Take Weird Al seriously and you can see how pop culture peaked, then disappeared.

Nvidia's computer vision team published research showing how their AI can change the weather—from snowy to sunny, or sunny to rainy—in images.

Fifteen seasons into his career, he’s still getting better, and so far this season, the pieces he’s added have more than made up for the ones that have fallen away.

LeBron James is still improving, primarily by shooting better, despite playing 37 minutes per night.

↩︎ FiveThirtyEight
Authoritarian governments and despots like Assad and Duterte find comfort in claiming #metoo for "fake news."

Watch as roughly 800 tons of recyclables (the amount processed in a single day) meander through a tangle of machines, scanners, and conveyor belts before being bundled into bails.

With the US out of the running, an interactive quiz helps you pick which World Cup team to root for.

America first, which means Trump first, is perhaps the only principle that can trump Trump’s pro-Israel approach. Israel will need to remember it, too.

Kushner’s Jerusalem gambit means the US now has the power to blame Netanyahu if the peace deal goes sour.

↩︎ Bloomberg
A new worry for South Korea’s winter Olympics organizers: widespread hypothermia, thanks to cheap construction.
"The world is more complicated than we can ever comprehend." Wood sculptures by Yoshitoshi Kanemaki.
By the end of the 20th century, more people in Britain made or sold sandwiches than worked in agriculture.

Hope is what keeps many Singaporean activists going, recognizing that perhaps in our generation we are planting seeds.

Human rights activists in Singapore explain what it’s like to work in a country where conversations can be illegal.

After Sandy Hook, a surge to buy guns caused 60 accidental gun deaths. Twenty of those killed were children.
"It's all about mitigating risk." An LATimes photographer explains how to shoot wildfires.
To confront a phobia triggered by studying Pearl Harbor, a writer borrows a rowboat to face New York’s dreadnoughts.
A person injured in the August eclipse presents a rare opportunity for science to better understand retina damage.

Death is seen as a final stage of growth. Our daily practices of mindfulness and compassion cultivate the wholesome mental, emotional, and physical qualities that prepare us to meet the inevitable.

How a Buddhist teacher is assisting patients during end-of-life care.

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Whenever your doctor accepts gifts from a pharma company, it's recorded in a database that you can search.
Doctors find brain abnormalities in victims of the mysterious Cuba attacks, previously reported as "sonic."
The shrimp ring at your holiday party epitomizes the exploitation, disease, and fraud rampant in fishing today.