A Brit-oriented list of 50 people whose thoughts, research, and writing are shaping the world.

Being a protohipster snob in 2001, before the advent of any support industry, seemed like a full-time job. On the other hand, the emergence of this industry marked the end of hipster as a subculture.

Say what you want about the aesthetics of the mid-2000s, but even superficial movements still matter.

↩︎ The Hedgehog Review
A different spin on the moon landing: it wasn't a triumph of science or technology, but sublime aesthetics.
The two earthquakes that rocked the Mojave Desert this month were part of a swarm of 16,000.

German soldiers calmly strolled in our streets. They filmed everything. Laughed. Before the war we had a favorite game—we made drawings of Germans. We drew them with big teeth. Fangs. And now they’re walking around… Young, handsome… With handsome grenades tucked into the tops of their sturdy boots. 

A new book collects the memories of Soviet children who survived World War II.

↩︎ The Paris Review
"Some men and some women can’t just be friends. But spouses better be friends already." Remembering When Harry Met Sally.
From a meeting with persecuted Rohingya Muslims, we learn that Trump doesn't know where Myanmar is.

What is a name, when you get down to it? It isn’t something you can hold squarely in your hand like a lump of gold. It’s wholly immaterial. It can make you feel like a god before your time—but equally, maybe, a ghost in your own life.

A massive assessment of two books on the life and career of Prince.

↩︎ The London Review of Books
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The Editors' Longreads Picks
"We’re all going to get tested." Everything you need to know about Britain's troubled Love Island, now in America.
Up for auction: The only pair of Nike "Moon Shoes" known to exist in unworn condition. Starting bid: $80,000.

Eric Garner worked / for some time for the Parks and Rec. / Horticultural Department, which means / perhaps, that with his very large hands, / perhaps, in all likelihood, / he put gently into the earth / some plants which, most likely, some of them, in all likelihood, continue to grow

Remembering Eric Garner with “A Small Needful Fact” by Ross Gay, winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award.

↩︎ Poets.org
After Amadou Diallo was killed by four cops twenty years ago, his mother started a foundation and is still fighting.
A slip of the tongue may best explain Trump's collective foreign policy: to align the United States with white nations.

Behind the scenes of Oneohtrix Point Never's MYRIAD, an ambitious "concertscape" that combines live musicians, dancers, and installation art.

The new pickup truck emoji came straight out of Ford's marketing group—and looks somewhere between a midsize Ranger and an F-150.
Mapping the DEA's database of oxycodone and hydrocodone pills distributed in the US per person, from 2006 to 2012.
A new paper theorizes how the manipulators, abusers, and fascists of today's internet, in fact, always had a seat at the table.
A fascinating, in-depth interactive feature about firefighters' race against time to save the Notre-Dame cathedral.
FaceApp and its invasive privacy policy may or may not be a Russian plot. One thing's certain: It's fully expressed capitalism.