For patients and providers, electronic health records are a panacea; however, shoddy implementations are resulting in deaths.
As coyotes enter urban areas, researchers study scat to find out how the animals are surviving in inhospitable environments.
How tennis player Maria Patrascu is fighting new rules that would make it harder for those in tennis's minor leagues to go pro.
Myspace finally admits it lost all the music that users uploaded between 2003 and 2015—and doesn't have a backup.

Huddling behind a concrete barrier will not hold the world at bay when more and more of that world can afford a plane ticket. If Americans want to shape their own national destiny, rather than have it shaped by others, they have decisions to make now.

The anti-immigration movement in American politics absolutely threatens the future prospects of the US.

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Two minutes of subjecting a pair of light-up googly eyes to various phobias.

Sufferers of misophonia are driven to intense rage or fear by certain sounds, often made from the mouth, such as gum-chewing.
The US government and others—without consent—test facial recognition using photos of immigrants, abused children, and the dead.
A map of the annual probability in 2070 of heat waves above the limit of human survivability in the continental United States.
Surf-rock legend Dick Dale toured most of his life to pay his medical bills—all the way until his death on Saturday at 81.
Dismayed by political barriers to popular policies, 2020 Dems eye structural reforms to the judiciary, filibuster, and more.
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One Silicon Valley guru's next start-up: A church to escape the simulation. (21st-century cults are going to get really weird.)

Soon to be falling out of a patch of sky near you: a $380,000 vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft called the "Speeder," aka, the world's first flying motorcycle. 

The speeds and heights may sound far-fetched, but company officials say they’re already testing a one-third scale prototype. The plan, they say, is to roll out 20 full-size Speeders ready for customers next year.


For those bold enough to ride one, the aircraft comes standard with a safety strap.

Testing a language AI finds that it might be good at detecting its own output, but not the output of others.
In case you haven't seen it: a video shows racks of phones generating fake engagement inside a "click farm."
"Painless labor." An interview with obstetricians on why "birth tourists" come to the US from China.

Hader said, “The Russian writers were fascinated by people who kept moving toward being unhappy, despite their intentions. And I do feel like there’s a huge balance thing going on in the universe. My happiness level has gone up, ‘Barry’ is a giant success, and I finally get to direct. But I get divorced.” 

A very good, thorough profile of Bill Hader by Tad Friend.

↩︎ The New Yorker
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