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Covid-related transplants are surging as hospitals grapple with patients whose organs are “basically destroyed by the virus.”
When articles on the internet are exactly what they say they are: "Legends and science of bottomless pits, bogs, and lakes."
A new study says Australia's "fairy circles" may be caused by microbes that render dirt within the ring hostile to new seedlings.

After I quit, I promised myself to never love a job again. Not in the way I loved Google. Not with the devotion businesses wish to inspire when they provide for employees’ most basic needs like food and health care and belonging.

Publicly traded companies aren’t families, but they—and society more broadly—want us to think otherwise.

↩︎ The New York Times
The NCAA Board of Governors says it "firmly and unequivocally supports" transgender student-athletes competing.
This is a photograph (albeit a "false-color image") of a sea of dunes on Mars that's as big as Texas.
Genetically modified mosquitoes have been approved to be released in Florida, with the aim to reduce the overall population.
Yosemite rock climbers discover their skills are in demand as wind turbine technicians.
“I didn’t expect this to happen so soon.” A profile of the teenager advising President Biden on climate issues.

Intricately undulating bars of light in a kinetic sculpture by Scale Collective.

via Colossal

"If the climate continues too warm...all of the 17-year cicadas in this area could eventually become 13-year cicadas."
Excruciating pain during IUD placement is more common than previously thought—yet pain management for the procedure remains rare.
"I was in the crate for five days." In 1965, Brian Robson tried to mail himself from Australia to Wales.
An archaeological study posits that prehistoric cave painters may have been hallucinating due to oxygen shortage.

DMX, of course, was not the first rapper to juxtapose mental health struggles alongside scenes that felt better fit for a horror movie. But none before him had become so successful so quickly by placing these types of songs at the front and center of his persona.

DMX addressed powerful themes that indelibly changed hip-hop.

↩︎ The Ringer
Since Amy Coney Barrett's appointment, the Supreme Court has been dismantling a 1990 decision on religious exemptions.
US domestic terrorism incidents peaked in 2020, surging to the highest levels in the past 25 years of tracking the data.
After 43 years of weekly Rocky Horror Picture Show nights, a theater kept showing it—to empty houses—during the pandemic.
Stunningly realistic paintings of strip malls, by Sayre Gomez.