Technology used to develop driverless cars is being deployed for border control in rural Texas.
If customers request, a Maine chef will get lobsters baked before boiling them, for a "kinder passage" into death.
A collection of landscapes by legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser.

No one in Yemen is consistently perceived as legitimate across all cross-sections of society. And Al Qaeda and Marebi sheikhs aside, no one seems to be all of that interested in earning their legitimacy.

What the West got wrong about Yemen’s political upheaval.

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Ceasing biannual time changes, the EU will let each member country choose whether to stay on summer or winter time.
Researchers rarely study unexplored genes, as the unknown offers less opportunity for career rewards.
Facebook may face lawsuits for allowing companies to restrict job ads by gender—a practice deemed illegal in 1973.
Gravity-defying scenes by painter Cinta Vidal.
The internet before the Trump White House was more chill, which is why the @chillsitch Twitter account had to die.
Unesco adds Orwell's archives, including the first appearance of "Two Minutes Hate" and "Newspeak," to its register.
The world's most advanced pediatric patient simulator can cry for his mother, weep, and show symptoms of fear.
African Americans are missing in cancer drug trials, but are twice as likely as whites to be diagnosed with cancer.

What’s the one line from those debates that everyone remembers now? It’s “Nasty Woman.” What’s the visual? It’s Trump literally skulking around Hillary, dominating her with his body. It’s theatre. And right now the bad actors are winning.

Laurie Penny on rejecting a festival with Steve Bannon, and how political upstaging undermines intelligent debate.

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While they've done well in recent special elections, Democrats haven't won—that's a problem for their midterm hopes.
An interactive map shows distance still plays a role in how socially connected individuals are between US counties.
High net worth Britons are the second least likely—after wealthy Americans—to invest in sustainable assets.
Ahead of the midterms, ProPublica updates its Election DataBot to show precise campaign activity as it occurs.
Physicists find the rest of the universe's ordinary (not dark) matter in the hot gas between galaxies.

“Asian” provides political cover to “Crazy Rich,” as the film markets itself as a celebration of diversity rather than a celebration of the elite in an age of historic inequality, including within Asia and for Asian Americans themselves.

How did the crazy rich Asians get so wealthy? The answer isn’t in the film—and should complicate readings of it.

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