Some say Elon Musk's late-night tweet storms suggest a billionaire cracking up. Ex-employees say it's nothing new.

"By the way, it was not $3 million to shoot Hunter into the fucking sky," says Depp. "It was $5 million."

A very long, detailed, at times beguiling look into the current trials and financial struggles of Johnny Depp.

↩︎ Rolling Stone
Psychologists find that audiobooks stir people more deeply than movies or television.
For her visit to an immigrant detention center, the First Lady wore a coat saying "I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?"

On Craigslist, I wasn’t alone. I found a community craving the same thing I did: a connection. Something real.

Before it shut down, Craigslist personals gave us an intimate look “at humanity in extremis.”

↩︎ Quartz
After the US had its warmest May on record, meteorologists coordinated their outfits to raise awareness.
In case you were wondering where mathematical typography comes from.
A new piece of software uses wifi signals to track humans' movements, breathing, and heartbeats through walls.
IBM developed a debating AI that can create a full argument in a few minutes when presented with an unknown topic.
A brief history of the Speak & Spell, "one of the earliest examples of a full-fledged portable gaming machine."
The question isn't “Could AI have a soul?” It's “Could AI ever soul like we do?”
Imaginary views from other planets by legendary sci-fi painter Chesley Bonestell.

For good reason, Max Richter's "On the Nature of Daylight" is everywhere—and now it's a video produced by and featuring Elisabeth Moss.

A bronze statue of Nick Cave wearing a loincloth and riding a horse will be erected in western Victoria.
It's true: There's every possibility that parents and children detained at the border may never be reunited.

Aerosol pollution or a volcanic eruption, which both increase how much sunlight is reflected by the atmosphere, can cause changes in rainfall and temperature thousands of kilometers away, months later.

How “teleconnections” explain the process by which melting Arctic ice warms the tropical Pacific.

↩︎ Hakai Magazine
Americans—especially Republicans and those with lower education—believe two-thirds of news on social media is fake.
Shingles is on the rise, possibly due to reduced immunity from stress, organ transplants, or the chickenpox vaccine.

And what about the “lowest known musical note in the universe”? It turns out to be a tone emitted by the galaxy cluster Abell 426, 250 million light years away.

While math and music are intimately linked, music creates complexity, and eschews measurement.

↩︎ New Republic