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Pat Finn: The world does not need "more monuments to the power of capital," even extraordinary buildings like Dubai' Burj Khalifa.
From 2020, why are K-pop bands so big? Because fans like bigger groups, in part because they love reality survival shows

You can’t pretend that Lent, 40 days where you decide to not eat chocolate or whatever because it’s your vice, is not just a baby version of the 30 days a year I spend starving myself during Ramadan.

Catholicism may be the New Right’s hot new club, but it’s nothing compared to Islam. “Call me when you’re ready for Hajj.”

↩︎ Gawker
A data-mining recipe for any journalists wanting to write a story about young Americans' migration patterns.
In St. Louis, like a lot of midwestern cities, if you grew up in the region, you're very likely still there when you're 26.
For poor kids, living where folks have more friendships that cut across class lines majorly boosts how much they earn as adults.
Coming soon: oceanfront living where you live, ice-berg style, atop the ocean. Pods starting at $295,000. Ocean not included.
Photographs from this weekend's annual World Dog Surfing Championship.

“Normally, the streets are so noisy and you have to watch out because drivers are going to kill you with their cars.” “We created a ‘walking’ forest and people want us to leave it in place.”

The Dutch city of Leeuwarden is moving 1,000 trees across town very slowly by hand.

↩︎ The Guardian
From May, a reporter investigates his charismatic journalism teacher and finds him repeatedly grooming female students for sex.
Your weekly white paper: on increased labor losses and decreased adaptation potential in a warmer world.

This season, I've sent home about $800. Technically, it’s against DOC policy. We’re not supposed to be gambling, bartering canteen items. But as long as nobody is getting stabbed over unpaid debts, they’ll turn a blind eye.

Dozens of incarcerated people track the money they make—official jobs and side hustles—and spend over 30 days.

↩︎ The Marshall Project
A survey of Gen Z Londoners shows them hooking up plenty, finding it hilarious that older people are worried about a sex drought.
A new book celebrates 3,000 years of ocean art: nautical cartography, woodblock prints, pop-culture ephemera.

Your weekly hardcore classical moment: ELISION performs Richard Barrett's "world-line."

In physics and cosmology a world-line describes the path an object takes through four-dimensional spacetime. Here, the journey is marked by the energies of fifteen different vortices that fling the listener and performer ever outwards into new sonic dimensions with 'Rasa', the eighth movement, being the still centre of this hurricane universe. From the pounding opening chords of 'Dust 1' to the madcap tightly woven ensemble of the 'Lens' sequence, invention is ceaseless. 

Via The Rest Is Noise

"He is why I love lasagna so much." "Why did we stop killing politicians?" Another Reddit round-up from Jesse Pearson.
Therapists are reluctant to talk about the pregnant children they see, but feel compelled as abortion rights are stripped away.

Suicide is the No. 2 cause of death for girls age 10 through women age 24, up from No. 3 a decade ago. America’s maternal mortality rate of 24 per 100,000 live births is the highest of any industrialized nation

Claire Suddath outlines a “hierarchy of precariousness”—from drag to deadly—as life becomes worse for women in the US.

↩︎ Bloomberg

Whether they’re targeting cruise ships or private yachts, they attack with similar tactics of pirates past, which usually means “negotiating” for the most goods they can steal without having to draw weapons. Bloody battles are, and were, rare. 

A pirate researcher compares today’s buccaneers with previous generations. “Pirates want to get in and out quickly.”

↩︎ Hakai Magazine