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Four lessons from the remarkable turnaround of Newark's public education system.
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“Every small cyclone or tsunami teaches you how to deal with the bigger ones. If you don’t learn from the past experiences, you will drown.”

How one of the poorest states in India moved a million people to safety really fast.

↩︎ The New York Times
"Islandeering" is making a circular journey around the outer edge of an island by any means possible.
“I never move anything.” Pelle Cass explains how he creates his "still time-lapse" images.
Some goofy data analysis finds a rise in hyphenated last names among players in the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL.
Extreme pitching velocity defines the latest age in baseball. It's also the source of many of the sport's problems.

Dark forests like newsletters and podcasts are growing areas of activity. As are other dark forests, like Slack channels, private Instagrams, invite-only message boards, text groups, Snapchat, WeChat, and on and on.

The mainstream internet is a battleground. Perhaps better if we all retreat to “dark forests.”

↩︎ OneZero
As muggings increase on buses in Mexico City, some commuters carry dummy phones to hand over.
"Heritage travel" involves visiting a country from your ancestry, using personalized genomics to design an itinerary.

We expect to realize our full humanity in work, within the job, rather than other parts of life. That is new.

“Workism” is making Americans miserable. Increasingly, especially for millennials, it’s also the religion of choice.

↩︎ FastCompany
A pissaladière is an open-faced pastry topped with olives—and a very hard word to spell.
Good art by women is cheaper, though the good news is that "the female discount" has fallen over time.

Mary Anning, "the greatest fossilist the world ever knew," got her start at the age of 12 when she and her brother Joseph discovered "what she would later find to be a remarkably complete Jurassic-era fossil of an Ichthyosaurus, a prehistoric marine reptile."

From Atlas Obscura:

Over the years that followed, Anning made further discoveries of fossils that revolutionized science. However, in spite of her phenomenal contributions, Anning was rarely recognized officially for her discoveries, which were instead credited to the wealthy “gentlemen scientists” who bought the fossils. She was also consistently refused entry to the Geological Society because she was a woman.

"If it weren't for women, Alabama would be broke." Hundreds of Alabama women speak out on their state's abortion restrictions.
For 36 years, a telephone hotline has been telling wildflower lovers where to find California's best blooms each week.

A Pakistani immigrant ended up with a $780,000 medallion loan that left him unable to pay rent. A Haitian immigrant who worked to exhaustion to make his monthly payments discovered he had been paying only interest and went bankrupt.

How medallion brokers inflated the price of becoming an NYC taxi driver, possibly pushing some drivers to suicide.

↩︎ The New York Times
Ice sheet melt has accelerated: A study predicts sea levels will rise by almost six feet by 2100—doubling previous estimates.
Alabama PBS didn't air an Arthur same-sex marriage episode—doing so, it says, would "betray" parents' trust in the station.