Berlin has maintained its cool factor by keeping costs low for residents—families, artists, and businesses alike.
Studies of endurance athletes find that when you eat is nearly as important as what you eat.
New site "Knowhere" says its AI can rewrite news articles free of bias—or revise their bias for different audiences.
Whatever happened to the $100 laptop that would save the world? Political messes, tech drag, and Windows.
A new computer experiment uses machine learning to accurately predict chaotic systems deep into the future.
Sixty percent of the drugs we take come from natural products. Tales from a hunt for wonder drugs at the North Pole.

“Ten years ago, White House economists looking at gross domestic product and job creation would be quite concerned if oil prices rose significantly. It’s a different world now.”

Americans who complain about gas prices need to get some perspective.

↩︎ Quartz
When we crave authenticity in our personal style, style becomes an algorithm—programming us without our knowing it.
No one's talking about the new tax law—supposedly the GOP's big weapon for the fall—not even President Trump.
Four oyster experts pick which new bivalve will replace the Kumamoto as the hot new thing.

Created with imagery from the Hubble Telescope, an interactive journey to the Orion Nebula to witness a supernova.

Before Facebook, before Cambridge Analytica, Peter Thiel's Palantir began mining your data, and it's never stopped.
Drug education at an NYC high school focuses on real dangers and keeping safe, without resorting to fear-mongering.
As humans proliferated across Earth, large mammals disappeared, probably because they were easier to hunt.
The US throws aways 150,000 pounds of food daily—mainly by healthy Americans discarding fruits and vegetables.
Online echo chambers aren't real. Research shows social media exposes us to more perspectives, not fewer.

One of the difficulties of not having proper cell phone service is it can be hard to find your friends (generally the only moments where I felt safe or comfortable throughout the weekend), so that means you have to rely on bystanders.

Coachella is a magnet for sexual predators who presume dancing is consent.

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Performing backflips, opening doors—whatever. Researchers programmed a robot to assemble an Ikea chair.
Last weekend a massive asteroid soared frighteningly close to Earth; astronomers saw it just hours before the flyby.