In the 20th century, government saved us from disease and illiteracy; in the 21st, it needs to help us clear our minds. 

Too many Americans walk around in a mental fog, neurologically speaking. Why? Drug abuse, lead pollution, and poverty.
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Since the Brexit vote, demand for an Irish passport—from Britons who want to keep their options open—has jumped 50%.
Art for your weekend: “Sleepless” by Esther Sarto, opening Saturday at Talon Gallery, Portland, Ore.
Reporter breaks White House rules and streams live sound from an off-camera briefing.

A short video to illustrate National Geographic's recent feature on the remarkable motions of hummingbirds in flight, based on research done by Clark lab at US Riverside, Dudley lab at UC Berkeley, and the Altshuler lab at the University of British Columbia.

The secret to the hummingbird’s hovering ability lies in the near symmetry of its wing motion, which allows it to produce lift during the upstroke as well as the downstroke. By filling the air with a fine mist using an ultrasonic fogger, researchers can observe the tornado-like vortices that this Anna’s hummingbird sheds at the end of each half-stroke—when its wings flip more than 90 degrees and reverse course. 

A game theory problem for the Trump era: Why is it bad to attend a meeting without your own translator?
Photographs of unused vehicles constructed by the Islamic State for suicide car bombings.
Your Thursday white paper: How awful was the Black Death? (Some towns in England lost 55% of their population.)

In the morning, the police are back again, in force, to retake the territory they were compelled to cede the night before.

Mark Edmundson on the metaphysics of a hangover. "Has anyone ever taken up the subject of the religious hangover? Is it possible that when the service is over, the spirituals have been sung, and the visitation is at an end, there is a sense of loss?"
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O.J. Simpson today faces “the parole hearing of the century,” so dubbed by Christopher Darden.
Slowly, Google realized Glass's ideal users weren't consumers, but laborers; GE sees 46% efficiency gains.
Movie stars should take a cue from athletes' unions and push for wages to be public.
After their visas were restored, Afghan girls robotics team competes in DC, win silver in courageous achievement.
A boutique owner with a Master's in criminology detects potential shoplifters by picking up on behavior.
An analysis of Trump's tweets shows he's more effective at tearing down enemies than building up policy support.
The US military is funding research on prairie dogs, whose fleas can harbor plague, a source of possible bioweapons.
The biggest obstacle to self-driving taxis: People have a tendency to vomit in moving vehicles.
Some companies offer egg-freezing as a perk—though it also keeps employees working through their childbearing years.

“I wake up in cold sweats every so often thinking, what did we bring to the world? Did we really bring a nuclear bomb with information that can–like we see with fake news–blow up people’s brains and reprogram them?”

Tony Fadell, who helped create the iPhone, accepts that he may have ruined the world.
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