Hackers demonstrate the "master key" they built for millions of electronically-locked hotel rooms.
Amazon's new Alexa device is designed to get your kids shopping early. It can also require using the word "please."

“One of the ways you protect yourself is by doing your job and being extra bulletproof. So if under Obama or under George W. Bush you would triple-check your work, now maybe you quadruple-check it because you don’t want to give them any excuse to call you ‘fake news.’”

The White House press corps has never had it so bad and so good at the same time.

↩︎ Variety
Student activists trying to ignite #MeToo in China turn to blockchain to fight government censorship.
A new series by photographer Sayuri Ichida, in which she asks a professional ballerina to try being less beautiful.
A study finds that most people are terrible judges of their own physical appearance.
A woman wears a "Power Vest" to the office for a week in order to understand life as a tech/finance/sales bro.
What's wrong with the intellectual left: conformity, regligious ignorance, and a willful dumbness about the right.

We were putting in heating systems and putting in kitchens and bathrooms... When it was time to go back on tour, I just closed up for about three weeks and [would] come back and go to work again for two or three months sometimes.

Composer Philip Glass worked part-time as a plumber and a cab driver into his early forties.

↩︎ The Atlantic
A Tijuana man crossed the border daily to study aerospace engineering. Now he works at NASA.
Trump called for hiring 5,000 more Border Patrol agents. Many of those likely to apply are Latinos.
America gets a new memorial this week: a powerful monument to confront its wretched history of lynching.
Police have recovered a solid gold casket containing the heart of French queen Anne of Brittany.
Inside Prop Heaven, where Hollywood rents its fake breads, ducks, deli platters, and so on.
China has bought or invested in European assets amounting to at least $318 billion over the past 10 years.
The Bajau, from the Malay Archipelago, spend 60% of their work day underwater—and they've got the DNA to prove it.
Mosquitoes kill more people in a single day than sharks do in a century.

I'd go so far as to claim that what's today called surveillance capitalism has been with us in one form or another for the last 200 years and is the funding mechanism for a free press in a free society.

An argument for “the digital self” as the single most valuable long-term commodity of the 21st century.

↩︎ Inc.
Many women frequently wear men's fashion. Why don't most men occasionally throw on a dress?