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Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: Mosquitoes are hungrier, is all.

A month after Trump claimed he didn't know about the $130,000 Michael Cohen gave Stormy Daniels, new Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani says Trump reimbursed Cohen $35,000 a month for a year after the election, and Trump confirmed the reimbursement this morning.

Giuliani claims it's not a campaign finance violation because Trump paid Cohen from his personal account. However, if the payment is considered a loan, it should have been included in Trump's financial disclosures, which it was not.

Jan. 12: "President Trump once again vehemently denies any such occurrence." A timeline of Trump and Cohen's conflicting statements about the Stormy Daniels money.

In the wake of the Facebook data scandal, Cambridge Analytica is shutting down—though it may be more of a rebrand, as the company's directors are refocusing on a new company, Emerdata.

The two black men arrested for going to a Philadelphia Starbucks have reached a settlement, which includes a $200,000 grant from the city to form a public high school entrepreneurship program.

Diversity in the US continues to increase, but segregation in many metro areas remains mostly unchanged.

Attempts to weaken the ACA seem to have lowered uninsured rates of Democrats and increased rates among Republicans.

An analysis of the six Senate seats Democrats have a hope of taking from Republicans in November.

The CDC says insect-spread diseases have more than tripled since 2004—but omits climate change as a reason why.

As the impact of FOSTA continues to ripple out across the industry, it’s survival sex workers that will suffer most, as the advertising sites and other safety resources that continue to exist will begin raising their price. Efforts to clamp down on sex work online won’t stop the practice; it will only hurt the most vulnerable.

California's net neutrality bill, which flouts the new FCC rules, is nearing approval—and heading to New York.

Physicists say Stephen Hawking's final paper, which explains the Big Bang, implies there could be endless universes.

The people he believes are in worthless jobs are the people who themselves believe they are in worthless jobs. These are people who collect a paycheck but don’t know why, and who feel defeated, discouraged, and even despondent about it. Is your job Lynchian, or is it more Kafkaesque?

The controversial biohacker who injected himself with an untested herpes drug at an event has been found dead.

You can wear these relaxed fit Wrangler jeans and become a bounty hunter. Welcome to MidWestworld.