Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Return to sea.

A federal court allows Tennessee's six-week abortion ban to go into effect, as challenges to post-Roe restrictions reach courthouses in multiple US states. / Associated Press

Related: A Texas judge has blocked the state's abortion ban enacted last year, allowing many clinics to resume services ahead of the trigger law scheduled to take effect later this summer. / Axios

Retail chains are running out of Plan B pills, with some stores limiting purchases in order to meet demand. / BuzzFeed News

Deleting period-tracking apps won't necessarily erase users' digital footprints, and many such apps are now trying to do more to anonymize their user data. / The Wall Street Journal

Related: A look at the privacy practices of 12 of the major period-tracking apps. / Input

But also: "Period trackers are not the primary form of digital evidence likely to be used in abortion prosecutions today." / Kendra Albert

"Be vigilant about who you share personal health information with" and other ways to protect your personal data in post-Roe America. / BuzzFeed News

See also: How to temporarily disable Face ID or Touch ID on your iPhone or iPad. / Daring Fireball

NATO has now formally invited Sweden and Finland to join its ranks, following arrangements to address security concerns raised by Turkey. / Reuters

See also: An in-depth look at the weapons Russia is using in Ukraine—many of the munitions are Cold War relics and banned under international treaties. / The New York Times

Why the testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson makes the case for prosecuting Trump: We now know he wanted his followers to head to the Capitol on Jan. 6—knowing they were armed. / The Dispatch

See also: A profile of Howard Polskin, the media veteran who tracks the most unhinged headlines on right-wing websites. / The New Yorker

Update on that canceled-teen story: New York had good reason to cancel the story, but could have done it way better. / Gawker

"With its thousands of kilometers of coastline…the United Kingdom is mapping out where it will cease trying to hold back the sea within a decade or two." / Hakai Magazine

A study concludes human fossils at the "Cradle of Humankind" are a million years older than previously thought—making them as old as 3.6 million years. / Motherboard

"They treat a lot of the stablehands like we're fully replaceable." Medieval Times employees in Lyndhurst, NJ, will vote to form the chain's first union. / HuffPost

Margaret Keane, known for her artwork of children with large, sad eyes—paintings her husband took credit for—has died at 94. / BBC News

"After over two years of caution, dinner parties are back in a big way." This is the new dinner-party economy. / Eater