“I’m a liberal. I’m a big-time liberal. . . . I’m not here for the scandal. I’m here to make money off the biggest name in adult entertainment this week. Next week it’s liable to be someone else.”

Report from a recent strip club performance by Stephanie Clifford, aka “Stormy Daniels,” now on a national tour.

↩︎ The Washington Post
Adam Gopnik reviews books on how to raise a prodigy, including the non-competition method of Norwich, VT.
Amazon debuts its new human-less convenience stores, managed and overseen by hundreds of tiny cameras.
A "serial stowaway" from Illinois manages to fly from Chicago to London without a ticket or a passport.
Judging by how the University of Texas spends its oil money, endowments are meant for prestige, not students.

The nation of Namibia invites you to discover the amazing new country of... Nambia.

A dozen dromedaries disqualified from Saudi Arabia's annual month-long camel festival for using Botox.

There's far more similarity between Hillary Clinton Democrats and Jeb Bush Republicans than between, say, the supporters of Clinton and Bernie Sanders, or those of Jeb Bush and Donald Trump.

Centrist Americans should look to Germany and France and feel proud—or even consider a full merger of forces.

↩︎ Bloomberg
The shutdown only broke because Senators had to wait their turn to hold Susan Collins's "talking stick."
Democrats fail at Republican tactics—like government shutdowns—because they don't hate the government.

Food was good because a chef made it so. The finesse and knowledge required to poach a chicken in a pig’s bladder or cook a sea bass in pastry can’t simply be plucked from the ground.

How Paul Bocuse, who died on Jan. 20, popularized “nouvelle cuisine” and invented the notion of the modern chef.

↩︎ Quartz
Artist Julie Cockburn alters found photos through embroidery.
Philip Morris seeks FDA approval on a cigarette heater it claims reduces health risks—and they'd never lie to you.
Researchers are finding new applications for ultrasound, including ways to heal wounds and administer drugs.
During WWI, artist Norman Wilkinson devised "dazzle" paint on ships to confuse enemy submarines.

H.P. Lovecraft's "Nemesis" perfectly matches Billy Joel's "Piano Man."

After @OurWorldcomic discovered an H.P. Lovecraft poem matched the meter of Billy Joel's "Piano Man," the internet's cover artists obliged.

(You can hear more versions here.)

See also: "H.P. Lovecraft, Author, Is Dead."

Even if Jake Paul's vlogging career combusts, his social-media stardom course will inspire legions of brofluencers.
Present-day London depicted over a 1682 map of the city, the first after the Great Fire of London in 1666.
The backlash against HQ, fueled by PR fails, unavailable payouts—and, of course, lag.