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We’ve never seen a Black man this powerful this bent on harming other Black folks. He’s alien to me because I love my people and I can see in his hardened heart he’s against us.

Mitchell S. Jackson tries to understand Clarence Thomas by visiting where he grew up and where he lives now.

↩︎ Esquire
The trials of operating the country's first Black-owned outdoor retailer. “Why leave Texas to live an outdoor lifestyle?"
From Caustic Cover Critic: comics "reliably attributed to" Patricia Highsmith, who worked as a comic book writer in the 1940s.

What are the brand values of Fancy Feast? I would say that it is fancy. But it is also surprisingly hard to find at the Petco in Union Square, which is where I went after my own fancy feast, because the event’s parting gift bag, while immense, somehow did not actually include cat food.

Choire Sicha eats at the Fancy Feast restaurant: “I figured I might as well get a jump on the trend.”

↩︎ Grub Street
Data is sparse, people with Locked-in syndrome often report being happy and fulfilled—the difference is often down to caregivers.
An August 1977 Amazing Spider-Man comic inspired a New Mexico judge to create the first prisoner ankle monitor.
Machine learning in science is riddled with errors—which is especially bad considering AI's tendency to grab headlines.
"It’s a rare retail store... to appear on a US driver’s license." How the Bass Pro Shops pyramid became a Memphis icon.
A round-up of architecture on album sleeves (that doesn't include a certain Wilco record).
Pat Finn: The world does not need "more monuments to the power of capital," even extraordinary buildings like Dubai' Burj Khalifa.
From 2020, why are K-pop bands so big? Because fans like bigger groups, in part because they love reality survival shows

You can’t pretend that Lent, 40 days where you decide to not eat chocolate or whatever because it’s your vice, is not just a baby version of the 30 days a year I spend starving myself during Ramadan.

Catholicism may be the New Right’s hot new club, but it’s nothing compared to Islam. “Call me when you’re ready for Hajj.”

↩︎ Gawker
A data-mining recipe for any journalists wanting to write a story about young Americans' migration patterns.
In St. Louis, like a lot of midwestern cities, if you grew up in the region, you're very likely still there when you're 26.
For poor kids, living where folks have more friendships that cut across class lines majorly boosts how much they earn as adults.
Coming soon: oceanfront living where you live, ice-berg style, atop the ocean. Pods starting at $295,000. Ocean not included.
Photographs from this weekend's annual World Dog Surfing Championship.

“Normally, the streets are so noisy and you have to watch out because drivers are going to kill you with their cars.” “We created a ‘walking’ forest and people want us to leave it in place.”

The Dutch city of Leeuwarden is moving 1,000 trees across town very slowly by hand.

↩︎ The Guardian
From May, a reporter investigates his charismatic journalism teacher and finds him repeatedly grooming female students for sex.