Six-Word Reviews of 1,302 SXSW Mp3s

In anticipation of the South by Southwest music festival, which begins today in Austin, Texas, more than a thousand acts—almost twice as many as last year—offered an mp3 to showcase their sound. We listened to them all.

Many bands appearing in Austin did not release mp3s directly to SXSW; only those bands that did so were reviewed. The data used to create this table is available in a Google Spreadsheet. The reviews and ratings are available for re-use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States license; no claim is made over any of the other data therein, which was acquired by web-scraping and from the unofficial torrents.

Note: Steve Burns of Steve Burns (& the Struggle) is my friend; more specifically, I have controlled his mind. It would not be ethical for me to review his song, so I have asked him to contribute his own rating and review.

For brevity, I kept each review to exactly six words.

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
1 5:57 A-Trak Say Whoa Good, but not good like Samwell. ●●
2 3:46 Aaron Thomas
Alternative · Madrid, SPAIN
Any More Balkany; bails water from leaky boat. ●●
3 3:38 Abalone Dots
Bluegrass · Vastervik, SWEDEN
Craighead County Sky Finally, Swedish bluegrass to believe in. ●●●
4 2:55 Abe Vigoda
World · Los Angeles, CA
Don't Lie Calypso punk with fine reverb-y textures. ●●●
5 6:24 Absinthe Minds
Avant/Experimental · Madison, WI
Unnamed Busted stereo in John Gacy’s basement. ●●●
6 4:02 Ace Enders Reaction He’s not ready to back down.
7 3:49 Adam Heldring
Singer-Songwriter · Stockholm, SWEDEN
OK Goodbye Not not exciting, but he sings.
8 4:26 Adam Stephens (of Two Gallants)
Singer-Songwriter · San Francisco, CA
Lead in our Lungs “Song is always the same,” yep.
9 4:32 Adventure
Electronic/Dance · Baltimore, MD
Battle Cat SIDs. Not just for babies anymore. ●●●
10 2:13 Afterhours
Rock · Milano, ITALY
E' solo febbre Wants me anxious, but I’m bored.
11 2:14 AIDS Wolf
Punk · Montreal, QC
Tied-Up In Paper The cats just got freaked out.
12 4:11 The Aimless Never Miss
Rock · San Francisco, CA
The Bright Side Who knows? MP3 quality is garbage.
13 4:12 Akina Adderley & The Vintage Playboys
R&B · Austin, TX
The Way to Love Me Doesn’t gel, but her voice’s cool. ●●
14 3:49 Al Kapone
Hip-Hop · Memphis, TN
The Music Highly instructive Memphis music history lesson. ●●●●●
15 2:02 Alash
Bashtak Joke Throat-singing as bass Jew’s harp.
16 6:11 Alaska in Winter
Electronic/Dance · Albuquerque, NM
Berlin Band, song, continue to get better. ●●●●●
17 4:40 Alberta Cross
Rock · New York, NY
The Thief & The Heartbreaker Wait for the intro to end. ●●●●●
18 3:38 Alela Diane
Singer-Songwriter · Portland, OR
White As Diamonds Good clean voice, but no steam. ●●●
19 1:53 Alessi's Ark
Singer-Songwriter · London, UK-ENGLAND
The Horse Let’s camp and hug each other. ●●●
20 3:22 Alex Cuba
Latin Rock · Vancouver, BC
Si Pero No I find this man extremely attractive. ●●●●
21 0:31 Alex Koll
Comedy · San Francisco, CA
Hi, Mom A solitary unamusing joke—but short.
22 4:57 Alex Smoke
Electronic/Dance · Glasgow, UK-SCOTLAND
A Moment To Myself The artist’s name is imperative. Aphexy. ●●
23 4:12 Alexandre Grooves
World · Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
Amanha eu nao vou trabalhar When… will… the… song… begin? (0:32) ●●
24 3:37 Ali Eskandarian
Alt Country · Brooklyn, NY
Government Meat Way too chipper. Should be electric.
25 3:24 Ali Harter
Acoustic · Choctaw, OK
Grandpa Spare until 2:53, achieving neatness thereafter. ●●●
26 6:02 Alina Simone
Pop · Brooklyn, NY
From Great Knowledge However the Russian translates, life’s heinous. ●●●●●
27 3:32 All Get Out
Rock · Charelston, SC
Water And God Sincere, confident vocals a plain base. ●●●
28 6:05 All Tiny Creatures
Rock · Milwaukee, WI
To All Tiny Creatures But what about we big creatures? ●●●
29 2:43 Allison
Punk · Mexico City, MEXICO
Algo que Decir Video will feature headbanging, gazongas, sparks.
30 3:57 Alyssa Suede
Acoustic · Glendale, CA
Fallout Beck’s sister sounds much like Jewel.
31 4:47 Amanda Palmer
Rock · Boston, MA
Leeds United Sounds just like the Dresden Dolls. ●●●●
32 3:05 ambeR Rubarth
Singer-Songwriter · Brooklyn, NY
Rough Cut Nice piano, but could be bigger. ●●●●
33 2:44 Amber Smith
Rock · Budapest, HUNGARY
Hello Sun Solar-positive guitar pop from Budapest. ●●
34 3:17 Amplified Heat
Rock · Austin, TX
What Went Wrong They also have a hot sauce.
35 3:23 Amy Annelle
Avant/Experimental · Austin, TX
Such As The Earth (Neveroff's Fate) Wish I lived in the woods. ●●●●
36 3:05 Amy LaVere
Alt Country · Memphis, TN
Killing Him Gentle song about murdering your man. ●●●●
37 3:34 Amy Wadge
Alt Country · Pontypridd, UK-WALES
One More Day She wants but one more day.
38 3:10 Ana Silvera
Singer-Songwriter · London, UK-ENGLAND
Gardenias and Cigarettes A strong British voice. Like Adele. ●●●●
39 4:43 Anathallo
Rock · Chicago, IL
The River It hurts not to like this. ●●
40 3:08 Anberlin
Rock · Orlando, FL
Feel Good Drag Heavy parts boring, melodic parts pleasurable. ●●●●

Chart: Circle distribution

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
41 7:24 Ancestors
Metal · Los Angeles, CA
Neptune With Fire A mess of despair and guitars. ●●●●
42 4:48 Anchorsong
Electronic/Dance · London, UK-ENGLAND
Set The Bears Free Why are bears in cages anyway? ●●
43 3:03 Andre Williams
R&B · Chicago, IL
Dealer, Peeler, Cheater That new dance, the bacon fat. ●●●●●
44 4:08 Andy Bull
Pop · Sydney, NSW
Small Town Girl Seriously perky in so many regards. ●●●●
45 3:45 Andy White
Singer-Songwriter · Belfast, UK-N. IRELAND
You Walked Back Into My Heart “World music for the Apple generation.” ●●
46 4:02 Angie Mattson
Singer-Songwriter · Los Angeles, CA
In Violet Sarah McLachlan vox w/big drums. ●●
47 3:02 Angry Vs The Bear
Pop · Essex, UK-ENGLAND
I Sing, We Sing Angry plays piano. The bear sings. ●●
48 3:44 Angus & Julia Stone
Singer-Songwriter · Sydney, NSW
Mango Tree It’s as if the Weepies mumbled. ●●●
49 3:51 Ann Vriend
Pop · Edmonton, AB
St Paul Nothing wrong with sounding like Dolly. ●●
50 3:39 Annihilation Time
Punk · Oakland, CA
Splash Back Then the guitars get real noisy. ●●
51 4:46 Anthony Snape
Singer-Songwriter · Sydney, NSW
Sunday With genuine emotion in significant quantity. ●●
52 4:35 Aqualung
Singer-Songwriter · London, UK-ENGLAND
On My Kees He’s calling out on his knees.
53 4:21 Arabrot
Alternative · Oslo, NORWAY
Holes Norway must be an awful place.
54 5:05 Ariel Abshire
Alt Country · Austin, TX
Exclamation Love Sound too trite; lyrics too clever.
55 3:45 Arkells
Rock · Hamilton, ON
Oh, The Boss Is Coming Best lyrics of all the A’s. ●●●●●
56 5:19 A Armada
Rock · Athens, GA
Fall-Triumph Look up, Explosions in the Sky ●●●
57 3:38 Arms and Legs
Electronic/Dance · Croton Falls, NY
No Prescription Tom Yorke vocals with grunge Casiotone. ●●
58 3:48 Arms and Sleepers
Avant/Experimental · Cambridge, MA
Butterflycatcher Melodic, mostly instrumental, with tinkling bells. ●●●
59 5:13 Arsenal Estupendo Like Air France, just a little. ●●
60 3:28 Artefacts For Space Travel
Pop · London, UK-ENGLAND
Recoup The Moody Blues gets fuzzy guitars. ●●
61 3:05 Arts the Beatdoctor
Hip-Hop · Utrecht, THE NETHERLANDS
Arts The Beatdoctor - The Anthem (feat. Pete Philly) Borscht from the doctor of beats. ●●●
62 3:06 Ashu
Rock · Mumbai, INDIA
Fix Me Tom Waits is pretty much genius.
63 3:09 The Asteroid #4 These Flowers of Ours Drop my coffin among the daisies. ●●●●●
64 3:34 Astrid Williamson I Am The Boy For You Good voice, lots of moving parts. ●●●●
65 3:11 Astrograss
Bluegrass · Brooklyn, NY
There Their They're Bluegrass proudly indifferent to proper grammar. ●●
66 4:34 Asylum Street Spankers
Bluegrass · Austin, TX
Leaf Blower A touching song about gay trees.
67 3:30 Attack! Attack! (UK)
Rock · Cardiff, UK-WALES
you and me Buttervox: the lyrical version of “butterface.” ●●●
68 5:01 Au Revoir Simone
Pop · Brooklyn, NY
A Violent Yet Flammable World It’s too sweet; I’m too old. ●●
69 2:12 Audacity
Punk · Fullerton, CA
Mode Wish I could yell back, once.
70 5:38 Aun
Avant-garde · Montreal, QC
DRAINBOW Guitar noise drone with harmonic sense. ●●
71 6:24 Aurora Plastics Company
Avant/Experimental · Austin, TX
No Place for Restriction Oh my god, there truly is.
72 3:32 Austin Cunningham
Americana · Nashville, TN
Recipe For Disaster Genuine lament about being a screwup. ●●●
73 2:50 Autons (TX)
Metal · Austin, TX
From Trees Bros into metal throwing basement party. ●●●●
74 4:34 Autumn
Singer-Songwriter · Austin, TX
RAIN DOWN The rain washes the cliches away.
75 4:04 AwkQuarius
Hip-Hop · Dallas, TX
Let's Hit The Town Fun open that gets kinda creepy. ●●●
76 2:17 B L A C K I E
Hip-Hop · LaPorte, TX
I Write On Money A sloppy mess. Rhythm is wack.
77 4:27 B. Dolan
Hip-Hop · Providence, RI
Heart Failure Some good production on the intro. ●●●●
78 2:39 Babydick
Rock · Austin, TX
The Riff Babydick doesn’t want to be loved.
79 3:36 Backseat Goodbye
Pop · Murfreesboro, TN
Summer Drive Song Maybe his girlfriend likes this song.
80 1:47 Bad Sports
Punk · Denton, TX
All The Time Everything I hate about tape cassettes.

Inside the circles

●●●●●: Worthy of five circles.

●●●●: Worthy of four circles.

●●●: Worthy of three circles.

●●: Worthy of two circles.

●: Worthy of one circle.

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
81 2:13 Baddies Battleships Bouncy and briskly inoffensive post-punk. ●●
82 3:28 Balance
Hip-Hop · Oakland, CA
FLY Time to retire the word “fly.”
83 6:35 Balmorhea
Avant/Experimental · Austin, TX
San Solomon Lots of hand claps this year. ●●●
84 2:40 Bam Bam
Rock · Monterrey, MEXICO
Por favor no vuelvas a nacer Cool slightly dissonant vocals at 0:54. ●●
85 4:45 The Band of Heathens
Alt Country · Austin, TX
Cornbread Nothing more appetizing than cornbread vagina.
86 3:58 Banda de Turistas Un Verdadero Cajon de Madera Much plunking and plenty of thumping. ●●
87 3:30 Bang! Bang! Eche!
Punk · Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
4 To The Floor They’re using up our exclamation points. ●●●
88 3:32 Barn Owl
Avant/Experimental · San Francisco, CA
The White Mountain Filled With Light A dingy room. A dirty mattress. ●●
89 3:16 Bart Davenport
Singer-Songwriter · Berkeley, CA
A Young One Crawls right up your back, fast. ●●
90 3:37 Baskery
Country · Stockholm, SWEDEN
One Horse Down Sounds like they sped the tape. ●●
91 3:47 Battle Hymns
Rock · Seattle, WA
For Arlene Not unengaging. Vocals faraway and whiny. ●●●
92 3:04 Bazaar Royale
Rock · Brooklyn, NY
on the wild side “Like a sex macheeeeee eeee eeeene.” ●●●
93 4:46 Beach House
Pop · Baltimore, MD
Gila Mike loves them but they drag.
94 2:14 Beans on Toast
Singer-Songwriter · London, UK-ENGLAND
I fancy Laura Marling “Cyprus Avenue” with irony. Still. Ew.
95 3:18 The Beat Poets
Rock · Belfast, UK-N. IRELAND
Staring Stars Down I cannot form an opinion here.
96 4:03 BeauSoleil
Pop · Lafayette, LA
I Spent All My Money Loving You Old Cajun band; they’re sleepwalking, though. ●●●
97 4:01 Beautiful Nubia
World · Lagos, NIGERIA
Spirit Of A New Generation What happened with the chorus? Zoiks. ●●●
98 3:13 The Beauvilles
Rock · Tampa , FL
Snow Obviously exists solely for pussy acqusition.
99 2:31 Bedouin Soundclash
Pop · Toronto, ON
Walls Fall Down Cheerful reggae from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. ●●
100 2:55 Belladonna
Rock · Roma, ITALY
Black Swan Purely for B-movie closing credits.
101 3:44 The Belleville Outfit
Jazz · Austin, TX
Caroline Will inspire lawnmowing dads to fingersnap. ●●
102 3:32 Belong Late Night Huge, pure blur, feedback, and static. ●●●●
103 3:08 Ben Jelen
Rock · New York, NY
Ex-sensitive ELO, I must be going. (Kazoo?) ●●
104 4:07 Benny Crespo's Gang 123323 Postrock—now Iceland’s number one export. ●●
105 3:23 Benny Gallagher
Singer-Songwriter · West Wickham, UK-ENGLAND
THE ROOSTER Only for nice fat old folkies. ●●●
106 4:11 Bett Butler
Jazz · San Antonio, TX
When Love Has Left the Room A lady is bitter, and drunk. ●●
107 2:19 Big Sam's Funky Nation
Jazz · New Orleans, LA
Up In Here They say funk, they mean it. ●●●●
108 3:20 Bigelf
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Money, It's Pure Evil Beatles via ELO channeling anarchist squatters. ●●●●
109 3:10 Bill Rice Band
Country · Austin, TX
Kicked Out She dumped him, and his guitar. ●●
110 3:29 Binary Audio Misfits
Hip-Hop · Toulouse, FRANCE
Brain Drain Generation There’s no cure for Soul Coughing.
111 5:35 Bird Peterson
Electronic/Dance · Austin, TX
Pete Goes Off An even more sterile Fatboy Slim. ●●●
112 3:46 Birds Of Tokyo
Rock · Brunswick, VIC
Broken Bones Starts cool, but sprouts baseball cap. ●●●
113 3:26 Birds of Wales
Alt Country · Toronto, ON
Cinderella (Has Nothing On You!) Glass slipper, smashing a face, forever.
114 2:04 Birthday Suits
Punk · Minneapolis, MN
Flying Man Y2K DKish but you can’t understand anything.
115 2:55 Biscuit Brothers
Alt Country · Austin, TX
This Farm Having kids must be so weird. ●●●●
116 3:05 Bishi
Never Seen Your Face Nothing wrong with a little caterwauling. ●●
117 2:43 Bitter End
Punk · San Antonio, TX
Climate Of Fear Listen: enough chaos. Get a haircut.
118 4:35 Black & White Years Power To Change Positive indie pop choked with cheer. ●●●
119 4:35 The Black and White Years
Rock · Austin, TX
Power To Change Your uncle’s preferred rowing-machine track. ●●●
120 3:34 Black Cherry
Electronic/Dance · London, UK-ENGLAND
Radio Everything is gonna be okay now. ●●●●

Video: Arkells, “Oh, The Boss is Coming!”

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
121 3:19 Black Cobra
Metal · San Francisco, CA
Ommniscient Might inspire a good school shooting.
122 6:04 Black Diamond Bay (formerly Krief)
Rock · Montreal, QC
Blue Mace The OK Computer is Comfortably Numb. ●●
123 5:17 Black Diamond Heavies
Rock · Chattanooga, TN
Bidin' My Time Blues by white beards with dudes. ●●●●
124 3:40 Black Drawing Chalks My favorite way The bass will hurt your colon. ●●●●
125 4:05 Black Gold
Rock · Brooklyn, NY
Detroit A little bit softer than Hard-Fi. ●●●
126 3:29 The Black Hollies
Rock · Jersey City, NJ
Paisley Pattern Ground Zippy, but also somewhat date-rapey. ●●●
127 2:51 Black Lips
Rock · Atlanta, GA
O Katrina! Local alligators are insisting on earplugs. ●●
128 5:59 Black Math Horseman
Metal · Los Angeles, CA
Deerslayer Should be released by Roadrunner records. ●●●●
129 4:45 Black Skies
Rock · Chapel Hill, NC
Mancipium Monument I think he sings about pain.
130 4:20 Black Tusk
Metal · Savannah, GA
Beneath Swampy metal death glurgle with heart. ●●●●
131 3:42 Blacklist
Rock · New York, NY
Blue Shifted Their URL is listofblack dot com. ●●
132 3:59 Blacklisted Individuals
Hip-Hop · Austin, TX
Fist Full Of Strife That flute sample should settle itself. ●●
133 3:58 Blackstrap Rough Parade My shoes refuse my objectifying gaze. ●●
134 3:06 The Blakes
Rock · Seattle, WA
MONKEY Mental travelers named for Wm. Blake. ●●●●
135 4:08 Blank Blue
Pop · Long Beach, CA
Sonic What! Hug your cats extra close tonight. ●●●●
136 3:57 Bleeders No Hope Left At 1:10, filter sweep. Filters weep.
137 3:21 Blind Pilot
Pop · Portland, OR
Go On, Say It Idles along amiably without hurtin nothin. ●●●
138 3:16 Blofly
Hip Hop/Rap · Dallas, TX
Get Throwed Say “yeah” real low. Uh. Uh.
139 5:43 Blood Red Throne Altered Genesis Exactly like being badly pukeful drunk. ●●●●
140 3:43 Bloodgroup
Electronic/Dance · Reykjavik, ICELAND
Chuck Evening News Theme FROM THE FUUUUUTURE. ●●●●
141 4:16 The Bloodsugars
Rock · New York, NY
Bloody Mary Remember trading eight-track nostalgia zines? ●●●
142 3:42 Blu
Hip-Hop · Los Angeles, CA
My World Is.... Apparently he is God’s lyrical messenger.
143 3:42 The Blue Aeroplanes
Rock · Bristol, UK-ENGLAND
Jacket Hangs The soothing sound of old Brits. ●●●●
144 3:51 Blue King Brown
Urban Roots · Melbourne, VIC
Moment Of Truth Call to unite, featuring sirens, etc. ●●●
145 3:59 Blue Scholars
Hip-Hop · Seattle, WA
Loyalty MC could pause some to breathe. ●●●
146 3:46 Bo-Keys
R&B · Memphis, TN
Cracker Jack Stripped down? Or not much here? ●●●
147 2:49 BO-PEEP
Rock · Tokyo, JAPAN
B-Level Motion Japanese ladies getting poked with stick.
148 2:46 The Boat People
Pop · Brisbane, QLD
Unsettle My heart The Boat People want to unsettle… ●●
149 4:13 Boats
Alternative · Winnipeg, MB
500% People from Winnipeg are quite nasal. ●●●
150 3:18 Bobby Bare Jr.
Rock · Nashville, TN
The Heart Bionic Exactly the same song over again. ●●●●
151 3:21 Bogart and the Addictives
Rock · Toulouse, FRANCE
Woman in Uniform Naked little creatures, remain in light. ●●
152 3:16 Bomani Armah & Project Mayhem
Hip-Hop · Washington, DC
Read a Book The Harold Bloom of satirical krunk. ●●●●●
153 3:47 Bonjour Brumaire
Rock · Montreal, QC
Prunelle Of Montreal (but not Of Montreal). ●●●●
154 5:23 Bosque Brown
Singer-Songwriter · Fort Worth, TX
This Town Another indie come-back-sweetie-pie. ●●
155 2:34 The Botticellis
Pop · San Francisco, CA
Old Home Movies So much pop that it fizzles. ●●
156 1:48 Box Elders
Rock · Omaha, NE
Hole In My Head A call to beat the elderly.
157 5:36 The Boxing Lesson
Rock · Austin, TX
Dark Side of the Moog The Moog has no dark side. ●●●
158 3:12 Boy Crisis
Electronic/Dance · Brooklyn, NY
Dressed to Digress Intro is perfect—no unneccessary dithering. ●●●●
159 3:21 Braille
Hip-Hop · Portland, OR
The IV Not blind to the rap game. ●●●●
160 4:51 Brandon Rhyder
Alt Country · Austin, TX
Have I Waited Too Long He is sending out mixed messages.

