Want to figure out who's the bad guy in a mystery movie? According to director Rian Johnson, it's the person not using an iPhone.

For Jeff Pederson, warmer winters are part of the reason he decided to move across the country last fall, from Fairbanks, Alaska, to Minneapolis, Minn. Pederson says his apartment in Alaska was becoming difficult to live in after sinkholes started forming right outside.

Stories of the climate crisis from across the United States.

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Where the coronavirus and the climate crisis cross paths: at the false choice between adaptation and mitigation.
A database of the 1367 journalists killed so far between 1992 and 2020.
Donuts and robots in paintings by Eric Joyner.
Not all coders are professional software engineers or tech slaves. Some are more like the equivalent of home cooks.
“We try to be each other’s cheerleaders whenever possible.” Artistic couples discuss the pros and cons of working together.

I have to deal with myself. That’s what it gets down to for each of us. Understanding is up to you. It’s up to me. There’s no escape.

Due to pulmonary fibrosis, Sonny Rollins is fully retired from the saxophone, and now contemplates even bigger mysteries.

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From the crates: A proud "John" lists problems associated with sharing a name with 5,280,102 other "Johns" in the United States.

Cats of the internet enjoy FKA Twigs.

Are we late to this? Are you late to this? It would appear there's an abundance of videos showing cats to be fascinated by the singer FKA Twigs.

Many more over here.

A "week of outfits" from an afrofuturist, a global security consultant, a fashioner designer, and an amputee mother of four.
Black cosplayers are harrassed online for not looking adequately "accurate" because of their skin color.

Mountain climbing is a modern curiosity, a bourgeois indulgence. It consists mostly of relatively well-to-do white people manufacturing danger for themselves.

In mountaineering circles, death is almost predictable. A Bozeman therapist/shaman tries to help surviving colleagues cope.

↩︎ The New Yorker
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According to evaluations of 26 children and adults, Trump's separation of families at the border constitutes torture.
The Kremlin’s strategy in 2020 for US meddling is openly available for all to see: "Secure the base, split the opposition."

In this stirring, brief music and video piece, Jeanette Fantone depicts the relationship between two siblings.

Fighting for fair use, the creators of a web series have defeated every copyright claim against its "Geniuses Steal" video.
Visit the natural wonder you never knew existed: Mystery Flesh Pit Natural Park in the Permian Basin desert of West Texas.
Investors try to predict the coronavirus's economic upsides: more remote working, food delivery, and videogames.