I often wondered drunkenly: Why would I ever cook for a man when I was clearly the one meant to be eating?

Aurvi Sharma rejected cooking in the name of feminism—until she figured out that she needed to feed herself.

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Chez Baldwin

Ikechúkwú Onyewuenyi, one of the curators at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, has compiled a 478-track, 32-hour-long Spotify playlist based on James Baldwin’s vinyl record collection. From Hyperallergic:

“The playlist is a balm of sorts when one is writing,” Onyewuenyi told Hyperallergic. “Baldwin referred to his office as a ‘torture chamber.’ We’ve all encountered those moments of writers’ block, where the process of putting pen to paper feels like bloodletting. That process of torture for Baldwin was negotiated with these records.”

This goes up there with another favorite of ours: the music Haruki Murakami listens to while he writes.

Rael San Fratello's "Teeter Totter Wall" lets children play together on both sides of Trump's boundary.
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Case law for climate refugees? A Bangladeshi migrant becomes the first legally "environmentally displaced" person in France.
Ibram X. Kendi: Here are 10 notable political books on or by Black women published during the history-making year of 2020.

It's thrilling to be involved with other people in something bigger than yourself. Plus, it turns one's armchair-warrior Googling into a heroic quest for truth.

In case you wonder why folks believe in Q (from September): the conspiracy “has the best attributes of a multiplatform game.”


What attracts Ms. Gilbert and many other people to QAnon isn’t just the content of the conspiracy theory itself. It’s the community and sense of mission it provides.

Logic and facts aren’t going to get your family members out of Q.

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An in-browser theremin simulator.
A Christian fundraising site has raised more than $321,000 for efforts that promote conspiracy theories about the election.
Realistic surrealism in paintings by Cinta Vidal.
"Replace Sly Stallone with Bart Simpson, and that’s the gist." Thirty years later, a look back at Operation Desert Storm T-shirts.
The internet tried to solve the case of a hiker who was found dead. Here is the true story of Vance Rodriguez—aka Mostly Harmless.

Ten hours of the "drum technique" from the Karate Kid II.

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"I became the go-to person to sue the president." The attorney who's ready to hit a post-presidency Trump with multiple lawsuits.
The Trump baby blimp that ascended whenever the president traveled to the UK will now make its home at the Museum of London.
Nathan Apodaca, the skateboarding TikToker who lip-synced to Fleetwood Mac, will be part of Biden's virtual inauguration parade.

He told Americans they shouldn’t believe their own eyes and ears, but to believe what he was telling them. He also tried to make the media the opposition so that he could chip away at our credibility. We had to be ready with facts, to push back, to make sure we were not being used.

Nearly two dozen female political journalists on what it was like covering Trump.

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"The stomachache lasts into the next day." Exploring the current crop of functional beverages that promote relaxation.