Bears, wolves, and tigers

AIDS Wolf · Angry vs. The Bear · Golden Bear · Legendary Tiger Man · Miniature Tigers · Pack Of Wolves · The Republic Tigers · Turbowolf

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
161 5:05 Brannen Temple's Temple Underground
Jazz · Austin, TX
New Solitude I keep pursing my lips, squinting. ●●●
162 5:18 Brazos
Rock · Austin, TX
The Observer Pocket-sized; mentions some mountain gorillas. ●●●●
163 3:47 The Break And Repair Method
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
You Won't Be Able To Be Sad Starts out derivative, sticks its guns.
164 2:31 The Breakers
Rock · Copenhagen, DENMARK
Dance The Go-Go Yet I’d prefer not shaking it. ●●
165 5:10 Brian Wright and the Waco Tragedies
Rock · Los Angeles , CA
Glory Hallelujah I bet they’d enliven a wedding. ●●●
166 2:50 The Bridges
Pop · Oxford, AL
Pieces Big golden harmonies, slightly leaden lyrics. ●●●●
167 4:22 Brigitte DeMeyer
Singer-Songwriter · Burlingame, CA
Shepherd Rootsy, pared-down, Christ-lovin’, amen. ●●●●
168 3:31 Brimstone Howl
Punk · Lincoln, NE
They Call Me Hopeless Destroyer Going faster won’t get you there.
169 4:07 Bring Me The Horizon
Metal · Sheffield, UK-ENGLAND
The Comedown Blind rage inspiring a terrible ennui. ●●
170 2:35 Brooke Waggoner
Singer-Songwriter · Nashville, TN
Live for the Sounds Another sweet song from this lady. ●●●●
171 3:40 The Brothers Movement
Rock · Dublin, IRELAND
Blind Uses rock strings without annoying strangers. ●●●●
172 4:03 Bryan Scary and The Shredding Tears Imitation of the Sky Rejected track from “The Nylon Curtain.” ●●●
173 2:51 Buddy
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Is it Cold in Silverlake (advance version) Another one that did Grey’s Anatomy. ●●
174 3:39 Buff1
Hip-Hop · Ann Arbor, MI
Beat The Speakers Up Extra star for mention of vitiligo. ●●●
175 2:51 Built By Snow
Rock · Austin, TX
All the Weird Kids Know Tight leather jackets yearning for sweaters. ●●
176 3:08 Butterfly Boucher
Pop · Nashville, TN
Gun for a Tongue Buildup is flawless, chorus too much. ●●●●
177 3:36 Cactus's
Rock · Franklin, TN
Purple Coyote Pixies dusted with some heavy metal. ●●●
178 2:50 Cafe Funque
Latin Rock · Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Funqueitor Please, monsieur! We serve only funque. ●●●
179 4:23 Cage
Hip-Hop · New York, NY
Shoot Frank Another definitive Definitive Jux rap artist. ●●●●
180 3:17 Caitlin Crosby
Pop · Los Angeles, CA
Still Have My Heart She misses him with jaunty remorse. ●●
181 2:04 Caleb Engstrom
Singer-Songwriter · Iowa City, IA
Hoof He’ll cry all over your pillow.
182 3:25 Callers
Blues · Brooklyn, NY
More Than Right Good voice, well applied, seems smart. ●●●●
183 3:17 Cancer Bats
Rock · Toronto, ON
Hail Destroyer A threatening band name for Austin.
184 4:40 Canja Rave
Rock · Porto Alegre, RS
11 Dias 1) By the numbers. 2) But still pleasant. ●●●
185 4:18 Canopy
Pop · Austin, TX
Everybody Trips A Little Now and Then Comes with an Elliott Smith sneer. ●●●●
186 4:09 Capsula
Rock · Bilbao, SPAIN
Run Run Run (Velvet Underground Tribute) Something is added. Much taken away. ●●●
187 3:34 Caracol
Pop · Montreal, QC
L'amour est un tricheur Everything is better with horns in French. ●●●
188 3:30 Carolina Chocolate Drops Cornbread And Butter Beans Sounds much like a back porch. ●●●●
189 4:31 Caroline Herring
Singer-Songwriter · Decatur, GA
Paper Gown Protagonist blamed it on black man! ●●●●
190 3:56 Carrie Rodriguez
Singer-Songwriter · Austin, TX
Absence Might work better when you’re drunk. ●●●
191 3:39 Cary Brothers
Singer-Songwriter · Los Angeles, CA
Ride Closing credits for supernatural teen drama. ●●●●
192 3:59 Castledoor
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Dumpster Diving “He put a knife in the fork.” ●●●
193 3:30 Casxio
Funk · Sherman Oaks, CA
Seventeen Nice guitar tech and disco falsetto. ●●●●
194 1:35 Cause Co-Motion!
Punk · Brooklyn, NY
I Lie Awake Low-fi smash-monsters cassette sound. ●●
195 4:20 Ceci Bastida
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Cuando Vuelvas a Caer I like, but don’t understand, her. ●●●●●
196 3:28 Cecil Otter
Hip-Hop · Minneapolis, MN
rebel yellow It’s time to move to Minneapolis. ●●●●●
197 6:53 Ceeplus Bad Knives
Electronic/Dance · Houston, TX
CEEPLUS BAD KNIVES -KKR (unfinished mix) Seven minutes with The Twinkling Diodes.
198 2:19 Cerebral Ballzy
Punk · Brooklyn, NY
Insufficient Fare Sucks, but then I don’t skate.
199 3:30 Chad Hudson
Country · Austin, TX
All About The Music Country equivalent to Al Kapone song. ●●
200 2:27 Champagne Champagne
Hip-Hop · Seattle, WA
Soda and Pop Rocks Non-overproduced electronic sound very welcome. ●●●●

Promotional copy


Futomomo Satisfaction is only one “trombone BIKINI girls band” in the world. (Futomomo means thighs.) Live Performance of this Japanese revolutional icon band has been rarely performed. A lot of people has been anxious for it, and anyone who has seen, has been attracted and cheered momentarily. Your eyes must be glued to three girls who put on BIKINI. On the stage, they not only play trombone, but also shout, sing, and dance. We Futomomo Satisfaction promises you we will play an enthusiastic live at SXSW2009.


Futomomo Satisfaction has eight members. Three BIKINI trombones, one BIKINI keyboards, a saxophone, a guitar, a bass, and drums.

Three BIKINI trombone girls;

Left: JACKIE (Takako Miyazaki). Jackie performs a punk rocker. She is always smoking marlboro.

Center: SUZUYAKKO (Suzuko Matsuyama). Leader, Suzuyakko performs a lonely Geisha-girl. She has taken off at least 30 girls or more’ clothes, and put them on bikinis.

Right: LUMIERE (Rumie Tada). Lumiere performs an amazones. She attracts you by her wild and sexy dance.

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
201 4:00 Chanel Campbell
Singer-Songwriter · Nashville, TN
Cry Cry Cry She doesn’t want to fight anymore.
202 3:33 The Chap
Rock · London, UK-ENGLAND
Propr Rock Beats you to a blurry pulp. ●●
203 3:52 Charanga Cakewalk
World · Austin, TX
Dirty Cumbia “Charanga” = Cuban orchestra. That’s explained. ●●●●
204 1:46 Charlie Mcalister
Pop · Charleston, SC
I mean it A whinier, lower-fidelity Mountain Goats.
205 3:59 Chase Pagan
Pop · Mountain Home, AR
The Lonely Life Lament for a recently-found son. ●●●●
206 3:24 The Cheek
Pop · Woodbridge, UK-ENGLAND
You Let Me Go Good name for some other band. ●●●
207 3:24 Cheeky Cheeky And The Nosebleeds You Let Me Go Vocalist spills it all over everything. ●●●
208 3:34 The Chesterfield Kings
Rock · Rochester, NY
Up And Down Blimey, that’s akin to the Stones. ●●
209 4:21 Chief
Rock · Santa Monica, CA
Your Direction Richard Thompson’s strong in this one. ●●●●
210 3:42 Chikita Violenta
Rock · Mexico City, MEXICO
Undecided Everything in this song is strained.
211 3:55 Chip Pope
Comedy · Los Angeles, CA
Ladyboy Amazing pronunciation; about girls with willies. ●●●●
212 4:05 Chiwoniso
World · Harare, ZIMBABWE
Vanorapa Everything is going great in Zimbabwe! ●●●●
213 3:47 Choir of Young Believers
Rock · Copenhagen, DENMARK
Next Summer A little less ambition is okay. ●●●
214 3:07 Choo Choo
A little wiser now Good pacing with the lead vocals. ●●●
215 6:22 Chris Bell
Jazz · Austin, TX
The Saltlick Oh jazz, you sound like jazz. ●●
216 3:59 Chris Bergson
Blues · Brooklyn, NY
Rain Beatin' Down Can there be blues without tribute? ●●●
217 4:14 Chris Pierce
Singer-Songwriter · Earth, CA
Change Yourself I mean, so much blues rock. ●●
218 3:42 Chris T-T
Alternative · Brighton, UK-ENGLAND
A-Z Dons its beret, sips its wine. ●●●
219 3:57 Chris Young
Hip-Hop · San Diego, CA
BEEN ON A MISSION Then again, they don’t abuse autotune.
220 3:34 Christian Kiefer
Singer-Songwriter · Rocklin, CA
In Hindsight (featuring Bill Callahan) One of those songs about presidents. ●●●
221 3:46 Christopher Rees
Singer-Songwriter · Cardiff, UK-WALES
Karma Found I don’t understand his central thesis. ●●
222 4:26 Christopher Willits
Electronic/Dance · San Francisco, CA
Greens and Gold Songs for the 100-acre wood. ●●●
223 6:35 The City Champs
Jazz · Memphis, TN
The Safe Cracker Rough edges; Manciniesque organ and guitar. ●●●●
224 4:23 The City Lives
Rock · Oklahoma City , OK
You Gotta Let Go Why should we listen to your advice?
225 3:24 Cla
Pop · Oporto, PORTUGAL
Vamos Esta Noite Voice fine; synth is just silly. ●●
226 3:55 A Classic Education
Rock · Bologna, ITALY
Stay, Son Burning the arcade at both ends. ●●●●
227 4:33 Classified
Hip-Hop · Enfield, NS
All About U John Belushi would’ve smashed this guitar.
228 3:03 Clemits
Hip-Hop · Austin, TX
Whut chu' got to Lose Flow is surprisingly like percussion instrument. ●●●●
229 4:48 Cliff Brown Jr
Singer-Songwriter · Austin, TX
Depression Blues Could easily bring about severe depression. ●●
230 4:10 Clinton Sparks
DJ · Boston, MA
Get Down I’m ready to head out now.
231 3:32 Clipd Beaks
Avant/Experimental · San Francisco, CA
A Healing Song Bruce Dickinson would suggest more tambourine. ●●●
232 3:58 Closure In Moscow
Rock · Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
We Want Guarantees, Not Hunger Pains Weird bridge that collapses and crashes.
233 3:34 The Cloud Room
Pop · Brooklyn, NY
24 Hr Heartbreak “Hey! Hey! Hey!” Hey right back. ●●
234 4:01 CLP
Electronic/Dance · Berlin, GERMANY
I'm So Trill feat. Tunde Olaniran Speedy rapping. Music is his crack. ●●
235 3:09 The Clutters
Rock · Nashville, TN
9999 (Ways To Hate Us) Should be much, much more annoying. ●●
236 4:23 The Coast Killing Off Our Friends Makes me feel like a friend. ●●
237 2:37 The Coathangers
Rock · Atlanta, GA
Stop Stomp Stompin' Song about the best sorta girls. ●●●●
238 5:01 Cobra Krames
DJ · Brooklyn, NY
Back To Life Prom mashup for class of ‘92. ●●
239 3:08 The Cocktail Slippers
Rock · Oslo, NORWAY
Give It To Me Norway girls want you so bad. ●●
240 5:31 Coconuts
Avant/Experimental · New York, NY
paramount Both a crime and a punishment.


Hot Lava · In Case Of Fire · SIMPLIFIRES · The Hot Kicks · The May Fire · Hot Club of Cowtown · Steve Burns (and The Struggle)

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
241 3:47 Codebreaker
Electronic/Dance · Milwaukee, WI
R.I.M.L. His insatiable lust for rhythm—exposed! ●●●
242 3:12 Codie Prevost
Country · Saskatoon, SK
Spin Bored by town, Codie hits highway. ●●
243 3:48 Colin Gilmore
Rock · Austin, TX
Circles in the Yard Should be about dogs. But isn’t. ●●●
244 3:53 Colin Moore
Rock · Montreal, QC
Disease Lonely, tired, “gotta sing/drink” lament. ●●
245 3:46 Colin Munroe
Pop · Toronto, ON
Will I Stay He is confused. I am not.
246 4:03 Colourmusic
Avant/Experimental · Stillwater, OK
Put in a Little Gas Enjoy the distortion and chorus here. ●●●●
247 4:11 Coma in Algiers
Punk · Austin, TX
Possess It Primitive, but works like a lullaby. ●●●●
248 4:10 Come On Gang!
Pop · Edinburgh, UK-SCOTLAND
Wheels Wistful ladies discussing their weekend freedoms. ●●●
249 3:23 Common Market
Hip-Hop · Seattle, WA
Trouble Is The MC should endorse energy drinks. ●●●
250 3:38 Conil
Alternative · London, UK-ENGLAND
If You Really Want To Leave Sings like a green cartoon gorilla.
251 6:38 Contra Coup
World · Austin, TX
Fly Imagine your dad playing roots reggae. ●●
252 5:34 Coreysan
World · Tacarigua, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO
Access Denied His positive vibrations cannot penetrate me.
253 3:41 Cory Branan
Singer-Songwriter · Memphis, TN
Tall Green Grass Hope you like “tall green grass.”
254 3:29 Cosmopolitan
Avant/Experimental · Hermosillo, MEXICO
Hands Stereo Disco Blur gets up in some Ministry. ●●●●
255 4:36 Cotton Jones
Pop · Cumberland, MD
Blood Red Sentimental Blues The blues all blue blurly together. ●●
256 5:35 Cousin Cole
DJ · Brooklyn, NY
I'm On Fire (Cousin Cole's Bad Desire Remix) I am ashamed of loving this. ●●●●●
257 2:37 Crash Kings
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
14 Arms Rhymes “revolution” with “evolution.” One star.
258 3:50 The Crash That Took Me
Rock · Dallas, TX
Julianne Hope you like the name “Julianne.”
259 3:52 Crew54
Hip-Hop · Killeen, TX
Champion According to Crew54, they are awesome. ●●
260 3:27 The Crimea
Rock · London, UK-ENGLAND
Loop a Loop This song sells Trident. Big smile! ●●
261 4:16 The Cringe
Alternative · New York, NY
Burn I forgot about you, Pearl Jam.
262 4:38 Crocodile
Rock · Oklahoma City, OK
August Is Over She’s tired of all the tears. ●●
263 3:11 Crown City Rockers Body Rock Natural successor to Quad City DJs. ●●●
264 2:59 Cut Off Your Hands
Rock · Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Turn Cold Young man’s lament, but it’s charming. ●●●●
265 2:08 The Cute Lepers
Punk · Seattle, WA
Terminal Boredom Lepers should be careful when clapping. ●●
266 4:28 CY
Hip-Hop · Houston, TX
StandUp Rugged 2nd-person narrative. Very rugged. ●●
267 3:29 CYNE
Hip-Hop · Gainesville, FL
The Runaway Production should meet up with vocals. ●●●●
268 3:01 The Cynics
Punk · Pittsburgh, PA
What She Said Functional garage punk; not much new. ●●●
269 3:19 D.O.
Hip-Hop · Toronto, ON
This Grind Praise for the importance of work. ●●
270 3:17 The D'Urbervilles
Rock · Toronto, ON
Hot Tips Handclaps, guitars, singing, etc, etc, Canada. ●●●
271 2:54 Da C.O.D.
Hip-Hop · Austin, TX
Get Low Someone gave the engineer powerful uppers.
272 4:35 DADDY (Will Kimbrough & Tommy Womack)
Alt Country · Nashville, TN
The Ballad of Martin Luther King You’re competing with Nina Simone here.
273 1:52 Daddy a Go-Go
Rock · Atlanta, GA
School Bus Driver (The Stop Song) The existential hell of bus driving.
274 2:09 Dag for Dag
Rock · Stockholm, SWEDEN
I Am the Assassin I now believe in pitch correction. ●●
275 4:34 Damero
Electronic/Dance · Berlin, GERMANY
Mope Delivers on the title’s small promise. ●●●
276 4:45 Dan Dyer
Singer-Songwriter · Austin, TX
Play On Little Children Gentleman with Cassandra Wilson-style vocals. ●●●
277 4:05 Dan Mangan
Singer-Songwriter · Vancouver, BC
Robots It’s difficult, living as an automaton. ●●●●
278 3:14 Dananananaykroyd
Rock · Glasgow, UK-SCOTLAND
Pink Sabbath Arcade Fire hosts a pep rally. ●●●
279 3:06 Dance Gavin Dance
Rock · Sacramento, CA
Me And Zoloft GEt Along Just Fine I don’t think it’s intentionally funny. ●●●
280 3:35 The Dangerous Summer
Rock · Ellicot City, MA
The Dangerous Summer Dear drum fills, I’ve had my. ●●


If I had all that bling and all those drugs and was permitted unconstrained erotic self-indulgence, I would make a point of being happy about it.

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
281 2:25 Daniel Francis Doyle
Avant/Experimental · Austin, TX
Strange Way Of Speaking Fast! Noisy! Messy! And then disappointing.
282 3:19 Daniel Johnston
Singer-Songwriter · Waller, TX
Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Your Grievances Wow. He just keeps on going. ●●●●
283 3:56 Daniel Martin Moore
Singer-Songwriter · Cold Spring, KY
That'll Be the Plan Friendly, drifting rock that’s not pretentious. ●●●●
284 4:18 Danny Schmidt
Singer-Songwriter · Austin, TX
This Too Shall Pass Nice guitar works, lots of cancer. ●●●●
285 3:12 Daphne Willis and Co.
Singer-Songwriter · Newton, MA
Everybody Else Alanis Morissette visits with the blues. ●●
286 5:31 Dappled Cities
Rock · Sydney, NSW
The Night Is Young At Heart Much drama—ridiculous, and not sublime. ●●●●
287 5:09 Datarock
Rock · Bergen, NORWAY
Fa-Fa-Fa I want more data, less rock. ●●●
288 4:13 David Dallas
Hip-Hop · Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Get Out The Way MCs invariably reserve right of way. ●●
289 3:51 David Garza
Singer-Songwriter · Austin, TX
2 Sinners In The Garden Better than most soundtrack-friendly indie. ●●●●●
290 3:50 David Kirton
Reggae · Bridgetown, BARBADOS
Green Camouflage Reggae with some pop production added. ●●●●
291 5:40 David Martel
Singer-Songwriter · Montreal, QC
The End of Self “Tired hands/weakling boy/righteous man.” ●●●
292 4:07 David Tamaoka
Singer-Songwriter · Honolulu, HI
Let's Go Grody high-school make-out grump.
293 9:54 David Thomas Broughton
Avant/Experimental · London, UK-ENGLAND
Weight of My Love Furthering the English folk-prog tradition. ●●●●●
294 4:40 The Day After...
Alternative · Las Vegas, NV
Car Crash Guitarist skating close to the Edge. ●●
295 3:52 DD/MM/YYYY
Avant/Experimental · Toronto, ON
Digital Haircut A steady, painful aural face-slapping.
296 5:38 De los Muertos
Latin Rock · San Antonio, TX
This Changes Everything Spawn of Laibach and art rock. ●●●●●
297 5:15 Dead Confederate
Rock · Athens, GA
The Rat He has a good enough yowl. ●●
298 5:05 Dead Luke
Punk · Madison, WI
The Walking Dead Distortion. Now you have two problems.
299 4:38 Dead Mans Bones In The Room Where You Sleep Creepy, esp. w/those li’l kids. ●●●●●
300 2:30 Dead Sexy Inc
Alternative · Paris, FRANCE
Kamikaze rock'n'roll No apologies, but there should be.
301 3:25 Deadstring Brothers
Rock · Detroit, MI
Tennessee Sure Enough Even more Stones-ey than the others. ●●●
302 2:57 Dear and the Headlights
Alternative · Tempe, AZ
I'm Not Crying. You're Not Crying, are you? Guitar… vocals—what else you want? ●●
303 3:31 Death In The Park
Punk · Montgomery, AL
Fallen (feat. Hayley Williams) “Lay right here with me tonight.”
304 3:39 Death is not a joyride.
Avant/Experimental · Austin, TX
Masochism in the Trade Increasingly painful, hugely swollen mosquito bites. ●●●
305 3:30 Death On Two Wheels
Rock · Atlanta, GA
Calling Us All Back Home You can hear their black bandannas.
306 3:25 Debayres
World · Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
I love you Queso disco—like Shakira, but cheesier. ●●
307 4:09 The Deep Dark Woods
Folk · Saskatoon, SK
All the Money I had is Gone Almost “I Won’t Back Down” cover.
308 3:59 The Deep Vibration
Rock · Nashville, TN
Oklahoma City Woman Blues (Veracruz) Singer seems to need to urinate.
309 1:58 Dekadens
Rock · Bucharest, ROMANIA
Fire in the hole Singer is cool. She starts fires. ●●
310 3:14 Delco
Rock · Madrid, SPAIN
So Out Of Tune Please take this somewhere… oh, good. ●●●
311 3:24 Delhi 2 Dublin
World · Vancouver, BC
Apples Makes you miss the British Empire.
312 6:02 Delicious
Avant/Experimental · Austin, TX
Will To Doubt Skittery strings sound like quirky furniture. ●●●●
313 6:19 Delphic Delphic Pretty good mix on the bass. ●●●
314 4:58 Denis Jones
Electronic/Dance · Manchester, UK-ENGLAND
Beginning Needs less noodling and more confidence. ●●
315 3:22 Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele
Pop · Oxford, MS
Meet Me In The Garden Elvis Costellish with more bird sounds. ●●●
316 6:09 Des Ark
Rock · Durham, NC
Jesus Loves You (But Yr Still Coming Home With Me Tonight) Almost as good as its title. ●●●●●
317 1:47 Descartes A Kant
Rock · Guadalajara, MEXICO
Pedigree Scary (yes) with the yelling ladies. ●●
318 4:47 Designer Drugs
DJ · New York, NY
ZOMBIES! Obviously it’s entirely lacking in BRAAAAAAINZ.
319 2:58 The Details
Rock · Winnipeg, MB
Capture and Develop Canada lends itself to this sound. ●●
320 2:26 The Devil Makes Three
Alt Country · Davis, CA
The Plank They grew up listening to blues.


There does not yet appear to be any band that has named itself “The Sophomore Slump.”

