The world’s biggest condom producer, based in Malaysia, says the lockdown will cause a widely-felt shortage.
"12 million gloves, 130,000 N95 masks, 1.7 million surgical masks." America is airlifting in medical supplies.
Corporate conglomerates are interpreting "social distancing" with logo redesigns.
While media consumption is up generally, podcast consumption is down, perhaps because people aren't commuting.
For researchers who study boredom, this is a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hopefully learn some really important things."

It is extremely difficult to predict how many of the 164.4 million people who report working for pay at any point during the previous year... will experience reduced hours or earnings as a result of the current coronavirus-related economic slowdown. 

Who are the workers most likely to need emergency income support during the coronavirus crisis?

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Why to pay people to stay home: the history of livestock epidemics shows quarantine combined with financial incentives works best.

Take heart! Humanity's been through it before. There will be an Other Side, eventually. We just need to make it through this part, between Before and After.

Margaret Atwood’s advice for surviving pandemics.

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Collective and remote, digital and human: Record yourself playing along with a neural net trained to "Disintegration Loops."
Gerry is a font made out of gerrymandered Congressional districts.
Google presses pause on its tradition of April Fool's jokes in light of the coronavirus.

We spend our days spearing Internet-delivered raspberries with the baby fork. “Mama help,” she says sometimes, plaintively. She needs something but she doesn’t know exactly what it is. I know exactly what I need: another human body.

A month after filing for divorce, single mom Leslie Jamison contracted COVID-19.

↩︎ The New York Review of Books
Twenty-eight years ago, Sinead O'Connor tore up a picture of the pope on TV. The time since has been "incredibly isolating."

A tape of John Coltrane, Joe Henderson, Roy Brooks and others playing loose versions of bebop standards in 1958.

Found in a round-up of clips of famous musicians and bands in rehearsal.

Is this the first film to be made completely in quarantine? It's definitely one of the better ones (with a celebrity cast almost entire found on cameo). From Ben Berman, director of The Amazing Johnathan Documentary.

Fashion designers are desperate to make masks and gowns for healthcare workers, but can't find proper guidance or materials.

Sports commentators are out of work, too.

But some like Nick Heath find other things worthy of play-by-play.

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H-E-B has been preparing for pandemics since 2005, but it didn't see the run on toilet paper coming.
Yet more stuff to watch: all of the short films that were supposed to debut at SXSW.