The Great Online Game is an infinite video game that plays out constantly across the internet... You’re no longer playing as an avatar in Fortnite or Roblox; you’re playing as yourself across Twitter, YouTube, Discords, work, projects, and investments.

The Game is the idea of turning social media prowess into making millions. Elon Musk is Neo.

↩︎ Not Boring
In dating news, South Korean couples in their 20s and 30s are giving each other "stock gift cards" with shares in Apple and Tesla.
If a UFO lands in Oregon tomorrow, considering all of the alien-related news, what would be the outcome? Most likely a big shrug.
The Japanese motorcyclist who found fame by posing as a young woman discovers even more fans by being honest.
What was "crossing?" Purportedly a 19th-century medical treatment, perhaps fictional, of taking sick people to the zoo.

“For legal purposes, I’m not sure what to say. I don’t want to implicate myself in something that’s not true. I think someone’s got it misconstrued. Parts of it are right, parts of it are wrong.”

Reading a trail of police reports to find the killer of rapper Mac Dre.

↩︎ Passion of the Weiss
Interview with finance memelord Litquidity Capital, who recently quit banking to enlarge his following from "the Brads and Chads."
Loose-fitting jeans are the trend for Gen Z, but skinny jeans still have the largest market share at 34% of total jean sales.
Los Angeles is experiencing 24 fires per day related to homelessness, 54% of all fires the fire department responds to.
A retrospective of the flamboyant 1980s architecture of Helmut Jahn, who died this week at 81.

“I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I like it”—I kept coming back to Gramling’s words. That comment was revealing. Many places in the South claim to be the originator of Memorial Day, and the story is at least as much a matter of interpretation as of fact.

On an enduring fallacy about the origins of Memorial Day, and how it’s fed the Confederate Lost Cause myth.

↩︎ The Atlantic
"Ten of the Louisiana Dept. of Corrections’ 12 physicians...have had their medical licenses restricted or suspended."
Looking back at 40 years of all the ways our bodies have been destroyed by personal computers.
How a 1996 lawsuit against AOL became the go-to precedent whenever someone attempts to sue a digital platform for defamation.
Photos of cellular towers hidden among trees, inside church crosses, atop fake cacti, and elsewhere, by Annette LeMay Burke.
People are posting misinformation on Facebook to lure anti-vaxxers, and then correct their misconceptions.

A comparison of different countries' Emergency Alert Systems. (Hear more here.)

At the nexus of many of the gross-out cooking "hacks"—e.g., those table-top nachos—in your feeds is one man: magician Rick Lax.

An effective video that answers questions about how variants work—e.g., how a mutated version of the virus improve its chances of being transmitted to humans.

But maybe the narrator's tone didn't need to sound like she's talking to a puppy?