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
321 3:56 The Devil Wears Prada
Metal · Dayton, OH
HTMLl Rulez D00d Xian death metal. At 1:38: “tooooooooombstones!” ●●
322 2:15 Dexter Romweber Duo
Rock · Chappel Hill, NC
Lookout Running through woods in the 1950s. ●●●
323 4:05 Diagonals
Rock · Austin, TX
Yogi Could be drugs, or just weird. ●●
324 4:07 Digital Leather
Electronic/Dance · Tucson, AZ
Modulated/Simulated Very sloppy Joy Divisionesque synth rock. ●●●●●
325 4:17 Dignan
Alternative · McAllen, TX
They're Outnumbered Entertainingly grandiose as end is reach. ●●●●
326 2:15 Diplomats of Solid Sound
Funk · Iowa City, IA
Trouble Me Soul as pursed lips, swiveling hips. ●●●●
327 3:45 The Dirt Drifters
Alt Country · Nashville, TN
Trouble Guess how the Dirt Drifters sound. ●●
328 3:20 Dirtblonde
Rock · Liverpool, UK-ENGLAND
The Hangmen Sonic Mary Chain. A dreary dearie.
329 2:58 Dirty Epics
Rock · Dublin, IRELAND
The Cure MP3’s all fringed and lousy-compressed. ●●
330 3:11 Dirty Heads
Reggae · Huntington Beach, CA
Stand Tall Perfect for prepping for your finals. ●●●●
331 5:04 Dirty Projectors
Avant/Experimental · Brooklyn, NY
Rise Above Makes rising above appear feasible even. ●●●●
332 2:51 Disaster Us
Punk · Perth Amboy, NJ
Never Into You Hard to be punk and pussy. ●●●
333 4:32 Dixie Witch
Rock · Austin, TX
Set the Speed More for the singer than listener.
334 4:23 DJ Chicken George
DJ · Austin, TX
Overthrowed! Makes me want to leave America. ●●●●●
335 3:32 DJ Eleven
DJ · Brooklyn, NY
So Simple (DJ Eleven remix) Jumping on the bed in 1983.
336 3:39 DJ Sun
DJ · Houston, TX
Dubai Chatty low-fi basement lounge mix. ●●●
337 4:22 Dlugokecki
Singer-Songwriter · Southampton, UK-ENGLAND
barricades The sound of garden gnomes weeping.
338 4:30 DM Stith
Singer-Songwriter · Buffalo, NY
Pity Dance Lacking in focus, with ghostly chorus. ●●
339 5:30 Dmitry Fyodorov
Electronic/Dance · Stockholm, SWEDEN
Leisure Like sawtooth waves? Wait there’s more. ●●
340 3:17 Doctor Krapula
Rock · Bogota, COLOMBIA
Bam Babysit a big shitting drunken baby. ●●
341 3:10 The Dollyrots
Punk · Los Angeles, CA
My Best Friend's Hot Cute punk—anagram for “cunt puke.”
342 5:29 Don Rimini
DJ · Paris, FRANCE
Rave On Sounds like a Christopher Walken sample. ●●
343 4:04 DON TETTO
Latin Rock · Bogota, COLOMBIA
ADICTO AL DOLOR Colombia exports better product than this.
344 3:44 Don Yojan & La Frescura
Latin Rock · Austin, TX
DejaVu Orishas do this so much better. ●●
345 3:28 Don't Tell Sophie
Pop · Tacoma, WA
Vonnegut Fivefold Bens, folding over and over. ●●●
346 3:02 Doomtree
Hip-Hop · Minneapolis, MN
FLEX Interesting, yes, but no Cecil Otter. ●●●
347 4:43 Dosh
Rock · Minneapolis, MN
If You Want To, You Have To Sequences of sequenced sequins sweating sneakers. ●●
348 3:39 Doug Kershaw
Cajun · Tiel Ridge, LA
Louisiana Man As covered by one trillion bands. ●●●●●
349 2:28 Dressy Bessy
Rock · Denver, CO
Simple Girlz These ladies sound like real work. ●●●
350 3:47 Drew Andrews
Rock · San Diego, CA
I Could Write A Book Could is very different from should. ●●
351 2:28 Drew Smith's Lonely Choir
Singer-Songwriter · Austin, TX
Nilsson Sings Newman With proper respect for Nilsson, Newman. ●●●●
352 3:03 Dubb Sicks
Hip Hop/Rap · Odessa, TX
Mind in the Gutter His dick makes him filthy, lady. ●●●●
353 3:48 Ducktails
Pop · Ridgewood, NJ
Beach Point Pleasant The broken carousel runs all night. ●●●
354 5:52 Eagle Claw
Rock · Austin, TX
Golden Eagle They have this weird eagle thing.
355 4:09 Eagle Winged Palace
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
02 Ballad Of The Red-Legged Hawk's Fountain This forest sucks. I hate camping.
356 6:22 Ear Pwr
Electronic · Asheville, NC
i like waterslide I hope this band is ten. ●●●●
357 4:49 Earlimart
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Face Down In The Right Town They could open for the Church. ●●
358 3:17 Early Man
Rock · New York, NY
Sinking The Blade “Broken bones…we are the chosen…”
359 5:02 Earthless
Metal · San Diego, CA
Godspeed Not so much fun for us.
360 4:48 Easy Star All-Stars
Reggae · New York, NY
Karma Police So it’s dub…and…Radiohead…and… ●●

Blacks (1)

Black & White Years · Black Cherry · Black Cobra · Black Diamond Bay (formerly Krief) · Black Diamond Heavies · Black Drawing Chalks · Black Gold · Black Lips

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
361 3:02 Ecstatic Sunshine
Avant/Experimental · Baltimore, MD
ramontana Suffers from tragic and profound guitardation. ●●
362 3:25 Ed Vallance
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
The Modern Life An MP3 critical of modern life. ●●●
363 4:28 Edie Sedgwick
Rock · Washington, DC
Edie Sedgwick II All about a genuine Factory model. ●●●
364 5:08 Efterklang
Pop · Copenhagen, DENMARK
Mirador Multiinstrumentally searching for easy urgent beauty. ●●
365 4:06 The Egg
Electronic/Dance · London, UK-ENGLAND
Nothing Very boopy. Singer is quite plummy. ●●●●
366 3:59 Eileen Rose
Americana · Boston, MA
$20 Shoes Lyrics go: “down by the river.”
367 6:05 Eksi Ekso
Rock · Boston, MA
O' God, They've Fozen You should endeavor to unfeeze them. ●●●
368 5:35 El Tule
Latin · Cedar Park, TX
La Sirena (The Mermaid) Hang out; it eventually gets there. ●●●●
369 3:00 Elastic Band
Pop · Granada, SPAIN
A Little Bit Of Lovin' TV theme breaks off. Oscilloscope explodes.
370 2:59 The Electric Diorama
Alternative · Rome, ITALY
Oh Dear, Now I'm Sure, I Hate You Death-cab-nu-metal. Gets worse.
371 3:14 Elemeno P Baby Come On Kiwis are enthusiastic about the rockin’. ●●●●
372 5:57 Elias Haslanger
Jazz · Austin, TX
Watch Your Step The double bass is just fine. ●●●●●
373 3:47 Elizabeth Wills
Pop · Austin, TX
FLY Built out of interchangable musical legos. ●●
374 3:58 Elliott Brood
Rock · Toronto, ON
Write It All Down For You All good until it folks up. ●●●●
375 3:53 Elm
Avant/Experimental · San Francisco, CA
Blackened Horizon As fuzzy as a moldy teddybear. ●●●●
376 2:27 The Elms
Rock · Seymour, IN
The Shake Do the shake! Whoooooooooo! Oh. No. ●●
377 4:31 The Elysian Quartet
Avant/Experimental · London, UK-ENGLAND
G. Prokofief Qrtt No 1 - 4th movement Definitely sounds like Prokofief. Skritchy skritchy. ●●●●
378 3:09 The Emeralds
Punk · Yokohama, JAPAN
ALL MY LOVE FOR YOU The Stray Cats, but noisier, Japanese. ●●●
379 3:35 Emily Grace and Matthew Gardner
Rock · Nashville, TN
Man of My Grief This poor lady’s had it rough. ●●●
380 3:42 Emily Rodgers
Singer-Songwriter · Pittsburgh, PA
Alone Spare, slow-motion heartbreak. Poor enunciation. ●●●
381 3:59 Emily Wells
Avant/Experimental · Los Angeles, CA
Symphony 6: Fair Thee Well and the Requiem Mix Stuffing a sequencer into a cello. ●●●●
382 4:05 Emma Lee
Singer-Songwriter · Toronto, ON
That Sinking Feeling Nice strings behind singer; more hand!claps!. ●●●
383 3:21 Empire Isis
Pop · Montreal, QC
Don't Go Home Just too much on its plate. ●●●
384 5:21 Endless Boogie
Rock · New York, NY
Gimme The Awesome No, Drunken Foghorn Leghorn. No awesome.
385 2:51 The Enright House
Pop · Chicago, IL
Darkwave = MC Squared Good for driving, hugging, and crying. ●●●●
386 4:57 Eol Trio
Jazz · Paris, FRANCE
Club Addresses its deficiencies through significant length.
387 2:53 Erika Machado
Pop · Belo Horizonte, NULL
As Coisas Her name translates as “Erika Machado.” ●●●●
388 4:15 Erin McCarley
Pop · Nashville, TN
Love, Save the Empty Marred by Garden state-production chorus. ●●●●
389 3:56 The Escape Frame
Rock · Montgomery, AL
Our Hideout “See the ocean in your eyes.” ●●
390 2:13 The Ettes
Punk · New York, NY
Crown of Age The Ettes are doing the driving. ●●●●●
391 3:33 Eugene Francis Jnr & The Juniors
Alternative · Cardiff, UK-WALES
Beginners Gets okay at 1:15, but not. ●●●
392 3:50 Evaline
Rock · Modesto, CA
Postpartum Modesty These bands mic their drums annoyingly.
393 2:25 The Evaporators
Rock · Vancouver, BC
You Got Me Into This , Now You Get Me Out! “Stop the rash as it spreads.”? ●●●
394 3:46 The Everyday Visuals
Rock · Boston, MA
Boom! Boom! Boom! Reminds me, somehow, of dog runs. ●●●●
395 5:28 Evil Bebos
Avant/Experimental · Murfreesboro, TN
The Severed Leprechauns arise, seeking their cruel revenge. ●●
396 5:44 Explosions in the Sky
Rock · Austin, TX
Welcome, Ghosts High-school football hurts so much. ●●●●●
397 3:35 Eyeris
Hip-Hop · New York, NY
The Anthem Kind of awkward working-class shoutout. ●●●
398 3:36 Ezra Furman and the Harpoons
Alternative · Chicago, IL
Take Off Your Sunglasses Blues harp and chatty Ganoesque vocalist. ●●●●
399 4:02 Fair to Midland
Rock · Sulpher Springs, TX
Tall Tales Taste Like Sour Grapes Slow, painful, like a stoned dentist. ●●●
400 2:22 Fake Problems
Rock · Naples, FL
The Dream Team This one is for the fans. ●●

Video: Des Ark, “Jesus Loves You But You’re Still Coming Home With Me”

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
401 3:58 Fanfarlo
Pop · London, UK-ENGLAND
Harold T Wilkins Mandolin perks things up a bit. ●●
402 3:39 Fannius III
Pop · Los Angeles, CA
Girlfriend (I Can) Rough she may be, but willing.
403 3:08 Fastball
Rock · Austin, TX
Always Never Sonic equivalent of a potted hydrangea. ●●
404 3:13 Fat Pimp
Hip-Hop · Dallas, TX
Fresh At once: simple and subtle production. ●●●●
405 2:29 The Features
Pop · Nashville, TN
The Drawing Board Oh cool, sax! And the rest. ●●
406 4:06 The Felice Brothers
Rock · Palenville, NY
Frankie's Gun Dylanesque like Crowded House was Beatlesesque. ●●●●
407 4:49 FemBots My Hands Are A City Singer sounds so much like TMBG. ●●
408 2:24 Fiasco
Punk · Brooklyn, NY
Oh, You Horny Monster So you all play at once?
409 4:39 Fight Bite
Rock · Denton, TX
Swissex Lover Mazzy Star, bigger sound, further off. ●●●●
410 1:53 Fight Like Apes
Avant/Experimental · Dublin, IRELAND
Lend me your face Name relevant given current chimp events. ●●●●●
411 3:12 fiN
Rock · London, UK-ENGLAND
Life Is Wasted On The Living True. I yearn for death’s release. ●●
412 4:26 Final Flash
Rock · Montreal, QC
Welcome to the House Montreal is in Quebec, in Canada.
413 1:00 Finally Punk
Punk · Austin, TX
Hypertension Pop’s fine; punk will eat itself.
414 2:14 Fionn O Lochlainn
Singer-Songwriter · Brooklyn, NY
Imaginary Song Another love song, but actually rehearsed. ●●●
415 4:18 Five Times August
Singer-Songwriter · Dallas, TX
Beautiful Girls He is so amazing and deep.
416 4:01 FLiP
Rock · Okinawa, JAPAN
DARTS Okinawan. Lowercased “i” for “cuteness.” ●●●●
417 3:42 Floating Action
Rock · Black Mountain, NC
Absolute Sway Never gets up from the couch.
418 3:04 Fol Chen
Pop · Highland Park, CA
Cable TV Theme song for cheap-hotel-fucking. ●●●●●
419 6:47 Fool's Gold
World · Los Angeles, CA
Surprise Hotel There’s a lesson here, jam bands. ●●●●●
420 4:10 Foot Patrol
Pop · Austin, TX
Such a Pity Please, please stop singing about feet. ●●●●
421 2:25 The Forms
Alternative · New York, NY
Red Gun Bio: Such artists! They suffered so.
422 4:07 FOUND
Electronic/Dance · Edinburgh, UK-SCOTLAND
Some Fracas Of A Sissy Buncha Scots grooving with a Pict. ●●●●●
423 3:43 The Foxx
Rock · Albuquerque, NM
Disco Glam + garage. Glamrage? Garglam? Glarage! ●●●●
424 2:35 Frances
Pop · New York, NY
Lighthouse I wonder if Frances likes jam? ●●●
425 2:58 Francis and The Lights
Pop · New York, NY
Night Watchman Needs to bake a little longer. ●●●●
426 3:59 Frank Fairfield
Country · Glendale, CA
I've Always Been A Rambler Thank God I lack folk traditions.
427 3:26 Frank Turner
Punk · London, UK-ENGLAND
Long Live The Queen Cheerful folk pushes back cancer despair. ●●●●●
428 4:14 French Horn Rebellion
Electronic/Dance · New York, NY
Up All Night I was expecting French horn, sirs. ●●●
429 4:22 Friends Electric
Electronic/Dance · Neath, UK-WALES
Hours They are Welsh and also hrfrrwelectronic. ●●
430 3:32 Fuckshovel
Metal · London, UK-ENGLAND
Long Time Dead How do YOU think “Fuckshovel” sounds?
431 4:02 The Fumes
Blues · Sydney, NSW
Automobile Carefully engineered growly Australian blues rock. ●●
432 4:04 Funeral Party
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Car wars Rock vox can’t hide the disco. ●●
433 3:01 Futomomo Satisfaction
Rock · Tokyo, JAPAN
Futomomo Satisfaction Japanese trombone bikini girls. Important biography. ●●●●●
434 7:44 Future Blondes
Electronic/Dance · Houston, TX
FUTURE BLONDES - 2405 ALIVE 2008 Like they are building a planet. ●●●
435 2:07 Future Clouds & Radar
Rock · Austin, TX
Feet on Grass Art-pop that doesn’t draw pictures. ●●●
436 4:23 Futurecop!
Electronic · London, UK-ENGLAND
NASA Daft Punk without those boring dynamics.
437 3:41 Gabriella Cilmi
Pop · London, UK-ENGLAND
Sweet About Me Her smile’s worth one hundred lies. ●●●
Avant/Experimental · Tokyo, JAPAN
SpacesHips Digging a ditch in wet sand.
439 3:15 The Gala Band
Pop · Bristol, UK-ENGLAND
James Oh, well, she’ll get over it. ●●
440 1:00 Gallows
Rock · London, UK-ENGLAND
Gold Dust He “feels like a ”ucking cunt.” ●●●

Blacks (2)

· Black Math Horseman · Black Skies · Black Tusk · Blacklist · Blacklisted Individuals · Blackstrap · Little Black Dress · The Black Hollies · The Black and White Years · White Swan Black Swan

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
441 3:28 Garotas Suecas
Rock · Sao Paulo, SP
Ghostwriter Fun to hear Brazilians say “ghostwriter.” ●●●●
442 3:24 Gary Clark Jr
Blues · Austin, TX
Don't Owe You a Thang Unrepentant cad sings into a can. ●●●●
443 4:51 Gary Louris & Mark Olson
Acoustic · Minneapolis, MN
Turn Your Pretty Name Around Jayhawks returning to the old nest. ●●●●●
444 2:56 Gary War
Avant/Experimental · Brooklyn, NY
Zontag Audiocollage. Lots of ideas, no anchor. ●●
445 4:11 Gavin Castleton
Pop · Portand, OR
Bugguts Apparently his album is about zombies. ●●●
446 4:11 The Gay Blades
Rock · New York, NY
Mean Muses A trash-rock duo. New York. So.
447 6:09 Gaybomb
Avant/Experimental · Washington, DC
Crank Bang Endless, relentless, lazy, undifferentiated cassette distortion.
448 3:32 Geeks
Rock · Tokyo , JAPAN
GET BACK Geeks say: “Let’s introduce our member.”
449 3:22 General Fiasco
Rock · Belfast, UK-N. IRELAND
Rebel Get By And they supported the Pigeon Detectives.
450 3:28 Gentleman Reg
Rock · Toronto, ON
How We Exit An albinesque Reg appeared in Shortbus. ●●
451 3:14 Gerald G.
Hip-Hop · Austin, TX
Keep it Real Notes exploring keeping of it real. ●●
452 2:58 Gigantics
Hip-Hop · Seattle, WA
THE EXPLANATION Cruel harmonica punishment in the middle.
453 3:39 Gil Mantera's Party Dream
Pop · Youngstown, OH
Waking Visioin I think Andrew Womack’d like them. ●●●
454 3:22 The Gin Riots
Punk · London, UK-ENGLAND
The Polka Bio uses phrase “upped sticks.” Cool. ●●
455 2:25 Girls
Pop · San Francisco, CA
Lust For Life So, more handclaps. So many handclaps. ●●
456 2:42 The Girls
Punk · Seattle, WA
Not I Proggy art-punk. They’re no Virgins. ●●●
457 4:02 Glacier Hiking
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Shotgun Mentioning voicemail unusual in rock songs. ●●●
458 4:44 Glorious Voice Gospel Singers MBEN OFONG OBONG Some kind of thrift-store miracle. ●●●●●
459 2:27 Goes Cube
Alternative · Brooklyn, NY
Goes Cube Song 57 The beards will burn your eyes. ●●●
460 3:32 Golden Bear
Rock · Austin, TX
Ten Thousand Orchestras A likeable bear, but still… bear. ●●●
461 2:52 Golden Boots
Alt Country · Tucson, AZ
Country Bat High II Shrooms in the desert at night.
462 2:29 Golden Boys
Rock · Austin, TX
Pharmacy Keeps descending into tiresome jazz noise. ●●●
463 2:37 The Golden Dogs
Pop · Toronto, ON
Lester Perfect for a Kotter reunion montage.
464 5:29 The Golden Filter
Pop · New York, NY
Solid Gold Adjective “golden” modifies absolutely everything herein. ●●●
465 3:48 GoldieLocks
Pop · London, UK-ENGLAND
Cold Sweat Sounds fine at 96kbps, which’s worrisome. ●●●
466 3:57 Gomez
Rock · Southport, UK-ENGLAND
Airstream Driver Gomez, a very professional British band. ●●●●
467 3:44 A Good Fight
Rock · Fayetteville, AR
The Drama You know this’s their best song. ●●
468 2:44 Good Old War
Singer-Songwriter · Philadelphia, PA
Coney Island Philly. Great lyrics, (nearly) ideal length. ●●●●●
469 3:23 Goot We Could Love Oh Goot, Goot. It’s no, Goot.
470 4:25 Gordon Gano and The Ryan Brothers
Rock · New York, NY
Wave and Water Gordon Gano has settled down some. ●●●●●
471 2:21 Gramercy Arms Automatic Ladyhawke gets where they’re going first. ●●●●
472 3:25 Grand Analog
Hip-Hop · Winnipeg, MB
Touch Your Toes Part.2 Finally! Winnipeg’s answer to Shad. ●●●
473 3:57 Grande
Rock · Oslo, NORWAY
The Legend Of Eddie And James Won a Spellemann! That’s Norway’s Grammy! ●●
474 4:18 Great Northern
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Houses So many terrible and painful regrets. ●●●●●
475 4:04 The Great Nostalgic
Rock · Austin, TX
County Line Retro-pop with the Austin feel. ●●
476 3:38 Grecco Buratto
World · Los Angeles, CA
Essas Coisas Todas Velosish. Portuguese’s the sweetest sung sound. ●●●●
477 3:46 The Greencards
Alt Country · Austin, TX
Fascination Strolling by the waterfront feeling sleepy. ●●●
478 3:33 Greg Ashley Band
Rock · Oakland, CA
Apple Pie and Genocide Their MySpace account name is “medicinefuckdream.”
479 4:03 Greg Camp
Rock · Santa Cruz, CA
Cat's Game Girls! Let’s go to Greg camp. ●●●
480 5:03 Greg Weeks
Rock · Philadelphia, PA
Lay Low This goes on weeks too long.

