Some conspiracy theories to explain how Costco is able to sell a very good, 18-year-old single malt Scotch for $38.
Twenty-five North Korean defectors explain what life is like under Kim Jong Un.
The chief of Pixar and Disney animation, known for "grabbing and kissing," takes a leave of absence.

When the Weinstein story broke an older male writer said to me: ‘Jesus, if they’re going to go back through every casting couch encounter, we’ll be here for ever.’

Attention, men: We might be here a while.

↩︎ The London Review of Books
The complete list of women, with all of their evidence, who've accused the president of sexual misconduct.
Rebecca Solnit re-maps New York City to recognize women who've shaped it since the beginning.

An exciting application of autonomous vehicle technology: self-driving wheelchairs (for the many who require assistance to use their power wheelchairs).

From an opinion piece in WIRED: 

For those of us with mobility challenges, a wheelchair is our car. It may travel slower, using pathways other than the open road, but it is imperative to our mobility. Now the tech industry has the chance to be an absolute hero for millions of people in the coming years, especially as the world’s population ages. Investing in assistive technologies means investing in our collective survival: disability and access is everyone’s issue.

A non-existent research article has been cited in nearly 400 actual scientific white papers.

We might be from Athens or Corinth (or the United States or Mexico) as an accident of birth, but in a deeper sense we are all members of the same global polis. We would be well advised to start acting like it.

The argument for being cosmopolitan is even more persuasive in the Trump era.

↩︎ Aeon
A member of India's governing party offered a $1.5 million reward for someone to behead a leading Bollywood actress.
Some recently declassified CIA photographs of the 1963 Moscow Fair include several cat pics.
Uber reveals year-old data breach—of 57 million customers and drivers—plus the fact that it paid off the hackers.

This makes for a dangerous mix: a company that reaches most of the country every day and has the most detailed set of personal data ever assembled, but has no incentive to prevent abuse.

Why Facebook must either be better regulated or broken apart.

↩︎ The New York Times
In addition to killing net neutrality, the FCC will also shut down states' plans for their own neutrality rules.
Profiles of three polio survivors, who are using what may be the last remaining iron lungs in operation.
Google to derank Russian propagandists RT and Sputnik, but won't go so far as to remove them entirely.
Always useful: Survive a family holiday gathering with tactics from a former lead FBI kidnapping negotiator.
The sprawling shelves of China's new Tianjin Binhai Library hold 1.2 million books, though not all of them are real.
With livers in short supply, foreign nationals traveling to the US for transplant surgery spark anger.