Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: Sick ride.

Yesterday, Trump took a brief motorcade with two Secret Service members to wave to supporters outside Walter Reed hospital. / BuzzFeed News

A Walter Reed attending physician: "Every single person in the vehicle during that completely unnecessary presidential ‘drive-by’ just now has to be quarantined for 14 days. They might get sick. They may die." / The Guardian

A Secret Service agent: "The frustration with how we're treated when it comes to decisions on this illness goes back before this though. We're not disposable." / CNN

Infectious disease experts and doctors say the news that Trump is receiving the steroid dexamethasone means his case may be more severe than previously disclosed. / STAT

Trump didn't divulge the results on his first positive COVID-19 test, which occurred on Thursday evening, while he was awaiting the results of a second test. / The Wall Street Journal

Biden has received three negative tests since his Tuesday debate with Trump, and his campaign says it will release the results of every coronavirus test. / The Washington Post

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has also now tested positive for the coronavirus. / CNBC

See also: Who's tested positive and negative for COVID-19 in Trump's circle. / CNN

In July, the Supreme Court hypothesized what would happen if a presidential candidate died within weeks of Election Day, and acknowledged it could lead to "turmoil." / BuzzFeed News

The Supreme Court could be headed for a dramatic ideological shift, making it difficult for the court to stay out of politics. / USA Today 

After a Democrat received death threats from QAnon followers, the House voted to formally condemn the movement. Seventeen Republicans voted against the resolution. / BuzzFeed News

Sen. Pat Toomey, the only Pennsylvania Republican holding office other than judges, announces he won't run for reelection or for governor in 2022. / The Philadelphia Inquirer

For the foreseeable future, American power in government will remain in the hands of the over-80s, and journalists will need to consider how they report on age and health. / The New York Times

"It’s clear that the police take a side." The data scientist who's using court files and public records to identify and track white supremacists in the US. / The Guardian

To understand the spread of COVID-19, rather than focusing on R0—the average measure of contagiousness—we should understand k, a measure of dispersal. / The Atlantic

In the Bronx, risk of death from COVID-19 may be linked to how close you live to the Cross Bronx Expressway. / The City

"Many other kids had simply vanished, even after the school distributed laptops." The students left behind by remote learning. / The New Yorker

"I ordered a Pret delivery a couple of days later. It took thirty-two minutes to arrive. It cost me almost four pounds in delivery charges. It made me feel sad." The future of the office lunch. / The New Yorker

Completely unrelated: The future of live music could be living rooms and basements. / Pitchfork