Chart: Songs by duration

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
481 3:01 Greyhounds
Funk · Austin, TX
Get Back Everyone wants to get back home. ●●●
482 5:19 Grimy Styles
Avant/Experimental · Austin, TX
Sound Czech Not rubbish, definitely dubbish. Copious delays. ●●●
483 8:01 GrooveSession
Jam Band · Ontario, CA
Dr. Qtron Why so long, oh jam bands? ●●
484 3:56 Grupo Fantasma
World · Austin, TX
El Sabio Soy Yo Filll up the bong with meringue. ●●●
485 3:38 The Guggenheim Grotto
Rock · Dublin, IRELAND
Fee Da Da Dee Opens with promise, but becomes Electrototo. ●●
486 4:05 Guillamino
Electronic/Dance · Barcelona, SPAIN
Emre (can't stand) Like being buttonholed at a party.
487 4:26 Guinea Worms
Punk · Columbus, OH
Jeans and Heels A sky-high pile of unwashed ass.
488 2:08 Gun Outfit
Punk · Olympia, WA
Troubles Like Mine House painted gray; curtains torn, dirty. ●●
489 3:54 H.I.S.D. (Hueston Independent Spit District)
Hip-Hop · Houston, TX
Jussayin' Rejects “criticism of his lyricism.” ●●
490 2:29 H.R. Band
Rock · Washington, DC
Hey Wella Keeps driving over the same cliff.
491 4:00 Ha Ha Tonka
Rock · Springfield, MO
St. Nick on the Fourth in a Fervor Four on the floor’s a snore. ●●
492 2:51 Haley Bonar
Singer-Songwriter · St Paul, MN
Big Star Imagine if Beth Orton was mean. ●●●●●
493 2:40 The Hall Monitors
Rock · Washington, DC
Girls Hall Monitors? I’ll take a passZING! ●●
494 4:09 Hamell On Trial
Singer-Songwriter · Ossining, NY
When You're Young Drug stories: weed, crack, human remains.
495 3:39 The Handsome Family
Alt Country · Albuquerque, NM
Weightless Again You’ll find yourself confused by Indians. ●●●
496 2:07 Hank IV
Punk · San Francisco, CA
Feeding Me Back Sings: “buy me a strip mall.” ●●
497 5:04 The Happy Hollows
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Lieutenant Noble drummer attempt. Brief respite, 2:43.
498 3:00 The Hard Lessons
Rock · Detroit, MI
Talk it Over Nice update on Carly/King sound. ●●●●
499 4:39 Harlan T Bobo
Rock · Memphis, TN
Left Your Door Unlocked Reward him with a restraining order.
500 4:03 Harlem Shakes
Pop · New York, NY
Strictly Game NIH study finds optimism not infectious. ●●●
501 2:44 Hatcham Social
Rock · London, UK-ENGLAND
So So Happy Making So-so, yes; happy-making, no.
502 0:03 Hatred Surge
Punk · Austin, TX
Black Box Three seconds shorter would be perfect.
503 4:46 A Hawk And A Hacksaw
Tejano · Zuzax, NM
Kertesz Foxes on a trampoline with accordions. ●●●●
504 2:04 HEALTH
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Crimewave Maybe they’re an American Miss Kittin. ●●●●●
Electronic/Dance · New York, NY
C.Y.O.A. Contains all of: “Sweat”; “blood”; “tears.” ●●
506 3:35 The Heavenly States
Rock · Oakland, CA
Lost in the Light Guess what? They opened for Spoon. ●●●
507 3:07 Hell City Glamours
Rock · Sydney, NSW
The Money Appetite for destruction in November rain.
508 4:12 Hello Seahorse
Pop · Mexico City, MEXICO
Bestia Animal shrieks, followed by friendly. Also. ●●●●●
509 3:53 The Henry Clay People
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Working Part Time Modest goals and sound with drinking.
510 2:43 Here Holy Spain
Rock · Dallas, TX
Trouble Is Band photo: they look quite troubled.
511 5:30 Here We Go Magic feat. Luke Temple
Pop · Brooklyn, NY
Fangela Like a 19th-century pinball game. ●●●●
512 2:54 Hesta Prynn in Civil Shepherd
Electronic/Dance · New York, NY
Seven Sisters Pretend Luscious Jackson never went away. ●●●●●
513 3:42 Hey Negrita
Alt Country · London, UK-ENGLAND
Burn The Whole Place Down Makes arson sound kind of fun. ●●
514 4:12 Hey Ocean
Pop · Vancouver, BC
Too Soon Secondmost Cardiganesque singer of the year. ●●●
515 4:29 Heybale California Wine But no reprise needed after 3:39. ●●
516 3:32 Hickoids
Rock · Austin, TX
Driftwood 40-23 Lyrics praise anonymous dangerous stranger fucking. ●●●●
517 4:11 The High Dials
Rock · Montreal, QC
Killer of Dragons Rhythm provided by a drumb machine. ●●
518 2:52 The High Strung
Rock · Detroit, MI
Standing At the Door of Self Discovery Polyphonic rabbits hopping on banana pudding.
519 2:50 The Higher State
Rock · Kent, UK-ENGLAND
Automatic Motion They could open for the Strawbs. ●●
520 3:54 Hilary York
Singer-Songwriter · Austin, TX
Jaded What a strong voice you have. ●●

Video: Fol Chen, “Cable TV”

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
521 2:42 Hillstomp
Blues · Portland, OR
Lucy's Lament Womenless men with banjo. C.f. Deliverance.
522 3:57 Holly Conlan
Singer-Songwriter · Los Angeles, CA
You Are Goodbye Timeless, and sweet, and tired, tired.
523 2:31 Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs
Alt Country · Danielsville, GA
Gettin' High for Jesus Singer was one of Thee Headcoatees. ●●●●
524 8:16 Holy Ghost!
Electronic/Dance · New York, NY
The Deep End (Holy Ghost! remix) NYC showing Eurotrash how it’s dong. ●●
525 3:26 Holy Hail
Rock · Brooklyn, NY
Minute Man Don’t trade your fun for serious. ●●●
526 4:28 Homeboy Sandman
Hip-Hop · New York, NY
Lightning Bolt. Lightning Rod. Don’t keep telling the same joke.
527 4:01 The Homopolice
Avant/Experimental · Houston, TX
Assfucker A screaming evil-shaped toilet stain. ●●●●●
528 2:54 The Homosexuals
Rock · London, UK-ENGLAND
Slow Guns “Reconstituted” from shelves of punk mix. ●●●●
529 3:42 Honey Sac
Rock · Osaka, JAPAN
SPARKLE Jpop without any sting or buzz.
530 5:22 Honeydove
Pop · Seattle, WA
All My Love Is there a Mazzy Startup somewhere? ●●●
531 2:35 HoneyHoney
Pop · Venice, CA
Little Toy gun Misses opportunity for greater raunchiness, vileness. ●●
532 4:04 The Hooks
Rock · San Francisco, CA
So Many Questions You still need good hooks, though. ●●
533 3:17 Hoots and Hellmouth
Alt Country · Philadelphia, PA
Want On Nothing Lo-fi reggae. Still reggae, even so. ●●●●
534 4:35 Hopewell
Rock · Brooklyn, NY
Island They just keep on, well, hoping. ●●●●
535 2:30 An Horse
Rock · Brisbane, QLD
Postcards Lament for jilting via bouncing postcard. ●●●●●
536 3:31 Horse Feathers
Rock · Portland, OR
Curs in the Weeds So soft it burns, oh sparrows. ●●
537 3:39 Hot Club of Cowtown
Alt Country · Austin, TX
Deed I Do She should duet with Jill Barber. ●●●●
538 3:25 The Hot Kicks
Rock · Melbourne, VIC
Pretty Little Face Dear God that title is patronizing.
539 2:41 Hot Lava
Pop · Richmond, VA
Apple+Option+Fire It’s possibly about Macs crashing. (Tuba?) ●●●●●
540 4:39 The Hours
Rock · London, UK-ENGLAND
Ali In The Jungle Coldplay gives Normal Vincent Peale a beej.
541 2:45 Howard Elliott Payne Dangling Threads Another bitter heart beating but faintly. ●●
542 2:37 Howard Kremer
Comedy · Los Angeles, CA
You Won't Sass Me Like That When I Can Summon Wolves Deliberately cheesy (regards psychic wolf army). ●●●
543 4:31 Howe Gelb
Bluegrass · Tucson, AZ
World Stand Still He’s very important. I don’t understand.
544 3:47 Howlies
Rock · Atlanta, GA
Chimera Perfectly likeable guitar and “whooaaaa” sound.
545 5:33 The Hudsons
Americana · Austin, TX
Dead Men Tell No Tales A lover motivates nefarious derring-do. ●●
546 1:37 Hull
Metal · Brooklyn, NY
Swamp Goat (preview) A freaking preview of SWAMP GOAT?
547 4:15 Human Eye
Punk · Detroit, MI
Sly Glass Foam Make your bed, then shit it.
548 2:45 Human Highway
Rock · Toronto, ON
The Sound Toxic bubblegum. Terrible whining. But improves. ●●●
549 3:31 Hurray for the Riff Raff
Folk · New Orleans, LA
Bricks Said the Gramophone likes ‘em plenty. ●●
550 3:30 Hymns
Rock · Brooklyn, NY
Your Movement A whole song about her movements? ●●
551 3:04 Hypernova
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Viva La Resistance Iranians are here to rock you. ●●●●
552 1:38 Hyperpotamus
A Capella · Madrid, SPAIN
A Melancholy Hyppo Together, we can stop acappella groups. ●●
553 2:33 Hyperpotamus
A Capella · Madrid, SPAIN
Peloto Gets very akward toward the end. ●●●
554 1:00 I Am David Sparkle
Avant/Experimental · Singapore, SINGAPORE
Dance of Death Fragment, 56kbps, and sounds like ass.
555 4:08 I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
Rock · Austin, TX
Lights Someone else can kiss their ass.
556 5:26 Ian Moore
Rock · Seattle, WA
To Be Loved Let’s retire love as a subject. ●●
557 3:00 The Iguanas
Rock · New Orleans, LA
If You Should Ever Fall On Hard Times He’s got your back. Lazy handclaps.
558 4:02 Immaculate Machine
Rock · Victoria, BC
C'mon Sea Legs Song for getting your shit together. ●●●
559 3:40 In Case Of Fire
Rock · Belfast, UK-N. IRELAND
This Time We Stand Those are some extremely powerful chords.
560 3:40 In Stereo (perCeptie & Kapabel)
Hip-Hop · Utrecht, THE NETHERLANDS
Dag I bet it’s clever in translation. ●●●●


Last year a singer from [a Pitchfork-beloved-band] wrote in to say that he liked my six-word reviews. I was excited because I, in turn, liked his music. Thus I macked all over him and wrote him too many chatty emails. The conversation wound down. Finally he wrote: “I’m going to follow your feed.” I’ve been enjoying that all year. It’s a classy brush-off. One day I am going to be locked into a conversation I’d like to escape and I will say, “you know, I’ve loved talking with you, but I have to go. But don’t worry; I’m going to follow your feed.”

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
561 3:49 Indian Jewelry
Rock · Houston, TX
Walk Through Fire Enough with the banging on cans. ●●●
562 1:19 Innercity Pirates
Rock · Cardiff, UK-WALES
Let's Go (D.I.S.C.O) Fragment. British alcoholism makes this possible.
563 3:40 Insite
Rock · Mexicali, MEXICO
Siempre me dejas “Grupos mas populares en my space.”
564 3:59 Intuitive Music Orchestra Inner Voice Some genuine intelligence in there somewhere. ●●
565 3:33 Invincible
Hip-Hop · Detroit , MI
ShapeShifters Shave off a few minutes please. ●●
566 8:43 Invincible Czars
Avant/Experimental · Austin, TX
The Troll List cool influences, but it’s prog. ●●
567 3:13 Inward Eye Shame How many Winnipeg bands? How many?
568 3:25 IO Echo Doorway Sexy enough it makes you think. ●●●
569 3:34 Ipso Facto
Avant/Experimental · London, UK-ENGLAND
6 and 3/4 Vaguely interesting keyboard seeking a cowbell. ●●
570 4:02 Ironweed
Rock · Altamont, NY
This Faithless Will Cock rock that lacks the cojones.
571 4:18 IrRAdio
Rock · San Diego, CA
Call The Nation Early Cure, a little too late. ●●●
572 4:54 It's Not Not
Punk · Barcelona, SPAIN
Comes and Goes Might’ve liked them during sophomore year. ●●●
573 3:54 J Kapone
Hip-Hop · Austin, TX
Bag Full Of Money Kapone has duffels of drug money.
574 4:15 J-Boogie
Electronic · San Francisco, CA
Revolution Videogame version of New Orleans funeral. ●●
575 4:40 J. Tillman
Blues · Seattle, WA
Steel On Steel The drummer for the Fleet Foxes. ●●●
576 3:57 The J.U.S. Evolution
Hip-Hop/Rap · Bronx, NY
Losing My Mind Fix your life, then your song. ●●
577 1:51 Jaakko & Jay
Punk · Tampere, FINLAND
Keep In Touch A steady flow of painful agitation. ●●
578 2:31 Jack Oblivian and the Tennessee Tearjerkers
Rock · Memphis, TN
Flash Cube Tom Petty held hostage in garage. ●●
579 3:38 Jackie Bristow
Adult Contemporary · Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Crazy Love Only thing missing is Lindsey Buckingham. ●●
580 3:12 James Harries
Singer-Songwriter · Prauge, CZECH REPUBLIC
Best Intent Lots of string sections this year. ●●
581 3:30 James Intveld
Alt Country · Los Angeles, CA
Walk With Me Question: who is the “billy” in Rockabilly? ●●●
582 2:30 Jana Hunter
Rock · Baltimore, MD
Blue and Silver Bonded Mazzy Star plus theme from “Rawhide.” ●●●●
583 1:16 Jane Weaver Whispers Of Winter Fragment; long enough to enrage me.
584 4:23 The Japanese Motors
Rock · Costa Mesa, CA
Single Fins & Safety Pins The bass player is not banal. ●●
585 2:11 Japanther
Punk · Brooklyn, NY
Um Like Yer Smile Is Totally Ruling Me Right Now Wanna ride bikes fast at night. ●●●●●
586 3:51 Jason Eady
Alt Country · Fort Worth, TX
When the Money's All Gone “Top goes up…bottom goes down…”
587 4:17 Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
Rock · Muscle Shoals, AL
Seven-Mile Island Former Drive-by Truckers new thing. ●●●●
588 3:17 Javelins
Rock · Detroit, MI
The Pounding Which part of this is good?
589 3:05 Jay Jay Pistolet
Singer-Songwriter · London, UK-ENGLAND
Happy Birthday You Another young romantic. Drums kept busy. ●●●
590 4:01 Jay Nash
Singer-Songwriter · Los Angeles, CA
Over You Hey, I found your Lindsey Buckingham. ●●
591 3:43 Jay Semko
Country · Saskatoon, SK
International Superstar Swoon for the crooner from Saskatoon. ●●●
592 3:18 Jazzus Lizard
Jazz · Austin, TX
Fly on the Wall This is “Riders on the Storm.”
593 2:49 JC & Co.
Pop · Austin, TX
Wonder Borrows from Zombies; sung by one. ●●
594 1:18 Jeffrey Steele
Country · Nashville, TN
These Days Fragment; thank god it’s over quickly.
595 4:33 Jen Foster
Rock · Nashville, TN
Closer To Nowhere A huge steaming Coldplayte of sadness.
596 2:11 Jen Lane
Singer-Songwriter · Saskatoon, SK
Grey Skies Neither a Peyroux Norah Jones be. ●●
597 3:43 Jenn Grant
Pop · Halifax, NS
Sailing By Silverships Enjoy Cat Power with your Cranberries. ●●●●
598 3:45 Jesse Dangerously
Hip-Hop · Ottawa, ON
Aww Shucks Max in accounting is a rapper.
599 3:56 Jessica Lurie
Jazz · Seattle, WA
I Don't Care If I Don't Care A big casserole of jazz, stuff. ●●●●●
600 3:59 Jessie Frye
Pop · Arlington, TX
Red Angel White Devil Almost as sweet as Natalie Merchant. ●●●


Andy White · Black & White Years · The Black and White Years · Tony Joe White · White Circle Crime Club · White Lies · White Mice · White Shoes & The Couples Company · White Swan Black Swan · Whitechapel · Whitey Morgan and the 78’s

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
601 4:38 Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound
Rock · Riverside, CA
Janessa Sais Quoi Noisy, but not without melodic sense. ●●●
602 3:42 Jill Barber
Singer-Songwriter · Halifax, NS
Oh My My Sweetie-pie vox. Sideways head-bob. ●●●●●
603 3:32 Jim Bianco
Singer-Songwriter · Los Angeles, CA
I Got a Thing For You He’s got a thing for Tom. ●●●
604 3:14 Jim Stringer
Country · Austin, TX
Here's the River A dad schools son on pool. ●●●
605 2:33 Joe Jack Talcum
Singer-Songwriter · Philadelphia, PA
Sex Sting Former Dead Milkman complains of arrest. ●●●●
606 0:52 Joe McDermott
Children's Music · Austin, TX
Flying Saucer Song fragment regarding flying saucer visitation.
607 4:40 Joe Pug
Singer-Songwriter · Chicago, IL
Hymn #101 Severe and frank cribbing from Dylan. ●●●●
608 4:39 John Cruz
Singer-Songwriter · Honolulu, HI
Missing You Great Cæsar’s ghost grow a pair.
609 4:02 John Fairhurst
Blues · Manchester, UK-ENGLAND
Obnox Stomp Rolls along fine; good rootsy stomp. ●●●●
610 1:24 John Matthias & Nick Ryan
Avant/Experimental · London, UK-ENGLAND
Cortical Songs 4th Movement You’re smarter than me, new music. ●●
611 2:29 John Paul Keith & The One Four Fives
Rock · Memphis, TN
Lookin' For a Thrill “Hoo hoo hoo whoo oo oo.” ●●
612 3:43 John Wesley Harding and Eugene Mirman's Cabinet of Wonders w/ special guests
Singer-Songwriter · Brooklyn, NY
Oh! Pandora Harding rides upon the peace train. ●●
613 5:52 Johnny Goudie and The Little Champions
Alt Country · Austin, TX
Battlescar Like Kruschev, they Wil bury you. ●●●●
614 2:59 The Johnstones
Ska · Toronto, ON
Bank Song All stops pulled, but not contagious.
615 4:51 Jon Kennedy Live Live Test Dance track for Irish-industrial robots. ●●●●
616 3:22 Jon Langford And The Pine Valley Cosmonauts
Rock · Chicago, IL
GIRL AT THE END OF THE BAR A folksy Mekon channels George Jones. ●●●●●
617 4:53 Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights
Blues · Dallas, TX
Time For Love One more tale of endless whoas.
618 2:39 The Jonbenet
Rock · Houston, TX
The Memphis Blues Bad taste’s not enough any more.
619 4:18 Josh Charles
Singer-Songwriter · Brooklyn, NY
Pickin' Up The Pieces Reminds us of 1998 Van Morrison. ●●
620 3:59 Josh Martinez
Hip-Hop · Vancouver, BC
Responsibility Ironish sex machine from the ‘Couve. ●●●●●
621 2:56 Josh Pyke
Singer-Songwriter · Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Make You Happy And now he mentions his guitar. ●●
622 3:47 Josiah Leming Arctic Outcry Wind So Keane on sharing his sadness. ●●
623 4:34 Josiah Wordsworth
Jazz · St Paul, MN
Witch Hunt Pianist, beware the ghost of ELP. ●●●
624 4:23 The Joys
Rock · London, ON
Keep Trying To Try They have played shows with Loverboy. ●●●
625 2:28 Jucifer
Metal · Athens, GA
Traitors Speculate: Cobain survives, marries Lars Ulrich. ●●●●●
626 3:05 Juiceboxxx
Electronic/Dance · Milwaukee, WI
Thunder Jam #3 Fine use of liberal arts degree. ●●
627 4:08 Jump Back Jake
Rock · Memphis, TN
The Flood From Brooklyn down to Muscle Shoals. ●●
628 2:27 Junk Science Hey (the sequel) Too clever by π over 2. ●●●
629 3:22 Justin Townes Earle
Alt Country · Nashville, TN
Midnight At The Movies But sounds older than his father. ●●●●●
630 2:50 Jypsi Now That's All Right With Me They’re a family, a nice family. ●●
631 3:19 Kaka it´s a longshot Had this sucked, review’d been easy. ●●●
632 3:24 Kakkmaddafakka Crazy on the dancefloor He wants to ooh ooh ooh.
633 5:53 Kamikaze Queens
Rock · Berlin, GERMANY
Voluptuous Panic Eternal spoken intro, contrived Weimar nostalgia.
634 2:13 Kap Bambino
Electronic/Dance · Bordeaux, FRANCE
Red Sign Will give your toaster a boner. ●●●
635 4:01 Kara Grainger
Blues · Sydney, NSW
Holding On How many oceans can songwriters cry? ●●
636 2:30 Kat Edmonson
Jazz · Austin, TX
Just One Of Those Things This’s just one of those covers.
637 2:54 KB the Boo Bonic
Hip-Hop · Austin, TX
Scars Are Sexy White and preppy; takes no guff. ●●●
638 3:48 Keaton Simons
Singer-Songwriter · Los Angeles, CA
Without Your Skin Flawless example of overproduced L.A. rock. ●●●●●
639 3:29 Keegan DeWitt
Singer-Songwriter · Nashville, TN
Telephone Observation: The word “telephone” sounds archaic. ●●
640 2:30 Kenan Bell
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Fruit & Vegetables Teacher/skater/rapper. The anti-Jay-Z. ●●●●●


Bring Me The Horizon · My Dear Disco · My Disco · My Education · My Federation · My Jerusalem · My Latest Novel · My Sad Captains · The Crash That Took Me · The Love Me Nots · This Is My Condition

& we

Here We Go Magic feat. Luke Temple · We Are Balboa · We Are Standard · We Have Band · We Should Be Dead · We Were Lovers · We Were Promised Jetpacks · We Were The States

& you

Cut Off Your Hands · I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
641 4:45 Kendra Ross
R&B · Brooklyn, NY
I'm So Okay Runner-up 2009 Ultimate Soulful Lady Contest. ●●●●
642 7:54 Kevin Devine & the Goddamn Band
Rock · Brooklyn, NY
Brother's Blood You don’t slow-cook instant oatmeal.
643 3:26 Kevin Seconds
Singer-Songwriter · Sacramento, CA
Backaches & Bad Dreams Folksy rock is fucking hardcore now. ●●●
644 4:43 Keys N Krates
Electronic/Dance · Toronto, ON
All Night Long The genius of Lionel Richie deconstructed. ●●
645 3:16 Kiernan McMullan
Singer-Songwriter · Limerick, IRELAND
Ballad Of A Shallow Man Man is shallow, so is song.
646 6:04 Kill The Noise
Electronic/Dance · Rochester, NY
ALL TOO VIVID (Kill The Noise REMIX) Be on key if this synthy.
647 3:35 Killola
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Cracks in the Armor Nice mix of machines and real. ●●●●
648 4:29 Kim Beggs
Americana · Whitehorse, YT
Wanderer's Paean Multitracking as in boxcars and trainwhistles. ●●
649 2:51 Kim Taylor
Singer-Songwriter · Cincinnati, OH
Let Me Down Lots of chops. Stay until end. ●●●●
650 3:57 The Kin
Singer-Songwriter · Adelaide, SA
New Day Not awful until “war is ovvvvvveeer.”
651 3:28 Kinch
Rock · Phoenix, AZ
The Economic Chastisement Wish the chorus would get here. ●●●●
652 3:51 Kingman and Jonah
Reggae · Lucea, JAMAICA
Draw My Sword If you like reggae, here’s some. ●●●●
653 3:43 Kittens Ablaze
Americana · Brooklyn, NY
Gloom Doom Buttercups Don’t set fire to the kittens.
654 3:58 KJ Hines
Hip-Hop · Cedar Park, TX
I own this The gamut, from A to B.
655 3:22 Knuckle Yummy
Blues · Austin, TX
Makin' Love is Good for Ya Knuckle Yummy knows what’s most important. ●●●●●
656 3:45 The Kominas
Punk · Boston, MA
Sharia Law in the USA! Listen to this, the terrorists win. ●●●●●
657 3:26 Kraak & Smaak
Squeeze Me DJing from Holland; pass the Dutchies.
658 3:34 The Krayolas and The West Side Horns
Rock · San Antonio, TX
Corrido Twelve Heads in a Bag A lesser band’d have ten heads. ●●●●●
659 4:50 Kriminals
Hip-Hop · Austin, TX
Can We Really? Just a “K” plus “riminals”?
660 3:04 Krista Muir
Pop · Montreal, QC
Drugging The Drain Lederhose Lucil’s folksy acoustic thing. ●●
661 4:35 Kristoff Silva
World · Belo Horizonte, MG
O Ultimo sol Brazil: leading exporter of musical gentleness. ●●●●
662 3:34 Kristoffer Ragnstam Swing that Tambourine I like the distorted bloop solo. ●●●●
663 3:19 Kyle Andrews
Rock · Nashville, TN
Sushi It’s like he’s already remixed himself. ●●●●
664 4:10 Kylesa
Metal · Savannah, GA
Said And Done Gets right in there with yelling. ●●●●
665 3:28 Kylie Harris
Americana · Auckland, New Zealand
Different Place, Different Time Fill her pocket with mem’ries. ●●●
666 4:33 La Gusana Ciega
Rock · Mexico City, MEXICO
La Balada Del Hombre Corriendo They seem to have some spirit. ●●
667 5:01 La Habitacion Roja
Pop · Valencia, SPAIN
Posidonia Grupo de poprock indie español. ●●●●
668 4:41 La Snacks
Rock · Austin, TX
Devil has left the Building Good ideas here, but eyelids droop. ●●
669 2:50 Lady Dottie and the Diamonds
Rock · San Diego, CA
I Ain't Mad At Ya Would work perfectly for Zipcar commercials. ●●●●●
670 3:53 Ladyfinger (NE)
Rock · Omaha, NE
Little Things “Ladyfingers” reminds me of Patton Oswalt. ●●●●
671 4:18 Ladyhawke
Pop · Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
My Delirium Also go and check out kittens. ●●●●●
672 3:46 Landon Pigg
Singer-Songwriter · Nashville, TN
Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop You know baristas hate this song. ●●●
673 2:30 Langhorne Slim
Americana · Brooklyn, NY
Restless Please review the wooden robot video. ●●●●●
674 4:29 The Latebirds
Rock · Helsinki, FINLAND
AMONG THE SURVIVORS My head starts nodding halfway through. ●●●
675 13:49 Laundry Room Squelchers
Avant/Experimental · Miami Beach, FL
Colour Out of Space 5sep08 Brighton An endless, infinite, lazy, boring snotpile.
676 3:50 Laura Critchley
Singer-Songwriter · Liverpool, UK-ENGLAND
What do we do? Just break up for God’s sake. ●●
677 3:15 Laura Gibson
Singer-Songwriter · Portland, OR
Spirited As Portland as Ramona and zines. ●●●●
678 3:38 Laura Jansen
Singer-Songwriter · Los Angeles, CA
SIngle Girls A ghostly Spektor; a sugary Apple.
679 4:05 Lazywall
Rock · Tangier, MOROCCO
Back To The Cradle Were you born Tuvan? Then stop.
680 4:48 Le Castle Vania
DJ · Atlanta, GA
Zero Machine ⌘-C; ⌘-V; ⌘-V; ⌘-V; ⌘-V; ⌘-V.

