Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: Youth for a youth

Starting in September, New York City will require people to prove they've been vaccinated to eat indoors, visit gyms, or go to theaters. / Vox

For the moment, New York Governor Cuomo defies calls, including from President Biden, to resign. / The New York Times

The Biden administration issues a new targeted moratorium on evictions. / USA Today

Athletes at the Olympics say Instagram blocks them from posting video footage of their races. / Reuters

A profile of Erriyon Knighton, one of the youngest people in decades to represent the US in men's track. / NPR

The sweet spot for overcoming air drag and inertia lies at around 110 pounds—the average weight of both cheetahs and pronghorns. / WIRED

Scientists test animals—dung beetles, seals—to see if washed-out skies at night affect their navigation skills. (They do, badly.) / The New York Times

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A new way to see California's redwood forests: pedaling a railbike on old train tracks laid down by logging companies. (Some video footage of what it's like.) / The Los Angeles Times, Vimeo

Photographs and observations from a bike ride on Italy's "Tuscany Trail." / The Radavist

Watch: A review of the $7 billion flood defense system that was built to protect Venice from increased flooding due to the climate emergency. / Kottke 

New research finds that West African "talking drums" can replicate speech with a remarkable level of detail. / Smithsonian 

When we cooperate on certain tasks, studies suggest that our brain waves synchronize. / Discover

Research finds the socioeconomic networks and built environments of larger urban areas can predict lower rates of depression. / University of Chicago News

See also: A recent photo from Lollapalooza turned into a Where's Waldo. / Twitter

Younger generations complain about their elders' lockdown phone use: "What's more important on your phone than me?" / VICE

Some actually valuable advice from Boomers to Gen Z and everybody else. / The Guardian

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This week at Camp ToB, the summer version of the Tournament of Books, we're discussing the first half of Helen Oyeyemi's Peaces. / TMN