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Done with pharma's shortages and gouging, four major US hospital systems join together to make their own generics.

“A lot of people were coming in and saying, ‘Now that Donald Trump is president, I’m scared and I want to do everything I’ve been putting off.’”

Nicole Pasulka’s on-the-ground report on the transgender community’s fight for health care in Ohio.

↩︎ Harper's
NOAA says 2017 was the third-warmest year in recorded history—and the warmest on record without an El Niño.
Fascinating, if inscrutable: Gene crucial to learning produces virus-like protein that influences neighbor neurons.
Facial recognition systems give China's government "the level of control over people's lives it aspires to."
A map of Sam Beckett's leaps throughout the entire run of Quantum Leap.
In areas like mental health and genetics, the left is as susceptible to nonscientific belief as the right.

The great irony of losing The Awl to brainless data and centralized platforms is that John Herrman wrote so well there about losing our best media to brainless data and centralized platforms.

A look back at the best of The Awl, and why it mattered.

↩︎ New Republic
If Mars missions are like Apollo, schedules and supplies will determine which tasks are attempted or abandoned.
Police solve a murder cold case after finding the murder weapon in a selfie taken by the assailant and her victim.
Divers reveal what may be the world's largest underwater cave, after finding a passage between two caves in Mexico.
A map of forest cover in the continental US.
An economic explainer on how rental and housing costs are colliding, and may soon increase demand for mobile homes.
Among other public health setbacks, a government shutdown would hamper the CDC amid an especially severe flu season.

We constantly have an enormous Sword of Damocles hanging over us, one that could be dropped at any time by Facebook or Twitter.

The publisher of an independent magazine lists the ways he could tick off a media giant and ruin his publication.

↩︎ Current Affairs
The '90s obsession with the Greatest Generation laid the groundwork for another "good war" on terror.
Mercury, long banned from cosmetics, persists in skin-lightening soaps, which are half-heartedly regulated.

The tide of secondhand clothes keeps growing even as the markets to reuse them are disappearing.

Thanks to fast fashion, garments are worn 36 percent fewer times before they are disposed of.

↩︎ Bloomberg