Face masks have caused some to realize they have hearing loss, and have been relying on lip reading and facial expressions.
The Supreme Court may hear a case on same-sex couples' parenting rights—strange, since the Court has already ruled twice on this.

Actionable threats against him and his family began to be reported. The Michigan State Police worked with local law enforcement to arrange a security detail. All for doing his job. All for upholding the rule of law. All for following his conscience and defying the wishes of Donald Trump.

What was behind Michigan’s fake voter fraud scandal? Endangered Republicans vying to prove their loyalty to Trump.

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The Vatican is investigating who liked a butt pic from the Pope's official Instagram account.
In India, police have charged two Netflix executives over an interfaith temple kiss in A Suitable Boy.
On a two-hour walk in downtown Beijing, artist Deng Yufeng demonstrated how difficult it is to dodge CCTV cameras in the capital.
Trump will require tourists from poor countries with visa "overstay" rates above 10% to post bonds up to $15,000 to visit the US.
In 2009, Democrats introduced bills for electoral reforms such as same-day registration. Their own leadership ignored them.
Photos of America's national parks before they were national parks.
Anonymous New Yorkers describe partying during the pandemic. "I’m aware that what we are doing is pretty stupid."

For your weekly lockdown wanderlust: a Swiss ski movie that involves more than the usual fair share of philosophizing about awareness while hiking through the mountains.

Did you know? Staff on long-haul flights relax in "crew rests," purpose-built rest areas that are off-limits to passengers.

From two weeks ago, but still interesting to see how people in Beijing respond to Biden's win.

The most trusted source on how the pandemic is unfolding in the US—the Covid Tracking Project—is mostly run by volunteers.
Two coronaviruses closely related to SARS-CoV-2 have been found in bats in China and Japan.
One job in the travel industry that is presently thriving: "flight nannies," or people who hand-deliver rare breeds of dogs.
A website points you to other websites that feature things—people, cats, snacks—that don't exist.
Art from the Biodiversity Heritage Library.
Your weekly white paper: During pandemics, trust in science falls—a decline driven by people with little training in science.