Napa Valley's fanciest restaurants feel like "a spaceship for the 1 percent, now orbiting a burning planet."
The indie internet's least cool club? Best-kept secret? Nearly oldest link blog? Make your TMN love official today.
Scientists figure out that sea urchins have teeth that only chip on one side, making them self-sharpening.

If Israelis have a right to return—and so do the Dutch, Germans, French, and Britons—why not Africans? Why isn’t this right extended to Palestinians, Rohingyas in Myanmar, and Roma people in Europe?

An argument for applying the “right to return” to other native populations.

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I hope my system has helped me care less about being liked, but I don’t expect ever to fully unlearn the inner salesperson or the shareability lens, nor do I necessarily want to.

Tavi Gevinson tries to figure out who she’d be without Instagram. (An assistant now posts for her because she can’t stand to.)

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“Without [my Asperger’s syndrome], I wouldn’t have noticed this crisis." Greta Thunberg wants you to strike tomorrow.

Forget Shane Gillis. Chris Fleming was recently named one of Variety's "10 comics to watch in 2019." In this video he encounters an alien in his front yard. You may also know his song about creepy polyamorous couples, or a short clip on how to prepare your house when company is coming.

From last year but still useful: how to scrub your information from sites like Mylife, Intelius, Spokeo, Radius, and BeenVerified.
Nicholas Kristof invokes Robert Gates: Saudi Arabia “wants to fight the Iranians to the last American.”
Sketches for paper sculptures that are impossible to fold, by illustrator Julien Posture.

A mix by Suzanne Ciani of her favorite work from the 1970s and ‘80s.

Electronic music pioneer Suzanne Ciani delves into her archives to share a selection of favorite early compositions.

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A report from the National Park Service shows how Trump's border wall would destroy at least 22 archaeological sites in Arizona.
ProPublica identified 187 servers in the US that store and retrieve medical data—and don't adhere to basic security precautions.

When Seinfeld insists that we’re too politically correct nowadays, what he’s really saying is that he’s begun to doubt his ongoing ability to make Americans laugh.

Cancel culture doesn’t stop comedians who pride themselves on testing boundaries—it enables them to find like-minded audiences.

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Studies in chiaroscuro, photographed by Paul Cupido.
Funded by industry, an American nonprofit pushes biased studies to protect processed-foods interests around the world.

Here is a soothing video of the conservation of a painting.

Greater contraception access—as well as increased restrictions in conservative states—send US abortion rates to a 46-year low.
With large numbers of liberal voters migrating to red-state suburbs, the election map is quickly changing to favor Democrats.