There exists another filter bubble that affects the majority of people reading this article: The average producer of online content is far more internet-savvy than the average consumer of online content.

Trolls rely on the “savviness gap” to lure victims (and voters) with obvious hoaxes that work well enough.

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Preparing a menu of fantasy foods based on Ursula K. Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness.
Scientists don't know why, but elderly people with high cognitive function have more of a specific type of neuron.
Historical pollen distribution stats show humans reversed Earth's long-term cooling trend.

“Investigations should be instituted on new stores when opened and you should recognize the excellent target these stores represent for penetration by racial sources,” he ordered.

In 1968, J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI targeted black-owned bookstores, convinced they spread militant black nationalism.

↩︎ The Atlantic
A new museum exhibit reconstructs ancient sculpture to show how it looked when it was fully, colorfully painted.
A troubling loophole of Delaware's extensive corporate privacy laws: They shield human traffickers' identities.
The future of smart cities is happening now at ski resorts, where user data is tracked and crunched to the extreme.
A hyper-detailed, interactive map of Berlin's noise pollution. (Flight paths are loud.)
A Google algorithm can detect heart disease with 70% accuracy using eye scans.
Facebook plans to send physical postcards with verification codes to anyone trying to purchase election-related ads.
People who think tennis balls are green and not yellow also thought "the dress" was black and blue.

Until Adam Rippon, I’d given up caring about gay representation because it seemed to me inherently assimilationist, and inherently restrictive. 

One reason people love Adam Rippon: for the first time, a gay athlete isn’t moderating his sexuality for acceptance.

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SETI researchers can't buy the latest graphics cards because crypto miners have driven up prices.
In the Arctic, it always gets worse. At a survivalist training camp, Eva Holland learns the best way through is fun.
When school shootings are averted, it's usually because family or friends alert police.

He will be a man, or maybe still a boy. He will have a semiautomatic rifle—an AR-15, or something like it—and several high-capacity magazines filled with ammunition. The weapon will have been purchased legally, the background check no obstacle. He will walk into a school, or a concert, or an office building. And he will open fire into a crowd of innocents.

The Boston Globe dedicates its front page to the next mass shooting, which may happen sometime next week.

↩︎ The Boston Globe
On Twitter, Russian trolls, bots, and "influencers" are looking to deepen divides after the Florida school shooting.

In case you were wondering: how to run 100 miles (in a row).