[Perry's] sporadic public communications have had in them something of the shell-shocked grandmother trying to preside over a pleasant family Thanksgiving dinner while pretending that her blind-drunk husband isn’t standing naked on the dining-room table waving the carving knife over his head.

An insider's account of the Trump admin's takeover—or lack thereof—of the essential and barely understood Dept. of Energy.
↩︎ Vanity Fair
Using CRISPR, Oregon researchers have become the first in the US to edit a human embryo—it worked.
Tracking a year of Chewbacca Mom: from social media star to political target to country musician to author.
Roomba may begin selling the maps its robots have been making of your home—there's gold in that metadata.
Stunning photos of whale sharks in Indonesia, where fishermen view the creatures as harbingers of good luck.

“Fiction writers were booked on ‘Good Morning America’ and they had to be rebooked and rebooked and rebooked. Even New York Times bestselling authors with books out in Fall 2016 struggled.”

Fiction sales have been down since Trump's election and the breakneck news cycle that came with it.
↩︎ The New Republic
To curb antibiotic resistance, physicians must phase out directing patients to complete their prescribed course.
Interior Secretary threatens Alaska's senators with vetoing pro-energy policies over their "no" votes on ACA repeal.
In 1975, Brezhnev made advances toward Ford, promising Russia would do its part to get him elected.
A running tally on how senators have voted so far on this week's bills to repeal the ACA.
For nine minutes between tweets, Pentagon officials wondered if Trump was about to announce a strike on North Korea.
A study of 111 NFL players' brains finds 110 had chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

Détour, a new film by Michel Gondry, shot entirely on an iPhone, tracks a tricycle in France trying to return to its owner.

See also: Michel Gondry at home in Brooklyn discussing his conversations with Noam Chomsky.

That was 9 years ago, and he now does his horse impersonation (among others) for me on request.

Some fun responses to the question, "How did you know you'd found your person?" And be careful, some qualify under the #cryingatwork rubric.
↩︎ Everything Changes: The newsletter
The pie chart and other data visualizations can be traced to a "Scottish scoundrel" who blackmailed lords.
Opioid crisis update: More US workers are failing drug tests, so more companies are moving more jobs overseas.

We’re taking all those questions marks of, ‘Would it be unseemly to ask my Lyft driver to go through the Taco Bell drive-through?’ And now we’re not only going to make it permissible, we’re going to celebrate this behavior.

Lyft adds "Taco Mode" in select Southern California markets.
↩︎ The New York Times
Reviewing a history of "cool," David Brooks says it's likely dead, replaced by the more engaged "woke."
Winners announced for this year's Magnum Photography Awards.