The color russet, often seen in autumn, is more than just red-like, or red-adjacent. "It also means rustic, homely, rough."

Ms. Acevedo was particularly good at soothing them during outbursts, which usually meant going from classroom to classroom and pulling up videos of songs from “Frozen” or “Moana” on her phone.

Much remains secret about the family separations begun in secret in 2017. A 24-year-old talks about caring for the separated kids.

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Researchers have generated immense data to support that sustained NIH funding is crucial for the emergence of new drugs. It is now up to legislators to make it right by patients. 

Remdesivir’s big price tag ignores an enormous investment in its creation by the National Institutes of Health.

For the first time since records began, "the main nursery of Arctic sea ice in Siberia" has yet to start freezing in late October.
Since 2016, an estimated 20 percent of US polling locations have been closed.
The history of sneaker design in a poster of a single sneaker.
"College men at Northwestern complained that women were 'handicapping themselves.'" A (brief) feminist history of the cardigan.
To truly understand exploitation in the music industry, try Brian De Palma's Phantom of the Paradise (1974).

A person who is looking for a full-time job that pays a living wage—but who can't find one—is unemployed.

If you accept that definition, then the true unemployment rate in the US is a colossal 26.1%.

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Trump is all about "norm erosion." If Democrats win in November, they'll need some norm erosion of their own to get anything done.

An 85-year-old school building "walks" across Shanghai in 18 days.

Bots on the messaging app Telegram generate fake nudes on request, using photos of more than 100,000 real women.
The great pianist Keith Jarrett is unlikely to perform again. A recent pair of strokes left his left side partly paralyzed.
The history of Black suffering for white gain, as seen in Lovecraft Country, uses real places and people for stories.
Your weekly white paper: Scientists find widespread declines in Pacific salmon size based on 60 years of measurements.
Scientists have measured the shortest interval of time ever recorded: 247 zeptoseconds.
“Spicy Curry, quick! The Iced Coffee is coming.” A guide to protest vocabulary adopted by Thai pro-democracy protesters.

“I’m not mad at the Russians. At the end of the day, we have a lot of adversaries, and you kind of chalk it up to that. I am more looking for what doctor’s going to help me stop having these goddamn headaches.”

A new investigation alleges the Russian government is targeting CIA officers.

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ICYMI: The Department of Health and Human Services is spending $300 million on a campaign to distract you from facts about Covid.