Does hearing out the other side make us less polarized? Researchers say perhaps, but not on Twitter.
Scientists use puffed rice cereal and milk to model collapse events involving water, such as those that occur in ice shelves.
Since the 1990s, anger is the fastest growing expression on Lego faces. "The decline of joyous Legos is by design."

Those who have lived their entire lives in functioning democracies may find it hard to grasp how easily minds can be won over to the totalitarian dark side. We assume such a passage would require slow, laborious persuasion. It does not. 

Democracy is a hard-won, easily rolled back state of affairs—“from which many secretly yearn to be released.”

↩︎ The New York Review of Books
Tesla ships 100,000 of its Model 3 cars. They're now fifth among the latest best-selling sedans.
Devotees of Ayn Rand, who say that unregulated self-interest is the American way, probably don't know the history of Honduras.

Google’s "Piano Genie" lets you improvise on a piano "by simply bashing away at eight buttons."

“When you’re playing it, it’s this really awesome experience where, occasionally, it will feel like it’s sort of reading your mind and play the exact note you’re intending to... And then other times, it will completely disobey you but still do something reasonable.”

A British sex doll company offers a "discreet" service for widows: creating bespoke dolls that resemble a lost loved one.
Artist Me Kyeoung Lee has spent more than 20 years paying tribute to South Korean convenience stores.
Evidence shows that literature can reshape a reader's mind—even perhaps when thoughts aren't overtly expressed or described.
Ford has saved $250 million in export tariffs by giving vans it builds in Spain a slight makeover to become "cars."

In case you need some inspiration, some professional female runners going fast on exposed, narrow trails in Chamonix, France.

Internet founders, engineers, scholars, and researchers explain how it all went wrong in 15 steps.

I was glad I wasn’t wearing a wire, but mostly I was thinking, “If this gets bad, just claw your way over that fence to the street! Don’t let yourself fall to the ground with a hundred guys trying to stomp you with steel-toed boots.”

Confessions of an ATF agent who infiltrated one of Los Angeles’s worst motorcycle gangs.

↩︎ Los Angeles Magazine

Let’s all eat each other’s ashes before the midterms hit and we start eating each other for real.

In defense of the teenager who baked her grandparent’s ashes into cookies.

↩︎ GQ
Instagram employees say that projects to tackle its massive harassment problem are understaffed and unprioritized.
The Nebraska Tourism Commission's new slogan—"Honestly, it's not for everyone"—doesn't appeal to some Nebraskans.
Interest in Texas's Senate race has caused a massive voter registration spike in Austin—some may have to cast provisional ballots.
When suspicious deaths occur at America's national parks, the ISB is there, facing complex problems and inaccessible crime scenes.