Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Go fly a hammock.

Following this week's ruling from a federal judge, at least one Texas healthcare provider is again performing abortions past six weeks of pregnancy. / BuzzFeed News

The estate of Henrietta Lacks is suing a pharmaceutical company for selling her cells, which were taken without her knowledge or consent by doctors in 1951. / The Guardian

Parents of children affected by Zika let researchers study their kids, and years later feel abandoned by the medical community. / Undark

Stunning images of Utah's Bears Ears and Grand Staircase Escalante national monuments, the boundaries of which Biden restored today, reversing a Trump order. / NPR

A glimpse into the past and future of kites, including creations that resemble "things that shouldn't be flown on a kite." / The New York Times

TikTok influencers are enjoying all the views that come from diagnosing their audiences with trauma response. / Slate

Looking back at Vanity Fair's 2007 "Africa" issue, which elevated Western voices over African ones. / Africa Is a Country

How Covid changed medical fly-ins—the practice where doctors from wealthy countries travel to poorer nations. / NPR

Because deep-sea fish live in frigid temperatures and darkness, preserving specimens for on-land viewing requires workarounds. / Atlas Obscura

New samples from China's lunar lander show the Moon's volcanoes were active more recently than previously thought. / MIT Technology Review

The story of Bruce Cathie, a plan to map every UFO sighting on a "Harmonic Grid," and the notion Earth began as a giant crystal. / Motherboard

A new documentary investigates a 1968 film—using waterlogged images from a reel of the film that spent decades underwater. / Hyperallergic

"I asked her what it was like to have her husband home again, piled up in her driveway." On composting a loved one. / Harper's

Archeologists discover a 90- to 120,000-year-old leather and fur production site, the earliest evidence of human clothing. / Smithsonian Magazine

Feds bypass the controversy over "keyword warrant" dragnets, issuing a sealed, secret order to Google. / Forbes

Revisiting Marie Calloway, who left publishing and the internet just as her influence began reshaping both. / BuzzFeed News

A four-print series by George Baxter, featuring some ill-equipped mountaineers, helped fuel the 19th-century Mont Blanc craze. / Public Domain Review

Illustrating different forms of decentralization. / New_ Public