From Daytona to Disney to divorce, Matthew Armitage's illustrated recollection of a manic two weeks in Orlando.

A contraceptive app that tracks vital signs to predict fertility has been blamed for 37 unwanted pregnancies.
Sad news: After nearly a decade, The Awl is closing shop.
The periodic table rearranged as a timeline of when each element "was first used, observed, or predicted."
Israel searches for a tourist who may have Jerusalem syndrome, where people believe they're Biblical figures.
The White House says Senators Perdue and Cotton heard "shithouse," not "shithole," which explains their TV denials.
Andrei Lacatusu depicts social media logos in their future, derelict state.
Kazakhstan's new, non-Cyrillic alphabet is heavy on apostrophes, making it difficult to read or Google.
Google's selfie-portrait app is bereft of Asian faces, returning limited, sometimes offensive, matches.
Even if the Senate Democrats had the votes to reinstate net neutrality, it wouldn't get past Trump or the House.
African immigrants who come to the US are generally the continent's best and brightest, with superior educations.
CVS pledges to stop airbrushing cosmetics photos and asks L’Oréal, Maybelline, and others to do the same.

The future of surfing, to the shrugs of traditionalists? This fake, perfect wave endlessly looping in dusty, landlocked California.

Florida prisoners go on strike to protest "prison slavery," in particular being unpaid for backbreaking work.
A scientist in Santa Barbara says climate change is in our backyards, but no one wants to connect the dots.
The Rust Belt is the face of the Great Recession, but it's the West's overextended empty suburbs that won't recover.

On the forums, the two most popular threads of all time are not about deadlifts, intermittent fasting, or maintaining motivation. They’re about women. 

The cult of masculinity gets extra weird when conducted anonymously, online.

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The length and pronounceability of eBay seller names influences buyers' perceptions of trustworthiness.
Facebook's constant tweaking of the News Feed upends users' news consumption, making them question what's real.