Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Got it, got it, need it.

The three men convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery were sentenced to life in prison. / NBC News

Kazakhstan's former anti-terror chief has been arrested on charges of attempting to overthrow the government following the recent violent protests. / Associated Press

Texas claims 246 people died in the 2021 winter power-grid failure. The true death toll is likely above 750. / BuzzFeed News

A new book upends long-held beliefs about South Sudan's "Lost Boys": They weren't orphans; they were stolen from their families and conscripted. / Foreign Policy

"I've been first in line for each new variant. I'm a Covid nerd, collecting each new edition." It's rare to get Covid three times, but not impossible. / BuzzFeed News

See also: "Covid makes us want to see the future. Too bad we're not good at it." / Toronto Star

"One teacher flat out left his class 5 mins into the lesson and didn't return." This is life right now for students in New York City. / Reddit

After being fined for refusing to comply with a freedom of information request over its suspect Arizona vote review, Cyber Ninjas has gone insolvent. / The New York Times

Trump's claims of voter fraud have become a new Lost Cause ideology, and it won't merely go away. / The Guardian

Hamilton Nolan: A major crypto crash could radicalize the young, and plunge America deeper into fascism.  / In These Times

"The new thing does not rebuild the old things." The good, the bad, and the ugly of crypto. / Seldo

CD sales have increased for the first time since 2004, mainly due to albums by Adele and Taylor Swift. / Pitchfork

"Jan. 8 is Bowiemas. Jan. 10 is Bowienalia." David Bowie would have been 75 today. / MetaFilter

A letter sent during World War II by a young soldier to his mother was finally delivered last week to his widow. / CBS Boston

See also: Two psychedelic posters were delivered to a house in Florida, 50 years after they were originally mailed. / WPTV

"It's the Volkswagen outside with an interfaith COEXIST bumper sticker." The latest aesthetic is "bookcore." / Die, Workwear!

The Ikea chair that's now a viral sensation among OnlyFans adult-content creators. / MEL