Addiction has been such a persistent problem in the restaurant industry—and for so long—that chefs, bartenders, even owners, are starting to wave their white flags.

Cocaine used to be the kitchen's drug of choice, but the opioid crisis has spurred action in an industry loath to lose skilled employees.
↩︎ Washington City Paper
Stadiums built in Brazil for the World Cup and Olympics are being investigated for bribery and corruption.

"Nobody gives two shits about the black people in North Philadelphia if nobody gives two craps about the white kids in Sandy Hook."

Amy Goldberg, chair of Temple’s Dept. of Surgery, from "What Bullets do to Bodies."
↩︎ Highline
Diversity is an asset in medicine, but women and minorities recount med school interviews inflected with bias.

Protecting the 16,000 or so critically endangered species on Earth today would cost $76 billion, annually—about 52 times what the U.S. spends each year.

Coming soon, a controversial ranking system to help us decide which critically endangered species should be saved, and which we should let die.
↩︎ Outside Magazine
From inauguration crowd size to sanctuary cities, 100 lies from 100 days of the Trump administration.

This is how they take everything from you: one thing at a time. Perhaps each change is inconvenient, uncomfortable, even upsetting, but for the most part, the world kept turning. As long as you can go about your business, most people will.

A recap of the past 100 days, er, the latest episode of The Handmaid's Tale.
↩︎ Vulture

Of all the great work by director Jonathan Demme, who died this week, one of our favorites is his live video for New Order's "The Perfect Kiss," where he captured the excitement of an unexcited band.

The Trump Inaugural Committee scanned its FEC filing—here's how journalists collaborated to parse and distribute it.
This quiz shows whether you and your inheritance will be affected by Trump's tax plan.
When you unsubscribe from a business's newsletter, the unsubscribe service sells your email to a competitor.
A Muslim weightlifter convinces Nike to enter the $97 million market for hijabi sportswear.

"If soccer was invented today, heading would be outlawed until pretty much the professional level."

It's not so much that headers in soccer cause concussions, as that attempting a header makes a player vulnerable to head and neck injuries.
↩︎ The Ringer
Recent paintings, with many involving laundry, by Swedish artist Sara-Vide Ericson.
From South Africa to Pittsburgh: The first African-born player debuts in Major League Baseball.

In Modern English you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but being whelmed is out of style.

Fashion is everything. From "Gruntled, Kempt, and Whelmed," a very brief, enjoyable post about the mysteries of English.
↩︎ American Heritage Dictionary
Under the American electoral system, which boosts rural voters, Le Pen would have tied Macron.
Country music references drug use most often; jazz comes in second, and mentions in rap are relatively infrequent.
One artist's study of New York City pedestrians: by the textures of the shirts on their backs.