Video: Hello Seahorse! “Won’t Say Anything”

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
681 5:41 Le Le
Electronic/Dance · Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Breakfast Inhuman, infernal, looping. “Bitch, you’re breakfast.”
682 3:34 LECHE
Rock · Cd. Juarez, MEXICO
Huye They’re from Chihuahua. Nice concluding guitar.
683 5:13 The Lee Boys
Gospel · Miami, FL
Come On Help Me Lift Him Up Makes you want to love Jesus. ●●●●●
684 3:12 Left Lane Cruiser
Rock · Fort Wayne, IN
Big Momma Blues-rock, and sounds genuinely scuzzy. ●●
685 2:05 Legendary Tiger Man
Rock · Coimbra, PORTUGAL
Masquerade Sneaky, creepy in intent; ponderous, though. ●●
686 5:04 Lemonade
Electronic/Dance · Brooklyn, NY
Big Weekend Was this produced on an iPhone?
687 3:09 The Lemurs
Rock · Austin, TX
Blackspot It’s Joy Division, not long division.
688 3:14 Les Fauves
Alternative · Modena, ITALY
Drops Drops Drops Czech girl noise band shares name.
689 3:04 Les Handclaps
Alternative · Montreal, QC
Cacti Are Delicious Fruit A guitar, a farfisa, a laptop. ●●●
690 2:18 Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez
Singer-Songwriter · Baltimore, MD
Mostly A Friend Man. More handclaps than Les Handclaps.
691 2:39 Let's Wrestle
Pop · London, UK-ENGLAND
I won't Lie To You I won’t lie to you either.
692 3:32 Lex Land
Singer-Songwriter · Los Angeles, CA
Could've Had Me Nice desperate loneliness at around 2:10. ●●
693 2:52 Li'l Cap'n Travis
Alt Country · Austin, TX
Down The Hall From the Mountain King Sings about a three-legged dog. ●●
694 3:46 Lick Lick
Rock · Austin, TX
Team Thong How can you abort an abortion?
695 3:42 Light FM
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Black Magic Marker No irony in name. Actually insipid.
696 3:14 The Limes
Rock · Memphis, TN
Into a Tree No attempt to hide the mess. ●●●●
697 3:12 Lions
Rock · Austin, TX
No Generation Promo: “raw, youthful, and uncut.” Ulgh.
698 5:14 Lions In The Street Walking Back To You They even ripped off Molly Hatchet. ●●
699 4:07 Lisa Hannigan
Pop · Dublin, IRELAND
Lille Gives your ears chance to heal. ●●●●●
700 4:17 Lissy Trullie
Rock · New York, NY
Self-Taught Learner She’s definitely My Best Friend’s Girl. ●●●
701 3:47 Littl'ans
Rock · London, UK-ENGLAND
Everytime They once sang with Pete Doherty.
702 4:08 Little Black Dress
Rock · Dallas, TX
Robin Promises 4AD, delivers wussy Snow Patrol.
703 2:50 Little Miss Higgins
Blues · Nokomis, SK
In the Middle of Nowhere Her hair is really quite impressive. ●●●
704 3:18 Little Thief
Pop · Bedforshire, UK-ENGLAND
Punch and Judy Jumping up and down is boring.
705 3:50 Living Things
Rock · St Louis, MO
Let In Rain They’re leaving it all behind, suckers. ●●
706 4:16 Liz Green
Pop · Manchester, UK-ENGLAND
Midnight Blues Grassroots, bluesy, anachronistic, but also cynical. ●●●
707 3:53 LMFAO
Electronic · Los Angeles, CA
I'm in Miami Bitch! A complete joke should be funny.
708 3:59 Local Natives
Rock · Orange, CA
Airplanes Emergency strings fill in uncomfortable gaps. ●●●
709 3:36 Location Location
Electronic/Dance · Salt Lake City, UT
Starpusher Takes up scant mental real estate. ●●
710 4:19 Loch Lomond
Avant/Experimental · Portland, OR
Blue Lead Fences Even ghosts can still have fun. ●●
711 2:45 LoCura!
Latin · Oakland, CA
Una Ola Classy vocals, classy percussion. Classy classy. ●●●●●
712 4:29 Loene Carmen
Alternative · Sydney, NSW
Nashville High Mazzy azzy azzy star tar ar. ●●
713 5:10 Longview
Rock · London, UK-ENGLAND
History Twinkling Britpop mopery. The vulnerability’s manipulative. ●●●●
714 3:59 Lonnie Walker
Americana · Raleigh, NC
Compass Comforts Met them at your friend’s farm. ●●●●
715 3:52 LOOT
Hip-Hop · New York, NY
FRESH More capitalist in intent than A.I.G.
716 4:20 LOOT feat. Turnstylz FRESH Adding Turnstylz helps the situations greatly. ●●●
717 4:42 Loquat
Alternative · San Francisco, CA
Harder Hit Nothing like LOLcats, which is okay. ●●
718 4:07 Lord T and Eloise
Hip-Hop · Memphis, TN
Back from the Business Trip This band has become unsettlingly relevant. ●●●●●
719 3:26 Lorrie Matheson
Singer-Songwriter · Calgary, AB
A Hollow Wind Who doesn’t list Replacements as influence? ●●●
720 4:07 Los Bad Apples
Hip Hop/Rap · Austin, TX
Let's Sweat Manzanas podridas que buscan el sudor.


Bogart and the Addictives · Brian Wright and the Waco Tragedies · Bryan Scary and The Shredding Tears · Cheeky Cheeky and The Nosebleeds · Dear and the Headlights · Ezra Furman and the Harpoons · Francis and The Lights · Gordon Gano and The Ryan Brothers · Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs · Jack Oblivian and the Tennessee Tearjerkers · Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit · Johnny Goudie and The Little Champions · Jon Langford and The Pine Valley Cosmonauts · Lady Dottie and the Diamonds · Matthew and the Arrogant Sea · Medi and The Medicine Show · Mitch Webb and the Swindles · Mr Lewis and The Funeral 5 · Muck and the Mires · Phil and the Osophers · Rosie and The Goldbug · Sgt Dunbar and the Hobo Banned · Shawn Sahm and the Tex Mex Experience · Steve Burns (and the Struggle) · Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies · T Bird and the Breaks · The Krayolas and the West Side Horns · Whitey Morgan and the 78’s

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
721 3:52 Los Claxons
Pop · Monterrey, MEXICO
Estoy en el Aire Good for an apartment-based sitcom. ●●●
722 3:27 Los Coronas
Rock · Madrid, SPAIN
Bigwave Riders A chase scene between two seagulls. ●●●
723 2:19 Los Pirata
Latin Rock · Sao Paulo, SP
La Telepatia Sao Paulo surf punk faking Spanish. ●●●●
724 3:53 los super elegantes
Latin Rock · los angeles, CA
africa Picks up steam before it crashes. ●●●
725 4:05 Lost Bayou Ramblers
Folk · Lafayette, LA
Cote Gelee House band at the Cajun Cabin? ●●●
726 3:05 The Lost Brothers
Alt Country · Liverpool, UK-ENGLAND
Angry at the Sun Sadly lacks a bird-chirp chorus. ●●●
727 5:07 Loudmouf
Hip Hop/Rap · Austin, TX
Back On My Grizzy You will learn about his grizzy.
728 3:26 The Love Language
Pop · Raleigh, NC
Lalita Raleigh band. Rhythm section pretty great. ●●●
729 2:43 The Love Me Nots
Rock · Phoenix, AZ
Give Em What They Want Perfect sentiment expressed with urgency, organ. ●●●●
730 3:23 The Lovely Sparrows
Folk · Austin, TX
Year of the Dog Reviewers love “lush.” ‘Drather be one. ●●●●
731 3:19 The Lovemakers
Rock · Oakland, CA
Misery Loves Company Solid waveform chopping occurs at 2:20. ●●●●
732 2:58 Lover
Rock · Memphis, TN
Booger In My Asshole Lover is keeping it super-klassy. ●●●●
733 2:36 Lovvers
Punk · Nottingham, UK-ENGLAND
Human Hair They could go lowers with kerning. ●●●
734 4:33 The Low Anthem
Folk · Providence, RI
Charlie Darwin Hands cupping a garagesale cloisonné pin. ●●●●●
735 3:05 Low Line Caller
Pop · Austin, TX
Built Over Gasoline Like a barn in the forest. ●●●●
736 4:11 The Low Lows
Rock · Austin, TX
Modern Romance Galaxie Morning Jacket krunked on Robitussin. ●●●●
737 4:42 Lowkey of SouthBound
Hip-Hop · Austin, TX
Another World Refreshingly downlifting, but not shockingly consistent. ●●●●
738 4:13 Loxsly
Pop · Austin, TX
As The Constellation's Arms Uncurled Constellations just don’t sound like that. ●●●
739 3:51 Lucero
Rock · Memphis, TN
What Else Would You Have Me Be Subjects: “girls,” “guitars,” “life,” “love,” “drinking.” ●●●
740 3:59 Lucy Walsh
Singer-Songwriter · Los Angeles, CA
Lullaby Girl meets piano, waits for boy. ●●
741 5:08 Luke Doucet
Alt Country · Toronto, ON
Blood's Too Rich Former nominee for cherished Juno award. ●●●
742 3:31 LZ Love
R&B · Austin, TX
Loose Invisible chains as well as shackles. ●●●
743 7:17 Macaco Bong Amendoim Painfully grates away all your patience.
744 3:48 Mack Winston & The Reflections
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Manipulator Some catchy elements, extremely catchy hair. ●●●
745 2:54 Mad Juana
Punk · New York, NY
Keep on Walking Gypsyish, but favors bounce over purity. ●●●●●
746 2:55 Madi Diaz
Pop · Nashville, TN
Nothing At All Theme for Gary Coleman comeback special. ●●
747 2:21 Magic Christian
Rock · San Francisco, CA
All The Stars Garage-y, and Beatles-y. Somewhat comforting, actually. ●●●●
748 2:15 The Magic Kids
Pop · Memphis, TN
Hey Boy Many people in band. Very spacey. ●●●
749 14:51 Magic Lantern
Rock · Long Beach, CA
At The Mountains Of Madness Loses steam soon after 9:00. ●●●
750 3:00 Magic Magic
Rock · Boston, MA
Sleepy Lion Magic and lions; indie rock twofecta. ●●
751 2:33 MAGIC WANDS
Pop · Los Angeles, CA
Black Magic 808esk handklaps indikate fun-having musik. ●●●●
752 3:14 Magneta Lane
Pop · Toronto, ON
Lady bones Magneta: anagram for “nagmeat” ●●●
753 2:39 Magnolia Summer
Rock · St Louis, MO
To Better Days “It’s time; give it some rest.” ●●
754 3:13 The Maine
Rock · Tempe, AZ
Girls Do What They Want Eighteen and a beauty queen? Shiiiiit.
755 3:15 Major Stars
Rock · Boston, MA
Portable Freak Factory They try everything, but EKG flatlines.
756 5:07 ManooghiHi
Rock · Seattle, WA
Om Baba Keep Seattle away from Indian Pop.
757 2:55 Maps & Atlases
Pop · Chicago, IL
Witch Guitar sounds like a music box. ●●●●
758 4:07 Marching Band
Pop · Linköping, SWEDEN
Make No Plans Sweden has a sunshine pop glut. ●●
759 4:12 Marco Benevento Trio
Avant/Experimental · Brooklyn, NY
Atari A little Guaraldi, a little Goldie. ●●●
760 4:29 Maren Parusel
Singer-Songwriter · San Diego, CA
days in universe Air France with far fewer gizmos. ●●●

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
761 4:58 The Mark Inside Lime Green Monkeys Like his screaming about monkey-training. ●●●
762 3:20 Marli
Singer-Songwriter · London, UK-ENGLAND
Dirt A deep Imbrugliaesque expression of pain.
763 3:40 The Matches
Rock · Oakland, CA
Wake the Sun Teach that bass drum a lesson. ●●
764 3:57 Matt Hires
Acoustic · Tampa, FL
Honey, Let Me Sing You A Song Singer-songwriters. They like shiny ladies.
765 2:54 Matthew and the Arrogant Sea
Pop · Denton, TX
Mock Origami Swift Stoats. Brisk Badgers. Whizzy Wolves. ●●●●
766 3:43 Maurice Kirya Woman Damn you, woman. Ladysmith Black Costello. ●●●
767 3:33 The May Fire
Rock · San Francisco, CA
No Clone No one seems to care here.
768 3:46 Maya Azucena
Singer-Songwriter · Brooklyn, NY
Junkyard Jewel Not a diamond in the rough.
769 3:18 MC Frontalot
Hip-Hop · Brooklyn, NY
Diseases Of Yore SCA house rapper sings historical diseases. ●●●
770 3:43 MC Lars
Avant/Experimental · Carmel Valley, CA
Hipster Girl Dead Milkman update. Misses rich target.
771 2:44 Medi And The Medicine Show
Rock · Paris, FRANCE
Excuse My French In one ear, out same ear.
772 4:16 The Medic Droid Fer Sure Electro plus cockrock vocals: dangerous precendent.
773 4:25 Mekaal Hasan Band Jhok Ranjhan Pakistan jazz fusion. Explosions in Lahore. ●●●●●
774 5:15 Meliss FX
Electronic/Dance · Santa Monica, CA
Love Is Your Attention At the party. So much cocaine.
775 6:42 Meliss FX
Electronic/Dance · Santa Monica, CA
Vegas Nights Waaay way way too much cocaine.
776 4:51 Melissa Auf der Maur
Rock · Montreal, QC
Followed the Waves Hole bassist travels back to 1995. ●●●●●
777 4:07 Melissa Ferrick
Singer-Songwriter · Boston, MA
Hypocrite Her and her guitar versus us. ●●●
778 4:52 Melissa McClelland
Alt Country · Toronto, ON
Cry On My Shoulder Dolly wearing a blanket of strings. ●●●●
779 3:36 Mia Riddle
Rock · Brooklyn, NY
City Song She’s crushed like a paper cup. ●●●●
780 3:42 Miami Horror
DJ · Melbourne, VIC
Don't Be On With Her Emperor o/t Sun meets Morris Day. ●●●●●
781 2:41 Micachu
Pop · London, UK-ENGLAND
Golden Phone Passionless; pits. Throw-away drum sounds. ●●
782 3:26 Micah Dalton
Acoustic · Chattanooga, TN
Down, Down, Put it Down Dramatic, but gun never goes off. ●●●
783 49:36 Michelle Biloon
Comedy · Los Angeles, CA
Walking With Michelle: Paul F. Tompkins and I Travel to Disneyland Technical fouls: 50 minutes, 56kbps.
784 2:46 Michna
Electronic/Dance · Brooklyn, NY
Do What You Want To Do Walking the suburbs late at night. ●●
785 2:17 Midnight Peacocks
Alternative · Tel Aviv, ISRAEL
Pussycat Doom vox with Rushisms. Very frustrating.
786 3:37 Midnight Youth
Rock · Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
The Letter If this is love, I’m out. ●●
787 3:10 Mieka Pauley
Rock · Cambridge, MA
9:45 Reaching out to that upper range. ●●
788 3:33 Mike Badger
Alt Country · Liverpool, UK-ENGLAND
Ashtrays & Tables & Barstools Country lofi from a former La. ●●●●
789 2:48 Milow
Singer-Songwriter · Leuven, BELGIUM
You Don't Know Strings are the new musical spackle. ●●
790 2:42 Miniature Tigers
Alternative · Phoenix, AZ
Cannibal Queen Smoking cigarettes on merry-go-round. ●●●●●
791 3:35 Minipop Like I Do Dreaminess: one letter away from dreariness. ●●●●
792 3:55 The Miserable Rich
Pop · Brighton, UK-ENGLAND
Pisshead Plus one star for the whistling. ●●●●●
793 3:51 Mistah FAB
Hip-Hop · Oakland, CA
UM HMM “Maybe,” you think. “Maybe this time.”
794 3:44 Mitch Webb and the Swindles
Alt Country · San Antonio, TX
lonely Kind Some lady, please go love Mitch. ●●
795 2:21 Mixtapes & Cellmates
Electronic/Dance · Stockholm, SWEDEN
Quiet I think you’ve had enough coffee.
796 3:14 Modern Skirts
Rock · Athens, GA
Soft Pedals Mellotronic, soft. Las, dees, and das. ●●●
797 3:04 The Moi Non Plus
Alternative · Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
I Lie Marquee Moon at first, then somethingTK.
798 5:04 Mom
Avant/Experimental · Denton, TX
Josh Likes Me Someone’s building a birdhouse on PBS! ●●
799 4:14 Monahans
Rock · Austin, TX
It's Enough To Leave You... Next handclap, those hands’re coming off. ●●
800 4:55 Money Waters
Hip-Hop · Dallas, TX
Gotta Gar? Urbandictionary has 24 “gar” definitions. ●●●●●

Essay (1/3)

Imagine the historical network of musicians. The synth player in this roots-rock band who also appears in that electrothrash outfit with the vocalist who played cello in the college ensemble along with the violinist who now leads a struggling new music quartet in Berlin. His double-bass player (constantly late to rehearsal) once, while a graduate student in Paris, belonged to a three-man jazz group that performed wearing straw hats in restaurants. Examine the promotional copy for the bands at SxSW, the opening-group credits and past-band affiliations. It’s two steps from Andy White to Odetta, and from there you can go forever.

