An interactive chart of popular music from the past 60 years shows, among other things, our present-day modern country hellscape.
In the ongoing argument over whether the universe preserves or prevents life, the preservers are currently winning.
A data analysis of Jackson Pollock's color palettes.

Takeda predicts that climate change will help its Zika and dengue fever vaccines find a larger market. Roche says it could ultimately make it attractive for the company to develop treatments for diseases like malaria.

In an article about how big pharma is preparing for climate change, the lede is the lede.

Lush, organic digital paintings by Debora Cheyenne Cruchon.
Instagram influencers are now pushing pharmaceutical brands and what could possibly go wrong.
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The connection between a rise in kidney disease and climate change: More heat means more dehydration, which taxes the body.
A study finds a major decline in African-American death rates for common cancers. Early evidence suggests the ACA is why.
Fuel your nightmares with this site, which generates a new portrait of a fake human every time you refresh the page.
An experiment shows how climate change will affect wine: Bigger, juicier grapes that attract more pests and require more water.
Citing privacy concerns, LexisNexis bans journalists from accessing a key database of addresses and phone numbers.
Mapping the Opportunity rover's 28-mile journey across Mars, which began in 2004 and ended this week, after months of no contact.
Why tidally locked planets—where one half is always dark—are actually Earth-like, and potential candidates for human colonization.
See which city's weather your home will most resemble in 60 years, if current climate change trends continue.

Ressa and Duterte have been crossing paths for over 30 years. She first interviewed him in the 1980s when he was Mayor of Davao. In 2015, during his election campaign, she conducted a now infamous interview with Duterte in which he confessed to killing three people.

A brief profile of Maria Ressa, the Philippines news site editor who’s now been arrested twice by Duterte’s government.

↩︎ The Guardian
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The widening gyre that is Rodrigo Duterte's criminal career.
A "roofalanche" is a sudden release of snow from a rooftop, as currently taking place in the Sierras.
Your weekly white paper: A study of soccer teams featuring Christians displaced by ISIS and Sunni Arabs.
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