Your weekly white paper: Why small conflicts between major powers can inadvertently escalate out of control.
China's surveillance and persecution of the Uighur minority group reaches into other countries, including the US.

In case you haven't seen it, here's the "Territory" video from the Blaze that Moonlight director Barry Jenkins has watched over 100 times. "There was just no [expletive] way anything about this involves artifice.”

"From a personal pain standpoint, the worst is yet to come." An emotional interview with a hurting Elon Musk.
Elon Musk is a pro at diverting attention—like with a new scheme to ferry baseball fans to Dodger Stadium.

Restaurants are in charge of their own service. Either they know how long it takes them to serve a full meal or they don’t.

A restaurant critic complains that 90 minutes is too short to enjoy a good dinner with friends.

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Last year, 15% of American couples held their wedding reception at a barn or farm, up from just 2% in 2009.
Trump's $1 trillion federal infrastructure bill is "all but dead in Congress 18 months into his administration."
Fact of the day: Nearly half of all the mud volcanoes in the world are located in Azerbaijan.
Wikipedia is credited with the season's "hottest streetwear collab."
Now available for purchase: the Cindy Sherman Pool Float.

Ice Cube knows the aesthetic hits of Los Angeles, especially the works of Charles and Ray Eames. Via coudal.

A baker in Southern California makes cakes for those who are "all about that trap life."
A photo from Cape Canaveral of a rocket blasting off through this month's Perseid meteor shower.

“If I had seen myself reflected in any of the media I consumed growing up, it would’ve helped me understand myself really sooner, or given me the validation I never really got.”

The many ways coming-out videos are an enormous help to those who can’t, won’t, or haven’t yet.

From the archives: How Aretha Franklin teaches us to persevere through life's most trying moments.
Channel Blade Runner and enhance images to prevent crimes in a brilliant, voice-controlled game by Nicole He.
Anecdotally, the more Trump attacks the media, the more college students are interested in journalism degrees.
The active ingredient in Roundup is detected in nearly all popular oat-based snack bars and cereals in the US.