It's almost time for the 2022 ToB!

It's almost time for the 2022 Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes. Check out the short list today!

Meow Wolf workers are racing to unionize ahead of the company's total descent into corporate greed.
"In wildlife disease surveillance, we’re always chasing a crisis." Bird flu is back in the US.
Prayer apps—which have exploded in popularity during the pandemic—are mining and selling their users' data.

The Hydra is an electric guitar-ish instrument that combines a 12-string guitar, a bass, a seven-string guitar, and a harp.

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"Putin needs a series of victories somewhere." Tyler Cowen applies game theory to Putin's intentions.
Law enforcement prevails in a new Fight Club edit for China. This would be the complete opposite of how the original ends.
"NFT artists do not, for the most part, obliquely cite Western art history in a way that only the MFA-educated can understand."

Unfortunately, this is a pretty common feature of a lot countries. Elites can either embrace creative destruction, and take their chances on a growth strategy, or they can try to protect their privileges and try to milk their cow, even if it means that cow gets leaner and weaker with time.

A roundup of links on Russia-Ukraine, specific to the economic factors that underpin the precarious situation.

↩︎ Chris Blattman
There is no CD revival—that is, except for major artists who package discs with T-shirts in exclusive promotions at Target.
Archaeologists have found an astoundingly intact ancient Roman bowl that looks like it came straight from a Pottery Barn.
“We don’t want people running out taking random cannabinoids.” Don't go treating Covid with CBD just yet.

“I could be driving and break down in tears, just thinking about what these kids are going through over and over again.”

The children who lived through the start of the school shooting era have grown up.

↩︎ Vox
Psychologists and neuroscientists say when teenagers are sarcastic, it's a sign of a mature mind, even a vital ability.
A round-up of work from 23 emerging Ukrainian artists working in various styles and mediums.
Late 19th- and early 20th-century watercolor sketches of Japanese toy designs.
People nominate American citizens for one-term presidents: Michelle Obama, NPR's Kai Ryssdal, the NBA's Adam Silver.
Rosa Lyster reviews a new show of Fabergé eggs at the V&A. "The eggs are shorthand for hysterical opulence, an easy target."
"I’ve declared 2022 The Year of Duke Ellington, Duke’s Year for short." Embracing the sound of love for 2022.

It’s so goofy. It’s embarrassing! I ooze fucking gratitude. All the time, I am so grateful. I just can’t really believe I get to be someone who is happy and grateful to be alive.

Danielle Tcholakian’s 2021, her first calendar year sober, turned out to be the best year of her life.

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