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Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: Bill of health.

Biden's approval rating has dropped below 50% for the first time in his presidency, due to rising Covid cases and the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal. / NBC News

Afghan evacuees may be housed at a Texas border facility previously used to hold migrant children, and that has already been deemed "not safe." / The Guardian

The Pfizer/BioNTech Covid vaccine has received full FDA approval, and will be marketed as Comirnaty. (That's a combination of "Covid-19 immunity" and "mRNA.") / Ars Technica

Apparently this is a thing we now have to do: How to look up hospital prices before you go. / The New York Times

See also: Building your own X-ray machine after receiving nearly $70,000 in hospital bills. / YouTube

How officials and community figures across the US have been advising people on ways to circumvent Covid rules. / Associated Press

Claiming "community backlash," administrators at an Arkansas high school ripped out pages from the 2020-21 yearbook showing a timeline of a tumultuous year. / NPR

Using high-resolution satellite imagery, Caucasus Heritage Watch has identified multiple Armenian heritage sites destroyed or threatened in areas under Azerbaijan's control. / Hyperallergic

Facebook proudly showed its most popular posts from the past quarter. But only after choosing not to show its most popular posts from the previous quarter. / NPR

Kaari Upson, "one of the most significant artists to emerge from the vibrant Los Angeles art scene this century," has died at 51. / The New York Times

In a tiny Australian town of 12 residents, a man is presumed murdered. Everyone in town could be a suspect. / Truly*Adventurous

"The system that was presented as an embodiment of Jeopardy's values—facts, fairness, a meritocracy in miniature—[has been] revealed to be the opposite." / The Atlantic

The latest project from MSCHF is a "famous mouse" artwork token that buyers can redeem in three years—if, as expected, Mickey Mouse enters the public domain in 2024. / The Verge

Smaller than a US postage stamp, Marvel Comics' "Mini-Books," first published in 1966 and sold in vending machines, are being reissued. / Boing Boing

"Names can open doors, and they can also close them." How your name can change your life. / WIRED

All of Earth's biomass represented in one chart. / Visual Capitalist