Like with gun control, Trump caves on promised vaping reforms out of fear his base will stay home in 2020.

“I’ve seen someone roll up a sleeve and just shoot up,” said Brian, a longtime resident. “I’ve seen someone [defecate] on the street. I once saw a skirmish where one guy was hitting another guy over the head with a board.”

The Hollywood neighborhood in LA has always had a dark side. These days, with rampant drugs and homelessness, it’s out of control.

↩︎ The Los Angeles Times
"Almost like a death sentence." Homeless Alaskans face winter after this summer's massive budget cuts by the Republican governor.
"I feel fun: like the day’s going to be great." British women with multicolored hair in the Brexit era explain why they love it.

A short film about making miniatures for dollhouses that depict contemporary life as we live it. The actual miniatures are for sale, like this coffeeshop sandwich board. Via things magazine.

Stories from three journalists travelling through every mainland country in West Africa.

“We can get you a new motorcycle this afternoon,” they said. “We just take one from the people who took yours from you. That’s how things work around here.”

A parable of 11 stolen motorcycles to help understand cycles of violence in the Central African Republic.

↩︎ The Mail & Guardian
"Telephone farming" is making agriculture a cool side hustle for adventure-seeking, entrepreneurial milleanials.

“Living alone,” he says, “I think the days will seem very long.” “Absolutely. You’ll feel lonely,” she says, smiling cheerfully. They bow and she walks away.

In the films of Yasujirō Ozu, pain is commonplace while the world stares on placidly.

↩︎ Garden of the Forking Paths
A former astrologist explains what really happens when you visit a psychic. Basically, it's all one big word association game.
"I discovered there was a penis museum in Iceland but no vagina equivalent anywhere else so I decided to make one."
"In some cases, US exports will never recover." The effects of Trump's trade war are setting in.
Armed with consultants, privileged New Yorkers have the inside track to enter the top public schools—which are meant for everyone.

Slowdive have recorded a new version of "Golden Hair," their glorious Syd Barrett cover.

America's largest skate park: "It's entirely possible to fixate on one perfect corner before ever thinking to explore the rest."

When the music didn’t go away, Steenburgen realized that she had to do something with it—if only for her sanity—even though she didn’t know how to play an instrument. She wrote hundreds of songs that summer and sent 12 of the best ones to a music lawyer.

Ten years ago, Mary Steenbergen woke up from surgery with a songwriting ability she didn’t previously possess.

↩︎ IndieWire

Fantastic collage work in João Pombeiro's music video for Surma's "Wanna Be Basquiat."

Social media is being weaponized for the impeachment hearings—and Facebook is only too happy to rake in the ad dollars.
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