Experts got it wrong: the Great Pacific Garbage Patch isn't the size of France. It's the size of three Frances.
Unless Trump sneaks in some slashes, federal arts funding will go up under his administration.

If your research invents a genie, how do you ensure someone else won’t open the bottle?

After Cambridge Analytica, academics face the “terrifying” reality of their research methods and data being abused.

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A list of the many reasons why “he should have just complied” does not apply to Sacramento's Stephon Clark.
A remarkable photo-essay shows a Palestinian’s daily commute through an Israeli checkpoint.
With Bolton as Security Advisor, Trump’s got “the most radically aggressive foreign policy team… in modern memory.”
Homeland Security admits Russia hacked and continues to attack our power grid. No one expects Trump to do much.

The "most open" people "liked" Tom Waits and Björk, the "least open" "liked" Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean, the "most extroverted" liked Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame, and the "least agreeable" "liked" Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Placebo, and Judas Priest. 

Things we learned from the Cambridge breach.

↩︎ Pitchfork
A lawsuit against Kanye West for copying camoflauge appears to be "insane," or a very expensive marketing stunt.
A guide to this weekend's "March for Our Lives" protests in cities from New York to Los Angeles.
Copenhageners are taking to all fours to experience life as wolves, as packs return to parts of Europe—even cities.

Fraternity men are not responsible for all, or probably not even most, of the sexual violence on college campuses these days. But the same was true of gangs and urban violence in the 1990s.

Gangs and fraternities are a lot alike. Interventions into urban and campus violence should be more alike, too.

↩︎ The Atlantic
Younger women don't construe sexual harassment more broadly than older generations; they believe they can change it.
Philadelphia's DA rolls out promising reforms to end mass incarceration.
A personal essay about Nowruz, the Persian New Year, when Iranian-American families celebrate abundance.
When white people casually use black emojis, it's actually a big deal.

Accurate insight reliably comes only when you actually gain knowledge about what it is like to be another person. We refer to this as perspective-getting, as opposed to perspective-taking.

Learn to stop guessing what’s on the mind of another person, and try to listen instead.

↩︎ National Public Radio
Macron trumps other European leaders to become Trump's top bro through a mix of "man's man" lingo and flattery.
Trump is being held accountable for possibly the first time in his life, and he hates it.