"Our way of consuming is completely out of order." Photographer Daniel Stier explains how to turn junk into art.
With "climate apartheid" on the horizon, human rights experts are realizing that human rights may not survive the climate crisis.
One proposal to reduce plastic packaging: toiletry products packaged in soap.
In the Robert Kraft case, it's women who are being punished, while a wealthy white guy simply gets "another thread" in his story.

“The important question as a policy matter is what separates a dark pattern from good old-fashioned advertising. It’s a notoriously difficult line to find—what’s permissible persuasion vs wrongful manipulation.”

“Dark patterns” are techniques that e-commerce sites use to manipulate you psychologically into buying more stuff.

↩︎ The New York Times
Two neighborhoods in Chicago, Streeterville and Englewood, have the most divergent life expectancy of any US city.
For a host of small-town French mayors, a rooster's right to crow—even if tourists are annoyed—is a national cause.
The question isn't "when will the Himalayan ice sheets be gone?" It's "what is the impact from such rapid disappearance?"
To build a Turing machine within Magic: The Gathering, arrange the deck into a series of cascading triggers.
Amazon is rife with counterfeit books. With few options to fight back, publishers may come to rely on Amazon as a wholesaler.
A dive into the '80s South African political prog of the Kalahari Surfers.
A breakdown of the US companies China still needs (chipmakers) and those it's replaced (everything on the internet).
On Ocracoke Island, 34 miles off the Carolina coast, you'll hear something closer to Elizabethan than American English—for now.
Don't blame the measles crisis on anti-vaxxers: Global healthcare and wealth inequality have a bigger effect on vaccination rates.

Perhaps we can appreciate the moon landing conspiracy for what it was: a mostly harmless piece of entertainment that possibly also led to the normalization of conspiracies in general, which is harmful.

Conspiracy theorizing about why conspiracy theories about the moon landing persist.

↩︎ Vox
"Prior to the 1840s, abortion was widespread and not illegal." John Irving on the history of anti-abortionists in America.
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Recalling the impromptu post-Beatles jam session with John and Paul in 1974, which was nearly good, until the cocaine.

From YouTube’s 2,000 hours of video uploaded every minute to Facebook-Weibo’s three billion daily updates, there was no scalable way to carefully examine the contributions of every user and assess whether they violated any of these new laws.

Cory Doctorow speculates on the effects of highly regulated social and personal media.

↩︎ The New York Times