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Headlines Edition

Monday Headlines: The law of gravity.

One of the people shot by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha last year is suing the police, accusing them of coordinating with white nationalists. / BuzzFeed News

Jury selection has begun in the trial for the three white men charged with shooting and killing Ahmaud Arbery while he was jogging. / The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A monument to Robert E. Lee that was removed from a Dallas park in 2017, and later sold at auction, is now on display at a Texas golf resort. / Associated Press

Related: A recent study found a strong correlation between an area's number of Confederate monuments and lynchings of Black people. / Hyperallergic

Bill Maher outlines how Trump is engaging in a slow-moving coup. / Kottke

See also: New campaign filings show four of the Republican lawmakers who voted to impeach or convict Trump have outraised their Trump-backed opponents. / CNN

More than just people quitting their jobs, the Great Resignation may be an inflection point in American economic history. / The Atlantic

See also: "I'm constantly having the fact that I'm replaceable just being shoved in my face." Why people are leaving their jobs. / BuzzFeed News

Why did Computer Space, the first commercial video game, fail? Likely because unlike other games in space, it didn't include gravity. / The MIT Press Reader

A new children's book features a rabbit that goes back in time and invents the blockchain. / Boing Boing

"I'm in there with a flashlight." A reptile rescuer retrieved 92 rattlesnakes from underneath a Northern California home last month. / San Francisco Chronicle

In order to show nude artworks online, Vienna's tourism board has opened an OnlyFans profile. / The Guardian

"Brooms have made way for dust and water vacuums, steel brushes, and high-pressure cleaners." The end of Switzerland's chimney-sweep monopoly. / Atlas Obscura

An ode to park benches and their "capacity to retain and encourage the art of observation." / The New York Times Magazine

Watch: A robot catapult that flings paint. / YouTube