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Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: Just say 90210.

The White House is worried over Marine Le Pen, a Putin sympathizer, possibly winning France's presidential election. / POLITICO

See also: Macron and Le Pen have advanced in the first round of voting in France, and will enter an April 24 runoff for the presidency. / CBS News

British prime minister Boris Johnson makes a surprise visit to Kyiv, meeting with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy. / The Guardian

Photos of Bucha's horrific month of terror. [Warning: graphic violence.] / The New York Times

"People saw them simply loading everything on to Ural trucks." Ukrainians report widespread looting and vandalism of homes by Russian soldiers. / The Guardian

The next month may be intensely dangerous in Ukraine, considering Russia's annual Victory Day celebration on May 9. / Axios

What Ukrainian users are seeing on TikTok versus what Russian users some 80 kilometers away are seeing. / NRK

After arresting and jailing a South Texas woman for murder over a self-induced abortion, officials will drop the charge—since she did not actually break any state laws. / Texas Tribune

Fauci says the recent Covid spikes in New York City and DC are not yet cause for alarm. / ABC News

The corniest examples of '90s anti-drug TV plot lines funded by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. / The Column

Punk style pioneer Jordan Mooney, who worked for Vivienne Westwood at London boutique Sex, has died at 66. / The New York Times

"The sound is a mellow sine/triangle wave made more interesting by mixing a small amount of sawtooth oscillator." Deconstructing Brian Eno's Discreet Music. / Reverb Machine

Watch a timelapse of the weeklong r/place, Reddit's en-masse, pixel-pushing event that ended last week. / Reddit

See also: The Minecraft version of r/place. / Reddit

"Listen, kerosene is a solvent that is technically useful for cleaning up oil paints." Helpful—and occasionally lethal—home-repair tips from a 97-year-old manual. / Apartment Therapy