Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Muscle from Brussels.

The number of US births has fallen to its lowest level since 1979. / CBS News

What's changing Covid vaccine skeptics' minds: loved ones, trusted figures, and not thinking about Will Smith's I Am Legend. / The Washington Post

Related: A demographic breakout of the three kinds of vaccine hesitancy. / Axios

To increase vaccination rates, states are considering incentives, including savings bonds, gift cards, and free beer. / The New York Times

"A Belgian farmer accidentally moved the border with France, making his home country about 1,000 square meters bigger." / CNN

Researchers find "pharmacy deserts" disproportionately affect Black and Latino neighborhoods in America's largest cities. / USC School of Pharmacy

Today, Facebook's Oversight Board upheld the Trump ban, finding his Jan. 6 posts "severely violated" Facebook's policies. / CNN

See also: Instagram refused to post Signal's ads designed to show users the actual data Facebook knows about them. / Signal

The current state of disinformation: It's domestic, not Russian, and campaigns spread like wildfire in networks like QAnon. / Galaxy Brain

A data breach at a mental health startup exposed patient data—including notes therapists had taken during their sessions. / WIRED

A new study finds combining MDMA with talk therapy helps bring relief to people suffering from PTSD. / The New York Times

The new edition in the "Prescription for Sleep" music series is a collaboration with the creator of the (very relaxing) game Stardew Valley. / VICE

Combatting a panic disorder with a game about mowing lawns. / WIRED

"It can turn a happy upbeat song into something really dark and heartfelt." A brief history of the "slowed + reverb" phenomenon. / Pitchfork

Related: Listen to a classic in the genre, Rum World's rework of "Wish" by Diplo and Trippie Redd. / The Morning News

Using Spotify play counts to identify unpopular songs on popular albums. (Yes, for Rumours it's "Oh Daddy.") / InsideHook

Cleveland's mayor intercedes on grandson's behalf as police investigate homicide and gang ties. / The New Republic

While using a drone to find a local dolphin in Ireland, a citizen archaeologist accidentally discovered a medieval logboat. / Gizmodo

Landscape paintings where angles shape the scene, by Laura Bifano. / Booooooom

A tour of Precious Okoyomon's "Earthseed," a vast, otherworldly installation composed of organic—and sometimes living—matter. / The Morning News