Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Dirty work

Today, the World Health Organization officially ended its Covid-19 Health Emergency—but also reasserted that the pandemic is not over. / STAT

Russia sends drone attacks to Kyiv, and now claims the US was behind the drone that exploded above the Kremlin. / Reuters

The leader of the Wagner Group threatens to withdraw his troops from the battle for Bakhmut due to a lack of military support from Moscow. / NBC News

See also: "Vladimir Putin has amassed a shadow empire of vodka to enrich himself at the direct expense of his citizens' drunken misery." / POLITICO

A journalist found out that TikTok employees tracked her location using her cat's account to try and determine who was meeting with members of the press. / BBC News

Ted Chiang: AI right now isn't unlike McKinsey, giving companies a way to blame someone/thing else for corporate malfeasance. / The New Yorker

"The last time screenwriters went on strike, being a Netflix member still primarily meant receiving DVDs through the US Postal Service." / Slate

See also: The best picket signs of the Hollywood writers' strike. / NPR

Have a beautiful weekend: The Fred again.../Brian Eno album is out today—Spotify, Apple Music.

"I just put it into Logic, and we sped it up 10% and sent it back to them. The whole thing took less than three minutes." To go viral, make your song faster. / The Ringer

Every sample on the Beastie Boys' Ill Communication, identified. (Previously: Paul's Boutique, Check Your Head) / Laughing Squid, YouTube

Sometimes someone will prank an advice column with a thinly veiled Star Trek: Deep Space Nine plot line. / MetaFilter

How Andrew McCarthy takes amazing space photos from his backyard in Florence, Ariz. / Instagram, WIRED