Japan's newly appointed minister responsible for cybersecurity admits he's never used a computer before.
A good guide as to the current state of Brexit.
"Sometimes a narrative can satisfy because it is beguiling, not because it is true." How podcasts work.
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Most 20- to 40-somethings didn't grow up with a torque wrench in one hand and a soldering gun in the other. While our parents' generation spent their teens rebuilding old cars, we spent our time building websites.

Why millennials aren’t buying boats.

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A writer sums up her long look into the decline in sex among 20-somethings. Conclusion? Almost too many reasons to count.
Britain traditionally looks down at countries who elect a Berlusconi or a Trump. And yet here comes a Boris Johnson premiership.
There’s nothing at all nefarious about any of Florida's protracted counting of votes. But beware what it suggests for 2020.
Scientists find that hurricanes now dump 20 percent more rain, thanks to climate change.
A day in the life of Michelle Obama's personal stylist, then and now.

One personal shopper estimates that she visits around 25 percent of her customers’ homes and is on more than 10 round-trip flights a year to chuck outdated outfits, from California to Europe.

Things you don’t know about clothes until you become a personal shopper at Barneys.

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This confectionary on wheels is serving complimentary dollops of themed creams, including Cartel Almond Brittle, Fudge the Truth, Chocolate Mueller-Berry, and Putin’s Vanilla Delight.

A new food truck in Washington, sponsored by MoveOn, is serving free ice cream with Mueller-related themes.

↩︎ Washingtonian
Very little is known as to why we have pubic hair, and scientists don't really care—because it has never caused problems.
A cactus-like plant in Morocco is 10,000 times hotter than the world’s hottest pepper. It's also a promising painkiller.
Many wildfires are caused by downed power lines. One of California's biggest utilities faces billions of dollars in liability.

A soothing exploration of flowing colors and forms. Created with paint, oil, and liquid soap—and no special effects.

What happens when you request your data from Quantcast, which knows everything about you—including your Tumblr.
According to a new FBI report, US hate crimes increased by 17%—the highest in over a decade—during Trump's first year in office.
At best, personality tests offer nothing; at worst, they're a scam. But they endure, promising a structure to interpret our world.