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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Felt like summertime.

"The models in late spring were pretty consistent that we were going to have a 'normal' summer." Yes, Delta changed everything. / The Atlantic

According to 2020 Census data released yesterday, the number of white people in the US has fallen for the first time since 1790. / The Washington Post

See also: The fastest-growing US metro area over the past decade has been the Villages, a predominantly white, conservative Florida retirement community. / The New York Times

The original Barney's New York location is in the midst of becoming a Spirit Halloween pop-up store. / Curbed

There's now a shortage of tennis balls, due to tariff wars from two years ago and supply chain disruptions. / VICE

A backyard cookout rendered in felt, in a video short by Andrea Love. / The Morning News

Hand towels depicting key charts from the pandemic—e.g., unemployment, Covid cases—woven by Doerte Weber. / Hyperallergic

A new JAMA study finds ultra-processed foods now make up two thirds of the diets of US teens and children. / Tufts University

Intricate, colorful paper-cut sculptures of plants and animals, by Diana Beltrán Herrera. / Colossal

As the Weeknd's "Blinding Lights" becomes Billboard's longest-charting song, here are the Hot 100's top five most enduring songs. / Reddit

Wrapped in a Netflix-like interface, a catalog of fictional movies within movies (and shows within shows). / Nestflix

Developers reveal their collections of ridiculous domain names that never became websites. / The Overflow

After commissioning a study of its logo's history, the Salzburg Festival uncovers a Nazi-sympathizing, art-looting past. / The New York Times

"A sort of Ayn Randian objectivism prevails in the film." Assessing the cultural politics of the new PAW Patrol movie. / The Guardian

Related: A 2019 review called that year's PAW Patrol movie "the latest shadowy attempt to normalize state-sponsored thuggery." / The Irish Times

"What could be more meaningless?" On the ethics of flirting with an AI chatbot. / WIRED

See also: A chatbot that teaches you how to break up with someone. / Quartz

The most memorable images by US Bureau of Land Management photographer Bob Wick, who's retiring after a 30-year career. / The Atlantic