Journalists are using an anonymous Google Doc to share the details of their (by and large, low) salaries.
A visit to the outdoor "body farms" where decomposing corpses help train researchers and law enforcement in forensics.

US maps of light pollution adjusted to show where outsized amounts of light exist per person.


An art installation depicts a single discarded cigarette butt's environmental effects per minute.

The Supreme Court rules a survivor and relatives of Sandy Hook victims can sue the manufacturer of the weapon used in the murders.
According to the FBI, violent hate crimes have reached a 16-year high. Advocacy groups say the actual number is even higher.

Night after night, an audience followed twists and watched political celebrities and antiheroes be born... They showered PBS with donations, cards and letters. Wrote one viewer, “I arrive red-eyed and sleepy to work now and don’t care.”

Remembering the 15 weeks of public TV coverage of the Watergate Senate hearings from 1973.

↩︎ The New York Times
“This is an evil I haven’t faced before.” Doctors provide disturbing descriptions of the lungs of vaping illness patients.
Pneumonic plague, which is more contagious than bubonic plague, has been diagnosed in two Beijing patients.
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Iowa courts hired hackers to test their systems. Now the hackers face robbery charges, despite bona fides.
Wallpaper patterns with images of security cameras, by Dan Funderburgh.
Strange—and real—job titles matched with what they really do, from Phone Whisperer (cold caller) to Jedi Knight (product manager).
In a first, astronomers have recorded a star being flung out of the Milky Way by a supermassive black hole.
An analysis of the closed-door impeachment inquiry transcripts shows Republicans' involvement was nearly equal to Democrats'.
Some South Korean academics are naming their teenage children as research co-authors—perhaps to improve their college chances.
The shortest buildings in Manhattan, photographed by Adam Friedberg.
A federal court has ruled that suspicionless searches of travelers' electronic devices at US ports of entry is unconstitutional.
The number of migrant children held in US government custody has increased by 42% over the past year.