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Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: It’s a mall world.

Russia has restarted its attacks on Kyiv, launching missles into the city for the first time in more than a month. / Reuters

According to US officials, Russia is trying to sell up to a half-million tons of grain it stole in Ukraine—possibly to countries facing possible famine. / The New York Times

More than 50 people may be dead in a gun attack on a Catholic church in southwestern Nigeria. / Associated Press

"You need a child welfare system, the likes of which we've never seen." If Roe is overturned, expect a baby boom in areas of the US where obstetric care is already decimated. / Axios

In a post-Roe America, states could redefine when life begins, which could threaten the use of IVF and genetic testing of embryos. / STAT

The Abbott baby-formula plant, the closure of which contributed to a national shortage, has reopened after meeting sanitary requirements. / BBC News

"We as mariachis are there for every part of a person's life." Texas mariachis are gathering in Uvalde to offer comfort for a shattered community. / The New York Times

Canada says Tim Hortons used its mobile app to harvest "vast amounts" of data from its users, including when they visited competitors. / The Verge

Rafael Nadal wins his 14th French Open title, marking his 22nd Grand Slam win—surpassing Djokovic and Federer. / Sports Illustrated

"Like teens hanging out in the atrium, the seniors in the food court can observe without penalty." A history of mall walking. / Bloomberg CityLab

Expert witnesses are paid hundreds of dollars an hour for their analyses and testimonies—and the bigger the trial, the bigger their invoices. / The Hustle

The backlash against viral TikTok music is real. / NBC News

Awards named after men often go to men. / MEL

The movie set for Luke Skywalker's home has been rotting for nearly 50 years in Tunisia—and getting there is no joke. / Atlas Obscura

"My only concern is there are hundreds of sheep and horses up there. They must be very traumatized." An illegal rave in Cornwall enters its third day. / The Guardian

A tool for visualizing cyclic TV reference paradoxes. / Jamie Pinheiro