A new role model for millennial anarchists: Ted Kaczynski, aka the Unabomber.
Photographs that explore what it means to be a queer ranchero.
"I’ve committed myself to help white people stop the nonsense.” White people need to stop being so fragile discussing race.
An in-depth look at suicide from a writer who has attempted it many times.

I even heard rumors that after Prince died, it was Dave McOmie who was hired to drill a vault at the late musician’s estate in Minnesota. When news broke that previously unknown and unreleased recordings had been found inside, fans allegedly had McOmie to thank for it. When I asked McOmie about this, he laughed. “No comment.”

Geoff Manaugh profiles the best safecracker in Los Angeles.

↩︎ The Atlantic
Fashion companies brag about their garments being made in the USA, specifically Los Angeles, but many workers only get $5 an hour.

“What’s going on, Jezebel? It’s James Kennedy from Vanderpump Rules your favorite, the white Kanye West,” he says in this iconic video. He continues: “Wanted to say you should join the DSA, comrades!”

An attempt to pay conservative D-list celebrities very little money to say liberal things on camera.

↩︎ Jezebel
South Dakota's Rapid City is judged to have the most unpredictable weather in America.
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A new study of NBA players finds that a player's shooting accuracy declines if they stay up late tweeting.

We'll watch anything starring Richard E. Grant, including a demented holiday story.

The case for Agatha Christie: she might not have been much of a writer, but she "was very, very good at murder."

For the rest of the semester my professor pulled me aside and praised me for how great my writing was. My parents were so proud. It was like I had it all, I could party and be at the top of the class. 

Three plagiarists explain why they stole other people’s words.

↩︎ The Cut
A kiosk at Taylor Swift concerts attempts to identify her stalkers through a secret facial recognition system.
Fentanyl is "barely more trouble to dispatch" than any of the other goods that America imports from China every day.
Twenty men arrested on an array of charges related to them brandishing loaded guns in a March 2018 rap video.

If the archimandrite hits the woolsack with the mace, there will be a hustings, and all the periodontists will race to the end the chamber to see who is the Lord Spiritual. If there are more than 158, the chaplain dons the black robe and eats the Prime Minister.

British politics explained.

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The United States has suffered 94 school shooting incidents in 2018, a near 60% increase on the previous high set in 2006.
If the Senate passes the criminal justice reform bill—supported by Trump and Cory Booker—it's an actual bipartisan achievement.