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Writers and artists interested in contributing to The Morning News should send queries or articles to the submissions address at right. All submissions must be previously unpublished, and yes, that includes your blog.

When people ask us what we’re looking for, our advice is to read the past month of TMN. (Please note: TMN is not currently seeking humor or poetry submissions. Reported or researched nonfiction are still good.) When people ask us if we pay, our answer is yes.

Typically, we only accept pitches from people who have been published before on TMN. Writers new to TMN should submit a draft by pasting it into an email. Artists should send a link to their portfolio.

Simultaneous submissions are fine as long as you let us know upfront and notify us immediately if the piece is accepted elsewhere.

Should we wish to publish your work, you must know and acknowledge the following:

  • Most articles we publish go through multiple rounds of editing and fact-checking. Writers are expected to work with the editors on revisions, for as many rounds as the editors see fit.
  • The Morning News assumes no legal liability whatsoever for the works of its contributors. Writers are wholly responsible for all statements in their works, including any opinions, facts, errors. The Morning News does not support or endorse any statements expressed by its contributors.
  • All works submitted to The Morning News must be the sole, original property of the contributor(s), and cannot interfere with any other publication or company’s publishing rights.