Marceline Smith

The five questions for editor and music lover Marceline Smith.

Site: Diskant

DOB: 25th March 1975

What do you do:
try and control my vast diskant empire, a resource for independent music. take photos of bands. work too hard. break stuff. watch telegraph lines from the windows of trains.

Favorite Books:
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell, London Belongs To Me by Norman Collins, Nalda Said by Stuart David, The Children of Greene Knowe by LM Boston, 45 by Bill Drummond

the Nation of Ulysses, Karren Ablaze!, Jason Reece, Pikachu

What makes you laugh:
my friends

Charity worth giving to:
my favourite place in the world, the 13th Note, now being closed down.

Five words that sound good:
say aye tae a pie

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