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Headlines Edition

Thursday Headlines: The climate is changing faster than gender inequality.

“Gaza buries its dead as death toll from protests at fence with Israel rises to at least 60.” Are we to assume that the protests—and not the Israeli military—killed these people? American media avoids saying who it was that killed more than 60 Palestinians on Monday.

In Pennsylvania, four Socialist-backed state House candidates won their Democratic primaries.

As a woman, Eunice Foote wasn't allowed to read her 1856 paper on global warming. Until now, credit went to a man.

Take this audio test to see where you fall—exactly—on the Laurel-Yanny spectrum.

The world's biggest lens and frame companies are merging at a time when human eyesight is rapidly degrading.

Tracking web activity is passé: the latest in implants and other sensors to monitor worker whereabouts and emotions.

Don't try your GPS in China; they intentionally use a mapping system your phone won't recognize.

Great Chinese nicknames for NBA players: Kobe is "Snail Shell," Manu "The Demon Blade," Curry "Fucks the Sky."

A "metro gun share program" art installation in Chicago shuts down early over an issue with city permits.

Investors are keen on buying Houston's flood-damaged housing stock at a loss for homeowners—and renters who follow.

Hundreds of dogs descended from Chernobyl pets are slated for extermination. You can adopt them instead.

Behavioral change is always right around the corner at this age and I think a lot about how much rigor and routine need to be in her daily life. Still, I want her to be this way—able to creatively access a sense of fantasy and wonder—a little longer. A father sees his seven-year-old age out of shows, and misses the Peppa Pig days.

Researchers uncover taped-off pages in Anne Frank's diary that reveal her venturing into a literary tone.

Video: Vendors live and work among their wares at the world's largest wholesale market for inexpensive goods.

David Lynch had a comic strip that recycled the same art panels, with new text supplied by Lynch every week.