Analysis of thousands of questions posed to Dear Abby identifies some common concerns. Top among them, sex and religion.
The agriculture industry's latest answer to a diminishing supply of immigrant labor: robots.
Catalogs from a 19th-century Japanese fireworks manufacturer.
A small bookstore celebrates selling a book that had been sitting on a shelf for nearly three decades.

Even if it might feel like it, there is not one segment of American society in which white people are disadvantaged because of their race.

Conservatives think Americans disagree about what racism means. What they don’t realize: racism is a white problem.

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Your weekly white paper: A deep-learning algorithm can predict age and gender from retinal photographs.
Members of Saudi Arabia's ruling family and senior US officials are pushing for the crown prince's brother to become king.
Turnout in the 2018 midterms looks to be 49.3% of the voting eligible population—the highest midterms turnout in over 100 years.

“They’ve figured out a market that nobody else really knows exists. They’re exploiting a market in a way that is definitely taking advantage of something they discovered. They’re businessmen, really.”

An introduction to “courtsiding,” the practice of quickly transmitting data from a tennis match for purposes related to gambling.

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California-style conservatism—being against everything liberal, but not really for anything—has taken over conservative ideology.

In 2002, David Lynch made a show called Rabbits, "perhaps the most bizarre and arguably literal sitcom imaginable."

It's since been used by clinical psychologists to make study participants "feel unpleasantly uncomfortable."

A former FBI lawyer draws parallels between the Watergate road map and Trump's attempts to control the Russia investigation.
How to cook Thanksgiving dinner: You’ve got less than two days—are you ready? Sage advice from Leslie Harpold.
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How to protect the future from radioactive waste: Bioengineer Geiger-counter cats and introduce myths about them.
The share of Americans who believe in the devil is up more than 8% since 1990.
A database of American political campaign logos reveals a sea of sameness—with occasional bursts of weird.

As a parent, you want to give your kids so much. You want to give them all that you have and all that you can get. You want to give them the world, and a better world than the one you’ve got. It’s terrifying to look up in the sky and think about what they’ll inherit.

Mat Honan looks at the fires, and into the future of California.

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The latest in Russian hacking news: A long-dormant, but highly effective phishing group is showing signs of activity.