In the annals of overlooked artists, Dorothy Grebenak and her hooked rugs are "an extreme case."

“We have been at an Airbnb where the trash can at the house was set on fire. We’ve had the window of the bus burst out on the interstate in Alabama. In Kentucky, a hate group threatened to put nails on the highway to blow out the tires on the bus.”

Black Voters Matter Fund co-founder LaTosha Brown describes what it takes to protect voting rights in the rural South and beyond.

↩︎ The Bitter Southerner
In the beginning, Enthusiastic Sobriety was both a theory and a practice. Former followers say it also destroyed lives.
A jewel thief in Paris made his getaway on an electric scooter. Witnesses were busy watching Jean-Claude Van Damme shop.
Helsinki dance club Post Bar is commissioning very pretty posters each month.
French artist Olivier Grossetête is known for floating large bridges (made of cardboard) around Europe.

“I’ve seen the kids grow up. Spending more time with my partner. But we’re both realizing, you need time apart. In this world, you need to have space. It can be a little bit intense sometimes.”

A lockdown interview with beat poets, as it were, of the working-class, Sleaford Mods.

↩︎ Aquarium Drunkard
Alex Tabarrok: Take it from an OG, the FDA hasn't changed. What's different is the number of people paying attention.
A study shows Ohio's Covid lottery preventing one infection for every six vaccinations the cash prizes successfully encouraged.
A guide to setting up a home hi-fi system from the team behind L.A. listening bar In Sheep's Clothing.
"At one point I decided I would collect miniature shoes." At home with the great poet John Ashbery, just prior to his death.
"Should time be decimal?" Hugh Laurie: "Dammit, it’s worth a try." Important people answer unimportant questions.
"Thomassons" are vestigial architectural forms, like window frames that have been bricked over.

The frozen treats are examples of a supercooled liquid—chilling a liquid to below its freezing point without it becoming solid. The carbon dioxide, water, and syrup chill inside of a pressurized barrel... The sugar in the mix prevents it from freezing into a solid mass.

What’s the difference between an ICEE and a Slurpee?

↩︎ Tedium
Hollywood is more willing than ever to portray characters with disabilities—just not by actors with disabilities.
Smugglers are bringing legal weed from California into Mexico for medicinal purposes (and because it's a better product).
In most cities that have reduced the number of arrests for minor offenses, police shootings have also decreased.
How a viral—and apparently truthful—tweet gets repurposed as misinformation.
Fake inspirational quotes are rampant on the internet, but there's nothing quite like discovering one attributed to your mom.