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Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: Wrapped in plastic.

Ukraine is using facial recognition on dead Russians to contact their families—some experts deem it "classic psychological warfare" and worry it could backfire. / The Washington Post

Taiwan is top of mind when we talk about US-China relations now, yet those discussions elude easy Cold War metaphors. / Dissent

Auditing nightmares loom for the Federal Election Commission as political campaigns begin welcoming anonymized crypto donations. / BuzzFeed News

A vital but excluded part of American history, the Great Dismal Swamp is where thousands of runaways found freedom before the end of the Civil War. / The Ringer

C-sections are expensive and add risk—and while sometimes medically necessary, are inexplicably overused in certain areas of the Southern US. / KHN

"For the first time in recorded history, wind power was the second-largest source of electricity in the [US] for an entire day." / VICE

A tour of Austin's anti-consumerist Plastic Bag Store, the entire inventory of which is sculpted from single-use plastic bags. / Texas Monthly

After years of study, astronomers can confirm a rock that struck Earth in 2014 is the first known interstellar meteor. / Scientific American

Well this is chilling: A side-by-side comparison of climate activists this week on Good Morning Britain and the Don't Look Up TV interview segment. / @mehdirhasan

"Binge: Replaces 'weekend.'" A new lexicon for whatever this moment is, by Paul Ford. / WIRED

From automated content moderation to federal targeting of sex work: How the internet became straight. / The MIT Press Reader

See also: Elon Musk's vision for Twitter is an outdated, pre-Facebook version of the internet—and thus, is doomed. / @yishan

"When I think back to this time, it feels so thick with want." What it's like to write a novel while working for a labor union. / Condé Nast Traveler

Recommended reads from Red Planet, the world's only Native American comic-book store. / Hyperallergic

The natural size of human social groups is 150 people—aka Dunbar's number—though meaningful conversation occurs in groups of around five individuals. / Interconnected

"In realizing my own naivety, and that our lives were different, I was shattered. A thought hit: were my peers future-rich millennials?" / Literary Hub

The $518,000 auction of the now-unretired Tom Brady's "final" touchdown ball has been nullified. / ESPN

"My pet theory, for which there is exactly zero evidence, is that gears were very ancient and lost with the late Bronze age collapse." A history of gears. / Scott Locklin

Watch: A cutaway of various types of screw anchors being drilled in. / r/oddlysatisfying

A guide to Toshimaru Nakamura's no-input mixing board. / Bandcamp Daily