Bill Cosby—who knows how to take advantage of an situation—to hold workshops on avoiding sexual assault accusations.
In 1920s Berlin, clubgoers could flirt from afar by whispering sweet nothings into pneumatic tubes.
Arab countries issue demands to Qatar: Eliminate Al-Jazeera, a Turkish military base, and Iran ties.
Genoa airport raises limits on carry-on liquids for travelers who want to take home its famous pesto.
A useful comparison between the key aspects of the ACA and the Senate's healthcare proposal.

A historical reenactment of how Phillipe Kahn invented the camera phone to document—and immediately share—the birth of his daughter in 1997.

Beset by tuberculosis, Orwell barely finished 1984, and the effort probably ended up killing him.
Ty Bingham becomes one of fewer than 350 Boy Scouts ever to earn all 137 merit badges.
By restricting who sees it and where, Facebook's Pride button rollout seems designed to avoid offending bigots.
Researchers find older dads have aloof sons intensely focused on specific interests. Cool sons, as it were.
Nigeria might be Africa's most populous country—but no one knows. Politicians inflated the last census, in 2006.

Barbie’s Dreamhouse, a one-woman mega-mansion, features a single but quintessential nod to Ken’s existence: a toilet seat that lifts up.

Caity Weaver traces the history of the Ken doll, now reborn to reflect diverse ethnicities and builds.
↩︎ GQ
Instead of providing a photo for his French ID, a man sent in a 3D model of his face, and it worked.
More US teens are using contraception the first time they have sex—and teen birth rates are at an all-time low.
Much-hyped "clean coal" plant nixed by Mississippi regulators who prefer gas.

Fishermen say they can harvest 20,000 to 30,000 pounds of halibut in a single day, only to harvest next to nothing the next when a pod of killer whales recognizes their boat.

Once a minor inconvenience, orcas now threaten fishermen's livelihoods.
↩︎ Alaska Dispatch News
Coloradans are suing to stop a former Superfund site—that environment officials claim is safe—from becoming a park.
Among the surprising facts about gun violence in the US: A woman is shot by her partner every 16 hours.
Evidence of North Korean propagandists' Photoshop skills can be detected in altered Kim Jong-un photos.