It is still very easy to target ads toward Facebook users interested in Nazism, a review finds.
China blocked 17.5 million airline ticket purchases last year because the customer's "social credit" score was too low.
Beautiful photos of offshore drilling rigs obscured by waves, by Francesca Piqueras.
In 2007, the NYPD wrote 432 tickets for people having sex in parks; last year, they wrote six.
A rundown of Jair Bolsonaro's first 53 scandal-wracked days as Brazil's president will hit close to home for many Americans.
"Sugary drink consumption in Berkeley has decreased by 52% since the soda tax was implemented."

Then my staff was going to bed early and watching Netflix. My comptroller said staff drinking is down like crazy. We have the numbers. We used to give out 30 or 40 glasses of wine at the end of the shift, and it’s down to 10, and half the staff is drinking kombucha.

On sobering up, by a restaurateur known for Bourdain-grade excess.

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Serene wintery illustrations by Lee Kyutae.
The FDA says adding CBD to food or drink is illegal, and it's giving New York businesses through the fall to comply.
A UN report finds agribusiness has decreased biodiversity, thereby crippling farmland and threatening our food supply.
Cryonicists push for laws to protect their wish to be preserved upon death—which is often ignored by families and coroners.

"It’s too late to avoid a 21st century that is completely transformed by the forces of climate change, but we have to do everything possible to make the future cooler, safer, and healthier... The alternative is simply unimaginable."

An interview with author David Wallace-Wells, who predicts unabated climate change will kill 150 million people this century.

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Ahead of its opening in 2022, the first exhibit at Seoul's Robot Science Museum will be robots designing and building the museum.
Four Democratic hopefuls have signaled support for African-American reparations, which may pressure more candidates to follow.
A US company says it will stop selling DNA services to China, where its equipment is being used to surveil the Uighur population.

Almost every single one of my jokes that I wrote made the movie. But I was a ghost writer, and somebody might say, ‘Man, The Mule was hilarious.’ And, again, the Latino that wrote on it is going to get zero credit.

Comedian Steve Treviño on Mexican-American representation in Hollywood.

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The Southern Poverty Law Center says hate groups in the US have increased by 30 percent in the past four years.
"For my seventh birthday, Mickey Mouse gave me a Pontiac Firebird." Examples of when someone really was one in a million.

Yosemite National Park's Horsetail waterfall becomes a "firefall" in February, when the setting sun makes Horsetail look like molten fire.

Some bonkers history:

The magnificent glow is an eye-catching illusion known as a “firefall,” with its name drawing back to the manmade Firefall that used to occur at Glacier Point in the park. During the late 1800s, campfires built near the edge of Glacier Point were pushed off the edge to create the illusion of a flowing fire stream, later becoming a popular tourist attraction until it was eventually stopped due to fire hazards.