Especially in the United States, data shows that centrists are the least supportive of democratic institutions. is an experimental play with randomly-generated characters and voices.
Anthropology textbooks have long used "exotic" and decolonized images on their covers. A reboot with white folks.
A prodigious reader explains how he retains the best information from everything he reads.
The "Great Man Fiction" style of book cover design started with Philip Roth novels and famed designer Paul Bacon.
A poll conducted in 144 countries shows a gender gap in bank account ownership that hasn't moved in seven years.

The most likely factor that someone is going to buy a subscription is that they already have a subscription to another service. And so we see pricing that reflects this reality.

We are living in subscription hell, but that’s mainly “a product of our own decision-making as consumers.”

↩︎ Tech Crunch
For bankers to consider you "economy-class rich," you need to have at least $25 million.

“The wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value,” once mused a colleague of radio pioneer David Sarnoff. “Who would pay for a message sent to no one in particular?”

Examples from music history when the future didn’t turn out as planned.

↩︎ Red Bull Music Academy
Here's a comprehensive list of women running for national and state office in 2018.

A quick profile of the former Buddhist monk who designed the ubiquitous soy sauce bottle.

Today it seems to me that the whole world is Naples and that Naples has the merit of having always presented itself without a mask.

Elena Ferrante describes her writing process: where, how, and why.

↩︎ The Los Angeles Times
A happiness skeptic finds a few things to admire in The Happiness Curve—where successful people feel unhappy.
"In Search of Frankenstein" juxtaposes snow-covered mountains with "a network of eerie subterranean bunkers."
Two writers are currently employed at LaGuardia Airport to write stories for you while you fly, ready when you land.
How a movie car designer imagines an autonomous supercar of the future.
Paul Ryan promised Harley Davidson workers that corporate tax cuts would protect their jobs. Now they're fired.
Grimes's defenses aside, Elon Musk violated labor regulations with a tweet about unionization and stock options.

The 2018 Rooster Summer Reading Challenge Reading List

More information coming soon, including our judges and summer reading schedule—in the meantime, here are the books we’ll be reading for this year's Rooster Summer Reading Challenge:


An American Marriage by Tayari Jones (Amazon / IndieBound / Powell’s)
Tomb Song by Julián Herbert (Amazon / IndieBound / Powell’s)


Census by Jesse Ball (Amazon / IndieBound / Powell’s)
Circe by Madeline Miller (Amazon / IndieBound / Powell’s)


The Friend by Sigrid Nunez (Amazon / IndieBound / Powell’s)
Kudos by Rachel Cusk (Amazon / IndieBound / Powell’s)