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Headlines Edition

Tuesday Headlines: Plants vs. zombies.

In a brief glimmer of hope, Facebook and all of its services were down for nearly six hours yesterday. / Associated Press

Facebook says the outage was caused by a configuration change, and here's a fascinating observation of how the services disappeared from the web. / The Verge, Cloudflare

According to the Pandora Papers, an art dealer used offshore accounts to traffic in looted Cambodian antiquities. / Hyperallergic

After attacking a mustard plant, a certain parasite freezes the plant's aging until the parasite is through with it. / The New York Times

A study of reefs shows that over the past decade about 14% of the world's coral has been lost. / The Guardian

An infographic of the Earth's surface. / Reddit

Since 1950, an estimated 216,000 children have been victims of sexual abuse by clergy of the French Catholic Church. / France 24

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Biden tells Republicans that blocking action to raise the debt ceiling could result in a historic default. / Reuters

Yellen: Failing to raise the debt ceiling would cause the US to fall into a recession. / CNBC

See also: What is the debt ceiling, anyway? Here's an explanation in cartoon form. / The Morning News

Watch: Schoolhouse Rock!'s "I'm Just a Bill," updated for the current gridlock on Capitol Hill. / Boing Boing

After noticing his local libraries didn't have many children's books about people with disabilities, a seven-year-old launched a book drive, and has collected 100 books so far. / 7News Boston

The original "Poohsticks" bridge goes up for auction next week. / The Washington Post

"You must be present and focused on what is happening." A month of "awe walks." / The Guardian