Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Look out below.

Twenty-two were hospitalized after an IED was detonated at a tube station in Southwest London. No leads yet on who's behind the terror attack, but details are developing here.

Theresa May and London police rebuke Trump for his morning terror tweets after the bombing.

"Our spacecraft has entered Saturn's atmosphere, and we have received its final transmission." After 20 years of capturing stunning images that changed our perception of the solar system, NASA's Cassini spacecraft dives into Saturn, rather than contaminate potential life on Titan.

Protesting Harvard's visiting fellowship invitation to Chelsea Manning, CIA Director Mike Pompeo cancels a speech at the university, which then rescinded its offer to Manning. Manning's response: "honored to be 1st disinvited trans woman visiting @harvard fellow."

UC Berkeley now offers free therapy to students who are stressed by the commotion around visiting speakers.

“We wanted to show that you can be assaulted without even being touched.” New season of Tig Notaro’s show addresses allegations of Louis C.K. masturbating in front of female colleagues.

James Baldwin in 1965 debated William F. Buckley Jr. at Cambridge on the question, “Is the American Dream at the expense of the American Negro?” Baldwin won in a landslide.

Houston residents, rich and poor, have been breathing dangerous air for years, thanks to the city's chemical plants.

White anti-racism protesters try to wake up other white folks with a banner at a Boston Red Sox game.

Guess whether these headlines came from Breitbart News or 1920s KKK newspapers.

Professional clowns plan to protest It in New York City, claiming it's causing people to cancel bookings.

Meet the “snot otter,” aka “the lasagna lizard,” aka the endangered Eastern hellbender salamander.

“Eric Idle and I were performing in Florida once, taking questions from the audience, and a woman stood up and asked me, apparently seriously, ‘Did the Queen kill Princess Diana?’” John Cleese says his answer to that question is the funniest thing he’s ever said (“certainly not with her hands”).

Photographs from this weekend's new show in Los Angeles, "The Metropolis in Latin America, 1830–1930."