Elegance from Mama Casset, a pioneer of 1920s Senegalese photography.
Kenyans criticize the New York Times for publishing a picture of dead bodies after the Nairobi attack.
A mathematician figured out how to game OKCupid's questions to turn up more matches.

I think that in the end we all need our Nocturamas. Your Nocturama may, indeed, be the most important thing you ever do. Failure fortifies us. It moves us forward.

Nick Cave finds creative solace in the critical backlash against his Nocturama album.

↩︎ The Red Hand Files
Remembering an enchanting puzzle book with an interactive review that mirrors the structure of Maze.

If Trump tweeted out asking each of his followers to murder one journalist, would you remove him? That would be a violent threat. We’d definitely ... we’d certainly talk about it.

In an interview, Ashley Feinberg takes Jack Dorsey to task—deservedly so—for his ineffectiveness in curtailing Twitter harassment.

↩︎ The Huffington Post
Saturn's rings may disappear in 100 million years, though may only have formed as recently as 10 million years ago.
A new take on delivery systems of the future: robot dogs in driverless vans.
The austerity of recent design and fashion was a result of the Great Recession. Now in the era of Trump gauche, gaudy is back.
Federal law enforcement officials say Trump told Cohen to lie to investigators about a Moscow Trump Tower.
A former Times editor has a raft of factual errors in her galleys, in part because publishers still don't fact-check books.

For opponents of the president’s xenophobic policies, a better plan is to make the affirmative case for a lot more immigrants.

An open-border policy may be America’s best shot to compete in the future with India and China.

↩︎ The New York Times
Air traffic controlers operate in “psychological safety:" errors are addressed with training and support, not shame or punishment.
"Things I like: fires, Venice, tequila." A list of lists written by Susan Sontag.
A tribute to metal fashion, "the most elitist subculture in the world."

My body is not fixed in place. This denim jacket fades & wears & the patches accrue & nothing is being preserved here. I am not an archive. I am authentically alive.

What it’s like to be a trans woman and a metalhead in a battle vest from the rural Midwest.

↩︎ Barrelhouse
“In the glare of your mind, be modest. / And beholden to what is tactile, and / thrilling.” Poet Mary Oliver dies at 83.

Here are your 2019 Tournament of Books brackets.

The 2019 Tournament of Books presented by Field Notes kicks off on March 6. With our 2019 books and judges announced and just over a month and a half to go until the play-in match, you're ready to plan your reading and lock in your ToB predictions.

So here you go: the 2019 Tournament of Books brackets. Suitable for framing or wadding up and throwing across the room halfway through the opening round.

Happy reading, and we'll see you soon!

Ideas of three-dimensional space are rethought in artist Gabrielle Teschner's Sculpture That Is Flat series.