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To understand Kawauchi’s genius, we need to think of him not as a racehorse, but as an intellectual. And to understand him as an intellectual, we need to understand the nature of self-coaching.

Some people say thought is the enemy of skill. Not so in the case of champion marathon runner Yuki Kawauchi.

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When Chinese money goes to an African country, it often flows heavily to the political leaders' home regions.
The world economy may still be "slowbalizing," where "global value chains" decline relative to world GDP.
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For many of baseball's early decades, many people doubted "the very notion that a ball could curve."

In 1999, John Peel visited British towns that spawned music trends. Here he is in Cornwall with Richard D. James (The Aphex Twin), David Hodge, a Cornish language poet, and Helen from In Watermelon Sugar.

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary got 640 additions, including "stan," "bottom surgery," and "garbage time."
Japan begins a new imperial era on May 1, requiring systems, calendars, and all government forms to reset their clocks.
More than 600 million Indians face acute water shortages. Climate change will be a "force multiplier" for the crisis.
Greenland's ice is melting six times faster than it did in the 1980s. The ice losses are likely to get worse.

He is old enough to begin imagining that he will someday get married, but at ten he is still convinced that the best thing about being married will be that he will be allowed to sleep in his clothes.

In 1992, Susan Orlean profiled a 10-year-old boy.

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Lévi-Strauss would write that his formative intellectual influences were, in order: geology, Freud, Marxism. What they share is a sense of a hidden order of reality.

Claude Lévi-Strauss’s work wasn’t just academic. It was “the work of a man in exile, and the product of a world in crisis.”

↩︎ Boston Review
Los Angeles has a shade problem: often understood as "a luxury amenity," on many blocks it's basically outlawed.

Botanists found a rare hibiscus flower, Hibiscadelphus woodii, thought to be a extinct, by flying a drone down a cliff face in Kauai (skip to 00:58 for the goods). 

They’d hiked 700 ft down from the top of the Kalalau Valley cliffs to get there, but couldn’t get farther down into the valley, so Nyberg flew a drone another 800 ft down to look at a particularly verdant patch. “It’s probably never been looked at,” he says.

Black Room is an online narrative game about "falling asleep while on your computer, on the internet."

I have been reading books about time: theoretical physics, evolution, parallel universes. Recently I realized that I was reading them because I wanted one to tell me how to go back in time—to before my wife died of cancer.

Matthew Salesses, “To Grieve Is to Carry Another Time.”

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An interactive map shows how average temperatures have changed over time at a specific location, down to the street-address level.
An audio tour of the leitmotifs in Wagner's "Ring" cycle.

So, what was it like to edit Oliver’s work without Oliver present? Well, aside from the most obvious—that we dearly missed him—it simply wasn’t as much fun. Writing gave Oliver such joy it was infectious to those around him.

On editing Oliver Sacks posthumously.

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