Residents of Little Diomede are American. Their relatives on Big Diomede are Russian. For almost half a century, these icy islands have been out of contact—a relic of Cold War division, just miles apart but 21 hours different by time zone. A 25-minute documentary shows their reunion. 

User experience experts argue that voter guides could be much more useful—e.g., with maps of early polling places.
It sure looks like Border Patrol is using anti-terror passenger databases to track journalists.

"If kids don't eat in peace, you don't eat in peace."

Protesters confront the Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen at a Mexican restaurant in D.C.

↩︎ The Washington Post
OneTaste, the female-orgasm wellness company, appears to be a pyramid scheme of culty sexual servitude.
New avocados in Midwest Costco stores have an invisible, plant-based film that doubles shelf-life.
Burger King apologizes for offering cash and a lifetime of free Whoppers to women impregnated by World Cup players.
German researchers simulated the entire World Cup 100,000 times. Guess who's the likely winner. (Germany.)

We seem to have stumbled into the worst model of parenting imaginable—always present physically, thereby blocking children’s autonomy, yet only fitfully present emotionally.

Parents and children are both suffering from adults always staring at their screens.

↩︎ The Atlantic
How many people do you need to push a belief from the fringe into the mainstream? Twenty-five percent of society.
In Germany, less than half of internet users also use social media. In Jordan, it's 94%.
Beautiful, close-up photos of Alaska's frozen swamps and ponds, by Ryota Kajita.
Country by country, when people around the world retire.
The US housing market is strong, but supply is so limited that many first-time buyers can't afford to break in.
Global warming is on the rise, and so is US homelessness—which could mean more heat-related deaths and illnesses.
In the late 19th century, a biologist experimented with underwater photos, taking some of the first clear images.
A report predicts poor middle-age health for UK millennials, due to a lack of affordable housing and adequate jobs.
Nine books to read to understand what life is like for present-day American immigrants.
Four years ago, a professor warned that Cambridge Analytica intended to use its data to swing a US election.