In July, Yellowstone National Park saw more car traffic than it did during the same month last year.
Jess Zimmerman: "The teeth of this year grind all of us. Maybe, in seeing each other’s wounds, we can let ourselves feel our own."
If you find yourself sobbing over a back-to-school display in the grocery store: you've got the "coronavirus blues."
A new theory of how our universe began relies on a cyclical model: no beginning, no end, just endless contractions.
One potential consequence of the pandemic: less judgment from society of adults who elect not to have children.

Suddenly the sun is going down, the email inbox is more of a mess than it was when I woke up, and I have to come to terms with the reality of another day of this having passed. Did we go outside today? How many times did I lose my temper? I still haven’t returned that email, have I? 

Headline of the week, maybe the month: “How the Hell Are Working Parents ‘Doing This?’”

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Crime is down in the US, but the murder rate at the end of June was on average 37% higher across 20 major cities.
After years of protest, Lurie Children's Hospital becomes the first in the country to stop performing intersex operations.

The classes are visually sumptuous, transporting, uplifting, and yet, frankly, a little boring, especially if you try to watch them all the way through. Doing so feels like being seated next to the dinner guest of your dreams... and discovering that they won’t stop talking and that the dinner is 12 courses long.

What MasterClass is really selling: a “learning lifestyle” built around a community of people with common interests.

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As a structured and structuring way of being, suburban sprawl foments a kind of imaginativeness in people that’s both unique to the boring suburban imagination and reflective of an alienating longing for the archetypal urban lifestyle.

People are rethinking the supposed “boringness” of the suburbs.

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The true story behind that video of BLM protesters storming a church is far more twisted and sinister (on the church's part).
As schools begin to reopen, testing in Texas rapidly plummets. "It's extremely troubling."

With deaths and rising cases, it seems unclear what would convince more men to wear masks. According to bias, behavior, and health experts, the reason is maddeningly simple: Masks aren’t manly.

Why are American men performing so badly during the pandemic? Toxic masculinity.

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Scientists predict the next months and years of our life with the coronavirus. "Early surveys suggest there is a long way to go."
"It’s misleading to think of communication as an individual act of will." Thinking about communication during a pandemic.
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When Black people appear in Seinfeld, it's nearly always a good reminder of the vastness of white supremacy.
A timeline for dating in 2020, by artist Liana Finck.

Soon, the last of them will have been sold and eaten, and a thread of tradition after thirty-three years in the goat-cheese business will be lost.

When a cheese goes extinct.

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