New research proves that Viking voyagers lived in Newfoundland as far back as 1021. / The Wall Street Journal

The country of Westarctica has evolved from an internet stunt to a micronation, to a charity trying to affect climate change. / AFAR

A bus company in Hong Kong launched a five-hour tour for people who are lulled to sleep by long rides. It sold out quickly. / The Associated Press

Alibaba, China's enormous online marketplace, sells pretty much everything, including an assortment of odd vehicles. / electrek

Up for auction: Ricky Jay's personal collection of things related to magic, circuses, and the arcane. / Sotheby's

The number of built-to-rent homes—single-family homes constructed expressly for renting—increased 30% from 2019 to 2020. / The New York Times

How the pandemic reshaped economics, "the dismal science." / The Economist

What is the new status symbol in Hollywood circles? A private pickleball court, apparently. / Vanity Fair

A reporter spent a month as a census enumerator in California during the pandemic; the experience was as broken as you might expect. / Harper's

For any Californians wondering about the coming rains: here's an explainer on "atmospheric rivers." / SFGate

Unrelated: A day with East Texas squirrel hawkers. / Texas Monthly

A large amount of leaked Facebook documents are being reviewed by multiple news organizations. / The Information

Stories that are already out from the trove: "'Carol's Journey," "Not stopping 'Stop the Steal,'" "Inside Facebook, Jan. 6 violence fueled anger." / NBC News, CNN, The Washington Post

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In case you haven't been watching, the Atlanta Braves' Joc Pederson is wearing pearls on the field. (He's "a bad bitch.") / GQ