The ToB, presented by Field Notes, is here!

It's the 2023 Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes! And it's finals week! Dig in!

The Rooster

Announcing the First Annual TMN Tournament of Books

Place your bets! Thumb your books! It’s time for literature to quit its prissy posturing and get pummeled! Introducing The First Annual TMN Tournament of Books, sponsored by

The Rooster

Place your bets! The Rooster is coming! Watch your favorite authors be trounced by nobodies, and your favorite nobodies be clobbered by stars!

Today launches The First Annual TMN Tournament of Books, sponsored by, with our first match featuring some deadly jabs and one sweet right hook: Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America vs. The Bad Boy’s Wife by Karen Shepard, judged by Claire Miccio!

(If you haven’t heard about the Tournament, click here to read the introduction to what’s happening, and to download the brackets poster for your book club’s pool.)

But wait! Before you run off to see who’s won (and who was bloodied to the floor), a few notes on how the Tournament will proceed:

—A new round will be posted each weekday morning between now and February 28th. You can see the rounds’ progress by visiting the Tournament’s home page, or by visiting The Morning News and clicking on the Tournament banner. And fear not: TMN will still be publishing its regular feature stories.

—Though you won’t be able to see their results, by clicking on upcoming matches you can view each of our judges’ profiles—perhaps you can predict how they’ll vote?

—On each round’s page, all of the books involved in the Tournament are linked so you can purchase them through After all, they wouldn’t have made it this far if they weren’t already great…

—Finally, we’ve heard some strange stories so far about how people are abusing the Tournament brackets in their offices; if you have a story to tell, .

And so, on to the Tournament! Roth vs. Shepard, Miccio in the corner!


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