2004 Editors’ Awards for Online Excellence

The web is an awfully tangled place, but there are jewels in the strands. Presenting The Morning News 2004 Editors’ Awards for Online Excellence, where advanced technology, top-notch prose, and pictures of cats are equally admired.

In doing our daily headlines and scouring the web for great writers, we run across lots of websites and many of them are excellent, for lots of reasons—political opinions, strange art, interesting histories we might not have learned about otherwise. We have been online long enough to appreciate people’s pictures of their cats, and we celebrate all forms of online publishing, be they blog, portfolio, merchandise, or widget.

And though we’d love to include our own writers and staff in the list (Fireland, Hoopla, Sarah Hepola, Defective Yeti, Ftrain, MightyGirl, Dannygregory, WhyGodWhy, Identity Theory, McSweeney’s, Coudal, Whalelane, The MoOM, Gawker, Geoffbadner.com, Choiresicha.com, Hivelogic, Cultureplex, the Journal), we thought you’d enjoy more a list of sites you didn’t already know were excellent. (And thanks to Jim at Coudal/Jewelboxing for the graphic.)


Favorite Use of Web-based Capabilities, Newspaper

The New York Times
(specifically, video and audio features, e.g., Kristof’s multimedia op-eds)

Favorite Use of Web-based Capabilities, Magazine

The Economist
(specifically, backgrounders)

Favorite Use of Web-based Capabilities, Indie


Favorite Use of Web-based Capabilities, Foodie

À La Carte

Favorite Use of Web-based Capabilities, Creepy

They Rule

Favorite Independent Sustained Coverage of a Single Topic


Favorite Dedication to Seemingly-limited Concept

The Dullest Blog in the World

Favorite Message Board


Favorite Columnist: Relevance

Andrew Sullivan

Favorite Columnist: Consistency

Eric Umansky

Favorite Link Pools of Things Otherwise Ungrouped, English edition

Things Magazine

Favorite Link Pools of Things Otherwise Ungrouped, Japanese edition


Favorite Concept for a Politics Weblog


Favorite Fire Worth All The Smoke

Belle De Jour

First Favorite Magazine With Least Favorite Website

The New Yorker

Second Favorite Magazine With First Favorite Website

The Atlantic Monthly

Favorite Library of the Classics

Read Print

Favorite Guide to New York

Manhattan User’s Guide

Favorite Guide to New Jersey


Favorite MP3 Blog: Rock/Pop

Mystical Beast

Favorite MP3 Blog: Eclecticism

Tofu Hut

Favorite MP3 Blog: Quantity & Quality

Largehearted Boy

Favorite Promotional Website

Celluloid Skyline

Favorite Database of Quotes


Favorite Dedication to All Names in Publishing

Everyone Who’s Anyone in Adult Trade Publishing

Favorite Dedication to Online Supplementary Material

PBS.org (e.g., Egg: The Arts Show, Beyond Brown)

Favorite Place to Learn How to Grow Your Own

You Grow Girl

Favorite Way to Kill Ten Minutes on a Friday


Favorite New Diversion