifesto.

Here's a video on how to make a cheesecake that looks like cheese. But it is also a weird, soothing demonstration of cooking with no narration, watched over by a pair of tiny toy mice.

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"Buffet Buddhists" are Westerners who use the religion for their needs, not for worship.
You can join the latest social-media trend in China for about five bucks: being showered with compliments by random people.

Misogyny is so all-pervading and so alluring that we are more likely to take it for granted than we are to acknowledge it properly, or want to change it for something better.

A famous psychotherapist reviews a new book that demolishes the psychological explanations of misogyny.

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Dr. Karen Uhlenbeck, from the University of Texas at Austin, is the first woman to win math's Abel Prize.
Women, both educated and uneducated, were pivotal to liberation movements across Africa. They're mostly forgotten.

In Francophone Africa, the term “alternance”, used as the demand for a transfer of power, shows a passionate commitment to the liberal-democratic norm of putting limits on the number of terms a president may serve. This has no equivalent in Europe and North America.

A new dictionary of African politics reveals insightful political terminology.

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