Each week for 20 years, a prank caller telephones New York's McSorley's bar about an enema.
Found a job: David Byrne wants you to host a performance in your city.
Greeks, losing faith in government, are self-organizing; every systematic failure makes anarchy appealing.
Church of England stuns bankers with 17% return on "ethical investing."

With summer camping season around the corner, here's a tutorial on how to start a fire with a water bottle. 

See also: "How to Teach Your Children to Poop Outdoors."

In case you haven't heard: Blogger/Twitter/Medium's evhead says the internet mainly exists to show us car crashes.
Karen Russell "haunted by the living" as she settles into a Portland apartment amidst rampant homelessness.
The eight-hour workday was meant as a limit for physical labor. For "thought jobs," it's inane.

It’s easier to keep moving. The only thing left is me and my boat. I don’t miss anything. I am home where I am.

A profile of "The Dutchman," sailor Henk De Velde, who has gone six times around the world and is looking to set off again soon.
↩︎ Virginia Quarterly Review
After almost four months in a detention center—"hell"—a Mexican journalist seeking asylum in the US goes home.
Ivanka Trump's sex trafficking brain trust has more lobbyists than victims.
The Onion releases a huge trove of (amusingly scary/scarily amusing) leaked documents from the White House.
Monica Lewinsky: Roger Ailes's ratings dream—a dream shared by many in broadcast news—was my personal nightmare.

Begin your Tuesday a bit more cosmically: a beautiful video for "Start Running," off the recent Death To The Planet EP—a recent favorite around here—by London's The Comet Is Coming. In case anyone told you jazz is boring.

"The hottest places in Hell are for those who in time of moral crisis preserve their neutrality"—is not by Dante.
To impair the FBI, Trump asked the heads of national intelligence and the NSA to disavow Russian collusion.

It is disturbing to feel you are walking over your fellow human beings while outside pairs of Dobermans are held in large metal cages.

This year's Venice Biennale, possibly the biggest ever, may be criticized for being too socially conscious, but it's stocked with idealistic, disturbing art, including Anne Imhof's menacing glass floor where visitors walk on top of writhing performers.
↩︎ The Economist
ISIS claims responsibility for last night's Manchester attack that killed at least 22 at an Ariana Grande concert.
Ultrarunner Kilian Jornet climbs Everest without oxygen or fixed ropes in a record 26 hours.