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The 2018 Tournament of Books Is Coming Soon

On March 7, 2018, we’re kicking off the 14th edition of The Tournament of Books, a month-long battle royale among the year’s best novels.

How it works: Over the course of 18 matches—one each weekday—two works of fiction will go head to head, with one of our judges deciding which book moves forward in the brackets, according to whatever criteria matters to them. Along the way, the judges reveal their biases and interests, any connections they have to the participating authors, and, most importantly, an elaborate explanation of how they decided between the two books.

From the eight opening round matches to the four quarterfinal matches through the two semifinal matches—and the potentially Tournament-disrupting “Zombie Round”—our original field of 18 competitors is whittled down to two finalists that will enter our March 30 championship match. There our entire judging panel weighs in, each judge picking their favorite of the two final books, and the book that receives the most votes takes home our 2018 Rooster.

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Tournament prep:

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