New “person first” language guidelines remove words like “felon,” “offender,” and “convict” from San Francisco criminal justice.
Ross Douthat: A recession would likely guarantee Trump's removal from office—and set the stage for Trumpism's eventual return.

There were bodyguards at Yale who lived in nice, off-campus apartments next to their assigned student’s off-campus penthouse. These students were briefed by their parents about what to discuss publicly, and what to keep private.

A recent graudate of Yale, who used food stamps as a child, explains the university’s different rings of wealth.

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How to become an admiral in the Russian Navy: start on a submarine; command the Black Sea Fleet; receive medals.
Photographs and a brief essay by Phil Penman, a paparazzo who quit the job to shoot street photography as a hobby.
"Scientists report that all 16 GB of Wikipedia have been encoded into synthetic DNA." The year in science so far.
A new type of plastic pollution: “rock impostors” are made from heavily weathered plastic, colored by lead and chromium.

A writer for Alternatino with Arturo Castro says writing sketch comedy during an era marked by Trump and mass shootings is particularly difficult because the news often jumps the joke.

Fortunately for the show but unfortunately for the world, viewers have grown to accept the fact that this horrible type of thing happens with such a degree of frequency that no comedy can get in its way. “Too soon?” has become a standup cliche, employed after a tasteless and topical joke. These days, it seems like we’re always too soon and never soon enough.

Lawyers and experts say Border Patrol agents routinely derail migrants' asylum claims with bogus paperwork.
"As far as I know, they were the first cats live on the Internet." The longest-running webcam is going dark after 25 years.
Black men in America have "better" odds of being killed by police than winning some types of scratch-off lottery games.

I'm honest, I was coaching. I don't think she looked at me, so that's why she didn't even think I was. I was like 100% of the coaches on 100% of the matches, so we have to stop this hypocrite [rule].

An oral history of the 2018 US Open women’s final, arguably one of the most controversial finals in tennis history.

“Like” is used by boys as much as girls, octogenarians as much as teens, and is neither confined to English nor uniquely American.
Wonderfully intricate pen-and-ink illustrations by Clément Masurier.
How Trump's new climate plan is likely to increase air pollution.

Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore lists his favorite songs of all time.

Originally published in 2014 by the now-defunct The Fly, here's the full list:

Tapper Zukie, “Man Ah Warrior”
Patti Smith, “Godspeed”
Teenage Jesus & the Jerks, “Orphans”
Mars, “3E”
Public Image LTD, “Public Image”
The Slits, “Love Und Romance”
The Raincoats, “In Love”
Captain Beefheart, “Electricity”
Alice Cooper, “Is It My Body?”
T. Rex, “Children of the Revolution”
Archie Shepp, “Blasé”
Billie Holiday, “Gloomy Sunday”
Nirvana, “Dive”
Mudhoney, “In ‘N Out of Grace”
Dinosaur Jr., “Little Fury Things”
Jackson C. Frank, “Blues Run the Game”
Bush Tetras, “Too Many Creeps”
The Germs, “Caught in My Eye”
Boredoms, “Born to Anal”
Lou Reed, “Satellite of Love”
Beach Boys, “Hang On to Your Ego”
David Bowie, “Five Years”
Sparks, “Equator”
Siouxsie & the Banshees, “Hong Kong Garden”
The Damned, “New Rose”
The Mentally Ill, “Gacy’s Place”
Minor Threat, “Out of Step”
Black Flag, “I’ve Got To Run”
The Untouchables, “Nic Fit”
Iron Cross, “Fight Em All”
The Faith, “It’s Time”
Void, “My Rules”
Negative Approach, “Nothing”
Youth Brigade, “It’s About Time We Had a Change”
State of Alert, “Gonna Haveta Fight”
Anne Briggs, “Go Your Way”
The Fugs, “Crystal Liaison”
Jimi Hendrix, “Freedom”

And thanks to Far Out Magazine, there's a playlist:

Dazzling, abstract "needle paintings" hand-sewn by Cecilia Charlton.
Texas agencies are the victims in the largest coordinated ransomware attack on local government to date.
Portland, Ore., police are under fire for erasing face tattoos from a robbery suspect's mugshot before showing it to witnesses.