The 2021 Tournament of Books
Has Ended

But 2022 Is Right Around the Corner!

The 2021 Tournament of Books presented by Field Notes concluded with Interior Chinatown by Charles Yu as the winner. You can see the championship match here, or use the sidebar on the right to read through the entire Tournament’s matches.

The 2022 Tournament, presented by Field Notes, begins in March. Here are this year’s books and judges, along with our brackets [PDF]. For all of the fun and more, subscribe to the Rooster Newsletter and stay up to date on ToB-related announcements.

We have opened a Tournament of Books Discord server and would love it if you joined us over there prior to the Tournament start, so you're ready to go once March rolls around! (There's a chance we'll be moving Tournament comments over to Discord in the future, and rather than catch you by surprise if that happens, we want to let you know early.)

And please, help ensure the future of the ToB by becoming a Sustaining Member. It’s no exaggeration to say the Tournament happens because our Members make it happen. (Here are the details about why.)

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If you’re new to the Tournament of Books, here’s how it works: Over the course of 18 matches—one each weekday—two works of fiction go head to head, with one of our judges deciding which book moves forward in the brackets, according to whatever criteria matters to them. Along the way, the judges reveal their biases and interests, any connections they have to the participating authors, and, most importantly, an elaborate explanation of how they decided between the two books.

From the eight opening round matches to the four quarterfinal matches through the two semifinal matches—and the potentially Tournament-disrupting “Zombie Round”—our original field of 18 competitors is whittled down to two finalists that will enter our championship match. There our entire judging panel weighs in, each judge picking their favorite of the two final books, and the book that receives the most votes takes home the Rooster.

Take a crash course in ToB lore with “A Brief History of the Tournament of Books.”