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The Brutalist Coloring Book. Credit: TM™.

It's cartoon villain day, as Mark Zuckerberg sues to acquire some Native Hawaiians' land.

"The Facebook CEO is trying to enhance the seclusion of his property by filing several lawsuits aimed at forcing these families to sell their land at a public court auction to the highest bidder." The legal use of "quiet title and partition" has been displacing Native Hawaiian families for decades.


We had that conversation over a full day of listening to Christian television. He would just let it end with, “Well, let’s let think about it. I’m just worried that if I come people will expect me to dance like Michael Jackson.” Or he’d be like, “I’m not very strong anymore. I used to be able to wrestle down Hulk Hogan.” We’re in the bush of a town in Nigeria and you’re talking about Hulk Hogan?

William Onyeabor, the cult musician who rarely left the Nigerian city where he maintained a full vinyl factory, died this week—never having performed live.
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Trump supporters in Washington want child care, Social Security, and finance jobs for women.

Plenty hew closer to Republican talking points around evangelism and national security, but a lot of the interviewees want things you'd associate more with an expanded government. One talked about how much he hoped the Postal Service wouldn't be privatized.

Along those lines, there's a good argument that progressives can still win big nationally in the Fight for $15. Trump has waffled on it, and his advisors are hugely anti-labor, but the momentum suggests states and cities will raise their minimum wages.

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An oldie but goodie from our Galleries: "May the Road Rise to Meet You," in which photographer Sara Macel hits the road with her telephone-pole-selling dad to document the life of a traveling salesman.

In the two years we spent working on this project, there were a lot of long car rides from one place to the next where I’d basically interview him about his life on the road. I have to say, I think we were both surprised by just how similar the life of a telephone pole salesman is to that of a freelance photographer. 

We thought viral selfie app Meitu was more creepy than cute even before we found out it sends tons of your data back to China.

At one [DeploraBall] event, 200 guests will be joined by 80 reporters and two documentary crews.

Is the media's incessant fascination with the alt-right fueling the fire?
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Lesson of Mnuchin hearing: When you have a billion dollars, it can be easy to mislay it.

The billionaire financier was revealed during confirmation hearings to have under-reported his assets by more than $100 million. His response? "I have been maligned."

"Other than offshore funds, the big theme of the hearing was confusion." This when Mnuchin's ideology was revealed to be inconsistent with Republicans and even his own nominator on issues such as privatizing Fannie Mae, proprietary trading by retail banks (he sides with Democrats), and Trump's taxes. 


What people forget is, those who end up on opioid pain management have usually tried everything else unsuccessfully.

The opioid crisis has sparked a civil war amongst both doctors and patients in the chronic pain community.

American taxpayers fund the training of future war criminals

The number of foreign military personnel who've trained at US defense universities and later committed atrocities is estimated at somewhere between 17 and 50.

The numbers are shaky because there's no program to monitor defense university graduates.

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