When Google provides an answer to a search query via Featured Snippets, it can devastate a data site's revenue.
Twitter bot Uncharted Atlas auto-generates imaginary fantasy–inspired landscapes.
Recent wars cloud us to fact that future conflicts will be less land-centric, faster, and more resource-intensive.
A natural language analysis of Redditors talking about marijuana.
Calling Mexico City the next Berlin is "the height of egregiousness," and ignores a vast gap in standard of living.

Before the creators of This Is Spinal Tap (1984) made their legendary mockumentary, they lost their financial stake in the movie's future success. They also made this 1980 short, The Final Tour, which shows much of their characters and story arc were already well sketched out.

"Every man, woman, and child and domestic animal on this planet that uses medical services is connected to the horseshoe crab."

Only horseshoe crab blood can detect bacteria like E. coli in injectable drugs—a fact that could endanger the creatures' existence.
↩︎ Popular Mechanics
Researchers are analyzing brainwaves to create machine music that helps you work, relax...is there anything else?
An interactive tool lets you crunch the data on US mortality rates and causes at a county level.
Next week Congress must decide whether to pursue an ACA repeal (as Trump wants) or to avoid a budget shutdown.

“It’s not, like, a nice request. It’s a knock on your door and maybe a knock on your ass. If they can’t threaten you they threaten your family.”

Interviews with Russian hackers, who are being targeted by the US but whose government affiliations are often hardly there.
↩︎ BuzzFeed
German police charge soccer bus attacker—rather than terrorism, his motive was profit if team shares fell.
Texas Board of Education to vote whether "evaluate" is acceptable in science curricula, or promotes creationism.
Ahead of Sunday's election in France, a guide to the candidates and issues, e.g., Brexit, terrorism, Trump, Putin.
Early 'bergs clog Canada's “iceberg alley” sooner than normal, some 616 icebergs so far this year.

Some South Florida homeowners, stuck in a twist on the prisoner’s dilemma, are deciding to sell now—not necessarily because they want to move, but because they’re worried their neighbors will sell first.

From the new "Climate Changed" vertical: Rising seas and stronger storms have investors and insurers spooked on Miami real estate. Who will be left holding the bag?
↩︎ Bloomberg
Gay Catholics flock to celibate priesthood—for protection. Something like a quarter of American priests are gay.
An opioid epidemic should convince people to leave behind libertarian "legalize everything" approaches.
A history of Hipgnosis, the designers who changed the concept of what an album cover should be.