Scientists say plasma from COVID-19 survivors could help inoculate people at risk—but feds and Big Pharma won't act.
Just over 420 COVID-19 tests per 100K people have been performed in Africa—raising fears of a silent epidemic.

Since most of the books at our location are shelved face out, we stocked relatively few books for a store our size. I was always happy to recommend that customers shop the city’s local independent bookstores for titles we didn’t have on hand.

David Gutowski on working at an Amazon bookstore.

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The pandemic has left people dying alone—without those nearby who need to hear their final words.
Budget cutbacks have resulted in not printing green cards—disconcerting given Trump's immigration stance.
Christo's first posthumous project—wrapping the Arc de Triomphe—is now set for 2021, and his team is ready for more.

I’m also suspicious of the way that Not Being Racist is a project that people seem to be approaching like boot camp. To deepen your understanding of race, of this country, should make you feel like the world is opening up.

An interview with Jia Tolentino about, among other things, the protests and white America’s reckoning with racial inequality.

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In an analysis of whose videos trended on YouTube in the US in 2019, two cooking channels were in the top three.
A map of the roads of the Roman Empire ca. 125 AD in the style of the London Underground, by Sasha Trubetskoy.
Nandini Jammi of Sleeping Giants says her white male co-founder gaslighted her out of the movement they built.
To stop Trump from playing their music at rallies, artists may have to sue—as the Rolling Stones are now threatening to do.
Serene collages on paper of waterfalls, by Thomas Danthony.
Fascism has been in the US as long as anywhere else—ask anyone who's Black in America.

Act 1 of the Hamilton soundtrack if it had been performed by the Muppets.

Kudos to Animal for that rendition of "You'll Be Back" (at 19:01).

Yankee Stadium can hold 11% of its capacity safely during the pandemic—not the 20% the team owner wants.
Citing "security risks," Amazon tells employees they must remove TikTok from mobile devices that access Amazon email.
An epidemiologist answers questions about the safety of children, teachers, and families as schools figure out how to reopen.

In almost every area of life, people are undermined and exploited, then made to feel that their inability to thrive is somehow their fault. It’s not unreasonable for someone living under such conditions to decide they simply can’t provide for a new life.

Jessa Crispin explains why she doesn’t have children.

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A podcast episode for those who would be moved.

Rough Translation did a good job with this one: stories from five continents about the global impact of George Floyd's murder.