Moving to stifle the left, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee bans hiring firms that work with primary challengers.
The UK government announces it will miss nearly all of the environmental targets it set in 2010.

Collected local LA news footage of Depeche Mode fans in a frenzy over the release of Violator in 1990.

Vasectomies in Spokane spike during March Madness, which provides an ideal time to do little else but recuperate on the couch.
The widow of a boxing enthusiast who collected and catalogued VHS tapes of around 55,000 matches needs to re-home the archive.
UK researchers want volunteers to digitize 19th-century handwritten weather reports that could help predict future weather events.

"Children watching these unboxing videos establish a trust and believe anything they say. They want to be that girl on the screen; they believe them to be their friend and that they are showing them stuff as a friend."

On the questionable advertising ethics of toy-unboxing videos, whose target audience has no comprehension of sponcon.

↩︎ Vox
The American Museum of Natural History annotated a diorama to show the historical inaccuracies and clichés depicted in the scene.
As facial recognition technology proliferates, suspected shoplifters could be unfairly smeared for life.
Forecasters warn recent torrential rainfall in the central US portends "a potential unprecedented flood season" through May.

I loved seeing the Replacements in 2014 with only two of its four original members, yet I would not see Pixies, who are touring through mid-April, because they’re missing the bassist Kim Deal, one of its original quartet. If it’s weird to care that much about a bassist, well, being a rock fan is often weird.

On the current spate of reunion tours featuring only a fraction—and sometimes none—of the original band members.

↩︎ The New York Times
Over two million people in Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe are affected by Cyclone Idai. Satellite images show the damage.
After Rep. Devin Nunes sued @DevinCow, the parody account utterly surpassed the lawmaker in followers.
"Every type of coin from around the world" gets tested (not really) to see which are magnetic.
An Instagram feed for slime mold fans.
People who believe that vaccines are unsafe are more likely to believe nonvaccine conspiracy theories.

“That’s one of the consequences of the internet. Formerly these people felt isolated and alone, but now they find their mates, they find their people.”

The web fosters communities of aggrieved entitlement, where people heighten “each other’s feelings of group-based grievance.”

↩︎ The Interpreter / The New York Times
Your weekly white paper: Discussing an issue with like-minded people makes people hold more extreme views about it.

Try to imagine George W. Bush ripping into the husband of Karen Hughes, who played a role similar to Kellaynne in his White House. Or Barack Obama mocking George McGovern after he died in 2012. It’s inconceivable.

Trump’s politics are TMZ politics, and he likes it.

↩︎ The Daily 202 / The Washington Post