"Roséwave" felt inappropriate last summer, but now it's the music for "feeling a little lighter and cherishing your loved ones."
Portraits of women who let the gray grow out in their "Covid hair."
An "errand hang" refers to friends doing a task together—eliminating the need for lengthy catch-ups or pressured conversation.

The 45% of French people who believe in impending civil war help to show (and it is almost sweet) that France remains a nation of braggarts.

Unsurprisingly, Michel Houellebecq looks around Europe and sees cause for anxiety.

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Tyler Cowen: Crypto's killer app is “decentralized finance,” or DeFi, which could totally rebuild financial market infrastructure.
On the cost of cloud computing: "Scaling companies can justify nearly any level of work that will help keep cloud costs low."
Between November 2020 and March 2021, artist Jörg Gläscher built nine large waves in the woods near Hamburg.
BitClout is a stock market for social currency, or at least the value we place on men who are famous for making money.
What if the commute never comes back—or at least not every weekday? How do we replace its ability to detach us from our jobs?

“I wish my parents were here, I wish none of this happened, but truly I feel like I’m a different Kristin. And in some ways, I’m better than I’ve ever been.”

Recent divorcées reflect on 15 months of pent-up emotion. “My motto for 2021 is tits out.”

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Researchers hope that work on long Covid will lead to insights into other post-viral problems. “Let’s not waste a good crisis.”
More children and adolescents are experiencing chronic symptoms after Covid even as the pandemic ebbs in the US.
Who your friends are changes constantly. For a stranger to become a good friend takes about 200 hours of investment.
In 1963, a French geologist spent two months in a dark cave to investigate time—something he quickly lost the ability to measure.
How did a New Jersey deli become worth $113 million? A "reverse merger" shell game of sorts.

Small menus have the power to clarify even muddled visions: Here are the dishes we believe in, says a small menu. We don’t fuck around.

The rise of small menus is a big win for restaurants and for customers.

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Thawed after 24,000 years in permafrost, Siberian rotifers are able to feed, drink, and reproduce.
Every engineering project has a "factor of safety," but this objective-sounding metric turns out to be as jury-rigged as anything.
France's abandoned discos, photographed. Why do so many have Egyptian themes?