Fabian Oefner turns sneakers, clocks, and cameras into a sculptural series of segmented objects.
The Australian government wants you to know: Covid-19 vaccines do not—and cannot—connect you to the internet.
Thousands flock to Iceland's Reykjanes volcano for photographs, including many people looking for a unique wedding site.
For young Asian Americans, posting and reposting images of graphic violence has become a means of processing.
Shannon Palus: As vaccinations increase, wearing masks outdoors "almost becomes ridiculous." But breaking social norms has costs.

The unusual thing about motivationalspeak on Instagram is it doesn’t just come from influencers with millions of followers; it often comes from your average joe cousin or friend or work acquaintance.

One byproduct of social media culture is that everyone now has a “platform.” Which means a lot of pep talks and “broetry.”

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Once you earn a solid living, a billionaire is not likely to be any happier than you are—is a fact that many struggle to grasp.
Thanks to TikTok, a night market emerges in L.A., possibly the most diverse street food market in the United States.

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Announcing Camp ToB 2021

If you also sometimes think of books as vaccines, you’re in the right place. Vote now for the books you want to see at Camp ToB ‘21!

by The Tournament of Books Staff
Coral-inspired ceramic sculptures by Marguerita Hagan.
Headline of the week? "A woman called Animal Control on a croissant."
Tyler Cowen: Stop tying green jobs to green energy. We desperately need the latter; the former's just getting in the way.

“Wealthy people have long convinced themselves that without them, all the wonderful things in civilization and society wouldn’t exist.”

New Yorkers bemoan the return of the rich, the privileged, basically anybody who had the means to flee the coronavirus.

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Adults in France can no longer claim consent if they've had sex with—i.e., raped—a minor younger than 15 years old.

Archaeologists hail the recent unearthing of what's believed to be the largest ancient city discovered in Egypt.

Who are the conservative filmmakers in Hollywood? In light of the GOP's intellectual death spiral, how about Aaron Sorkin?
China's economy grew 18.3% in the first quarter. “We do not expect China’s policymakers to rush into any meaningful tightening."

We have defaulted to being very polite, caring, and tender toward each other. It’s absolutely exhausting, and it needs to stop. I didn’t move to New York City in 1995 to be tender.

Paul Ford lists the reasons why he can’t wait to get back to the office.

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A brief interview with the man who yells “Mortal Kombat” in the game's commercial. "Had no idea, bro."