A timeline of US Navy collisions over the past 20 years—there have been three in the past year alone.
Researchers find anthropomorphized animals in children's stories are ineffective at teaching generosity.
Artist Guy Larsen uses the shadows from a crumpled sheet of paper to inspire a set of illustrations. (via This Is Colossal)

“That’s the same density of bacteria you can find in human stool samples. There are probably no other places on Earth with such high bacterial densities.”

Stop disinfecting your kitchen sponge—doing so only makes pathogenic bacteria stronger.

↩︎ The New York Times
"You have no idea how much crazy stuff we kill." Six senior White House officials say why they won't quit.
Despite tech companies' longstanding anti-hate policies, they've been helping hate groups monetize online.
The Ebola epidemic three years ago gave Sierra Leone the infrastructure to save lives in last week's mudslides.

The Moon will buffer the full blast of radiation and heat from the Sun, blocking certain ultraviolet rays that are less abundant in the Martian atmosphere and bringing the temperature down even further.

NASA is conducting bacteria survival tests during the eclipse, when Earth’s stratosphere will resemble that of Mars.

The next total solar eclipse for the US happens in 2024, giving Carbondale, Ill., its second in seven years.
How to watch the today's solar eclipse online from anywhere, without special glasses or nervous wildlife.
Last night, with little notice, the University of Texas at Austin removed four Confederate statues.

"It’s good to be alone, for a few hours to be exempt from all the complicated bonds, all the conflicts, great and small, all the demands and expectations, wills and desires that build up between people."

Karl Ove Knausgård tells his newborn what makes life worth living.

↩︎ The Guardian

From "In the Air Tonight" to "Kiss" to, well, this week, the definitive sound of the '80s were gated-reverb drums. From Vox's Estelle Caswell, a history of the happy accident that begat the effect, all the wonderful ways it's been employed ever since, and a playlist of some of its most memorable appearances:

Some useful tools.

This tool shows where the closest Confederate monuments are to your location, and this tool shows you the closest Home Depot that offers rentals of mini-excavators and demolition equipment. Just saying.

Trump's statements match who he follows on Twitter—so the Post made a feed of what he sees.

Arrested 14 times while performing, "showtime" dancer Michael Brundage made it into an Intel video. While he put himself through a year of Brooklyn College on tips, he says gentrification is quashing artistry and erasing a viable job market. "We need to decriminalize it. Because while they are doing zoned performances people are still being arrested for performing on the train. And I think that’s wrong.”

Walking for exercise or leisure is the domain of the haves—who judge the have-nots for walking out of necessity.
"If You Can Read This Bumper Sticker, You Are Waaaaay Too Close!"

In honor of the news that Chuck E. Cheese is phasing out its animatronic bands—a move that will spark outrage only among those too old (or therapied) to remember the terror of being in the same room with a giant robot rat—here's one of Showbiz Pizza's Rock-afire Explosion bands, salvaged and reprogrammed to play Usher's "Love in This Club." (For more on the second life of the Rock-afire Explosion, the documentary about its creator is a lot of fun.)