Everything Now, the Skateboard Edition

To celebrate the release of Everything Now by TMN co-founder Rosecrans Baldwin, we’re partnering with his publisher to give away a skateboard.

by Andrew Womack
A profile of economist Emily Oster, whose prominence in the debate around reopening schools "has been galling to some educators."
Illustrator Jenifer Prince, based in São Paulo, turns vintage pop comics into contemporary lesbian love stories.
The elephant in the room? A woman in Thailand explains what's it like when one enters your kitchen.
Portraits by Brazil's Luciano Cian that deal in "the miscegenation of races and peoples, with diversity as the central focus.”
Remarkable storm photography from California's Mitch Dobrowner.

“Very suspenseful,” one senator could be heard saying wryly as the votes were cast and the For the People Act was duly ushered to the legislative graveyard. 

What it sounds like inside the Senate as a sweeping elections bill experiences an entirely anticipated death.

↩︎ Wake Up to Politics
Convenience store clerks are being constantly monitored by workers who yell at them from thousands of miles away.
Based on the replies, young people on Twitter do not want to be lectured by venture capitalists on how to spend their time.
What is "cryptidcore?" An aesthetic based around mythical creatures and the looks to be worn when hunting them in the woods.
Rare species of cactus may be driven to extinction by poachers who steal them from South America and ship them to collectors.
Fifty percent of new cannabis consumers are smoking five or more days per week; 22% of new consumers use multiple times per day.
The topography of the African continent, mapped.
We completely agree with all praise for Julie Mehretu's remarkable abstractions.

As an immigrant in the US, I am in the uniquely painful position of witnessing two sides of this story: Friends and family here who are unwilling to get vaccines and loved ones in other countries who are unable to get vaccines.

Junaid Nabi: Vaccine hesitancy and refusal in the US are a sign of extreme privilege.

↩︎ NPR
Nicholas St. Fleur: Chadwick Boseman’s tragedy is America’s tragedy—especially in the rate of Black men dying from colon cancer.
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Looking back at the career of John Saunders Chase, the first Black licensed architect in Texas.
A roundup of resources for Ikea hacking.