Headlines edition

Thursday headlines: Portal, cracked

The Federal Reserve raises its benchmark interest rate by 0.75%, the biggest increase since 1994. Five things to know about how it will affect you. / CNBC, The Conversation

Consumer sentiment has declined by 14% since May, continuing a downward trend over the last year. / Surveys of Consumers

GiveDirectly is picked to run Chicago's guaranteed basic income pilot, amid "a surge" in cash assistance programs. / Bloomberg

High temperatures break daily records in multiple US cities this week, among other displays of recent extreme weather. / CNN, Axios

The UN says more than 4,000 civilians have been killed in Ukraine. The true count is almost certainly much higher. / The Economist

An FDA advisory panel votes unanimously that Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines should be authorized for young children. / STAT

Dating IRL is said to be making a comeback, post/mid-pandemic. "Everyone is getting a shot for somebody else and cheers-ing each other." / Vinepair

Researchers believe they've figured out the origins of the Black Death, more than 600 years after it killed tens of millions. / BBC News

Related/unrelated: How Catholicism became a meme. / VICE

Research in genetics has never been more exciting, but "little of this new sophistication has yet to reach the public eye." / Engelsberg Ideas

Nobel Prize-winning scientists describe something from their field of study they've never fully grasped. / The Fence

See also: The quest for fusion energy. Also, what it looks like when your coworker opens a portal to "a demon dimension." / Inference, TMN

Display companies begin targeting NFT collectors, who struggle to display their digital art outside of their computers. / Artsy

TMN's Rosecrans Baldwin tries to watch everything Ewan McGregor's played a part in. / GQ UK

Digging through the crates of Analog Science Fiction and Fact, once known as Astounding Stories of Super-Science. / Open Culture