Kevin Guilfoile

Writer and political satirist Kevin Guilfoile answers five questions, laughing at the Coen Brothers, Tenacious D, and Pantone 3135 uncoated.

Site: My First Presidentiary

DOB: 16 July, 1968

What do you do:
Creative Director at Coudal Partners; freelance writer.

Favorite book:
The Moviegoer by Walker Percy; London Fields by Martin Amis; Without Feathers by Woody Allen.

There used to be a glib answer here, which hardly seems appropriate anymore.

What makes you laugh:
The Coen Brothers, Tenacious D, my wife, and Pantone 3135 uncoated (which is weird because 3135 coated isn’t funny at all).

Charity worth giving to:
New York State World Trade Center Relief Fund

Five words that sound good:
Melodious, euphonious, mellifluent, sonorous, dulcet.

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