Warner Music Group is partnering with an algorithm to produce albums of music created to induce moods, such as rest or relaxation.
A timeline of Nixon's presidential approval ratings composed to match the musical themes in the original "The Legend of Zelda."
Archaeologists have discovered a sunken ship in the Nile matching a description provided by Herodotus in the fifth century BC.
A synthetic alcohol alternative is being developed that delivers tipsiness—but not drunkenness—without the physical damage.
Some EU Parliament Members say they accidentally voted for the destructive copyright law that just passed.
Compared to other counties, those that hosted Trump campaign rallies in 2016 had a 226% increase in reported hate crimes.
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White paper: Lynchings in America were used as voter suppression—and notably decreased when Jim Crow was instituted.
On "sober curiosity"—a wellness approach to alcohol consumption, less about recovery and more about habit recognition.
Since 2015, John Donohue has been sketching the restaurants of New York City, and hopes one day to draw them all.
There are now no more wild caribou in the contiguous US, as the sole remaining female has been brought into captivity.
A subreddit moderator explains how scammers use cute animal photos and multiple accounts to plant propaganda (and worse).

While taking separate honeymoons may seem extreme, highly individuated couples may view their independence and separate experiences as a strength of their relationship.

Now trending: separate honeymoons, otherwise known as “solomoons” or “unimoons.”

↩︎ The New York Times
A graveyard for apps, services, and hardware killed by Google.

It also makes clear that the Mueller report creates an extensive record on the obstruction question. And that may well be the point.

A legal guide to reading the letter sent by Bill Barr to congressional leaders on Sunday.

↩︎ Lawfare
Biggest loser of the Mueller revelations? Joe Biden. Biggest winners, besides Trump? Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke.
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"Grindr came along offering a much more direct route to sex with no real barriers. Why would people want to go to a club, pay a door entry fee, pay for drinks, when there might not even be anyone there they like?"

After 10 years of countless hook-ups, marriages, bullying, and violent crimes, Grindr struggles to still be a desirable platform.

↩︎ BBC News
The correction fluid market—Wite-Out, Tipp-Ex, Liquid Paper—remains remarkably resilient, but no one really knows why.