Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: I do not think it means what you think it means.

Biden is now set to sign into law the bill that will make Juneteenth a federal holiday. / Associated Press

How will teachers explain to students why they have the day off in states that are banning critical race theory in classrooms? / BuzzFeed News

An Alabama lawmaker who wants to ban the teaching of critical race theory can't explain what critical race theory is. / AL.com

Critical race theory, civil rights, affirmative action, and other things white people historically have condemned. / The Root

How climate change is affecting the American West right now: record-breaking temperatures and the worst drought in two decades. / The New York Times

"I personally know probably a dozen people in California, maybe 20, who've had to personally outrun flames." This year's fire season in California could be the worst yet. / Intelligencer

Doctors are saying the only critically ill Covid patients they're seeing now are those who aren't vaccinated. / NBC News

In case you're seeing ads about nootropic supplements to improve cognitive function, a primer. (Ignore them.) / The Cut

Ted Gioia: Prepare to "tokenize" your favorite musicians, wherein you'll basically treat them like publicly traded stocks. / Culture Notes of an Honest Broker

Related: A look back at how, in the mid-'90s, David Bowie sold shares—called Bowie Bonds—in his future royalties. / BBC

Hmm! "The US government does not have a reliable method to identify and secure the most 'critical of critical' infrastructure." / Lawfare

Our co-founder Rosecrans Baldwin's new book about LA, Everything Now, is out this week! And you can enter to win an Everything Now-themed skateboard deck. / The Morning News

"Nomehenge," in Alaska, refers to a set of Cold War antennas being repurposed for contemporary communications. / Atlas Obscura

"I have fallen head over heels for incredibly common birds." Geoff Manaugh spent lockdown losing his mind over mourning doves. / BLDGBLOG

In 1999, an F-18 hangar became the world's largest pinhole camera. The print was developed in a tray the size of a swimming pool. / Futility Closet

This is one-dimensional chess. / Gumroad