Camp ToBers get a jump on the National Book Awards list—which includes Trust Exercise and Black Leopard, Red Wolf.
Degrading hydrocarbons seem to be luring crabs to the Deepwater Horizon site, where they're chemically confused and can't leave.
In 1955, the University of Texas maintained Jim Crow by adopting additional requirements on standardized testing scores.
A new exhibition in Germany investigates the propaganda, memes, and figures central to the rise of the alt-right.
While Amazon's plan to switch to electric delivery trucks is welcome news, the company at large is far from climate-friendly.
Daimler announces it will halt development on internal combustion engines and focus on electric vehicles.
A map of the US congressional districts that shifted the most on the political spectrum between 2016 and 2018.

Because it was David Bowie, I was ultra sad. It just felt like, how could I be in this situation? He released it later, a little bit different than what he was going to do for Rugrats.

Film music supervisors on the song rights that were the hardest to secure for use in their movies.

↩︎ Vulture
Interiors, exteriors, and landscapes intermingle in colorful, multilayered paintings by Jacob Brostrup.

An asteroid could be captured and brought to one of the Lagrange points between the sun and Earth—an unstable zone where the gravitational pull of each is equal—allowing it to produce dust that blocks sunlight. 

Researchers studying fossil meteorites posit extraterrestrial dust from asteroid collisions has had a cooling effect on Earth.

↩︎ The New York Times
"We won't collectively care about the death of all the fish, because when it finally happens...the lack of fish will seem normal."
"We were stunned by the result—it’s just staggering." Bird populations in the US and Canada have dropped by 29% since 1970.
Rather than "sonic attacks," diplomats in Cuba may have experienced neurological symptoms from mosquito spraying to combat Zika.
Portraits of immigrants at Ellis Island by amateur photographer and Chief Registry Clerk Augustus Sherman.
Napa Valley's fanciest restaurants feel like "a spaceship for the 1 percent, now orbiting a burning planet."
The indie internet's least cool club? Best-kept secret? Nearly oldest link blog? Make your TMN love official today.
Scientists figure out that sea urchins have teeth that only chip on one side, making them self-sharpening.

If Israelis have a right to return—and so do the Dutch, Germans, French, and Britons—why not Africans? Why isn’t this right extended to Palestinians, Rohingyas in Myanmar, and Roma people in Europe?

An argument for applying the “right to return” to other native populations.

↩︎ Quartz

I hope my system has helped me care less about being liked, but I don’t expect ever to fully unlearn the inner salesperson or the shareability lens, nor do I necessarily want to.

Tavi Gevinson tries to figure out who she’d be without Instagram. (An assistant now posts for her because she can’t stand to.)

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