"In some cases, US exports will never recover." The effects of Trump's trade war are setting in.
Armed with consultants, privileged New Yorkers have the inside track to enter the top public schools—which are meant for everyone.

Slowdive have recorded a new version of "Golden Hair," their glorious Syd Barrett cover.

America's largest skate park: "It's entirely possible to fixate on one perfect corner before ever thinking to explore the rest."

When the music didn’t go away, Steenburgen realized that she had to do something with it—if only for her sanity—even though she didn’t know how to play an instrument. She wrote hundreds of songs that summer and sent 12 of the best ones to a music lawyer.

Ten years ago, Mary Steenbergen woke up from surgery with a songwriting ability she didn’t previously possess.

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Fantastic collage work in João Pombeiro's music video for Surma's "Wanna Be Basquiat."

Social media is being weaponized for the impeachment hearings—and Facebook is only too happy to rake in the ad dollars.
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SETI researchers worry exploration of the far side of the moon could create noise that obscures extraterrestrial signals.
"Nobody here has realized that the temperature has already increased by two degrees." How climate change is affecting the Alps.

Since at least 1876—which is when the "Hartford Dark Blues placed a man in a small shack on a telegraph pole beyond the outfield wall to alert their batters to when that newfangled curveball was coming"—teams have been using off-field observers to tip off batters.

A brief history of stealing signs in baseball.

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The Washington Post's TikTok is bucking the trend of presidential candidates' reluctance to jump on social media trends.
A chart of who sang lead on each of the Beach Boys' studio albums.
Among jobs that no longer exist: knocker-ups, human alarm clocks who'd make noise at your window at a time of your request.
Streaming overload means torrenting is again on the rise, and The Mandalorian is already one of the most popular to pirate.
More people watched the first day of the impeachment hearings than the CMA Awards. And also, people don't watch TV much anymore.
The Patent and Trademark Office wants public opinion on whether AI output created without human involvement is copyrightable.

Two maps about American restaurants.

From this post about the quality of restaurants in the US, two maps about dining at ZIP Code level: the number of cuisines available in an area (from a list of 30 total cuisines), and the share of non-franchise restaurants.

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