It is time for a new person in the Oval Office—Republican, Democrat or independent—the sooner, the better. The fate of our Republic depends upon it.

The four-star admiral who oversaw the bin Laden raid says the United States is under attack from Donald Trump.

↩︎ The New York Times
“I don’t like the Democrats, but Trump is destroying the Republic!” More and more four-star generals are siding against Trump.
Ludwig Wittgenstein’s lake house in Norway has been restored and is open to "secular pilgrimages."
About 40 percent of New York’s Society of Professional Investigators are women, and about 40 percent are people of color.

People in Los Angeles live in stacked pods to afford rent.

In a column for the Los Angeles Times, Nita Lelyveld interviews residents of a pod complex in Hollywood, where people pay up to $945 a month for a sleeping berth. Granted, there's also a trendy co-working space, a trendy Peloton bike, a trendy backyard fire pit to enjoy. Still...

Here’s the catch: Each single-sex unit is designed to accommodate 18 men or 18 women. Each diminutive bedroom with its private bathroom: four to six adults in small, stacked rectangular spaces called “pods” just wide enough for a mattress and high enough to sit but not stand on top of it.

Perhaps not too small for someone like Stephen Johnson of San Antonio, who lives with just 11 things. (But what does he wear on laundry day?)

“The nose is wild.” While alcohol sales decline, alcohol-free booze gets a bigger profile with newcomers like Seedlip.
In China, a pair of Air Jordan Ones in black patent leather offers a return-on-investment of 6,600 percent.

Possessions not only signal who we are to others, but remind us who we are to ourselves, and of our need for authenticity in an increasingly digital world.

The possessions that we see as most indicative of ourselves are the ones that we see as the most magical.

↩︎ Aeon
The "hottest dance party" in the Bay Area is said to be a daytime "baby rave" for children under four.
Fact of the day: Australia's third-most-spoken language is Arabic.

It never occurred to the first white settlers who came to Yosemite and exclaimed that it had the pristine beauty of a European garden that it in fact was a garden, that this untouched wilderness was formed from intentional and continual human interaction.

How photography and conservation of America’s public lands has written indigenous people out of history.

↩︎ Real Life

We learn that a “visionary and relentless” Jeff Bezos continued to drive a beat-up Honda Accord even as he became a billionaire, but his reported remark to an Amazon sales team that they ought to treat small publishers the way a lion treats a sickly gazelle is apparently not deemed worthy of the historical record.

Reviewing a new book that boosts the Silicon Valley mythos, Adrian Chen shows how tech has furthered toxic capitalism.

↩︎ The Nation
The Brooklyn Museum is selling a Francis Bacon painting the artist wanted destroyed before it reached the market.
How quintessential American foods—the California roll, gumbo, queso, and spaghetti and meatballs—came to be.
Using aerial lasers to look beneath foliage in Belize, scientists discover a network of ancient Maya farms.
Chill-inducing photos of icy Utqiagvik, Ala., America's most northernmost town, by Mark Mahaney.

“Charles was up-and-down on the television show. He certainly enjoyed what The Addams Family did for his earning power, but he said the characters were 'half as evil.' To be honest, he didn’t even really watch it, because on Friday nights he was usually out to dinner or on a date.”

A cultural history of The Addams Family.

↩︎ Smithsonian
China's new airplane is built with the aid of spies and hackers out to "narrow the aviation gap."

A sentiment analysis of Jane Eyre.

[OC] Sentiment Analysis of Jane Eyre from r/dataisbeautiful

It feels good to feel bad, apparently, as this comment on the post from Reddit user part-time-poet sums up:

I analysed the words in Eyre,
The foul, the fair, I laid them bare,
And put them on the net to share
The sentiments I found in there.

In doing so, I must confess,
I saw a trend I hadn't guessed:
That all the parts I liked the best
Were also all the most depressed.

via Reddit