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Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: In dust we trust.

Satellite photos near Mariupol show what appear to be mass graves that Ukrainians say may hold 9,000 bodies. / Associated Press

Relatives of crewmen missing after the sinking of Russia's flagship have come forward publicly to demand answers from the government. / The New York Times

According to the World Bank, Russia's invasion of Ukraine could result in a 37% jump in food prices and cause a catastrophic food crisis. / BBC

The Florida House passes Gov. DeSantis's new congressional map, which gives Republicans an advantage in up to 20 of 28 state districts. / CNN

Along the Texas-Mexico border, patients seeking abortions are now likelier to cross the border than travel to another state. / The Texas Tribune

Yesterday in court, the founder of the "We Build the Wall" campaign admitted he "knowingly and willingly conspired" to defraud donors. / BuzzFeed News

Amazon's model hinges on trust, though it often profits by breaching that trust—and weirdly, it's still the most trusted company in the US. / The New York Times

A jokey piece about White House Easter bunny costumes gets a lovely, heartfelt update a day later. / BuzzFeed News

Watch: NASA's Perseverance rover catches a solar eclipse with Phobos, the larger of Mars's two moons. / YouTube

"To suggest that the worst part of vacationing in a van is sleeping in a van is not fair to the other aspects of the endeavor." / The New York Times Magazine

The New York Public Library is digitizing its wax cylinder collection, making the sounds of the early 20th century available to all. / Atlas Obscura

Fans of Cybertown, an MMOG that existed for 17 years until its demise in 2012, are rebuilding their old virtual home. / The Verge

See also: A trip to the Chipotle in Roblox. / Insider

"Sneezing is such a great feature!" Earth is a simulation, and now you can submit a user review. / Earth Reviews

An experience for your weekend: The first issue of the HTML Review, a literary journal that inhabits the web in unique, wonderful ways. / The HTML Review