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Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: 4,645.

The number of excess deaths related to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico is 4,645, more than 70 times the official estimate of 64 people.

Donald Trump is a liar—and that fact remains weirdly poorly integrated into ongoing coverage of the White House.

The story of the Trump administration dragging 1,500 children from their parents and letting them fall into the hands of child traffickers is fake news. But the fact that it isn’t true doesn’t mean it’s unimportant. Why do people share stories on social media? To prove they’re a good member of their tribe.

Report from a mass trial where Operation Streamline's "zero tolerance" criminalizes migrants seeking asylum.

Ahead of becoming the world's biggest ag company, Monsanto says they're mainly interested in Bayer's data.

A study finds more than 80% of tap water samples collected on five continents contained plastic fibers.

Science skepticism is diverse and can't be fixed simply by increasing people’s knowledge about science.

One of the greatest, and most often overlooked, dangers to free speech on campus is that it will come to be associated exclusively with those who aim to offend. College-age protesters may be easy to caricature, but that doesn’t mean most want to silence their opponents.

For the basketball fans: What were the odds of the Houston Rockets missing that many threes? One in 72,000.

More than 40 cents of every dollar spent on the internet goes to Amazon.

The word is still out on Google's restaurant reservation, but tech demos are almost never real.

“The urge to smoke is so strong. Sometimes I tell myself I’m going to stop but it’s just me lying to myself. My chest chases me to have a puff and I’m then forced to make a ‘pill.’” A South African farm laborer, soon to be recognized as the world’s oldest man, is still trying to quit smoking.

For the first time in the history of chess, the world's best Chinese player is ranked ahead of the best Russian.

Star Child lives—and it travels in a vintage trunk the Kubricks used when they moved to England in the '60s.

Broadly framed, Green envisioned school desegregation as a reparative process—probably the closest thing to reparations that our court system has ever endorsed. In a case “that America forgot,” the court saw history as necessary context to interpretation.

Joni Sternbach, Martin Parr, and other top photographers select their best "summer shots."

A brief history of the instruction manual.