Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: “Supermassive”

Washington, DC, records its highest number of daily coronavirus cases in more than four months. / WAMU

Several members of the Pentagon's senior leadership are quarantining after a top Coast Guard official tests positive. / CNN

First President Trump says he won’t negotiate a new fiscal stimulus package, then reverses. The markets respond erratically. / CNBC, The Washington Post, MarketWatch

The Boston Globe endorses Joe Biden, offering 12 cases for 12 different kinds of voters. / The Boston Globe

Ryan Lizza: The worst-kept secret in Washington is Trump is going to lose the election in 28 days from now, probably by a large margin. / POLITICO

See also: “It’s impossible to quantify how tired Americans are of this presidency.” / POLITICO

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens have been vaccinated for COVID-19. “In the West, it would be considered anti-science." / The New Yorker

"I don’t wish to encourage irresponsible tourism." A travel guide for Covid-era New York City. / Bloomberg

Unrelated: Photographs from inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. / Colossal

The world's biggest polluters are corporations. And many of the biggest emitters aren’t disclosing their footprints at all. / Bloomberg

Top officials at the Justice Department were “a driving force” behind Trump’s child separation policy. / The New York Times

Hurricane Delta makes landfall in the Yucatan Peninsula, posing significant danger to the Gulf Coast beginning Friday. / The Weather Channel

Two female CRISPR scientists make history, winning the Nobel Prize in chemistry for genome-editing. / STAT

This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics is awarded to three scientists for their work on black holes. / Scientific American

Related: Andrea Ghez explains how to find a supermassive black hole. / The Morning News

Facebook says it will ban any pages, groups, or Instagram accounts representing the conspiracy theory QAnon. / CNN

Married women lost almost 1 million jobs last month. Single men gained 1.2 million. / Twitter

An argument that “acceptance parenting” is objectively harder, if only because it emphasizes knowledge of your own ignorance. / The Point

See also: “My Three Fathers,” by Ann Patchett / The New Yorker

A Rapha collaboration with Palace Skateboards is said to be the ugliest cycling uniform ever. It’s also for sale. / The Wall Street Journal, Cycling Weekly

Musicians on social media memorialize Eddie Van Halen. / Pitchfork

Headline of the week? "Supreme Court Declines To Hear Led Zeppelin." / NPR