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Abortion providers have been bracing for this. Here's a guide on how to access abortion services in post-Roe America.
"Each...stage of the systematic stripping of people’s rights can be framed as 'not that bad' if viewed in contextless isolation."
During a night out drinking, a worker lost a USB stick with the personal information of an entire city's half-million residents.
"Compared to a lot of other things I have done, this was easy." How a hacker accessed personal details of Jacuzzi SmartTub owners.

If you played with a guy who was a better volleyer than you, you knew you needed to work on your volley. I remember helping Ashe with his backhand. We would play at Columbia or in the park. Once in a while we got a few beers afterward.

A Q&A with Dick Savitt, the self-taught tennis player who won the Australian Open and Wimbledon in 1951.

↩︎ The New York Times

The fact that a social crisis of this scale is not constantly at the forefront of the national conversation is indicative of a pervasive elitism in many of the institutions on which the public sphere is grounded. This elitism may like to see itself as sophisticated and urbane, but it is simply brutish.

Thirty years after the Boipatong massacre, reflecting on how South Africa’s ANC degenerated from aspiration into corruption.

↩︎ New Frame
In a new study on trust in journalism, only 26% of Americans trust the news, the lowest in all sampled countries.
By taking advantage of certain areas' lax labor laws, Amazon successfully mounted an unprecedented expansion into central Europe.
Nguy Thi Khanh won a Goldman Prize for stopping new coal plans. Vietnam continued a pattern by arresting her for tax evasion.

A playlist by author Carlene Bauer of "songs about girls—about women. Mothers, daughters, sculptors, Jolenes."

So far this year, male pro tennis players have earned 75% more prize money than women—it's the widest gap since 2001.
Wimbledon's requirement that players only wear white is ridiculous, and asks too much of women on their periods.
"If you’re a fan of OXO, the very mention of the Good Grips handle has likely sent you into a Proustian reverie.".

He said [hoarse, Miles-ish whisper]: “I don’t pay you to just play to get applause.” He told us he paid us to experiment on stage... And I told him, some of it’s maybe not going to work, so what about the audience then? He said: “Don’t worry about it. I got the audience.”

Herbie Hancock on how Miles Davis pushed him to experiment in both music and technology.

↩︎ The Guardian

When Power asked about banking records, Georgette indicated that most of the transactions were done in cash. Power asked how it was possible that hundreds of thousands of dollars were going back and forth in cash. “I keep it in my house,” Georgette said.

A fascinating look inside a scheme that used multiple businesses to steal millions through tax credits.

↩︎ Maclean's
Jia Tolentino: State-level anti-abortionists are working to criminalize pregnancy—with Roe overturned, it will get worse.
Recommendations for the tete-a-tetes—aka "gossip chairs"—that various talk shows should include in their sets.
As Americans become more and more numbed to gun violence, we need emotional reaction videos to express what we often cannot.
"Management may regain the upper hand...as the Great Resignation becomes the Great Labor Slackening." A recession could end WFH.