Thus far, the Trump administration has met fewer than half of its self-imposed deadlines.
Who introduced kombucha to America, and why? It all began with the AIDS epidemic.
If New York's cultural groups want their full city funding, they must improve on their dismal diversity numbers.

"Back up, you creep, get away from me! I know you love to intimidate women, but you can't intimidate me, so back up."

In her new memoir, Hillary Clinton recalls Trump stalking her around the debate stage.

↩︎ The Guardian

A pair of photography enthusiasts created a small lens that attaches to a blackout blind, turning any room into a camera obscura.

To heal from the emotional upheaval of a transplant, some patients have the opportunity to hold their former organs.
Ten great books about tyrants.
To reverse declining membership, the Boy Scouts are recruiting girls, and allegedly disparaging the Girl Scouts.
Despotic newspapers swung the 1876 US presidential election—history shows the internet is still a wilderness.

At 6:40 a.m. Kateri called her brother. She paced into the soundproof garage where Matt plays guitar and yelled into the phone, “Dad’s robbed five fucking banks!”

Long, fascinating read on a retired cop who became a bank robber.

↩︎ Los Angeles Magazine
Inequality and alleged corruption give opposition parties in Angola's presidential election a shot at winning.
After 30 years and $80 billion, the US cuts aid to Egypt, citing human-rights concerns, and threatening a key ally.
Photos from the past 16 years of the US war in Afghanistan.
It's more than the $417 million verdict—Johnson & Johnson is facing 5,500 claims it knew of talcum powder dangers.
Seeking negotiation leverage, Chinese government hackers step up cyber-espionage attacks on Vietnamese officials.
If one day artificial wombs can support human fetuses, expect a new era of abortion legislation.

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The Rooster Summer Reading Challenge: Week 12

This week, we finish up our sixth and final book of the summer, Fever Dream, and it’s your turn to tell us which of our summer reads wins a slot in the 2018 Tournament of Books.

by The Tournament of Books Staff

From a flower child's ice-cream pitch to an austere, bedroom-eyes sake ad to a celebrity-heavy XFM spot, David Bowie's appearances in television commercials astutely picked up on the trends of their times.

Albums are already dying. The popularity of Spotify playlists hints at the end of musical genres.