An Australian surf magazine tows a 100-foot dock and six professional surfers into the middle of a Balinese lineup. Havoc ensues!

American servicemembers are defending a nation of laws, not of men. Their obligation to obey the orders of their superiors does not include orders that are palpably illegal.

A thoughtful look at a tricky question: When can an American soldier legally disobey an order?
↩︎ War on the Rocks
Children in Cameroon are much better than German kids at self-control, likely because of parenting styles.

I feel like we all wear the same shoes... of course, I went through a huge Dansko phase... They’re a classic hippie-ceramist studio shoe.

What you need to own and wear to pass as a nouveau hippie ceramist.
↩︎ The Strategist
Jepsies, Marranos, Pine-Nuts, Nolanites: A list of fandom nicknames.
Some scary stuff here. How many deaths does it take to make a natural disaster newsworthy for TV networks?
A surprisingly effective—and cost-effective—way to curb deforestation: pay people to not cut down their trees.
Major effects found when students are taught with “adaptive learning” software in the classroom.
The history of avocado toast, from 1930s coffee shops in Los Angeles to Australia, to today's era of "peak toast."

When people teach you about the things they really care about, there is usually a lot to learn.

Perri Klauss explains why it's beneficial for children to enjoy adult entertainment, as long as it's properly and joyfully explained. The basic lesson being: don't dumb down Shakespeare for your children—smarten them up to enjoy it properly.
↩︎ The New York Times

Disney's original Peter and the Wolf animated short, paired with a narration by David Bowie.

Bowie recorded his narration of Prokofiev’s composition, performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra, in December 1977, apparently as a Christmas present for his son Duncan, then seven years old.

As for Disney’s animated adaptation, which was released some 30 years prior—the inspiration came straight from the composer himself:

Prokofiev, while touring the West in 1938, visited Los Angeles and met Walt Disney. Prokofiev performed the piano version of Peter and the Wolf for "le papa de Mickey Mouse", as Prokofiev described him in a letter to his sons. Disney was impressed, and considered adding an animated version of Peter and the Wolf to Fantasia, which was to be released in 1940. Due to World War II, these plans fell through, and it was not until 1946 that Disney released his adaptation of Peter and the Wolf narrated by Sterling Holloway. It is not known if Prokofiev, by that point behind the Iron Curtain, was aware of this.

Sometimes parents really do come through when trying to impress their children.

As for that visit to the Disney studios, Walt Disney recreated it for a 1957 TV show, with pianist Ingolf Dahl sitting in for Prokofiev, who died four years prior.

"A five-year-old girl was...fined £150 for running a stall selling cups of homemade lemonade to passersby."

Most of the plastic that has been made is no longer in use—about 6.3 billion metric tons of plastic have been thrown away since 1950… 60%—about 4.9 billion metric tons—is in landfills or scattered in the environment.

Humans manufacture and discard plastic—through landfilling or littering—at staggering rates.
↩︎ The New York Times
Every time Trump goes to Mar-a-Lago, the no-fly zone disrupts shark researchers who need low-flying planes.
Tennessee jail toys with eugenics, offering early release to inmates who receive a vasectomy or Nexoplan implant.
Stunning drawings from young Brazilian artist Ritchelly Oliveira.

Fireflies in a Pennsylvania field at dusk, as captured by artist Diana Lehr. It's summer, after all. 

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In the 20th century, government saved us from disease and illiteracy; in the 21st, it needs to help us clear our minds. 

Too many Americans walk around in a mental fog, neurologically speaking. Why? Drug abuse, lead pollution, and poverty.
↩︎ Bloomberg
Since the Brexit vote, demand for an Irish passport—from Britons who want to keep their options open—has jumped 50%.