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Chris Lee

Singer-songwriter Chris Lee on New York City’s best-kept secrets, Bill Hicks, and strip clubs with good salads.

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DOB: A lady never tells her age.

Time Out NY called you ‘NYC Rock’s best-kept secret’ last week; what are some of NYC’s other best-kept secrets: Ditmas Park, the Strand Annex, NY Hed studios, A Table restaurant in Fort Greene.

Heroes: Ferdinand Wayne Lee; Prince Rogers Nelson.

Occupational title(s), both real and desired-in-another-lifetime: Factotum; philosopher.

Abstract Expressionism or Pop; Beatles or Rolling Stones; Sade or Marquis de Sade: Neither; nor; both.

Favorite book(s): Infinite Jest, David Foster Wallace; It Came From Memphis, Robert Gordon; Tropic of Cancer, Henry Miller.

What makes you laugh: Bill Hicks; Williamsburg.

Anecdote of the best or worst moment on tour: I’ll split the difference with a surreal one—dining on a grilled chicken caesar salad and whiskey neat at a forcefully middlebrow Ottawa, Canada, strip club, which was the best place the promoters could think to take me for the pre-show meal.

Charity worth giving to: New York Firefighters’ Widows’ and Children’s fund

Five words that sound great: Limn, Lacunae, Glavine, Smoltz, Maddux


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