Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Hold music (for a nap).

In a tweet yesterday, Trump suggested delaying the election. Though he doesn't have the legal authority to change that date, his point was really to cast doubt on mail-in ballots and the election results. / CNN

A co-founder of the Federalist Society: "This latest tweet is fascistic and is itself grounds for the president’s immediate impeachment again by the House of Representatives and his removal from office by the Senate." / The New York Times

Back in March, Trump's campaign called it the "dumbest thing" when Washington state's attorney general prepared to sue if Trump tried to delay the election. Now he's ready to file a legal challenge within 24 hours. / BuzzFeed News

The Dept. of Homeland Security has been compiling "intelligence reports" on journalists covering the Portland protests. / The Washington Post

"When historians pick up their pens to write the story of the 21st century, let them say that it was your generation who laid down the heavy burdens of hate at last and that peace finally triumphed over violence, aggression, and war." A final essay by John Lewis. / The New York Times

At John Lewis's funeral in Atlanta, three former presidents urged people to continue Lewis's work, while "the current one demonstrated why such vigilance was necessary." / The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"These 68 videos show clear apparent instances of police officers escalating violence during protests." / ProPublica

For some US license plates featuring the Confederate flag, profits go to groups fighting against the removal of statues. / The Morning News

As the NBA resumed its season near Orlando, "Black Lives Matter" was printed on the court and players wore gear honoring those killed by police. / The Washington Post

Coaches say young players—most of whom are Uighurs—are physically abused at an NBA training facility in China. / ESPN

As consumer spending contracted, the US GDP dropped by a record 32.9% in the second quarter. / MarketWatch

According to a new study, children under five with mild to moderate COVID-19 symptoms carry especially high concentrations of the virus. / Fortune

Former presidential candidate Herman Cain has died at 74 from COVID-19. / BuzzFeed News

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An hour of relaxing hold music from Cisco's first version of IP phones. / The Morning News

The Perseverance rover and Ingenuity helicopter are now on their way to Mars. / CNET

A two-centimeter-long crustacean can ingest and break down microplastics into pieces smaller than a cell within 96 hours. / The Guardian

On Tuesday, Baghdad reached a record high 125.2 degrees. On Wednesday, it had its second hottest day on record. / The Washington Post

"I just wish he was still around and that I could work with him again." Lynch on Bowie and how music inspired the new Twin Peaks. / Pitchfork

"Californians on their way to Twitter every time they feel an earthquake." Celebrities' early-morning reactions to yesterday's 4.2 earthquake. / Los Angeles Times

"Just tell yourself how much better it is that you’re not wearing a giant eyeball over your head." Mask-wearing tips from GWAR, Slipknot, and the Residents, who've been wearing masks on stage for decades. / Spin

A researcher identifies the setting of van Gogh's final painting, Tree Roots, after noticing the resemblance in a postcard. / Hyperallergic

"I can’t say I’m unhappy to see the data released." Digital archivists are morally conflicted over the Nintendo leak. / The Verge

Photorealistic, AI-generated portraits of famous historical figures. / Bas Uterwijk Photography

Kevin Krautgartner continues his series of aerial images of a car driving through fantastical landscapes. / This Isn't Happiness