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
801 3:32 Monica Giraldo
Singer-Songwriter · Bogota, COLOMBIA
Por verte llegar Smooth as a lawn mirror ball. ●●●●●
802 3:30 Monokino
Pop · Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
New Kid The computers are starting to win. ●●●
803 3:44 Monotonix
Rock · Tel Aviv, ISRAEL
Ride Apparently the best band ever live. ●●●●●
804 4:15 Monte Negro
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Pena Colectiva At 3:06 shit just got real. ●●●●●
805 3:40 The Moog
Rock · Budapest, HUNGARY
You Raised A Vampire Vampires: now for Monday through Friday.
806 2:52 Moonlight Towers
Rock · Austin, TX
Never The Same Again Working hard to make Austin normal.
807 3:59 More Or Les
Hip-Hop · Montreal, QC
Rip Rap You should check out his T-shirt. ●●●●
808 2:39 The Morning Benders
Rock · Berkeley, CA
waiting for a war You’ll wanna hang with these dudes. ●●●●●
809 5:23 Motel Motel
Rock · New York , NY
Coffee “Stay out till the cocaine’s gone.” ●●●●
810 5:59 The Mother Hips
Rock · San Francisco, CA
Mission in Vain Album called “Kiss the Crystal Flake.” ●●
811 4:43 The Mother Truckers
Country · Austin, TX
Dynamite Roots rock. I’d drink to it. ●●●
812 4:03 Mr Lewis and The Funeral 5
Avant/Experimental · Austin, TX
Black Coffee Night They speak of themselves as “macabaret.’ ●●●
813 3:41 Mr Lif
Hip-Hop · Philadelphia, PA
The Sun Label name is “Bloodbot Tactical Enterprises.” ●●●●
814 2:21 Muck and the Mires
Rock · Boston, MA
Doreen A solitary termite chewing the speakers.
815 3:20 Murali Coryell
Blues · Boiceville, NY
The Same Damn Thing Can’t argue with his voice, though. ●●
816 3:26 Murder
Alt Country · Copenhagen, DENMARK
Daughters Of Heavy Viking ships, the harbor, free, easy. ●●●●
817 3:48 video?
Pop · Tucson, AZ
The Day I Exploded Apple’s probably at his door now. ●●●●●
818 7:26 My Dear Disco
Pop · Ann Arbor, MI
White Lies From a recipe, sure. Still tasty. ●●●●
819 2:57 My Disco
Rock · Melbourne, VIC
You camoe to Me like a Cancer lain Dormant Until it Blossomed like a Rose Probably the highlight of gallery openings.
820 6:29 My Education
Rock · Austin, TX
Sluts and Maniacs You stuffed jazz into my postrock. ●●●●
821 3:58 My Federation
Rock · Hove, UK-ENGLAND
Bus Stop Lovers Let’s do whippets behind the DQ. ●●●
822 3:24 My Jerusalem
Rock · Austin, TX
Swet Chariot An(other) anthem with contrasting vocals, strings. ●●●●
823 4:59 My Latest Novel
Rock · Glasgow, UK-SCOTLAND
Dragonhide An Arcade inflammation that wants popping. ●●
824 3:34 My Sad Captains
Rock · London, UK-ENGLAND
Great Expectations A filling in search of crust. ●●●
825 4:10 Mythical Beast
Rock · Kansas City, MO
Cycle Circle Killing a groundhog in a graveyard. ●●●
826 6:13 Nacho Vegas
Singer-Songwriter · Gijon, SPAIN
Dry Martini, S. A Spain’s Bonnie “Prince” Billy/Leonard Cohen. ●●●
827 4:19 Nadastrom
DJ · Washington, DC
American Boy ft. Kanye West (Nadastrom Remix) A remix should introduce something new.
828 3:59 Nakia & His Southern Cousins
Soul · Austin, TX
Choose Your Poison Earnest life’s unfair thing. Good sax. ●●●
829 2:39 Nancy
Rock · Brasilia, DF
Keep Cooler Horns and handclaps, horns and fingersnaps. ●●
830 3:16 Natalie Portman's Shaved Head
Pop · Seattle, WA
Slow Motion Tag Team This pony needs some more tricks. ●●
831 3:24 Natccu
Pop · Tokyo, JAPAN
Command Z (English Version) The English in here is fun. ●●●●
832 3:41 Nate James
Pop · London, UK-ENGLAND
Take It On The Chin DEMO He’ll take it on the chin. ●●
833 4:13 Navel
Rock · Erschwil, SWITZERLAND
Frozen Souls Bio: “We shit music every day.”
834 5:45 Navruz Dilhiroj Named for Uzbek festival of spring. ●●●
835 3:23 neat neat neat
Rock · Hamburg, DE
Automatic Blues Not not not. Next next next. ●●
836 1:40 Necropolis
Punk · Columbus, OH
Give Up Eponysterical title says it for you.
837 4:14 neil thomas
Singer-Songwriter · London, UK-ENGLAND
Sixteen Days If a cab he’d be hackneyed.
838 1:54 Nell Bryden
Country · New York, NY
What Does It Take Woirks very hard. Loves the soldiers. ●●●
839 3:15 Nellie McKay
Singer-Songwriter · Harlem, NY
The Cavendish Faculty brat, wanting love and tenure.
840 5:00 Nelo
Pop · Austin, TX
Jumping Bean I hear they’re big in Austin. ●●


They profit from the creators; they profit from the middlemen; they profit from the patrons, and they profit from the consumers. And now that the City of Austin is a “partner,” they profit directly in the form of tax credits from the citizens of Austin. Quite the profitable enterprise there.

Think about this on Sunday, as you look upon the disillusioned band begging gas money to get back to Minnesota or the filmmaker hitchhiking back to Oregon with a backpack full of their unwatched DVDs. They won’t be attending the SxSW barbecue and softball tourney with all of the badged hipper-than-thou Important People, and no one from SxSW will be there to “support” their art after Saturday night when the final bank deposit rolls away from the convention center in that armored truck.

Randy Kirchhof

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
841 3:54 Neo It's Over Now Time on sprockets when we dance. ●●●
842 3:08 Nevertheless
Rock · Chattanooga, TN
Longshot Something tells me this band’s white.
843 5:29 The New Wine
Rock · Bergen, NORWAY
Revolving Cylinder Messier’n a meth hooker playing Nintendo.
844 3:50 News on the March
Alt Country · Houston, TX
Wisconsin, Pt.3 A little like She & Him. ●●●●
845 5:41 Nico Vega
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Beast Brontosaurus standing on a distortion pedal. ●●●●
846 3:28 Nicole Eitner
Singer-Songwriter · Lisbon, PORTUGAL
Love and Melodies America has plenty of divas, thanks.
847 5:13 NID & SANCY
Electronic/Dance · Ghent, BELGIUM
M.U.S.I.C Remix of theme from “Star Hustler.” ●●●
848 4:48 Night Horse
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
The Dark Won't Hide You Their dirgelike whinnies should be winnowed.
849 4:06 Nina Dioz Cuando, Cuando Monterrey lady rapper; Chinese pictogram tattoo. ●●●
850 1:21 No Comply
Punk · Memphis, TN
Gettin' Hot Hardcore. Hard chore. Hard to care.
851 2:35 No Kids
Electronic/Dance · Vancouver, BC
Prisoner Of Desire Disjoint stereo imaging at chorus time. ●●●●
852 4:57 Now On
Hip-Hop · Los Angeles, CA
Unwind As porn teaches, tempo matters greatly. ●●●
853 4:38 NQ Arbuckle
Americana · Toronto, ON
My Baby Uncomfortable exploration of domestic slavery. Maybe. ●●●●●
854 3:36 O + S
Pop · Omaha, NE
Permanent Scar The home studio revolution: all good? ●●
855 4:17 O'Neal McKnight
Pop · New York, NY
Champagne Red Lights Kanye by way of La Toya. ●●●●
856 4:31 The O's
Bluegrass · Dallas, TX
You've Got Your Heart Chickens running between old rusted trucks. ●●●
857 6:13 Ocelot
Electronic/Dance · Leeds, UK-ENGLAND
Our TIme For when your parents are upstairs.
858 2:43 The Octopus Project
Rock · Austin, TX
Wet Gold Vocals match instrumentals, but dynamics neglected. ●●●
859 3:46 Oh Land
Singer-Songwriter · Copenhagen, DENMARK
Heavy Eyes And she ønly dreams of you. ●●
860 3:01 Oh No Not Stereo
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Let's Get It Started Working together, we can end beards.
861 3:47 Oh Susanna
Singer-Songwriter · Toronto, ON
Greyhound Bus At seventeen, gave up her girl. ●●
862 3:46 Ohbijou
Pop · Toronto, ON
Black Ice Most Cardiganesque vocals in recorded history. ●●●●
863 3:51 ok city ok
Rock · Tokyo, JAPAN
ferocious Ferocious as a sleeping snuggling kitten.
864 3:35 Oliver Future
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Happiness Machine Fades in, out, of your consciousness. ●●
865 3:33 One Day International
Rock · Dublin, IRELAND
One Day International Feels like they’re all grown-ups. ●●●●
866 3:47 Operahouse
Rock · London, UK-ENGLAND
Down in Electric Large retro-modern classic rock chorus.
867 3:20 Or, the Whale
Alt Country · San Francisco, CA
Call and Response But I would prefer not to. ●●
868 4:53 The Orchid Highway
Rock · Vancouver, BC
Sofa Surfer Girl Bowie grants Brian Wilson a joeblob.
869 2:50 Orphan
Punk · Brooklyn, NY
Alcoholica I bet its parents killed themselves.
870 6:30 Other Lives
Rock · Stillwater, OK
End Of The Year Fragile, and close to the edge. ●●
871 4:43 Otis Gibbs
Singer-Songwriter · Wanamaker, IN
Caroline A populist, his beard is extraordinary. ●●●●
872 3:04 Out From Animals
Rock · Chester, UK-ENGLAND
No Place Like Home Not as many influences as claimed. ●●
873 3:34 Overcasters
Alternative · Denver, CO
Way Of The World Psychedelic glump. Joy Division Bell. ●●
874 3:33 Owen Temple
Americana · Austin, TX
Broken Heart Land Plain-spoken ballad of the depression. ●●●●●
875 5:51 Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man
Metal · London, UK-ENGLAND
The Road to Damascus ●●●●
876 3:33 Oxe
World · Sao Paulo, SP
A Roda South America likes its heavy guitars. ●●
877 3:40 P Kellach Waddle
Avant/Experimental · Austin, TX
Spanish Caprice for Solo Bass Bass must be five miles high. ●●●●●
878 4:44 P-L-A
Hip-Hop · Corpus Christi, TX
Presto Finally, someone speaks for conspicuous consumption. ●●●
879 4:10 The Pack A.D.
Rock · Vancouver, BC
Making Gestures Squanders the attention that it demands. ●●●
880 3:34 Pack Of Wolves
Metal · Austin, TX
Betrayer Picks up speed, but takes forever.

Essay (2/3)

So go further back. Our double-bass player, were he sufficiently musically promiscuous while in Paris, is likely only seven or eight degrees of musical separation from Grapelli or even, say, Liszt, who was student of Carl Czerny, who had been student of Beethoven. Keep it up and soon you’re in Republican Rome listening to someone strum a kitara, or hearing the flutes among the pyramids. If you continue traversing the network backwards in time all of the faces become question marks, and the sound is lost. Chanting shepherds, humming huntsmen, women by a fire making up lullabies for their nursing babies. No one invented it. As long as there is history there is music in the record, and history didn’t invent it. Music, as Wikipedia told me, is just sound over time. The line, the network, must be there reaching from these imaginary primitives humming in their caves to anyone on stage this week in Austin.

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
881 3:15 The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Pop · New York, NY
Come Saturday I guess I should be excited. ●●●
882 3:47 The Painted Birds
Rock · Vancouver, BC
So Beautiful The well of banality is bottomless.
883 5:06 Pale Soul
Hip-Hop · Portland, OR
Blade Runner Good, but someone stop the replicants. ●●●
884 3:15 Palomar
Rock · Brooklyn, NY
walk on Never condescends to my level, unfortunately. ●●●
885 4:13 Paolo “Apollo” Negri
Jazz · Milan, ITALY
Mr. & Mrs. Thunderbird Heroin scene from a cop show. ●●●
886 4:10 Papertrigger Move The Ground This sounds like garden gnome incest.
887 3:56 Parachute
Rock · Charlottesville, VA
Under Control Wants so much to be infectious.
888 2:04 The Paranoid Critical Revolution
Avant/Experimental · New York, NY
Jappomoto Chew off leg to get away.
889 2:55 Parenthetical Girls
Avant/Experimental · Portland, OR
A Song For Ellie Greenwich Crafting a Dresden dollhouse in Beirut. ●●
890 3:48 The Parlotones
Rock · Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
Giant Mistake Back away from the thesaurus, mister.
891 4:04 The Parties
Rock · San Francisco, CA
Yours and Mine Very Kinky. Requires matching vests, mopeds. ●●●
892 2:55 Passion Pit
Rock · Boston, MA
Sleepyhead Too much yelling, but HOT TAMALES! ●●●●●
893 3:07 Past Lives
Rock · Seattle, WA
Strange Symmetry Feels very fussy, but a mess.
894 3:15 Pato Fu
Pop · Belo Horizonte, MG
Nada Original Sounds like ice cream in fall. ●●●●●
895 3:39 Patricia Vonne
Alt Country · Austin, TX
Texas Burning She also appeared in Spy Kids. ●●
896 3:17 Paul Couture
Hip-Hop · Austin, TX
Self Made Millionaire Bling-plated sign of rap apocalypse ●●●●●
Blow Against The Wind Other bands might run them over. ●●●●
898 6:22 Pedro Menendez JazzTango Ensemble
Jazz · Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Diseno Tango Two stars for not being metal. ●●
899 4:32 Peekaboo Theory
Rock · Houston, TX
Hyphen Guitar sounds like scratching a scab.
900 4:21 The Peekers
Rock · Shreveport, LA
Gather It All Familiarly chanted “ba papaa” backup vox. ●●●
901 3:29 Peel
Rock · Austin, TX
Exhaust Pipes “We are a bunch of slackers.” ●●
902 4:18 Peelander-Z
Punk · New York, NY
Ninja-High Schooool Japanese Ramones with plenty of spirit. ●●●
903 2:31 Peggy Sue
Folk · Brighton, UK-ENGLAND
Spare Parts Chorus: Regina Spektor has a posse. ●●
904 2:36 Pendulum
Electronic/Dance · London, UK-ENGLAND
Propane Nightmares Fragment. Pendulum’s a very cheesy band.
905 2:45 The Pepper Pots
Ska · Girona, SPAIN
Lucky Girl Reggae ska from Spain, and cute. ●●●●
906 3:39 The Perpetrators
Blues · Winnipeg, MB
BALTIMORE Two piece with big-truck sound. ●●●●
907 2:48 Perseph One
Hip Hop/Rap · Houston, TX
short breathe Lady The Show Is the Rainbow ●●●●●
908 3:17 Peter's Songs
World · Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Canoa He winks at bluebirds, hugs fauns. ●●●
909 3:38 Phil and the Osophers
Rock · Brooklyn, NY
High Art A hobo, drunk on sterno, dreams.
910 4:02 The Physics of Meaning
Rock · Chapel Hill, NC
Song for a Wishing Well (Not Everything Is Possible Ball-peen hammer gently tapping skull. ●●
911 5:02 The Pictish Trail
Singer-Songwriter · Cellardyke Anstruther Fife, UK-SCOTLAND
I Don't Know Where To Begin Folksy. He sings into the microphone. ●●
912 4:38 Pictureplane
Rock · Denver, CO
Trance Doll Like three Firefox tabs playing simultaneously. ●●●●●
913 2:47 Pierre de Reeder That's The Way That It Was Attempted to lift my spirits, but. ●●
914 3:55 Pilar Diaz
Latin Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Tu Y Yo Officeworkers dancing together in their chairs. ●●●●●
915 1:35 Pimpbot
Rock · Waipahu, HI
Baseball Upbeat ska exploration of deferred ejaculation.
916 3:40 Pimpin' Pen
Hip-Hop · Austin, TX
Lil' Homie Writing utensil or prostitute-containment area? ●●
917 3:59 Pink Nasty
Pop · Austin, TX
Mold The Gold Makes you beg, hurts a little. ●●●●●
918 3:06 The Pink Noise
Punk · Burlington, ON
The Put On Not much like Scott Spark’s band. ●●●
919 3:31 The Pink Spiders
Pop · Nashville, TN
Gimme Chemicals Rocking chant fifteen years too late. ●●
920 5:07 The Pity Party
Avant/Experimental · Los Angeles, CA
Love Lies Won Supersweet’s New Myspace Band Contest. ●●

Essay (3/3)

Remember the social network of musicians reaching into the past? That idea works even better for the audience. We have been assembling into groups and watching things as long as we have been conscious. The audience is a fluid, nearly infinite, thing. To see one show is to be in the presence of people who have seen thousands of other shows, to swim a great node-and-line sea that connects us to everyone who ever was entertained while in a group.

I think too often the audience is heeded as a kind of mob, perhaps a smart or useful mob. But it is not honored, cherished. Everyone—Sony, Apple, pundits criticizing Sony and Apple—seems to believe that they can predict our behavior. Or they—the pundits are bad here—insist that the audience must turn heel and start to produce content itself. It’s not just that there will be no more rock stars and journalists because of computer networks. We must now all, because of computer networks, be journalists and rock stars. But thank God for the audience, which is indifferent to that line of argument, and which seeks crafted pleasures and will always. To be in an audience is to lean back and watch, to revel in perception.

Nearly all of the thousands of egos on stage this week in Austin will experience a moment of terror before going onto the stage, worried that this time they will fail in our judgment. Outside of your dressing room the ghosts of every audience stretching back through time stand in anticipation. It is a primal moment of judgment. So you, as performer, should be terrified. Your audience marveled at Wagner; saw the Beatles at Shea; listened to the horns before a chariot race. If they decide to get their news from poems, they will.

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
921 5:27 The Plastic Wave Lost waves of an old radio I still like Portishead a lot.
922 3:52 Plouen Catximbes
Pop · Manresa, SPAIN
La Blanca Their name includes every vowel. ●●
923 4:01 Po' Girl
Alternative · Vancouver, BC
grace “Tinted windows of a spee-eeding van.” ●●●
924 7:03 Pocahaunted
Avant/Experimental · Los Angeles, CA
Time Fist So I heard you like echoes. ●●
925 3:24 Poet In Process
Pop · Barcelona, SPAIN
Why Asks, “Please remember why.” Can’t, anymore.
926 5:32 The Poison Arrows (IL)
Avant/Experimental · Chicago, IL
Casual Wave There’re two Poison Arrows this year. ●●
927 3:44 Polka Madre
Punk · Mexico City, MEXICO
Circo del Siglo Like this came with the synth.
928 3:36 Polly Mackey & the Pleasure Principle
Alternative · Wrexham, UK-ENGLAND
Seriously Live She’s 17; people expect great things. ●●●
929 3:54 Pompeii
Rock · Austin, TX
Rabbit Ears They kick some amount of ash. ●●●
930 5:03 Pong
Rock · Austin, TX
Killer Lifestyle Nice hook, and stays on target. ●●●●●
931 7:00 Ponytail
Pop · Baltimore, MD
Celebrate The Body Electric (It Came From An Angel) The hell, Ponytail? But good live?
932 3:08 Pop Levi Never Never Love Can anyone explain? For I cannot.
933 4:09 Poper
Latin Rock · Bogota, COLOMBIA
Metralla They stick it in your Poper. ●●●
934 4:27 Popular Damage
Electronic/Dance · Berlin, GERMANY
Everyboday got young (in 2001) Gold lamé pants, big goofy glasses. ●●●●
935 3:22 Port O'Brien
Rock · Cambria, CA
I Woke Up Today Apparently inspired by Alaskan commercial fishing. ●●
936 4:15 PorterDavis
Acoustic · Austin, TX
Smack You Back What do swamps actually sound like? ●●●
937 4:18 Post War Years
Electronic/Dance · London, UK-ENGLAND
Black Morning Requires some slogging. Chorus is okay. ●●
938 2:32 The Postelles
Pop · New York, NY
123 Stop He just can’t stand goodbyes. ●●
939 2:35 Powell St. John
Rock · Austin, TX
Right Track Now He’s happy to have us here. ●●●●●
940 2:30 PowerSolo
Rock · Aarhus, DENMARK
Pirates of the Oblivion Rhyme “bad” with “sad,” pay price.
941 4:02 The Pragmatic
Electronic/Dance · St Louis, MO
Circles Race your motorcycle to the prom. ●●●●●
942 3:50 Pre
Punk · London, UK-WALES
Popping Showers This is what marriage is like.
943 3:32 Precious Blood
Avant/Experimental · Austin, TX
can't feel at home/hell broke loose in georgia Many cats died for those strings.
944 2:10 Pretty & Nice
Rock · Boston, MA
Tora Tora Tora Could end up on compilation CDs. ●●●
945 2:22 Princeton
Rock · Eagle Rock, CA
The Waves As in the novel by Woolf. ●●●●
946 2:47 Prizehog
Rock · San Francisco, CA
Husky Laughed until weeping. This thing’s extraordinary. ●●●●●
947 3:22 The Proclaimers
Singer-Songwriter · Edinburgh, UK-SCOTLAND
Life With You “500 Miles” was twenty years ago. ●●●
948 4:30 Prolyphic
Hip-Hop · Providence, RI
Artist Goes Pop Flow okay but koekje-cutter lyrics. ●●●
949 4:49 Public Offenders
Hip-Hop · Austin, TX
Black Brothers Heartfelt, with many fine cameo appearances. ●●●●
950 3:03 Pugs Atomz
Hip-Hop · Chicago, IL
Tear N your eye Very Common, but he is Chicagoan. ●●●●
951 5:21 Quaff
Rock · Tokyo, JAPAN
kurabe Tokyo raga rapping, singing, hair band. ●●●●●
952 5:02 The Quarter After Sanctuary Serious music for serious tree huggers. ●●
953 2:52 The Queen Killing Kings
Rock · New Haven, CT
Birds with Iron Wings Yearning, the mole rat of feelings. ●●
954 4:21 Question
Hip-Hop · San Antonio, TX
Seat layed back Baby momma should stop ●●●●
955 2:43 Ra Ra Riot
Rock · Syracuse, NY
Dying Is Fine Lots of little touches and swirls. ●●●●●
956 4:20 Rabid Rabbit
Metal · Chicago, IL
ephedrine Don’t let it near Fleet Foxes. ●●●●●
957 4:15 Rachel Goodrich
Singer-Songwriter · Miami Beach, FL
Little Brass Bear She follows you everywhere, constantly singing. ●●
958 3:55 Rademacher
Rock · Fresno, CA
Believer Eerily like “Rock N’ Roll Suicide.” ●●●
959 2:57 Radioclit
Kamphopo Men can never find this station. ●●
960 3:27 Rafter
Pop · San Diego, CA
no fucking around How far should you praise him? ●●●●


