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Thursday headines: Unwary beret

The UN Conference on Trade and Development revises its global growth forecast from 4.3% to 4.7% for this year. / Reuters

Two recent studies quantify the consequences of flooding hospitals with Covid patients. / NPR

Post-pandemic advertising is coming up fast, but brands are wary of celebrating prematurely. / Vox

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The suspect in the Atlanta shootings faces eight counts of murder and homicide. / The Washington Post

Several recent attacks have not been charged as hate crimes, fueling protests and outrage among many Asian Americans. / The New York Times

A report says Asian American and Pacific Islander women are more likely to experience discrimination than men during the pandemic. / The San Francisco Chronicle

Amazon officially starts its ascent to the national telehealth stage. / STAT

Senate Democrats introduce the For the People Act, the sweeping election and voting rights package that passed the House earlier this month. / The Hill

More than 250 bills to curb or complicate access to polls have been introduced in state legislatures—here  are the key states to watch. / CNN

Toward the end of World War I, a goldfish dealer bred a stars-and-stripes-colored carp. / The Public Domain Review

Scientists trace the hummingbird's hum to the aerodynamic forces, and hence pressure changes, produced as its wings move. / The Guardian

Animal lovers become investigators to track down Florida's illegal horse slaughterhouses. / Bloomberg

See also: "Sperm whales in the 19th century shared ship attack information." / The Guardian

Among the most popular dog breeds of 2020, French Bulldogs displaced German Shepherds for second place (Labrador Retrievers are still in first). / NPR

"The most striking hat trend right now" might be the least practical of them all: the beret. / The Los Angeles Times

A plug-in enables you to self-sabotage the audio stream of your Zoom, making your presence unbearable to other meeting attendees. / Zoom Escaper

Today in the Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes®, it's the final match of the Opening Round! / The Tournament of Books