Someone may have scammed Spotify for at least $288K with a chain of accounts replaying a suspicious playlist.
It's been one week since the Parkland shooting, and unlike previous incidents, media coverage remains strong.
Researchers connect heavy drinking to early-onset dementia—though other risk factors may also play a role.
Anticipating autonomous vehicles, contenders are coming for Google with high-definition maps.
Vaccine skeptic Kennedy says Trump, despite early interest in studying vaccine-autism links, has gone silent.
Among the Swiss "animal dignity" laws: No boiling lobsters alive, no flushing goldfish, no punishing barking dogs.
Non-white Christians are increasingly looking past whitewashed practices and incorporating indigenous traditions.

In the role playing game known as The Real World, “Straight White Male” is the lowest difficulty setting there is.

A straight white male tries to explain to other (easily offended) straight white males what “privilege” means.

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A good explainer: what is intersectionality and what does it have to do with me?

Diabetes isn't just because of sedentary lifestyles. The evidence suggests that adult diseases are largely related to conditions found very early in life, a body of thought known as epigenetics.

For example, when mothers work into their third trimester, their children are liable to be born underweight, putting them at a unique risk of diabetes—because children who are born smallest then gain the most weight and become more vulnerable than any other group, including children born fatter.

For decades, NYPD officers have used flimsy arrests as a scheme for generating overtime pay.

“Could I empty out the cabinet and throw out the shelves and put kids in the cabinets? Is my better chance just barricading the doors? Can I move furniture that fast? Do I ask my kids to help me?”

American teachers know that one day they may need to die for their students.

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Austerity politics and decades of privatization put Amazon in a place to take over state functions. 

Malcolm Harris: Capitalism created a planned economy. It’s called Amazon.

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Yuri Milner, who owns eight percent of Facebook, has been coy about his funding. Much came from the Kremlin.

In remote northern Ethiopia, a lone priest makes an 800-foot climb, barefoot and without ropes, to reach a small church carved out from the side of a mountain. 

"Your mind travels to whatever you choose to focus on. If you read a spiritual book, and understand the secret, it brings you joy. If you read and understand the word of God, it tastes as sweet as honey."

The church's previous priests are buried inside. None have died during the climb.

Despite hitting a record low in 2016, reported cases of measles jumped by 400% in Europe last year.

Founded in 1791, Kinston has seen its share of troubles: recurring floods, economic devastation, rampant gang violence—even wayward nuclear bombs. That Kinston has survived is remarkable enough.

How a small town in North Carolina became the world’s greatest producer of NBA talent.

The pace at which cash is vanishing in Sweden, the most cashless society on the planet, has authorities worried.
Venezuela is set to launch pre-sales of the “petro,” a digital currency backed by oil reserves.