Egypt bans the sale of yellow vests for fear of any protests inspired by those in France.
Photographs of migrants getting under, over, and around Trump's border wall.
Stephen Curry and other NBA players believe the moon landing was a hoax. NASA wants the chance to show them some rocks.
Audio: Now that Voyager 2 has left the heliosphere, this great old story about romantic time capsules is worth a revisit.
"Shitstorm," recently popularized by Angela Merkel, was actually adopted into Germany's standard dictionary in 2013.
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A case is building in North Carolina that voter fraud was "perpetrated upon voters,” not by them, as Republicans have alleged.
A woman who shatters men's course records in ultra-marathons has "crystallized the debate" about psychological power in sports.
Twitter's CEO crows about the success of his silent meditation retreat—which suggests it wasn't much of a success at all.

The president’s most-repeated falsehoods fall into a handful of broad categories—claiming credit for promises he has not fulfilled; false assertions that provide a rationale for his agenda; and political weaponry against perceived enemies such as Democrats or special counsel Robert S. Mueller III

A new category of falsehood—“the Bottomless Pinocchio”—has been created to accomodate Trump’s devotion to lying.

↩︎ The Washington Post
After his wife died, a man decided to keep going on the cruises they loved—and now has lived on the same boat for 13 years.
"Stretching studios" are being labelled the next big exercise trend—just don't call them physical therapy.
One of Japan's best ramen shops is tucked inside a used car dealership.
An atlas of high-performing public transportation finds that some cities often described as transit failures are the opposite.
For those with a dual love for maps and decorating: a downloadable "geodesic globe Christmas ornament thing."
"Why is Rhode Island a state?" A visualization of the most popular search queries for each state.

It's one thing to identify the complex social cause of a concrete public health crisis; it's another to figure out how to unravel that deep social problem in order to stop more babies from dying.

Black babies are twice as likely to die before their first birthdays as white babies. But the cause isn’t race—it’s racism.

↩︎ LAist
“It’s like a long, slow agony.” What European newspapers are saying about Theresa May’s move to delay a vote on her Brexit deal.

A mind-bending CGI by Maxim Zhestkov of "dark and brutal geometric monoliths...dissected by invisible 3D objects to reveal the layers of the colorful and emotionally vibrant inner structures."