An itinerary of Trump's first foreign tour, and what could backfire at each stop.
In the 18th century, reading in bed was thought immoral due to the danger of unsupervised candles—and thoughts.

Twin Peaks without people (or doppelgangers, for that matter).

Austin treasures its famous murals—except within historically black neighborhoods in developers' crosshairs.
Facebook's guidelines for content moderation, which allow threats of hate crimes, have baffling priorities.
With its algorithm change, Amazon platforms third-party booksellers who pay publishers and authors nothing.

In my lab we have found that 4-year-olds recognize that their own past beliefs might have been wrong. Mr. Trump contradicts himself without hesitation and doesn’t seem to recognize any conflict between his past and present beliefs.

Psychologist and children's learning expert Alison Gopnik says that comparing Trump to four-year-olds isn't fair to four-year-olds.
↩︎ New York Times

For your casual weekend desk chair travel: a very speedy tour through Venice.

After 30 years of voguing, the dance's "mutual togetherness" wins new converts in Tallinn, Rotterdam, Berlin.
Will Trump condemn Saudi Arabia's censorship, random incarcerations, lack of basic freedoms for women? Hmm.

They want feelings, not facts, you know this by now.

There's a script, Porochista Khakpour reports, that editors want Iranian-Americans to adhere to.
↩︎ Catapult
$1,250 to attend a conference on the future of content marketing—the conclusion of which is "it's all bullshit."

“Coke Habit” tells the true story of a 16-year-old who finds himself with a crippling addiction to… Coca-Cola.

See also: "What we do and don’t know about dietary science."

"There were new worlds here after all." A writer finds inspiration in construction, apple-picking, forestry.

If you know anything about tennis you maybe would have read a story like this 10, 15, certainly 20 years ago. Now there’s zero chance that you can read anything remotely critical.

Caitlin Thompson, publisher of the new tennis magazine Racquet, says the sport has a journalism problem, running on too many cozy relationships between media and player handlers.
↩︎ NiemanLab
A captivating examination of repetition and language compression in pop music lyrics.

A brief vision of the DIY VR future, or just a brief vision to set up a casually trippy weekend? A new video for Brooklyn rapper Kassa Overall's ode to mac and cheese.

The new Dragon's Breath pepper, now the world's hottest, would torch a human's airways if consumed.
Las Vegas hog farmers raise 25,000 pigs on casino slops—and that's only 15% of the wasted food from local buffets.