The world's billionaires have long known global warming is real—and they've long profited from the industries that got us here.
Based on a rollup of climate studies, the projected effects if global temperatures warm from one to four degrees.
"The DNA of nearly every American of Northern European descent...will be identifiable through cousins in GEDmatch’s database."
When companies surveil workers, workers feel justified in breaking the rules, and companies feel justified in surveilling them.
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A beginner's guide to human echolocation.

"I had an encounter with a Native American on a Mexican rural highway. It was a woman, who was Native American, who wants to drink, driving the wrong way on the highway, struck a car driven by my son, and killed the passenger in the car."

On the retirement of the Cleveland Indians’ racist logo, a look back at how the team owner defended the logo 18 years ago.

From 2008 to 2016, baseball umpires ejected more nonwhite than white players. (Ejections were more equitable in 2017.)
Fewer than 13% of the immigrant teens at the El Paso detention center have met with legal representatives.
Breaking with other corporations' data breach responses, Facebook won't provide identity fraud protection to hacked users.
A tour of the rooms where famous writers wrote famous books.
Newly discovered documents from the 1960s show MI5 wouldn't trust black people with government secrets, based on race alone.
Assad's widespread use of chemical weapons—which he denies—is the reason he's close to winning Syria's civil war.

There will be a race of self-designing beings who are improving themselves at an ever-increasing rate. If the human race manages to redesign itself, it will probably spread out and colonize other planets and stars.

Among his final writings, Stephen Hawking predicted a future where non-gene-edited humans die out.

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Trump lies, denies offering a $1 million charity donation if Elizabeth Warren proved her Native American heritage—which she has.
The casualties of Waterloo survived in the mouths of rich people, who prized dentures made from dead soldiers' teeth.
Climate change is now the only issue that matters. As the American midterms loom, candidates are failing to devise solutions.

Even within the company, Breitbart is a ghost. "During my time at Breitbart," says Kurt Bardella, a former spokesman, "I never heard of her, or spoke to her, or heard anyone else speak about her."

The owner of Breitbart is a Little League mom in Venice, Calif., who refuses all interviews.

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Indifference is not the full story of Rwanda's genocide. In fact, it's a story "about the failure of actions taken.”