To stop Trump from playing their music at rallies, artists may have to sue—as the Rolling Stones are now threatening to do.
Serene collages on paper of waterfalls, by Thomas Danthony.
Blacks in the US know fascism has long been a part of America.
Since May 2014, US Post Office delivery trucks have caught on fire approximately once every five days.

Act 1 of the Hamilton soundtrack if it had been performed by the Muppets.

Kudos to Animal for that rendition of "You'll Be Back" (at 19:01).

Yankee Stadium can hold 11% of its capacity safely during the pandemic—not the 20% the team owner wants.
Citing "security risks," Amazon tells employees they must remove TikTok from mobile devices that access Amazon email.
An epidemiologist answers questions about the safety of children, teachers, and families as schools figure out how to reopen.

In almost every area of life, people are undermined and exploited, then made to feel that their inability to thrive is somehow their fault. It’s not unreasonable for someone living under such conditions to decide they simply can’t provide for a new life.

Jessa Crispin explains why she doesn’t have children.

↩︎ The Guardian

A podcast episode for those who would be moved.

Rough Translation did a good job with this one: stories from five continents about the global impact of George Floyd's murder.

A Trump-like candidate in Iceland—who ran against "elites" to defend white, wealthy men—loses the presidential race, for now.
A wooden sculpture of Melania Trump, carved by a chainsaw, was burned in her hometown in Slovenia over the July 4th weekend.
After the pandemic hit, airlines vowed to enforce social distancing. The reality is: not so much, particularly on American.

When I examined my history, I found the following search: insane after coronavirus? coronavirus made me insane? This can’t be entirely blamed on the illness. 

Patricia Lockwood reviews the frightening fever dream that was (and perhaps still is) her experience of the coronavirus.

↩︎ The London Review of Books
Scientists warn that doctors may miss signs of serious brain disorders triggered by COVID-19, even among the mildly affected.
Germany bans single-use plastics beginning next July, falling in line with an EU directive to reduce waste.

Trying to flip a bicycle with a trailer attached is a tricky thing.

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Philosophers compete to write the most compelling argument to convince people to donate a surprise bonus payment to charity.

Our laughter ‘is always the laughter of a group’, as Bergson put it. Even in those cases when we are effectively laughing alone, to, or perhaps at ourselves, laughter always presupposes an imagined audience or community.

Philosopher Henri Bergson’s general observations about laughter remind us “that to be human is to be alive and free.”

↩︎ aeon