Headlines edition

Tuesday headlines: They just needed to be left alone.

China reports no Covid-19 deaths for the first time since January. In Italy, a feeling grows that the worst has passed. Meanwhile, a state of emergency settles in Japan.

The UK’s Boris Johnson spent the night in intensive care receiving oxygen support.

Ireland’s prime minister, a physician before he entered politics, volunteers one day a week doing assessments by phone.

The Associated Press launches a new daily feature: “5 things to know today—that aren’t about the virus.”

Trump uses newfound powers to tell Border Patrol to turn away asylum seekers without a hearing, contravening legislation.

The government revokes a Massachusetts tribe's reservation, provoking legal concerns for tribes recognized after 1934.

A 104-year-old Italian woman has recovered well from the coronavirus. She also survived the flu pandemic of 1918.

A German exception? The country’s coronavirus death rate is so low thanks to widespread testing, plenty of ICU beds, and a trusted government passing along smart instructions.

A Colorado county is giving every resident an antibody test, which shows who has already been exposed to the coronavirus.

Since mid-March, there's been a 600% increase in advertising images of people washing their hands, face, and body.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of Hamilton surprise a young Broadway fan during John Krasinski's latest episode of “Good News.”

In the UK, phone companies politely ask people to stop burning their towers, thanks to coronavirus conspiracy theories.

With prices falling, big oil firms may not be able to sustain the dividends that kept investors hooked.

The power of celebrities is tanking except maybe for Britney Spears, an oddly fitting star to lead us out of quarantine.

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Tips from a man who survived the Holocaust by hiding in a small basement for two years with up to 15 others.

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“What matters is the oscillation between exhilaration and despair.” Author Clancy Martin talks about his time in the jewelry hustle.

For your current soundtrack: film music from Studio Ghibli and song picks by Jamie xx. Also, quizzes, science experiments, and other classroom resources from National Geographic for homeschooling.

A Hong Kong zoo has been trying to get two pandas to mate for a decade. When coronavirus shut the zoo down, the pandas found time.

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