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"Grindr came along offering a much more direct route to sex with no real barriers. Why would people want to go to a club, pay a door entry fee, pay for drinks, when there might not even be anyone there they like?"

After 10 years of countless hook-ups, marriages, bullying, and violent crimes, Grindr struggles to still be a desirable platform.

↩︎ BBC News
The correction fluid market—Wite-Out, Tipp-Ex, Liquid Paper—remains remarkably resilient, but no one really knows why.
Rick Steves still travels obsessively, spreading the gospel of travel as a humanity-improvement engine.
Overwhelming snow and flooding have set off a humanitarian disaster on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.
Despite a "devastating" Human Rights Watch report, IBM had no problem helping to build a surveillance system for Rodrigo Duterte.
A map shows the years that different nations around Africa gained their independence.
Sub-Saharan Africa is home to many of the world’s longest-ruling heads of state, but the trend may be reversing.

Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire are the most stressed out states.

Facts learned from a hundred million messages received by the Crisis Text Line.

↩︎ Crisis Text Line
"I took this as a sign that I should persevere." Jessica Francis Kane finds life lessons in overlooked trees.

Avuncular is most often used to describe the villainous father of a lesbian once employed by the Coors Brewing Company: Dick Cheney. 

Myriam Gurba, writing in praise of the word “avuncular,” pays tribute to her uncle.

↩︎ The Paris Review
Moving to stifle the left, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee bans hiring firms that work with primary challengers.
The UK government announces it will miss nearly all of the environmental targets it set in 2010.

Collected local LA news footage of Depeche Mode fans in a frenzy over the release of Violator in 1990.

Vasectomies in Spokane spike during March Madness, which provides an ideal time to do little else but recuperate on the couch.
The widow of a boxing enthusiast who collected and catalogued VHS tapes of around 55,000 matches needs to re-home the archive.
UK researchers want volunteers to digitize 19th-century handwritten weather reports that could help predict future weather events.

"Children watching these unboxing videos establish a trust and believe anything they say. They want to be that girl on the screen; they believe them to be their friend and that they are showing them stuff as a friend."

On the questionable advertising ethics of toy-unboxing videos, whose target audience has no comprehension of sponcon.

↩︎ Vox
The American Museum of Natural History annotated a diorama to show the historical inaccuracies and clichés depicted in the scene.