What profit over people looks like: Indiana pays $21+ million to clean up carcinogens left by Pence gas stations.
Creative director Veronica Ditting describes her favorite magazine covers.

Cohen’s guises no longer feel hilariously out of place when inserted into everyday life. They feel right at home, baring what ails this country better than any anthropological trend piece about Trump supporters. Just don’t expect a barrel of laughs.

From Borat to the Puppy Pistol: Sacha Baron Cohen’s new show is “best when it’s not funny.”

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Research shows that high temperatures not only make you lethargic, they make your mind slower too.
Liberals undermine their moral position when they fall back on homophobia to make fun of Trump.

Spreading accurate information about ballot-box stuffing is not the same as spreading disinformation about Hillary Clinton’s imaginary involvement in a child-molesting ring at a pizza parlor.

In case someone—such as your president—tells you Russia and America are morally equivalent.

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The National Intelligence Director says the "warning lights are blinking red" for a major cyber attack.
The same Russian service accused of hacking our election may have been behind Britain's nerve agent attack.

President Trump kicks off his Putin summit with a friendly wink.

As kids play more video games, participation in youth sports declines. Soccer's feeling it hardest.

[Deconstruction] promulgated an extreme relativism that was ultimately nihilistic in its implications: anything could mean anything; an author’s intent did not matter, could not in fact be discerned; there was no such thing as an obvious or common-sense reading, because everything had an infinitude of meanings. In short there was no such thing as truth.

Michiko Kakutani blames Trump on postmodernism.

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The indictment practically screams, “More information is coming!”—including additional information about Russian communication with American citizens.

Four key takeaways from Mueller’s charging of 12 Russian intelligence officers with election-hacking.

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Norway is the only major economy in Europe where young people are getting markedly richer.
Artist Wacław Szpakowski drew abstract labyrinths, "each one produced from a single continuous line."
Construction workers unearthed a “huge granite sarcophagus” in Egypt. The lid alone weighs 15 metric tons.
Jon Wertheim offers 50 "parting thoughts" from Wimbledon 2018.

“When exposing and criticising American words and actions, be careful not to link it to Trump and instead to aim it at the US government.”

Chinese media outlets are under strict rules not to upset Trump or the Chinese public with talk of the trade war.

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Virtual reality therapy proves successful in treating people with a fear of heights.
Trompe l'oeil plants and flowers on buildings in Estepona, Spain, photographed by Pedro Silmon.