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Friday headlines: So.

So, the (redacted) Mueller report: read it for yourself, try a summary of greatest hits, or just dip into the report’s executive summaries.

Or try it with annotations! Or study the redactions! Or listen to a group of legal experts.

What most people don’t say: “Dear Democrats: Mueller Just Handed You a Road Map for Impeachment. Follow It.”

Mueller has been called to speak for himself by May 23.

The report’s biggest winner is probably Russia and Vladimir Putin. Trump still hasn’t criticized Russia for hacking the election in his favor.

A handy chart: What topics most effectively mobilize voters in several European countries.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s playbook in 2019 will be Donald Trump’s in 2020.

Politically, the prison abolition movement is hard to discuss. Morally, it’s clearly right.

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Not just another immigration headline: Stonehenge was built by people whose ancestors came from Turkey.

In 19th-century America, one in four cowboys in the American West was black.

Why New Yorkers have traditionally worn black. “Black says this: ‘I don’t bother you, you don’t bother me.’”

Israeli scientists create what they say is the first 3D-printed heart using a bio-ink gel made out of human tissue.

After 82 days, 13 boxes, 468 packs, and 27,740 individual Skittles: two identical 2.17-ounce packs.

In the "knitcoin edition" of Monopoly, players knit their own money.

Watch: Part one of “Geometry of Circles,” Philip Glass’s series of vocal and instrumental pieces for Sesame Street in 1979.

"We know a little about what Shakespeare’s books might have looked like." Shakespeare clearly read many books—where did his go?

A short story for your break time: “Mr Salary,” by Sally Rooney.