The history of computer passwords, which have never been and will likely never be secure.
US diplomats' illnesses in Cuba and China remain a mystery—and calling them "attacks" presupposes their cause.
Interiors, exteriors, and landscapes bathed in technicolor light, illustrated by Liam Cobb.
What happens when an epidemic strikes under Trump, who has shunned experts and cut staff? Expect conspiracy tweets.
As CD sales continue falling, vinyl's popularity has been climbing for 12 years now—and hit a 25-year high in 2017.
A compendium of known chemical munitions used by the Syrian government since 2012.
At least four former Cambridge Analytica officials have been working with the Trump 2020 campaign.
Civil War slavery supporters quoted the same Bible passage Sessions just used to defend splitting migrant families.

I discovered that the world should be divided not into good and bad people but into cowards and non-cowards. Ninety-five percent of cowards are capable of the vilest things, lethal things, at the mildest threat.

A list of lessons from the Gulag by the Soviet dissident writer Varlam Shalamov.

↩︎ Paris Review
Bowing to pressure, McDonald's is replacing plastic straws in Ireland and the UK—where it uses 1.8 million a day.
During the 1980s, a disgruntled Dept. of Defense worker illustrated key Cold War moments on his desk calendars.
Among the domains the bankrupted Toys “R” Us is selling off:,, and
In early-stage research, gene therapy has been used to successfully give paralyzed rats control of their limbs.
Psychedelics may help depression and other psychiatric conditions by aiding neurons' ability to branch out.
Since the Charleston massacre, 110 Confederate symbols have been removed. Approximately 1,728 still stand.
After 100 days, Atlanta’s still got a mayor named Keisha. A Q+A with the mayor who became a meme.

The home crowd's ear-splitting rant
grows seismic. Screams blur
to wind howl and cymbals.

There’s only one title to be won in the World Cup, but there are still thousands of opportunities for poems.

↩︎ Poetry Magazine
Now that we're in the postseason, a Reddit user wonders: why can’t the Warriors just link arms around Steph Curry?
There've been more than 200 tries to reconfigure California's boundaries. A new attempt will be decided in November.