13ghosts · Holy Ghost! · TV Ghost · Pocahaunted

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
961 3:53 Randy Weeks
Americana · Austin, TX
I Couldn't Make It Randy weeks: side effect of Cialis.
962 4:17 Rapid Ric
DJ · Austin, TX
Trunk Got the Beat Being high, rich, sounds so awful. ●●
963 1:42 Ratas del Vaticano
Punk · Monterrey, MEXICO
Tema de las ratas Favorite foods: tamales, tostadas, tortas, pizza.
964 3:49 Raton Perez Voz Sin Voz I’d honestly like this better acappella. ●●●
965 6:49 Rattletree Marimba
World · Austin, TX
Kari MuDande Sounds exactly like a rattletree marimba. ●●●
966 2:52 Raydibaum
Pop · Barcelona, SPAIN
maleeixo el temps My shoulders also enjoy this song. ●●●●
967 2:58 The Reaction
Punk · San Francisco, CA
systematic soul destruction This is the equal and opposite.
968 2:51 Red Cortez
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
World At Rest They support Morrissey. Don’t we all? ●●
969 4:28 Red Fang
Rock · Portland, OR
Prehistoric Dog Chunk honka chunka chunka swheeeeeeel. ●●
970 3:47 Rediscover
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Shake It This’s what YouTube’s doing to music.
971 4:46 Reef The Lost Cauze
Hip-Hop · Philadelphia, PA
I Wonder He’s out asking the important questions. ●●●●●
972 4:17 Relief
Rock · Dublin, IRELAND
Waiting Still Sticky toffee pudding sprinkled with lollipops.
973 4:31 The Renderers
Rock · Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND
Deep Deep Sea Get out before solo around 2:00. ●●
974 4:00 Republic of Loose I Like Music They wonder: “Do you like music?” ●●
975 4:49 The Republic Tigers
Rock · Kansas City, MO
Buildings & Mountains The soundtrack for buying new jeans. ●●●●
976 4:10 The Rescues
Pop · Los Angeles, CA
Crazy Ever After Another horrifying codependent nightmare made harmonic. ●●
977 2:49 The Resignators
Rock · Melbourne, Vic
Offbeat Feeling Man does ska blur for me.
978 4:06 Restiform Bodies
Electronic/Dance · Oakland, CA
Bobby Trendy Addendum Standout lyric: “Fuck a Tempur-pedic mattress.” ●●●
979 2:46 Rev KM Williams & The Amazing Trainreck
Blues · Dallas, TX
Tell The Truth He is a Holiness Church minister. ●●●
980 3:03 Rigas Born Not To Run Pretty twiddly, and twiddly and pretty. ●●●
981 3:59 Ringo Deathstarr
Avant/Experimental · Austin, TX
In Love Very manly shoegazing. My Bloody Penis. ●●●●●
982 2:47 River City Tanlines
Rock · Memphis, TN
I'm Your Negative Pretty punks from Memphis drinking Beck’s. ●●●
983 3:53 The River Phoenix
Rock · Copenhagen, DENMARK
5 Wheel Drive Four minutes of licking a cheesegrater.
984 3:00 The River Raid
Rock · Recife, BRAZIL
Time Up Three guitars still doesn’t solve it.
985 3:28 Roadsaw
Rock · Boston, MA
Who Do You Think You Are A flaming bong 3,000 miles tall. ●●●
986 6:16 Robedoor
Avant/Experimental · Los Angeles, CA
Fire In The Hole Slow-motion stab to the balls.
987 3:03 Rod Thomas
Pop · London, UK-ENGLAND
Same Old Lines Waving as the train pulls away. ●●●●
988 2:43 Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers I Know You Know Known to their fans as RCPM. ●●●
989 2:55 Rokhsan
Singer-Songwriter · London, UK-ENGLAND
You look at me Want more than his kiss, lady. ●●
990 3:41 RokkaTone
World · New York, NY
When She Cries More tears in songs than oceans. ●●
991 3:43 Roll The Tanks
Punk · Los Angeles, CA
Police Me Motivating an L.A. crowd must suck. ●●
992 3:33 Rolo Tomassi
Rock · Sheffield, UK-ENGLAND
Oh, Hello Ghost Welcome to “spazzcore.” Which is accurate. ●●●
993 4:05 Ron Flynt
Rock · Austin, TX
memorial road Backing vocals come as a surprise. ●●
994 3:26 Ron Franklin
Rock · Memphis, TN
Visions Of Parfume Like a weird pair of shoes. ●●●●
995 5:37 Rosalie Sorrels
Singer-Songwriter · Boise, ID
Goodnight Loving Trail One of those national-treasure types. ●●●●●
996 4:26 Rosie And The Goldbug
Pop · Launceston, UK-ENGLAND
Lover Seeing these bands in my sleep. ●●●
997 4:06 Ross Royce
Alternative · Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
Mrs.Vain Thanks for telling me this’s rock’n’roll. ●●●
998 4:13 Rotary Downs
Rock · New Orleans, LA
A Feast In Squalor The worst kind of the downs. ●●
999 4:03 Royal Bangs
Rock · Knoxville, TN
New Scissors Somewhere, an indie cloning lab prospers. ●●
1000 3:41 Rubber Kiss Goodbye
Rock · London, UK-ENGLAND
We See Lights “She say ‘yes’; he say ‘no’.” ●●


Indie bands have started clapping, and electroclash groups have become ever-more reliant on the 808 handclap. The handclap in its organic glory (or simulation thereof) should insert a hopeful note, like a brisk, playful fox-terrier jumping into the middle of the stage. But repeated often enough handclaps are hell. They are the musical equivalent to tiny lizards biting off your eyebrows.

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
1001 3:02 Ruby Isle
Electronic/Dance · Minneapolis, MN
Night Shot (feat. Tay Zonday) Using Tay Zonday = forced meme. ●●
1002 7:32 Runaway Brooklyn Club Jam Deep exploration of cut-and-paste. ●●●
1003 3:25 The Rural Alberta Advantage
Rock · Toronto, ON
Frank, AB Good; puts it right out there. ●●●●
1004 2:56 Russian Futurists Let's Get Ready To Crumble But do they support Anatoly Lunacharsky? ●●●●
1005 7:17 Rwake
Metal · Little Rock, AR
Leviticus They come from hell and Arkansas. ●●●●●
1006 4:14 Ryno
Hip-Hop · Austin, TX
Never Stop Sade sample overwhelms some good material. ●●●●
1007 3:51 The S.I.G.I.T.
Rock · Bandung, INDONESIA
Money Making Some Infuriating Guitar, Inviting Termination? Sigh.
1008 4:54 S.O.M.
Hip-Hop · Houston, TX
U Don't Know Me Like Dat Another mention of MySpace in song. ●●●
1009 4:04 S.O.M.B.A.
Latin Rock · Belo Horizonte, MG
La Rica Beautiful, then someone opens the jam. ●●●
1010 4:41 Sage Francis
Hip-Hop · Providence, RI
Conspiracy to Riot Includes confrontation samples (from the convention?). ●●●●●
1011 3:47 Sam Isaac
Singer-Songwriter · Malvern, UK-ENGLAND
Sideways Shrugly amusing way of singing “satellite.”
1012 4:05 Sam Roberts Band
Rock · Montreal, QC
Detroit '67 Those Juno awards must be comforting. ●●●
1013 4:05 Samantha Crain & the Midnight Shivers
Rock · Shawnee, OK
Devils in Boston “No railroad tracks, no-oh willow tree.” ●●●●
1014 3:37 Samantha Shelton
Singer-Songwriter · Los Angeles, CA
Runaway Horror actress: Rise: Bloodhunter, Gilmore Girls. ●●●
1015 6:34 SambaDa
World · Santa Cruz, CA
Capo Funk Clichéd, but doesn’t wear its welcome. ●●●●
1016 4:02 San Saba County
Alt Country · Austin, TX
Cowboy Song Song: “Cowboy Song.” They’re from Austin. ●●●
1017 3:38 Sara Haze
Pop · Lake Forrest, CA
Beautiful Day Why is optimism so inevitably awful?
1018 3:42 Say Hi
Rock · Seattle, WA
Northwestern Girls Been listening to this all year. ●●●●●
1019 4:41 School of Seven Bells
Rock · Brooklyn, NY
Half Asleep Nght-horses thundering through Greenwood Cemetery. ●●●●●
1020 4:00 Scissors for Lefty
Rock · San Francisco, CA
Ornamental Sounds like he’s bitten by stoats.
1021 4:35 Scorpion Child
Rock · Austin, TX
A Million Lines Guitar solo opens. Cuts off early.
1022 2:17 Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
Rock · Chicago, IL
Aspidistra Very “literate,” yet—not preciously shitty. ●●●●●
1023 3:45 Scott H. Biram
Rock · Austin, TX
Been Down Too Long Still as good as last year. ●●●●
1024 2:12 Scram C Baby King Bolo Only dead British should do this.
1025 3:16 Screaming Tea Party
Pop · London, UK-ENGLAND
I'd Rather Be Stuck On The Stair Rail Noise band, classically trained. Yeah and?
1026 2:48 The Sea
Rock · Newquay, UK-ENGLAND
Love Love Love Let’s talk about anything but love.
1027 3:56 Seabird
Alternative · Cincinnati , OH
Let Me Go On “…go on; I can’t go on.” ●●
1028 4:26 Sean Rowe
Singer-Songwriter · Albany, NY
Wrong Side of the Bed The best troll mention this year. ●●●●●
1029 4:09 The Seedy Seeds
Pop · Cincinnati, OH
The Push Michael Stipe, banjos, Crush’s “Jellyhead.” ●●●
1030 2:32 Selma Oxor
Electronic/Dance · Monterrey, MEXICO
lets burn Peaches with some cheesecake and weed. ●●
1031 2:59 Semi Precious Weapons
Rock · New York, NY
Semi Precious Weapons They have this song, “That’s Kunt.”
1032 2:45 The Service Industry
Rock · Austin, TX
Filing Deadline “Ancient times, when fratboys roamed… earth.” ●●●●
1033 3:57 Seth Walker
Blues · Austin, TX
Rewind Who doesn’t like Sam Cooke? Satanists. ●●●●
1034 3:41 Setting Sun
Rock · New Paltz, NY
How Long REMIX A cascade of weird remix decisions.
1035 3:37 Sgt Dunbar and the Hobo Banned
Folk · Albany, NY
A March Through Charle's Mingus' Garbage Pile Can’t get inspired to type anything.
1036 4:13 The Shackeltons
Rock · Chambersburg, PA
Your Movement No new ground, but holds its. ●●●●
1037 3:02 Shad
Hip-Hop · London, ON
I Don't Like To Nothing fishy about Shad. (I’m sorry.) ●●●●●
1038 2:15 The Shaky Hands
Rock · Portland, OR
We Are Young Doesn’t actually give me the tremors. ●●
1039 3:09 Shapes Have Fangs
Rock · Austin, TX
This Mess I'm in Eventually he’ll spit up that microphone.
1040 3:03 Shawn Sahm and the Tex Mex Experience
Alt Country · San Antonio, TX
Why Don't Ya Yeah, find yourself a Texas rose.

Video: School of Seven Bells, “Half Asleep”

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
1041 4:23 Shayna Steele
Urban/R&B · New York, NY
What Are We Giving USA democracy: ALL LIES AND FAIL.
1042 3:21 The She Creatures
Pop · Bristol, UK-ENGLAND
she creatures invade Song defining the She Creatures brand. ●●
1043 2:51 She Rides
Punk · Providence, RI
party in the piss kitchen The anger implied is not transmitted.
1044 3:33 Shelley Short
Alt Country · Portland, OR
Swimming Voice is much like Jill Barber’s. ●●
1045 2:27 Shellshag
Punk · New York, NY
Shut Up Sings “SHUT UP,” and…kill me.
1046 3:49 Shibboleth
Rock · Dallas, TX
Experiment In Error A visit to your crazy aunt’s. ●●●●
1047 3:37 Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers
Rock · Brooklyn, NY
Filthy And Free Free as in speech or beer? ●●●
1048 3:43 Shiny Toy Guns
Rock · Oklahoma City, OK
Ghost Town No excuse if they’re not Japanes. ●●
1049 2:37 The Shitsez
Rock · Oslo, NORWAY
1050 5:39 Shout Out Out Out Out
Alternative · Edmonton, AB
Bad Choices Mopey Canadian twiddles. Kraftwerk for Cutie. ●●
1051 3:43 Shuttle
DJ · Boston, MA
Rotten Guts Feat. Cadence Weapon Wonder what Tuozzo’d think of this. ●●●●
1052 3:17 SHV
Avant/Experimental · Providence, RI
estherbrooke den I’d bet she’s also a printmaker.
1053 3:03 SICKBOY
Rock · Dublin, IRELAND
OBJECTS Could play street hockey to this. ●●●●
1054 1:26 Silk Flowers
Avant/Experimental · New York, NY
Cannibals and Headhunters Casiotone that should be left alone.
1055 3:55 The Silos
Rock · Flagstaff, AZ
Behind Me Now Skilled but plodding. Walking in snowshoes. ●●●
Rock · Mexico City, MEXICO
Last Night's Party A twine-ball of sexual anxiety.
1057 3:04 Six Finger Satellite
Rock · Providence, RI
terminal donuts Noise from Providence; approaching songhood, barely. ●●●
1058 3:20 Skavenjah
Ska · Regina, SK
El Ritmo de la Vida Why does your girlfriend like them? ●●
1059 4:14 Skibunny
Electronic/Dance · Belfast, UK-N. IRELAND
Up Down Slightly late for the Trainspotting soundtrack. ●●●●
1060 2:20 Sky Larkin
Rock · Leeds, UK-ENGLAND
Fossil, I This is exactly what pop’s become. ●●●●●
1061 4:27 The Slants
Rock · Portland, OR
Kokoro (I Fall to Pieces) Depechey, but the vocalist’s no Gahan.
1062 4:44 Slaraffenland
Rock · Copenhagen, DENMARK
I'm A Machine “Garnered a lot of blog attention.” ●●●
1063 4:01 Slaves to Gravity
Rock · London, UK-ENGLAND
Doll Size Mary, how does your Soundgarden grow?
1064 4:36 The Sleepover Disaster
Rock · Fresno, CA
Funnel Cloud Shoegazer at 64kbps is pretty irrelevant. ●●
1065 4:34 Slim Twig
Rock · Toronto, ON
Gate Hearing! More bad ideas than in neoconservativism.
1066 5:05 Sloth Scamper
Avant/Experimental · Taipei, TAIWAN
Bird's Atlas Best band name. Noise until 2:00. ●●●●●
1067 4:13 Slough Feg
Metal · San Francisco, CA
Tiger Tiger Picks up where Styx left off. ●●
1068 2:57 Slow Club
Pop · Sheffield, UK-ENGLAND
Slow Club For the beating of sleepy seals. ●●
1069 3:21 Smokekiller
Singer-Songwriter · Saskatoon, SK
Out There Puff out cheeks with air; exhale. ●●
1070 2:53 The Smyrk
Rock · New Haven, CT
The Ballad of Fletcher Reede She interrogates him using sodium pentathol.
1071 2:29 Snake & Jet's Amazing Bullit Band
Rock · Copenhagen, DENMARK
Ten Cities Beyond One more fruit of Danish Flexicurity. ●●●
1072 4:03 Sofia Talvik
Singer-Songwriter · Stockholm, SWEDEN
My James Dean Swedish, modular, somewhat flimsy. Like IKEA. ●●
1073 2:28 The Soft Pack
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Nightlife That bass keeps digging a ditch. ●●
1074 3:44 Solace (KY)
Pop · Richmond, KY
Tryin to Get By That saxophone finds solace in KY. ●●●
1075 3:51 Solid Gold
Rock · Minneapolis, MN
Get Over It Calling yourself “Solid Gold” isn’t trying. ●●●
1076 3:56 Somi
World · New York, NY
Ingele The global Sting epidemic never ends. ●●●
1077 2:53 Song Island Revue
Alt Country · Arhus, DENMARK
Hit the Wall Perfect for Montauk divorcees pursuing Scotch. ●●●●
1078 4:46 Songs For Eleonor
Electronic/Dance · Mexico City, MEXICO
Girl in life The 808 has earned gold watch. ●●●
1079 3:47 Sonpub
Electronic/Dance · Tokyo, JAPAN
BEAT IT UP haha Dude’s out to kill your speakers. ●●●●
1080 3:49 Sons of Albion
Rock · London, UK-ENGLAND
Take A Look Take a trip to the phlebotomist.


The AllenScalzi thesis holds that 2 minutes, 42 seconds is the correct length for a pop song. In this case the thesis is borne out by Miniature Tigers, “Cannibal Queen.”


No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
1081 2:44 sorry-ok-yes
Rock · Milan, ITALY
I Just Want to be A DJ As long as they’re having fun.
1082 3:11 Speak
Pop · Austin, TX
Let's Go Dancing Lots to like, but I’m sour. ●●●
1083 3:41 SpecialThanks
Punk · Aichi, JAPAN
You say GOOD BYE From Aichi prefecture, excellent girlband prefecture. ●●
1084 2:26 The Spinto Band
Rock · Wilmington, DE
Summer Grof Pixilated. Sounds like ancient maiden aunts.
1085 3:03 Sprengjuhollin
Alternative · Reykjavik, ICELAND
Worry till Spring You never meet the dream-woman. ●●●
1086 2:15 Stabba
Punk · Austin, TX
Knowing Me, Knowing You (Demo) Stabba stabba stabba stabba stabba stabba.
1087 5:42 Standstill
Rock · Barcelona, SPAIN
¿Por que me llamas a estas horas? First two hours are not bad. ●●
1088 3:34 Star Fucking Hipsters
Punk · New York, NY
Two Cups of Tea They meet Starfucker, the world ends. ●●●●
1089 3:56 Starfucker
Rock · Portland, OR
pop song They meet…oh shit. Run fast.
1090 3:53 Stars Go Dim
Pop · Tulsa, OK
Come Around More earnest than striped tube socks.
1091 4:53 Steed Lord
Electronic/Dance · Reykjavik, ICELAND
Remember Me Pretty thrashy but no The Whip. ●●●●
1092 2:23 The Steps
Rock · Austin, TX
Dagger Good on MP3; likely great live. ●●●
1093 3:57 Steso Songs
Pop · Malmo, SWEDEN
The Worse Bright bells, bright voice, bright piano. ●●●
1094 3:12 Steve Burns (and The Struggle)
Rock · Brooklyn, NY
Projecting Washing up sounds better than expected. (Review by Steve Burns.) ●●●●●
1095 4:46 Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies
Pop · Philadelphia, PA
Things I Used to Know Surprisingly tight pop for five minutes. ●●●●●
1096 4:27 Steve J. Dawson
Singer-Songwriter · Chicago, IL
Obsidian I don’t get the mineralogical reference. ●●●
1097 4:25 Steve Reynolds Save Your Best A basket overflowing with marzipan dreams. ●●●
1098 3:07 Still Flyin'
Pop · San Francisco, CA
Forever Dudes Goes perfect with the clam strips.
1099 3:52 Stoney
Alternative · Sheffield, UNITED KINGDOM
Skyline No more Arcade Fire for anyone. ●●●
1100 2:38 Street Dogs
Punk · Boston, MA
Mean Fist “’Love’ and ‘compassion’…become foreign words.” ●●●
1101 3:59 The Subjects
Rock · New York, NY
The Hounds of War Guided by Apples in Stereo Weekend.
1102 4:45 Suckers
Pop · Brooklyn, NY
It Gets Your Body Movin' Doesn’t actually get your body movin’. ●●●●
1103 6:17 Sugar & Gold
Electronic/Dance · San Francisco, CA
WorkOut Michael Zager Band meets Scissor Sisters. ●●●
1104 4:32 The Summer Wardrobe
Rock · Austin, TX
Cajun Prarie Fire Story of a “psychedelic Marxist cowboy.” ●●●●
1105 7:16 Sun Araw
Avant/Experimental · Long Beach, CA
Hive Burner Oh God our dorm is melting. ●●●
1106 2:46 Superlasciva
Latin Rock · Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
El Ascensor Website title: “Sedduciones Violentas.” I’m nervous. ●●
1107 3:56 Supersonic
Rock · Budapest, HUNGARY
S.I.Q. Riding that cymbal to greater glory. ●●●
1108 8:27 Surinder Sandhu Band The River Romanticism knotted tight with a sarangi. ●●●●●
1109 3:33 Susan Hickman
Country · Humble, TX
Sunday Paper Intro skit leaves a sour taste.
1110 5:00 Susan Marshall
Pop · Memphis, TN
Oh My Soul Makes me wish I still smoked. ●●●
1111 3:32 Suzanna Choffel
Alternative · Austin, TX
Raincloud “Austin’s…Fun Fearless Female Rock Star.” ●●
1112 2:48 Sweet Water
Rock · Seattle, WA
Grass is Green He found shelter under her hair. ●●●●
1113 4:07 Sylvie Lewis
Pop · Rome, ITALY
Starsong Very astronomical. Deep as a saucer.
1114 3:53 T Bird and The Breaks
Soul · Austin, TX
Juice The pianist is morse-coding: HELPIMTRAPPEDINTHISBAND.
1115 3:56 T!Katz
Pop · Atlanta, GA
3AM Brace yourself; they could be huge. ●●
1116 4:42 Takka Takka
Rock · Brooklyn, NY
Everybody Say Once a year, the Annuals arrive. ●●●●
1117 5:13 Talk To Angels
Rock · Leeds, UK-ENGLAND
He Loves Cilla You named band “Talk to Angels”?
1118 4:31 TarantisT
Metal · Tehran, IRAN
Sweet Dirty Nostalgia Poison… is… now… through… his… body.
1119 3:10 TAT
Rock · London, UK-ENGLAND
Road To Paradise The Proclaimers are already here. ●●
1120 2:30 Teenage Bottlerocket
Punk · Laramie, WY
Pacemaker Pop punk from Laramie. Groovy Ghoulies.
No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
1121 1:22 The Teeners
Punk · Austin, TX
Flappin' Gums Has some high school pizzashop energy.
1122 4:39 Telegraph Canyon
Folk · Fort Worth, TX
Into the Woods This should be called “Pipe rock.” ●●●●
1123 3:32 Telekinesis
Rock · Seattle, WA
Coast of Carolina Why has “retro” become high praise? ●●
1124 3:10 Telerama Cruz Portuguese works so well for singing. ●●●
1125 3:49 Ten Out of Tenn
Singer-Songwriter · Nashville, TN
Hologram Poor lonely hologram. Don’t touch her.
1126 4:20 The Tender Box
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Gravity Would’ve loved this in high school. ●●●●
1127 6:31 Tera Melos
Avant/Experimental · Sacramento, CA
Last Smile For Jaron Progtronica. Lots of guitar, concludes well. ●●●
1128 5:22 Teresajenee Break My Heart Much digital shenanigans with the vocals. ●●●
1129 4:26 Terp 2 it
Hip-Hop · Austin, TX
Hey Terp Terp’s not breaking any new ground. ●●●
1130 3:15 Terra Naomi
Singer-Songwriter · Los Angeles, CA
You For Me A very sweetish toffee. Pure cuddlebuggery. ●●●
1131 1:17 Terrible Twos
Punk · Detroit, MI
Pipebomb! Pipebomb! But at least the brevity’s virtuous.
1132 2:50 Thao With The Get Down Stay Down
Pop · SanFrancisco, CA
Bag Of Hammers This song goes great with kittens. ●●●●●
1133 3:19 THEART
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
NEWTOWN Early 90s indie hard-rock sound. ●●●●
1134 2:58 Thee Headliners
Punk · Portland, OR
Uplifter They profess to a rockasoulacountrygospelbluesnrollabilly sound. ●●●
1135 3:56 Themselves
Hip-Hop · Oakland, CA
Dark Sky Demo Teasing meaning out of a mess. ●●●●●
1136 2:41 Theodore
Alt Country · St Louis, MO
Vivian and Wade A meet-cute folksy marriage thing. ●●●
1137 6:49 These Are They
Metal · Chicago, IL
The Indweller Lyrics surprisingly comprehensible, revealing significant issues.
1138 2:34 These Arms Are Snakes
Rock · Seattle, WA
Red Line Season Then how can you play guitar?
1139 4:29 These United States
Rock · Washington, DC
Honor Amongst Thieves Would’ve given more stars last week. ●●●
1140 4:29 Third Eye Blind
Rock · San Francisco, CA
Non Dairy Creamer Poorly manufactured discontent. A lyrical abortion.
1141 4:31 The Third Man
Rock · Memphis, TN
Oh,No/Ghost Town Needs more zither and cuckoo clocks. ●●●
1142 1:57 This Drama
Rock · Tenerife Canary Islands, SPAIN
She Had A Knife! Short and violent. And pretty jumpy. ●●●●●
1143 4:05 This Is My Condition
Avant/Experimental · Lawrence, KS
This Mission Distorted sax, vox. Drums pretty good. ●●●
1144 3:45 Thomas Function
Pop · Huntsville, AL
Conspiracy of Praise This function is no lambda combinator.
1145 2:55 Those Darlins
Rock · Murfreesboro, TN
Wild One Way too cute; much better live. ●●●●
1146 4:40 Thrift Store Cowboys
Alt Country · Lubbock, TX
Dirtied Your Knees Alt-country from Lubbock. Seems legit. ●●●
1147 2:06 Til We're Blue Or Destroy
Rock · Austin, TX
All Shook Up Horns are becoming the new organ. ●●●●
1148 2:30 Tim Easton
Rock · Joshua Tree, CA
Burgundy Red Dylanish. Sings “never” fourteen times twice. ●●
1149 3:27 Tina Dico
Singer-Songwriter · London, UK-ENGLAND
Stains I like that she lacks regret. ●●●●
1150 3:54 The Tiny
Alternative · Stockholm, SWEDEN
Burn “If Panda Bear moved to Sweden.”
1151 2:58 Tiny Masters of Today
Rock · Brooklyn, NY
Radio Riot Punk by real, not stunted, adolescents.
1152 4:18 Tittsworth
DJ · Washington, DC
Drunk As F ck (Clean version) Most ridiculous “clean version” ever mixed. ●●
1153 3:08 To The Bones REX Indie-metal. Definitely a regressive move. ●●●
1154 2:45 Tokyo Sex Destruction
Punk · Barcelona, SPAIN
Power to the people Please work this out in group.
1155 2:51 Tom Brosseau
Singer-Songwriter · Los Angeles, CA
Big Time Worth the wait for the drums. ●●●●
1156 3:06 Tom Cary
Punk · Malaga, SPAIN
Energy never disappears, only gets transformed Hard Spanish rock endorsed by Albini. ●●●●
1157 4:03 Tom Hickox
Singer-Songwriter · London, UK-ENGLAND
The Pretty Pride Of Russia Baritone’s first-person Russian exploitation fantasia. ●●●●●
1158 2:44 Tom Hingley and Kelly Wood Port in a Storm Technical foul: MP3 cuts off early.
1159 4:29 Tommy Tee
Hip-Hop · Oslo, NORWAY
Gimme Dat Mentions Pro Tools; avidly dislikes “faggots.”
1160 4:13 The Tontons
Rock · Houston, TX
Syrup Tickles even the most indifferent prostate. ●●●●●


