Fraternity men are not responsible for all, or probably not even most, of the sexual violence on college campuses these days. But the same was true of gangs and urban violence in the 1990s.

Gangs and fraternities are a lot alike. Interventions into urban and campus violence should be more alike, too.

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Younger women don't construe sexual harassment more broadly than older generations; they believe they can change it.
Philadelphia's DA rolls out promising reforms to end mass incarceration.
A personal essay about Nowruz, the Persian New Year, when Iranian-American families celebrate abundance.
When white people casually use black emojis, it's actually a big deal.

Accurate insight reliably comes only when you actually gain knowledge about what it is like to be another person. We refer to this as perspective-getting, as opposed to perspective-taking.

Learn to stop guessing what’s on the mind of another person, and try to listen instead.

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Macron trumps other European leaders to become Trump's top bro through a mix of "man's man" lingo and flattery.
Trump is being held accountable for possibly the first time in his life, and he hates it.

In Trump’s world, Air Force One became “Air Force Once” on the president’s public schedule. The White House sought “lasting peach” in a news release touting efforts to broker a deal between Israel and Palestinian territories.

Trump was “elected to lead, not to proofread.” Still, the White House’s spelling errors are nearly endless.

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“They tried to bury us but they didn’t know we were seeds.” Summary of the week in India's social movements.
How forests invoke awe: with a sense of solitude, vastness, and human insignificance.
Japanese artist Masato Yamaguchi hacked a cleaning robot and programmed it to make paintings.
Japan plans to market a technological innovation to sex-crazed Olympic athletes: ultra-thin 0.01mm condoms.

If you want to avoid getting sick on a plane, the worst place to sit, according to Charles Gerba, is along the aisle. The issue is exposure—not just to other passengers, but anything they touch. 

Why you never want to sit in the middle of a plane or use the restroom during a flight.

Children are more likely than ever to draw a woman when asked to draw a scientist.
An American went from sea level to the summit of Everest twice in 24 hours, on a single Montana ski trail.
A woman struggling to write a novel becomes writer-in-residence at her local tire shop.

As Wylie describes it, he was the gay Canadian vegan who somehow ended up creating “Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare mindfuck tool.”

Reporter Carole Cadwalladr explains her connection to Christopher Wylie and how the Cambridge Analytica story broke.

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Haven’t you wondered why articles about robots putting us all out of work are so popular during a time of full employment?

We now have our first death-by-driverless-car. Will we ever feel in control again?

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