Economics without politics or history is just a parlor game, shows a new collection responses to Thomas Piketty.
Case of Colombian grad student facing jail for sharing an article on Scribd highlights zeal of U.S. copyright law.
Sharing names in the Internet age, Julie Becks finds all the other Julie Becks—and finds they share a flavor.
"Selfies aren't the only thing Paris did first": Hilton created the modern "influencer" mode of celebrity.
The Professional Putters Association uploaded nearly 50 years of its televised Putt-Putt championships.
These are the victims of the Manchester terror attack.

The president’s first foray overseas is giving the rest of the world its first real glimpse of America’s new governing structure—a White House that has quickly become an all-in-the-family business, standard practice in Saudi Arabia, but rare in the United States.

Trump abroad invites the outside world to cringe right along with America.
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A guide to conservative publications, with their relative insanity levels measured in goatee length.
Google will start matching real-world purchases to your online ID—it's time to do all your shopping on the dark web.
The American Society for Microbiology's third annual Agar Art contest winners, who grow their works with microbes.
From the attic: "The Lesser Bonds," including Alan Cumming, who decided 007 plays the viola.
Yet another front in the Boomer v. Gen X cultural hackles: whether Connery or Moore was the better Bond.
New trees from Myoung Ho Lee's series of arboreal portraits—half botanical field studies, half studio portraiture.
Each week for 20 years, a prank caller telephones New York's McSorley's bar about an enema.
Found a job: David Byrne wants you to host a performance in your city.
Greeks, losing faith in government, are self-organizing; every systematic failure makes anarchy appealing.
Church of England stuns bankers with 17% return on "ethical investing."

With summer camping season around the corner, here's a tutorial on how to start a fire with a water bottle. 

See also: "How to Teach Your Children to Poop Outdoors."

In case you haven't heard: Blogger/Twitter/Medium's evhead says the internet mainly exists to show us car crashes.