Attack! Attack! · Bam Bam · Bang! Bang! Eche! · Champagne Champagne · Cheeky Cheeky And The Nosebleeds · Choo Choo · Dag for Dag · Ha Ha Tonka · It’s Not Not · Le Le · Lick Lick · Location Location · Magic Magic · Motel Motel · Ra Ra Riot · Shout Out Out Out Out · Takka Takka · White Swan Black Swan · neat neat neat · ok city ok

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
1161 6:18 Tony Joe White
Rock · Nashville, TN
Set the Hook Cypress tree roots of swamp rock. ●●●●●
1162 4:10 Tony Moore
Singer-Songwriter · London, UK-ENGLAND
Shake your Tree Ends too cute. Mentions her wiggle. ●●●
1163 5:28 Tony's Hotel Hillbilly Heights Then Rutger Hauer frees the dove.
1164 4:22 Torngat
Avant/Experimental · Montreal, QC
You Could Be Experimental. Everyone confirms everyone else’s experiments. ●●●
1165 2:37 Totally Michael
Electronic/Dance · Bloomington, IN
Winona A new generation stalks Winona Ryder.
1166 3:12 Toy Horses
Pop · Barry, UK-WALES
I'll Play What You Want Sounds, momentarily, like “Total Eclipse…Heart.” ●●
1167 4:10 Trainwreck Riders
Rock · San Francisco, CA
Through Unto The End Bands getting bigger. Polyphonic hiring sprees. ●●
1168 3:39 The Transpersonals Twenty Twelve Finally, a song that investigates Masons. ●●●●
1169 0:25 Trash Talk
Punk · Sacramento, CA
Well of Souls Actually seems long at that length. ●●●●●
1170 3:43 TRE9
Hip-Hop · Houston, TX
I Be Comin' Thru Christianity’s one hope for hip-hop. ●●●●
1171 4:54 Treasure Fingers
Electronic/Dance · Brooklyn, NY
Cross the Dancefloor Dance songs, always about dance songs. ●●
1172 4:10 Trey Brown
Acoustic · Austin, TX
Don't You See? Blessed sleep will be here soon. ●●●
1173 4:13 Triple Cobra
Rock · San Francisco, CA
It's Not Too Late Freddie Mercury has a Crüe. Obey.
1174 4:36 True Widow
Rock · Dallas, TX
Duelist Tucking your ruined self into bed. ●●
1175 3:14 Truth Universal
Hip-Hop · New Orleans, LA
Work Smart, diligent. Lyrics kinda dry, though. ●●●●
1176 3:44 Truthlive
Hip-Hop · Berkeley, CA
Tormented Genius Samples and flow not very surprising. ●●
1177 5:03 Tuh-nie
Electronic/Dance · Austin, TX
Lead Lashes Christmas night at the synth factory. ●●●●●
1178 4:07 Tungsten Coil
Rock · Austin, TX
Prey To Me A bunch of Tools from Austin. ●●
1179 4:26 Tunnel Clones In The City Good motivator for the very tired. ●●●●
1180 3:32 Turbo Fruits
Punk · Nashville, TN
Mama's Mad I envision babies singing from strollers. ●●●
1181 2:37 Turbowolf
Rock · Bristol, UK-ENGLAND
Ghost Hunt Hard party rock tries too hard. ●●●
1182 3:17 TV Ghost
Punk · Layfayette, IN
Babel A fidgety assembly of cranky canbangers.
1183 2:36 Tweak Bird
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Whorses Indulging in every kind of excess.
1184 3:36 The Twelves
Electronic/Dance · Rio De Janeiro, RJ
Works For Me Cobrasnake-era Debauched desire thing. More handclaps. ●●●●
1185 3:48 Twilight Hotel
Americana · Winnipeg, MB
Viva La Vinyl Concluding studio chatter: “that was perfect.” ●●
1186 3:54 Twin Atlantic
Rock · Glasgow, UK-SCOTLAND
Audience and Audio Another overdone triumphal anthem sans content. ●●
1187 2:46 Two Dollar Bash
Folk · Berlin, GERMANY
Lonesome Whistle I like “stove” as a verb.
1188 3:15 Two Hours Traffic
Alternative · Charlottetown, PEI
Nighthawks Female conversation dubbed in just moronic.
1189 2:39 Ty Segall
Rock · San Francisco, CA
The Drag Go for goblins, end up gremlins.
1190 4:25 U Can Unlearn Guitar
Avant/Experimental · Chicago, IL
58 Days Country grunge plus WHY?-style lyrics. ●●●●
1191 3:30 U-N-I
Hip-Hop · Inglewood, CA
Hollywood Hiatus My eyes get wider and wider.
1192 1:44 U.S. Girls
Avant/Experimental · Philadelphia, PA
A Day At The Races Soundtrack for bugeyed space monster comix. ●●●●
1193 2:55 The Ugly Beats
Rock · Austin, TX
Take a Stand This would include Allen Ginsberg then?
1194 7:12 The Uglysuit
Rock · Oklahoma City, OK
Everyone Now Has a Smile Immediately obvious instrumental swells are imminent. ●●
1195 3:01 Ume
Rock · Austin, TX
The Conductor A medium-sized psychedelic-punk comet. ●●●●
1196 4:25 Uncle Lucius
Rock · Austin, TX
Everybody Got Soul Southern roots rock mixed for loud. ●●●●●
1197 6:03 Underwater Tea Party
Alternative · Madrid, SPAIN
Plastic Cans Yo La Tengo-ish, but they’re Spanish. ●●●●
1198 6:50 Ungdomskulen
Rock · Bergen, NORWAY
Idunno Norway prog. Name means “youth school.” ●●●
1199 2:13 The Uptown Bums
Punk · Denton, TX
Loosen Up Does Denton, Texas, have an uptown? ●●
1200 3:16 The Urgency
Rock · Burlington, VT
Fingertips Not feeling it. Urgency. I mean.

Video: Thao Nguyen, “Bag of Hammers”

No. Time Artist Song Review Rating
1201 2:56 The Urges
Rock · Dublin, IRELAND
You Don't Look So Good I’m ready to fight The Urges. ●●
1202 3:29 Val Emmich
Singer-Songwriter · Jersey City, NJ
Get On With It Sings “no” 20 times or so. ●●
1203 2:59 Valeria Oliveira
World · Natal, BRAZIL
a segunda vista Brazil’s lead export: soft round voices. ●●●
1204 3:52 Valerio Rinaldi
Pop · Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Hasta el fin del mundo Well, he opened for La Ley. ●●●
1205 3:31 Valient Thorr
Rock · Chapel Hill, NC
I Hhope The Ghosts Of The Dead Haunt Yr Soul Forever Seems these dudes can’t spell anything.
1206 4:33 Valis
Rock · Seattle, WA
Motorbike Hard-rock foolishness about motorbikes, freedom. ●●
1207 4:08 The Van Pelt
Rock · New York, NY
The Speeding Train Think I saw them at Brownies. ●●●●●
1208 4:36 Vander Lee
Singer-Songwriter · Belo Horizonte, BRAZIL
Esperando Avioes It’s a relief to hear singing. ●●●●
1209 2:43 Vandex
Singer-Songwriter · Salvador, BRAZIL
I still Haven't found myself Avert your eyes; make it end.
1210 4:40 VEGA
Electronic/Dance · Austin, TX
Well Known Pleasures My bet: he’s seducing his laptop. ●●
1211 2:57 Venice Is Sinking
Pop · Athens, GA
Ryan's Song Small birds pecking between red bricks. ●●●
1212 4:47 Verde3
Pop · Bogota, COLOMBIA
MARGARITA LIVE So modest it starts to hurt. ●●
1213 2:53 Very Be Careful
World · Los Angeles, CA
Mr. Yozo Everyone stopped chewing and just stared.
1214 3:28 Via Audio
Pop · Brooklyn, NY
Developing Active People Will history care about Brooklyn later? ●●
1215 4:05 Vijay Kishore
Singer-Songwriter · Birmingham, UK-ENGLAND
NeverEnds Takes the last train to Yorkeville.
1216 5:14 Villains
Electronic/Dance · Los Angeles, CA
N.A.S.A. ft. M.I.A., Spankrock, and Santogold - Whatchadoin? (Villains Remix) Meeting of League of Electro Heroes. ●●●●●
1217 2:27 Vince P
Hip-Hop · Chicago, IL
Represent Was anyone even awake recording this?
1218 4:06 Vinil Laranja
Rock · Belém, BRAZIL
Shoot the little sister “The sexiest rock band of Belém.”
Rock · Caracas, VENEZUELA
Acelera Guitar solo at 2:20—gargoyle shit.
1220 1:35 Virgin Passages
Avant-garde · London, UK-ENGLAND
Distance A band means sounds work together.
1221 4:11 Viva Voce
Rock · Portland, OR
Drown Them Out Lady delivers kick in the Shins. ●●●
1222 9:01 Volodja Balzalorsky & Brett Bachus
Avant/Experimental · Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Karol Szymanowski: Allegro moderato patetico - Sonata D minor Careful, mournful. Szymanowski news to me. ●●●●
1223 8:09 Volodja Balzalorsky & Michelle Schumann
Classical · Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
Cesar Franck: Allegro - Sonata A major (Live) Wish there was more classical here. ●●●●●
1224 2:57 The Von Bondies
Rock · Detroit, MI
This Is Our Perfect Crime Reviews—always “glowing.” Why not “phosphorescent?” ●●●
1225 4:50 Von Won
Hip-Hop · Houston, TX
I Love You Church wasn’t like this for me. ●●●●●
1226 4:23 Voxtrot
Pop · Austin, TX
Kid Gloves Refers to himself as “miserable fuck.” ●●
1227 3:25 Waco Brothers
Rock · Chicago, IL
Waco Express See also John Langford for more. ●●●●
1228 2:27 Wallpaper.
Electronic/Dance · Oakland, CA
T REX Like the pads used at 1:47. ●●●
1229 3:37 Walt Wilkins
Alt Country · Austin, TX
Trains I Missed “Walt” and “Wilkins” and also “trains.” ●●
1230 2:58 Warmer Milks
Avant/Experimental · Lexington, KY
The Friends Either interesting experiment or bad rock. ●●
1231 3:43 The Warriors ATX
Hip-Hop · Austin, TX
The Warriors Anthem “I’m last-day prophetical Christian MC.” ●●●
1232 3:49 Warship Where's Your Leash A bounty of “kingdoms” and “crowns.”
1233 3:11 Wave Machines
Pop · Liverpool, UK-ENGLAND
I Go I Go I Go I am happy to wave back. ●●●●
1234 4:13 Wax Fang
Avant/Experimental · Louisville, KY
World War II (Pt. 2) Transpose letters for dirty office prank. ●●●
1235 1:26 The Wax Museums Safety In Numbers Cargo pants cut off at knees.
1236 5:31 Wayna
R&B · Washington, MD
Mr. Duracell Slow soul jam extolling vibrator applications. ●●●●
1237 4:56 Wayne Kramer
Rock · Detroit, MI
Chasing A Fire Engine Endless chat between guitar and sax. ●●●
1238 3:52 Waz
Singer-Songwriter · Los Angeles, CA
Ordinary Girl Waz was co-founder of Opple. ●●●●
1239 3:58 We Are Balboa
Rock · Madrid, SPAIN
We Will Rise Up Their Wikipedia page definitely lacks NPOV.
1240 4:08 We Are Standard
Rock · Bilbao, SPAIN
LAST TIME No you’re not. CSS is standard. ●●
1241 3:58 We Have Band
Electronic/Dance · London, UK-ENGLAND
Hear It In The Cans For the smarter kind of Eurotrash. ●●
1242 3:49 We Should Be Dead
Rock · Limerick, IRELAND
Forget Romance, Let's Dance! Has a place on college radio. ●●
1243 4:06 We Were Lovers
Pop · Saskatoon, SK
1244 4:33 We Were Promised Jetpacks
Rock · Glasgow, UK-SCOTLAND
Quiet Little Voices But we were given Steve Albini. ●●●
1245 1:41 We Were The States
Rock · Murfreesboro, TN
Red Lion Red Lion will take your innocence.
1246 4:10 The Webb Sisters
Singer-Songwriter · London, UK-ENGLAND
Calling This Life Harmonies to tingle the adolescent spine. ●●●●●
1247 3:06 The Week That Was
AvantExperimental · Sunderland, UK-ENGLAND
Learn to Learn They are inspired by Paul Auster.
1248 2:27 The Weird Weeds
Rock · Austin, TX
Red I just don’t have a review.
1249 2:58 Wes Sanders
DJ · Austin, TX
Grown Almost, but not quite, the smoothness. ●●●●
1250 3:12 What Laura Says
Avant/Experimental · Tempe, AZ
July 23 Enough sunshine. Back to the basement. ●●
1251 14:26 What's YR Damage?
Avant/Experimental · West Palm Beach, FL
Sea Curve The longest song of the year.
1252 3:00 Wheat
Pop · Taunton, MA
el sincero Spare and rough, but also sincere. ●●●●●
1253 3:15 When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
Rock · Austin, TX
Cold Blooded May be good live and stoned.
1254 5:14 When Girls Collide
Electronic/Dance · San Francisco, CA
Texas Sky Insists you listen to his songs.
1255 3:06 The Whispertown 2000
Rock · Los Angeles, CA
Done With Love Nice backwards something solo at 1:00. ●●●
1256 3:36 White Circle Crime Club
Alternative · Antwerpen, BELGIUM
A Real Good Name Win Butler, you are personally responsible.
1257 5:01 White Lies
Rock · London, UK-ENGLAND
Death Goes deep, deep into the Darkness. ●●●●●
1258 3:49 White Mice
Rock · Providence, RI
Placenta the Crotchtower The devil slurping from a straw.
1259 3:57 White Shoes & The Couples Company
Pop · Jakarta, INDONESIA
Aksi Kucing Retro Indonesian pop. Feels like vinyl. ●●●●●
1260 3:17 White Swan Black Swan
Alt Country · Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
Zona Rosa Lacking song drama? Just add trains. ●●●●
1261 3:40 Whitechapel
Metal · Knoxville, TN
This Is Exile Vocals by G.I. Joe cartoon villains.
1262 4:12 Whitey Morgan and the 78's
Country · Flint, MI
Crazy They’re happy enough just Waylon away. ●●●●
1263 4:19 Who Shot Hollywood
Rock · Amherst, MA
The Yoga Quite timely, but chanted “Iloveyou” vexatious. ●●●
1264 3:41 Whole Wheat Bread
Punk · Jacksonville, FL
Throw Your Sets Up Not just North side. South too.
1265 4:02 Wild Beasts
Rock · Leeds, UK-ENGLAND
Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyant Holy shit woodblock! How about claves? ●●●●
1266 4:54 Wild Moccasins
Pop · Houston, TX
Fruit Tea They never did nothing to me. ●●
1267 3:08 Wildbirds & Peacedrums
Avant/Experimental · Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Doubt/Hope “And peace drums.” Think about that.
1268 2:46 Wildchild
Hip-Hop · Oxnard, CA
Whenimondamic Many moving parts and changeable gears. ●●●
Rock · Seattle, WA
Shining SOn Released at 320kbsp so nothing’s missed.
1270 2:36 Willem Maker
Rock · Turkey Heaven Mountain, AL
Old Pirate's Song I feel you there, old pirate. ●●●●
1271 6:51 Willie Nile
Rock · New York, NY
Hard Times In America Steve Earley, but more polished, traditional. ●●●●
1272 1:59 The Willowz
Rock · Anaheim, CA
Repetition Add one star for the “z.” ●●●
1273 5:04 Willy Joy
DJ · Chicago, IL
Chi Don't Dance (Willy Joy Remix) Dares to ask the question: “What?” ●●●
1274 3:06 Wine and Revolution
Rock · Austin, TX
Eager to Sail “The Kinks playing Clash covers.” Yep. ●●●
1275 2:29 Winter Gloves
Pop · Montreal, QC
Let Me Drive “Winter Gloves”: the name girlfriends liked. ●●
1276 4:01 Winterpills
Rock · Northampton, MA
Beesting Cheers up even the gloomiest NPR segueway. ●●●
1277 3:39 Wintersleep
Alternative · Halifax, NS
Weighty Ghost ☃☽, checking corners for their ghost. ●●●●●
1278 2:42 The Woggles
Rock · Atlanta, GA
It's Not About What I Want (It's What You Got). Dusty old tomcats chewing chicken wings. ●●
1279 3:14 The Wong Boys
Electronic/Dance · Silkeborg, DENMARK
Git Ur Fuk On Came with loathin; left with sigh. ●●●
1280 3:11 The Wooden Sky
Alt Country · Toronto, ON
When Lost At Sea Great Lake Swimmers, specifically Lake Ontario. ●●●●
1281 3:58 Woodhands
Electronic/Dance · Toronto, ON
Dancer Robots hatefuck weaker robots to this. ●●●●●
1282 5:28 Wovenhand
Rock · Denver, CO
The Beautiful Axe Wovenhand helps me believe in God. ●●●●●
1283 3:55 Yak Ballz
Hip-Hop · Edison, NJ
Dirt Empire A lot of yakking, some ballz. ●●●
1284 3:53 The YellowDogs New Century Their garage has become our dungeon.
1285 3:10 YellowFever
Rock · Austin, TX
Hellfire Find myself considering this at length. ●●●●●
1286 3:38 You Me At Six
Rock · London, UK-ENGLAND
Jealous Minds Think Alike Hold on to that tempo, fellas.
1287 3:54 Young Love
Rock · New York, NY
Black Boots Beggars and kings—in one song?
1288 3:23 The Young Republic
Americana · Nashville, TN
Black Duck Blues Why eager to kill black duck? ●●●●
1289 3:28 Youth Group
Alternative · Newtown, NSW
Start Today Tomorrow Just step on the bus, Gus. ●●
1290 4:00 Yppah
Rock · Houston, TX
Gumball Machine Weekend That guitar sample starts grate greatly.
1291 1:50 Yuppies
Rock · Omaha, NE
Temp education Like in the 80s, Yuppies suck.
1292 4:13 Zaki Ibrahim
R&B · Toronto, ON
Love-Like Delivery not marked “urgent.” Rainstick. Canadian. ●●
1293 2:59 Zeale
Hip-Hop · Austin, TX
Haterz and Robotz Sends me back to Pete Miser.
1294 4:22 Zola Jesus
Avant/Experimental · Madison, WI
Rester Where’d they find that enormous garbagecan? ●●●●●
1295 3:19 Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer
Pop · Philadelphia, PA
Death or Radio At this point I’d prefer death. ●●
1296 2:34 13ghosts
Rock · Birmingham, AL
Photographs At least they’re not superstititiously triskaidekaphobic. ●●●
1297 2:41 18th Dye
Rock · Copenhagen, DENMARK
Soft The Hard Way English probably not their first language.
1298 5:49 33hz
Pop · New York, NY
Sentinel of Love (Morten Sorensen Remix) I was into them before you. ●●●●●
1299 4:18 60 Tigres
Funk · San Pedro Garza Garcia, MEXICO
Garage Don’t settle for merely 59 tigers. ●●●
1300 2:39 The 757s
Rock · Minneapolis, MN
Amateur Song about amateurs is basically snarkproof. ●●
1301 1:00 1001 Nights Orchestra
World · Austin, TX
Rampi Another song fragment. Waste of time.
1302 4:42 2020Soundsystem
Electronic/Dance · Leeds, UK-ENGLAND
Shiver (live at sonar) Nietzschean eternal recurrence in song form.

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