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The Mueller Report has two spaces after every sentence—for what it's worth, that likely means it wasn't typed by a junior staffer.

If Mueller delivered a "born digital" PDF to Justice, that file was printed and scanned back into a set of low-quality images for release; a disservice to all future users of the document, and also a violation of Section 508 regulations.

Absolutely incredible: “A Technical and Cultural Assessment of the Mueller Report PDF.”

↩︎ PDF Association
There were echoes this week of the Starr Report, the rollout of which in 1998 was a milestone in internet history.

When, sooner or later, illness comes along, I won’t know whether the pollution I’ve taken in over the years has had anything to do with it, or if I should, instead, blame my lifelong preference for a good book over a brisk run, or a malevolent gene buried somewhere in my DNA.

Beth Gardiner on air pollution, a seemingly unavoidable aspect of our lives as humans today.

↩︎ Literary Hub
Biased AI should be abandoned; fixing would mean more data gathering, further threatening those who are already targeted.
Facebook has work to do on its auto-generated video captions, as a clip of an Antares rocket launch showed this week.
E-scooter companies claim a company that's picking up abandoned scooters in San Diego is holding the vehicles for "ransom."
"In that only place..." "Here is a story! Story it is." "Once upon a time..." How speakers of various languages begin fairytales.
Using broken or otherwise contorted materials, Carla Cascales Alimbau creates severe, minimalist sculptures.
A new dilemma is approaching in copyright law: When AI, trained to sound like a specific artist, turns out soundalike tracks.
From carbon taxation to nuclear energy, the 18 Democrats seeking the presidency state their positions on climate policy.
What topics most effectively mobilize voters in several European countries.
The (redacted) Mueller report arrives. Read the whole thing yourself, or with the Washington Post's annotations.
"Long odds, hard breaks, and outright jankiness." Opening day at a dying minor league ballpark.

To “never forget” means you don’t solve a problem with state violence or with personal violence. Instead, you change the conditions under which violence prevailed.

Politically, the prison abolition movement is hard to discuss. Morally, it’s clearly right.

↩︎ The New York Times Magazine
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Why New Yorkers have traditionally worn black. “Black says this: ‘I don’t bother you, you don’t bother me.’”
In 19th-century America, one in four cowboys in the American West was black.

Part one of "Geometry of Circles," Philip Glass's series of vocal and instrumental pieces for Sesame Street in 1979. Here's a video of all four segments. 

Israeli scientists create what they say is the first 3D-printed heart using a bio-ink gel made out of human tissue.